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Updating to firmware 3.4



Anybody having success updating motion sensor to 3.4 from 3.3 on HC3? My update is basically forever in this state.


Please login or register to see this image.

/monthly_2021_01/img.png.4e19a2a0e5f75616e22d9c7070e7d024.png" />

Of course I did manual wake up of the device, but still 0%. Any ideas where (some API) to look for more information?

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I have the same problem, all my updates hang on the 0% counter and then eventually return a Fail message.  Keen to know if someone find a solution.


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Man the update procedure sucks. @Fibaro : what are you thinking? I was able to update one of my motion sensors and it took me 2 hours.

I have 8 of those guys. Do they actually test this stuff at Fibaro?

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So the only thing that actually works for me is removing the motion sensor from HC. Factory resetting the motion sensor. Adding it back to HC and then perform the update. It is a real pain in the ass. Luckily I am using Hometable in all my scenes so it is just a matter of updating the hometable for all the new IDs.

Fibaro has to get this fixed.

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Yeah same issue here.

The issue has been reported on 22 of January...
This is more than 300 days ago

And no response from Fibaro.


I'm workung in IT as well and there is nooooo way that customers have to wait so lang fo fixes if we broke something (just like Fibaro did)...

I mean, come on guys, we're paying big time for your stuff...

It's a bit embarrasing that you are asking some much money and delivering so low service

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On 3/18/2021 at 7:41 PM, Jomaxed said:

I went to the same process. At last I succeeded by removing the motion sensor by hitting the red MIN button in 5.Devices screen, followed by triple click on B button on device, and adding it again to my HC3.


Then hit Upgrade button, it said 'Queued for Checking, then  'Waiting for communication - so I woke device with single click on B button.

It went ok, progression bar moves up to 49% - and it 'hangs' here. Single click did not help..


Then I found reported in HC3 dashboard that my Motion's battery appeared dead (? - it was around 70% before).

Ok... Where do i get a new battery that quick? Hence I took a (TV) remote control having 2 AA batteries, put some plastic between the Motion's battery contact points to keep it isolated, but using it for pressure to connect two wires between de remote control 2 full AA batteries (= 3 V) and the Motion sensor battery, and it lights up! Soon dashbard reports it full again 100%.

Now continuing the update process (by a single click to wake the device) untill success, but after refresh it still states 3.3 (not 3.4).


Repeated above steps, had to wake it at 49%, continued to 98%, seems to hang here. Refreshing screen shows 'Waiting for communication', hence i woke up device again (single click), and now it reported Success.
Refreshed 5.Device page, expand device, tab General and version = 3.4 (yes! :) )


Then restored some Names and Parameters, revert back to internal battery, but that battery (CR123A Lithium) seems to be really dead (2.7 volt instead of 3V).

So ordering new batteries online to replace the dead battery - this removing/adding/updating process costs a lot of battery power apparently - the motion sensor from New (Oct 2020) till now - appr. 5 month..



Bought another Motion Sensor, with firmware 3.3.

Noticed that new 3.4 firmware is available, so hit the Upgrade button. Went thru the same situation as above, and same as also what others experiences. Battery show 69% (!).

Apparently the CR 123A battery is not powerfull enough to complete the firmware upgrade.


Hence i took new 2 AA batteries (=3 V), put two wires to powr up the motion sensor, and now it competes as describes above. Device tab general shows 3.4 now.

Removed wires, and put the battery CR123A back in device, and it all works now.

Please login or register to see this attachment.

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CR123A batteries have really flat voltage curve during discharge - it is impossible to measure the battery level with high accuracy.
New CR123A battery allows to perform few full updates.

We recommend to use new batteries for the update procedure to make sure that partially discharged CR123 won't cause any issues. 

As for update itself - using non-secure mode is necessary to perform the update.
One click wakes up the device.

If there is an process hanging for some reason maybe just contact support.
There may be an issue with device range (routing) and due to that process may not start.

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