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Home Center 2 will not register new switches

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   I replaced 3 ZWave switches with new but same model switches.  We had a power surge and outage that took out the 3 switches and when power came back on, the Fibaro lost recognition of a few other devices.

   I added one of the new switches with out issue.

    The others I am having problems with.

The Home Center 2 used to do a count down when I would hit the add button and HC2 would let me know the device was recognized.

  Now there is no count down at all when I hit the Add button.

It is set for 30 seconds.  But withen 10 seconds I get the following message in the scrolling box at the top of the screen.  

[15:30:04] Learning mode error. Try again.
[15:30:05] Adding devices complete

I've done a reset a few times and just updated to the newest firmware 4.600.

Can't figure it out.




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Hi @Flyguy5,


have you try first to do device delete? After that start learning mode, but stop it after few seconds and check LED on the HC2 front panel. It is also needed to reset relays that where included and are now not seen by HC2 by starting deleting device and pressing on them B button three times before including them again.

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