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Having to reboot HC3 each day - possibly related to Hue integration?



Hi All,


Since a couple of weeks my HC3 has developed strange behaviour.


I'm not running a big setup. It is mainly used to control lights, but it is also in use as an alarm- and fire detection system. In total I'm running 39 z-wave devices and 19 Hue lights.

The first signs of problems come from the Hue integration. HC3 shows the Hue lights as available, but in fact has lost connection to the Hue hub (which has been running for a year without any problems). During the last week I've found this also affects the rest of the HC3 functionality. For instance: this morning our alarm was on, but a door was opened. Only after about 5 minutes the alarm scene started; maybe because the same door was opened again. In the meantime, a couple of lights were switched off and on without any issues.


After a reboot, everything is normal again.


I'm running 5.140.17 and Hue is on 1.57.1957200040 (last update, as far as I know).


Anyway: I'm a bit in the dark here, so I'm turning to the vast wisdom of this forum. :-)


Thanks in advance!

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Posted (edited)

Hi, I am on the same fw.

HC3 number of Z-wave devices 54 

I use for HUE ChildrenofHue app >>35 HUE lamps

HUE bridge operates the lights

Depends on TOD or what we are doing HC3 every time a lamp goes on will set colors and brigtness.

This setting is working now for over 2 years.

Did't notice anything you described.

Perhaps your reboot cleared the isue.

Is your memory usage on a normal level?


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added some more info
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Posted (edited)

I had a problem limited to the Hue integration a few months ago. After dealing with the issue for a long time I removed the devices from the Hue hub, then the HC3, removed the integration and then added the devices back into the HC3 as native stand alone Zigbee devices. I also have weird issues requiring reboot but I don't know if they are related and I doubt it.

For more detail on the Hue integration issue, I have the the Fibaro Home Center 3, a Hue bridge, and a comparable number of Hue and Z-Wave devices. I have been applying HC3 updates as soon as I notice them as available. I started using the Hue integration a year or more ago and generally it worked.


I then added some hue motion sensors to my Hue hub and Fibaro would not pick them up no matter what I did so I asked Fibaro support. They said they were not supported. It turned out I could actually add them as native Zigbee devices so I did that.


Down the road I noticed that the hue lights stopped responding forcing me to restart the HC3 or Hue hub or both (not sure). I think that solved it a couple of times. I then noticed I had to actually re connect the integration, restarting the Hue hub and the HC3 was not solving the problem. The second time I had to do this I had kind of had enough.


I removed everything from the Hue hub, removed everything from the HC3, removed the HC3 Hue integration, removed everything from Alexa, and then re added everything natively as Zigbee devices directly to the HC3. I don't know what features I am missing but I don't mind. I am happy to have the lights work correctly. I can also ask Alexa to change colors, etc... if I want but I don't mess with that too much. I just have a couple scenes programmed in HC3 and sometimes request colors via Alexa.

I am not sure what the issue was with the integration or if it was an issue with Hue or HC3. I can say I feel really good about the reliability now and I have had zero issues. If you plan to do this make sure to first remove the devices from the Hue hub as a first step.

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  • Inquirer
  • Thanks guys!


    @Sjakie, my memory level is constantly 67%. Doesn't change, whatever I do. (Starting a scene, for instance.)


    @RedRocketFire, I guess I'm on the same path, thinking of rebuilding it all. The fact it starts to mess with the basic functionality (security) makes me think I should go back to basic and then starting to add functionality again.

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