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  2. Hi Phil, First of all I would like to use only one app for smart devices, for example with one command, like to close the front door to turn off all lights, arm the house, reduce the heating... which are under Fibaro HC3 Tibor
  3. I submitted an error ticket to Fibaro support. If they answer, I'll let you know.
  4. Apart from a downtime of more than half a day, the complete lack of communication is making things worse. No email, nothing on the website(s) or socials. I've received numerous messages, phone calls and emails from my customers and have nothing to tell them. Fibaro, why are we kept in the dark? This is so unprofessional and it shows a worrying lack of understanding how important your system and cloud services are for your customers and installers. Is it to much to keep us up-to-date? I know there is a portal show system status, why is that not available for your installers at least?
  5. hope to hear this aswell
  6. [slightly OT] Yes, I am one of them. I have paid quite a lot of Euros for my Yubii Home back in November. My installer of the Elero shutters had offered it to me. I had a look at it, compared it to other products of that kind from other installers, and at the end I decided to take it. Not only because of its base functionality wrt the shutters but also because the Yubii homepage boasted around about connectivity to almost everything, accompanied by many vendor logos. It was a bit too bold for my taste but if only half of it would be true, it would be okay. Well ... now I wonder if they reach 10% or something. When the installer set up the HC for the new shutters it turned out that I was the very first customer for them with that product. Okay ... why not ... but when I did the first steps with it on the web interface and in the app I directly got the impression that it was half-baked, cobbled together, incomplete, unreliable, slow (the app is actually not usable as replacement for a hard switch) and somehow ... strange ... it was like an open source project but without all the good points of such. I really thought of calling the installer to ask him if he´s kidding me. Maybe I will do that. Not to ask that question but to recommend to go for another product to save him from trouble with the customers. So this outage is just the tip of the iceberg. I agree with most of the comments above and really hope that the complete product improves massively very soon in order to get much closer to what it promises.
  7. Czy zna ktoś solucję która działa w chmurze ale także przede wszystkim lokalnie? Wspierającą coś na wzór QuickApps i sceny? Fajnie jakby miało jeszcze możliwość pracy z urządzeniami HomeKit. Uwalenie serwerów przez Fibaro, uwalanie central aktualizacjami, pokazuje że Fibaro nie umie w inteligentne rozwiązania a tym bardziej w internety. Jak dodać do tego średniowieczny sposób udostępniania QA, braki w dokumentacji czy słabe wsparcie dla Zigbee, pokazuje że ten system jest naprawdę słaby. Niestety czara goryczy właśnie się przelała.
  8. Can you please advise when remote access to Home Center will be restored. This is causing significant difficulties.
  9. How can I connect locally with IP? I can add a new device in the app but I have to enable the WiFi on the HC3 and connect through that. I don’t want to do that it is connected through LAN and that is how I want to connect, just enter the IP and connect directly. Like in the past.
  10. i have the same but allso not bij IP i thit a recovery but also nothing. i dont know what to do
  11. I believe its a problem related to Fibaro's Internet provider. Local connection working fine, remote is not working.
  12. Hello, Since last night, home.fibaro.com has been down. The IP pinger is responding. Not blacklisted.
  13. Fibaro, your external login (mobile/web) has been down for 12 hours, and still there is no information on your web-pages. How long would you expect this to last. Are we talking about hours or days? With Fibaro controlling, e.g., heating and security, we may need to take an action. At the moment, you have thousands of users, wondering if they have done something wrong.
  14. Today
  15. I completely agree. A few hours is acceptable, but this is unprofessional. @A.Socha: It would be professional to give us an update AND create a portal where we can see if services are up and running.
  16. Yes, im experiencing the same issues since last night. Tried to restart my HCL but no luck.
  17. The que is full of similar issues, so, no it's not only you
  18. Hi, Same here. Since 3-02-23 app. 23:00 mobile Yubii app not working due to "Connection error", home.fibaro.com returns "Bad Gateway" . Greetz
  19. 1 hour is ok, 2 hours is ok but 12h is very bad. Any information from Fibaro? Where is the problem and when will the system start working properly. We have many remote systems and now we can't connect to them. Very embarrassing and unprofessional !!!
  20. If you've changed the router, it sounds like a network configuration issue. You might need someone at your house to help you configure this. The instructions are here https://manuals.fibaro.com/document/hc3-network-settings/ Good luck!
  21. Hello, "home.fibaro.com" is not available since yesterday. I can go to the "id.cloud.fibaro.com/services" page and also to the "fibaro desk", but the "remote access" is no longer available. The yubii app does not enter either from Android or iPhone. HC2 indicates that it is online. Is this just a problem for me or does it happen to other people as well? Thanks,
  22. I have always had the feeling that their thinking is always oriented that their products are used for personal home use. So, if something goes wrong is not a big deal, as you as a home owner would be patient enough to wait. They never think that their products are commercially used by installers for clients. If they think this way, their procedures will be very different.
  23. It will remove all items in doorTable....? In general, it can be good to extend the table functions with some "missing" functions local function copy(obj) if type(obj) == 'table' then local res = {} for k,v in pairs(obj) do res[k] = copy(v) end return res else return obj end end table.copy = copy local function equal(e1,e2) if e1==e2 then return true else if type(e1) ~= 'table' or type(e2) ~= 'table' then return false else for k1,v1 in pairs(e1) do if e2[k1] == nil or not equal(v1,e2[k1]) then return false end end for k2,_ in pairs(e2) do if e1[k2] == nil then return false end end return true end end end table.equal = equal if not table.maxn then function table.maxn(tab) local c=0 for _ in pairs(tab) do c=c+1 end return c end end function table.member(k,tab) for i,v in ipairs(tab) do if equal(v,k) then return i end end return false end function table.delete(k,tab) local i = table.member(tab,k); if i then table.remove(tab,i) return i end end
  24. ı think this happened ::)) https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/hacking-things/27431/
  25. Fibaro, your external login (mobile/web) has been down for 12 hours, and still there is no information on your web-pages. How long would you expect this to last. Are we talking about hours or days? With Fibaro controlling, e.g., heating and security, we may need to take an action. At the moment, you have thousands of users, wondering if they have done something wrong.
  26. it's a very bad situation for a worldwide company . Maybe , thousands of users can not access to their home systems about 12 hours. FIBARO have not any redundant service ? this is a big mess . I don't know what to say to my customers. is there any answer ?
  27. Witam nie tylko yubii przestała działać stara aplikacja też nie działa pewnie już pracują nad rozwiązaniem problemu😉
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