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All, I want to report back about my status: - pressure : Amazon order received but pressure meter does not fit . Need to find a solution for this. I don't know if a bend is allowed to screw

OK After some time Sensor modules came ....   Anyone interested is this from Ali Express https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001135274390.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.48444c4d0ddsp3  

@SmartHomeEddy   I use it only to power the RGBW module the UBS sensor that is connected to the level controller and the PH and ORP sensors ....   All of them are powered by this t

Posted Images





you want the resolution but you don't want it to be reported in Homecenter .....


better use time interval.....


Its a Pond ... its a pool .. not a nuclear power plant :)



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Well Everything seems to be working just great .... So far The Ph and ORP of the pools is Just right ...


Fibaro seems to be handling the whole Pool Parameters with no problems what so ever... Dosing Ph .... Turning On and Off my Salt Chlorinator and turning ON the pool Pump based on whater temperature ...  Lights on when it gets dark... 


Keeping a close eye to see if i get any glitches in the system




I just had one trouble for the second time with The RGBW module which just seems to get excluded from the system... I have to reset the module and include it again in order to operate properly...


I have no idea why it did that ...    but i'm sure it will be fixed in a future firmware update...

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Anyone interested in Using the Pool Manager VD ... I attach The file..


It is not mine .. i have found it in the French Fibaro Forum ..


This VD calculates the Cycle of the Filtration Based on the Pool Water Temperature ...


You can Adjust the curve based on your personal needs


Just make sure you add your ID of the Pump and Temp sensor to the values of your system.


Also make sure you add the GAPsetup in Variables panel...


One bug i found is that if you change anything ... like the ID of the Pump ... i have to delete the GAPsetup and recreate it again .....





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@christos Hi, pool is closed for winter here. Time to think about pool monitoring for me.
Do you know that the PH probe can be split into 2 outputs?
I'm talking about the setup you recommended. https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/32869108210.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.48444c4d0ddsp3
But I already have an installed PH injector and probe. But I can only monitor it locally on the screen. I want to monitor the PH value via Fibaro.
So I want to split the ph probe bnc through a splitter to the module in your recommendation but also to my Zelia PH injector.
Do you think the signal allow that? Otherwise I need to install another probe and I don't have much spare room on my pipes left.

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Hello @wpeeters




I don't know if you can split the signal ... but i think if you do it would cause troubles.... i wouldn't recommend it ..... 


Be aware that the PH probe of the Aliexpress is VERY BIG ... it will not fit inside the Zelia POD....


So far the system is working Without any issues ..... even though i have the control of the salt chlorinator with  some basic block scenes....


here we still have high temps....   38-39 degrees.... so we still using the pool...





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Good work Christos!


I have been looking for a z-wave integration to control Pool/Spa chemicals and this is perfect.

Just need to figure out how setup this in a Spa since i probably need to connect the probe holders underneat the spa on a specific hose..



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I want to report back about my status:
- pressure : Amazon order received but pressure meter does not fit :-(. Need to find a solution for this. I don't know if a bend is allowed to screw in the filter?
- PH : Also the wrong Sodial output sensor module is arrived (4-20 MA instead of 0-10V). I need to re-order.

- Low water level and High water level : See pictures below.
  - Using : non contact water sensor : https://www.dfrobot.com/product-1493.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAqdP9BRDVARIsAGSZ8AkdRbTVuDvfGaFQ8aQYvDZDZJh5OdvUr4Gc3q2Av2ixLznKMEeW7jYaAiWXEALw_wcB

  - as mentioned by @10der, I use Shelly Uni : https://shelly.cloud/products/shelly-uni-smart-home-automation-device/ to read out the ADC value.
    Shelly uni is a brand new device and working very well (http and MQTT compatible).

    Still need to connect to my skimmer in my pool but pool is closed now for winter period.

  - Also connected to one of the Shelly, is the temperature sensor. To 1 Shelly Uni you can connect 1 water level sensor as well as temperature sensor (DS18B20WTP).





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