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QuickApp changing text size and color

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I am looking for ways to change the fontsize and/or color of a QA panel. Seems to me that it should be done trough updateView, but I can only find the "text" and "value" properties documented (or rather, mentioned in this forum)

Is there a way to change the appearance of a QA?

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Hi @josjg , I'm changing the text colors with html formating...



-- color definitions
local crc,okc,erc,ekc,evc,xec,cnc,xcc="#03ff0e","#00ac08","#ff0303","#FFFACD","#FFA07A","#FF69B4","#1639ff","#B0E0E6","#7B68EE","#FFE4E1"

--function used to format
function span(col,str)return fmt("<b><font color="..col..">"..str.."</font></b>")end

-- General usage
self:updateView("lblTitle","text",span(crc,"Your text to be displayed"))

--Upper label with bigger font
self:updateView("lblTitle","text",string.format("<span class=\"section-title\"><b><font color=%s>📍 WeatherFlow station %s [%s]</font></b></span>",cnc,d.station_name,d.station_id))




Enjoy coding :-D


P.S. This solution is not working in the app, only in BUI.

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Thanks a lot @Bodyart I've used self:updateView with a label and passing inline CSS, and it works.

Next thing I'm looking for is to change the color of a button in my QA. I've noticed the QA having a "viewXml" property set to true. Could that be the way in? Or should I look for [device].properties.viewLayout?

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Hello. I create a quick app  multisensor that displays a number  in dashboard of HC3 by using the updateProperty("value" ,number) . 

Is there a way to display a text instead of a number ? I used label but I have to click on quick app icon to see the label text but I want this text to be displayed on dashboard.

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Unit for the text behind the number and log for text under value / unit. 


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Great! Thank you @SmartHomeEddy ! I can now appear the Unit of a number but Is there any way to display only the text. I want to create somthing like information box in dashboard. If this is not possible with this type of QA , is there an appropriate type to do this?  Thanks a lot!!


P.S. This was very simple in VDs on HCL and HC2 by creating a Label and check the field "Main" and "Favorite" 

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