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qa to toggle a global var-help

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I'm tring to migrate my hc2 configuration to hc3. I have a lot of vd used to toggle global variables and i can't create a qa to do the same. I'm a newbie, i know, but i can't figure how to start coding a simple qa with one butten that toggle a global var.

Any hint?


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Hello gggizmo, sorry my english isnt my ... with the QA Rollosperre you can toggle global-Variable "RS_Sperre" with the both variables "ein" and  "aus" ... you make a global-variable with RS-Sperre with variable "ein" and "aus"...then you can with the button in qa they toggle, or u say my variables they u whant and i write a new qa 4 u


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thanks, you gave me just what i needed to start.

I create a simple qa to toggle ( just one button) a global var. I used several vds in hc2 to activateand deactivate function in all--in-one-scene, and i was trying to do the same an hc3 and all-in-one qa.

Attached my 2 cents




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