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[SOLVED]What is going on with FIBARO remote access

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Now today from cq 01:00 Till........ No connection to fibaro. The app gives no internet but can acces web browser. No api connection or http. Restart everything but no luck 

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Posted (edited)

Same issue here. I called the Fibaro US Support at approximately midnight Central European Time and I could not convince the guy that the issue lies on their end. He was helpful but saw no issue on their end. To be fair: dom.fibaro.com was still up at that time. However, I could not log in to HC2 in any way using various devices, different IP addresses both external and on my LAN. I did not want to restart though - need to physically climb a ladder to do this but most imporantly I wanted someone to troubleshoot and investigate when the issue persisted as I was absolutely positive it was not on my end. Now, with dom.fibaro.com down and other users experiencing the issue (issue also reported on the Poland forum), it is evident that the issue is on Fibaro's end.


Perhaps Fibaro should re-think this occurance and come up with a 24-hours emergency cover for technical breakdowns. Such issue should be self-reported / self-identified on their end in an automated way and some should be working on it immediately at any point in the day. Given users worldwide, it is a shame that the service has been down for hours and people need to wait till the morning European time for Fibaro to start working on the fix. US support is closed already BTW and Europe did not open up yet. 

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the home.fibaro.com and dom.fibaro.com return to live...

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