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I would like to share review/guide of Netatmo Welcome camera.


Main reason for this, is that yesterday (09.02.19) this camera became available for Apple Home Kit, and live preview delay (through standard app) has been decreased from 6-8 sec to 0,5 (most probably these issues are connected).

I wanted to use this one as baby monitor, 6sek was too much, but 0,5 is good enough - so I have taken it back from trash bin.


Also I got a couple of questions - most probably this article could be filled.


1. Turn On and Connect to Netatmo security app

1. No problems with this, Netatmo app will guide through all process (rotate camera, share network data, etc)

2. After connection - live preview will work quite well, but with often "buffernigs"

3. Live preview delay around 0,5sek (a few days before was around 6, and confirmed by netatmo that it is normal)

4. Also I have noticed, that connection through LAN or WiFi - makes no difference for quality.


2. Connect to Apple Home Kit

1. There is separate option to allow access to Apple Home Kit -

2. During this image with code will be shown and saved to photos libraby

3. Go to apple home kit and make connection fast and easy


3. Get Snapshot and Live preview link

3.1. Go to https://dev.netatmo.com

3.2. Use your credentials (provided in p1) to Login


3.3. How to Get VPN Link:

3.3.1. Follow 5 steps on picture


3.3.2. Additional textboxes will appear


3.3.3. Leave everything blank, and press TRY IT NOW

3.3.4. Follow path until your camera, by pressing arrows on the left

Body => Homes => Cameras => you will see your camera (actually you could compare mac address just to be sure)


3.3.5. Copy link without ", but with commas in the end. You will get something like this




3.4. How to Get local links - we are getting closer

3.4.1. Add /command/ping in the end on this link, and paste to internet browser

E.g.: https://v9.netatmo.net...your_long_vpn_link_active_3_hours,,/command/ping



3.4.2. Local Url - is your local link to get access to camera





3.4.3. Snapshot:

Just add /live/snapshot_720.jpg


result: http://192.168._your_local_link/live/snapshot_720.jpg




Put it in browser and you should see snapshot


3.4.4. Live Preview

Add /live/files/medium/index.m3u8


result: http://192.168._your_local_link_5f/live/files/medium/index.m3u8


You can replace medium to low, poor, high - and get different quality levels.


Put it in browser and you should see live video. If not, replace "index" to "index_local"


4. Connect to Fibaro

4.1. Devices => Add New => Camera => Advanced Settings

4.1.1.Choose Other model

4.1.2. Choose http as protocol


4.1.3. Write camera local IP, which you got from p3.4.2.




4.1.4. JPG path and MJP path to be the same:


E.g. df6ds7fds68f6ds8f6ds8768ff6d/live/snapshot_720.jpg



Please note: data on figure is informative





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4 hours ago, engsafadi75 said:

Hi bro, Thank you for this useful article. one question please, can we set static ip for the netatmo welcome?@mihaz


Yes, after first connection you could lock its IP in router dhcp.

actually I do not see reason, why it should be changed in a while.....but I have assigned ip in dhcp, just in case

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