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Fibaro single switch fgs-214 newbe need help

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In switch of my light I got 2 live wire+ because second is for other sockets in my house and it must be always on.

I don't see in the wall neutral leads - is it ground wire? Is it mandatory?

How should install fibaro swith to have on second live wire+ always on for rest of my socket in the house? 


Is should be like below or should I change S1 with Q?

Is "Load wire" from the wall in port IN connected correctly or should be Q? :)


I will be grateful for help.


Best regards,





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Yes you do need a neutral for this module. You may be better off installing it behind the light fitting where there will be a neutral.. Or else use a Fibaro Dimmer because it doesn't need a neutral.

Wiring diagrams are in the online manual, use an electrician if you are in any way unsure. 


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