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  2. nadol

    Gerdalock & Scena w LUA

    Hej @fingusio, może nie odkryłem Ameryki i większość zna już to rozwiązanie, ale udało mi się wynaleźć mały "workaround" odnośnie do sterowania scenami z udziałem alexy, satela itp,. Scen których Alexa wcześniej nie wykrywała . Nie testowałem tego jeszcze na dłuższą metę, ale na moje potrzeby na razie działa :). Sprawdzę przy okazji to rozwiązanie dla dynalocka. Jednakże boję się je opisać, by moje "obejście"... nie zostało usunięte z kolejną aktualizacją Dużą część mojej "automatyki" rozwiązuję właśnie przy pomocy satela.. To by po prostu ostatecznie zabiło moją Alexę Serdecznie Pozdrawiam, K.
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  4. Mam taką prostą scenę homekit ktoś naruszył MotionSensor to włącz oświetlenie - swiatla niestety zapalaja sie z 7 sekundowym opóźnieniem jest to normalne ? bardzo mie to intryguje szczegulnie w nocy da sie z tym cos zrobic??
  5. It is easy: you can access it by choosing DeVICES / MORE DEVICES / ROOM Good Lack!
  6. Hello, the new V2.6 Heat-it thermostats can measure the power usage and that is great, but is it also possible to overrule the measured power by setting a 'declared power consumption'? I connected 'a big 3-fase Crydom solid-state relay' on the heat-it output (8 Kw electric heating is a little too much for the Heat-it), so the Home Center consumption graph shows only 0.2 watt (relay power usage)
  7. Wegerhoff

    Reverse polarity protection circuit?

    > youre picture shows no N, so if you reverse the powerplug the light will stay off Yes, that works. It's the minimal 2 wire connection, where the dimmers uses the consumer as N. Nevertheless using a third wire with N when available is better. Picture is taken from Fibaro Manual btw. Yes, thank you. Was confirmed by several electricians too, meanwhile. And indeed works fine.
  8. akatar

    Reverse polarity protection circuit?

    youre picture shows no N, so if you reverse the powerplug the light will stay off
  9. trex

    Reverse polarity protection circuit?

    With AC, there is no polarity as with DC. Switching L and N would cause no problems.
  10. first. i still not clear understand you =) 1) (let) I have 5 (five) DHT sensors on my Arduino 2) (let) this Arduino is ESP8266. Otherwise, you should connect Arduino via 0/1 pin to ESP to 1/0 pin as COM 3) on ESP create Web Service. (let) for example, Arduino have address and WebServer port is 80 4) code Arduino www handler and endpoint /sensor and /1 /2 /3 /4 /5 - endpoints for DHT sensors data 5) VD in HC2: for no = 1, 5 do local Arduino = Net.FHttp("",80); local payload = "/sensor/" . no; response, status, errorCode = HC2:GET(payload); if tonumber(status) == 200 then jsonTable = json.decode(response); blablabla end end NB: the provided code I was wrote here in this forum html editor. so, it can don't works
  11. petergebruers

    Changed Lua Code

    What is device 233? What is it connected to, eg a switch? I am trying to understand what starts the scene.
  12. amatt

    Changed Lua Code

    @petergebruers thanks for the tip. i tried your suggestion for the trigger but no luck still does the same thing.
  13. Thanks for so fast answer! I am not so good with coding and use mostly copy, paste function. Sensors will be used in basements in different rooms to monitor temperature, and humidity, and start scens. I guess in TemperatureHumidity.ino need to change // Connect DHT DHT dht(D1, DHT22); DHT dht?(D0, DHT22) DHT dht?(D5,DHT22) but what i need to change in VD to know a value from different sensors because is on a same ip adress? Thanks..
  14. knuth

    HeatIt Z-TRM2

    Thanks for sharing! It seems ThermoFloor was ahead of themselves when releasing their 2018 sales catalog back in May. The text and pictures there made me believe that Fibaro integration and templates were already in place. Does anyone know what it would take to use a template which is published after I have installed and configured a device? Does that require a complete re-install? And if ThermoFloor happens to read this: When do you expect to have a full integration including templates ready?
  15. not clear for me... why not? :) but, one notice VD is not Z-wave device and you can't use it as default sensor in Fibaro UI, etc
  16. Hi 10der@, Coole script! i have qestion, can i take multiple sensors on the same board(total 3), and youse it on fibaro as a different sensors for different rooms? Best regards
  17. petergebruers

    [SCENE] Main scene for time based events control {v 1.2.5}

    It might be difficult to work around this. You can try to make it go into a "retry loop" so it continues when that error disappears. This error was mentioned a few times but unfortunately there are two "errors" which sound very similar and this causes confusion. Let me try to explain 1) API: Not found - this one is *probably* quite harmless because code continues to run. It happens, for instance, if your script uses a non-existent global variable. 2) API: Host not found (authoritative) - this one means name resolution failed. It is quite bad, because it crashes code if your code does not expect "nil". The bug exists on HC FW between 4.500 and FW 4.510 (the one available at the time of this post). Issue it was discussed here. I agree with @tinman's diagnosis and I can reproduce the issue (on one of my scenes, not @Sankotronic's scene, but that is not important): [DEBUG] 06:27:28: [1;31m2018-09-08 06:27:28.519128 [ error] API: Host not found (authoritative) [DEBUG] 06:27:28: [1;31m2018-09-08 06:27:28.521037 [ fatal] Unknown exception: /opt/fibaro/scenes/17.lua:106: attempt to compare number with nil My scene crashes at line 106, because fibaro:getValue(10, 'value') returns nil, which is unexpected. You could argue, we should always check if this code returns nil but (1) it actually never happens as long as device 10 exists (on pre 4.5XX firmware) (2) I see no reason why the scene should depend on the availability of the LAN connection. Similar cases: TIP: Search for the word "authoritative" in the error message, to distinguish it from the totally different "API: Not found" error (which is less harmful).
  18. I have tested Main scene FTBE and found following: If network cable is disconnected from HC2 or network connection is lost then in some cases all functions that depend on API Local Host calls fail. I'm not expert but I thought that all calls to API through local host ( don't need network connection since those calls are local on the device check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Localhost. For some reason HC2 local host calls sometimes don't work when network connection is lost. Or these call are then not done through local host? I tested the way I disconnected HC2 network cable from my network switch. With one of the cable disconnections I get this in debug window: I added some more debug lines just to better understand where is actual problem. So after debug line "Get actual time" there are two calls to get sunrise and sunset times and those fail. After that All functions that are getting values from global variable fails so ultimately function that calculate times fail since it can't calculate with NIL values. Interestingly this doesn't happen every time when network connection is lost and I did try to disconnect network cable several times and keep it disconnected for different time length. SOLUTION I'm really tired to change every bit of my code every time when Fibaro developer team introduce new bugs or "features" in their software. I have to do that every time when new "stable" firmware is released. I'm working on new solution anyway, but it is difficult to say when I will publish it due to the situation with new releases.
  19. akatar

    More reliable than the button?

    I must say, i bought some standard buttons, added a ubs to those and they never failed once.
  20. petergebruers

    More reliable than the button?

    I have one since Februari 2107 and another one in use since summer 2017. They work very well. Full disclosure: I am the author of this topic:
  21. hi all, I am using Homtable for some time now and its working as it should except one thing: I have never managed to get the iOS devices working in my code. When I try to reference my device with "jT.iOS.MyDeviceName" I always get the error " [DEBUG] 12:18:18: [1;31m2018-09-23 12:18:18.002027 [ fatal] Unknown exception: /opt/fibaro/FibaroSceneAPI.lua:115: attempt to concatenate local 'deviceId' (a nil value) However, the device shows correctly in the log etc... The spelling is correct, I also tried to change the "special characters" code in the HomeTable code, however I always get this. Can someone help me here? cheers
  22. thats true, when there is no WAN connection, script die
  23. SveinHa

    Heatit Z-Water unreliable?

    No, running the above script do the trick so I haven't done anything more with it.
  24. EspJor

    Heatit Z-Water unreliable?

    I have the same problem, did you find a permanent solution?
  25. Obelix

    More reliable than the button?

    L.s. The pas two years I had 3 different buttons and all 3 weren't very reliable. Sometimes they work, most of the time they don't. For the moment I use the button without scenes, but just with one on/off association and that works just fine. But I'm looking for a good extra scene remote. Is the keyfob more reliable than the button? Thanks for your replies, Obelix
  26. mostafa251370

    recovery don't work

    recovery don't work My lite home center no longer enters the Recovery state. entered 1 time, but after launching the recovery nothing happens what to do?
  27. jon arne ask

    All device gone after power off

    Running 4.510. I tried to reset system yesterday, and restored a backup i had. Luck for me, all devices came up, and worked. An ups is absolut a must for hc2 thats for sure! Pitty that the system is so fragile. Thank you for your advise:)
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