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  2. the icon itself is a separate file, it doesn’t go with the fqa. You can post your icon in your first post (if it is royalty free), then other users can download and use it.
  3. Very strange, I upload today a new fqa file to this post, with hopeful my personal icon. I don't know when I download my QA from my HC3, my personal icons in de fqa file? Please, remove the QA en download the new file from here en upload. Look what's happend. I don't use the WattsNow, the data is 15 minutes old. For me it's nice to see in one QA how much the sun deliver today and last 7 days. ps; my HC3 hase version 5.061.36 (beta) perhaps that's make the different.
  4. unfortunately for example i am selling my Z-Wave devices and replace by ZigBee. one never knows and with last device with Z-wave will be sell HC3 also. my current ZigBee network is 20 devices vs 100 (now 65) works perfectly!
  5. Yes, the IP address does the job, for the rest the default should be ok .
  6. I think the beta firmware is the difference. I also don’t have the value in place of the icon. So you also don’t run the beta firmware?
  7. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. I managed to add a token I created but I struggle on step 3. Could you give me any hint?
  8. Today
  9. Hi @moltos That works look in the documentation! fibaro.scene("execute", {programm_ID}) Home Center 3 - Lua Scenes | FIBARO Manuals Greetings Frank
  10. I understand but if i install your QA i don't get your icon with the 2 rows. Why is that? I expected the same look and feel (different numbers of course) just curious, what do you do with the envoy information? I want to use the wattsnow info to remind me to start washing machines etc when i'm at home and i'm overproducing. grt jn
  11. All OK . it worked Thanks for sharing the QA I don't understand something. Please, what am I doing wrong. How to set it up
  12. Hi I can't find the Clint ID and Client secret on Netatmos page can anyone give me a hint where to look?
  13. I have the same problem. How to activate the SceneActivation like Dimmer 2. maygyver
  14. Hello to the Fibaro Community 😃 I contact you to have your advices. My Home Cinema is plugged on a Fibaro Wall Plug, it consumes less than 600W. Still after a while the wall plug starts to bug and it doesn't shutdown anymore. It stays always ON even if the status change to OFF. This is my second wall plug which behaves the same after 1 year of usage. Do you think the wall plug is dead ? Have you ever experienced the same ? Thanks for your help, Manu
  15. but no reaction by the HC3 ....
  16. I have the exact same issue with HC3 5.50.13 fw. I am logging in with local IP, and either if I login with local/ cloud ID account to local IP I can not add/edit climate zones. I am familiar with the limited changes on cloud id admin webpage, therfore I always use the local IP login. Anyone manage to sort this issue?
  17. got it: fibaro.scene("execute", {24})
  18. I'm new here too, and while searching the forum around I found out that FIBARO doesn't care about their customers. They will never make the template. I hope to prove me wrong, but.......
  19. Hi, I didn´t find a proper answer so I wan to give it a try. In the past I used external triggers to start scenes via API but i prefer to use a created QuickApp. No i am struggling to use the correct context, so far I understood a simple fibaro.call does not work for scenes, right? In the QuickApp the library shows a library for api.post but I dont get it work. Is it possible to trigger the scene HC3 internal out of a QuickApp? like: api.post(/api/scenes/24/execute, {}) Any idea?
  20. Are there any news regarding the loss of energy data? May we have to switch to another Smarthome Gateway? Any ideas or suggestions which one works best for Fibaro and stores EnergyData correctly? I'm really fed up with HomeCenter Lite, it crashes often when entering web interface and trying to read the energy data!
  21. In my QA, I show 2 difference value's; On top, the "wattHoursToday" (this value reset every day to zero at 00:00 hours) bottom (log) the 7-day "wattHoursSevenDays" It's at you own what you want to show, to show the "wattsNow" is for me not relevant. This value is 15 minutes old. The sun power, I get from another QA (in beta), what connected with Iungo, this shows always the realtime "wattsNow"
  22. Hi, What's the QA version used ? Your current SONOS version ? Have you tried to remove and install the QA ? Please show me your variables panel content.
  23. Hi @twanve The QA works great! Thanks a lot. I think there is a difference in what you show here on the icon and what you see on my icon. I see only the 7day kWh and the flash on the icon. I don;t see the actual sun power. I changed the code slightly and now i see the actual power below the flash. function QuickApp:updateProperties() -- Update the properties self:updateProperty("value",tonumber(string.format("%.1f",wattHoursToday))) self:updateProperty("unit", "kWh") --self:updateProperty("log", "7 day: "..wattHoursSe
  24. Apparently the (high) price doesn't guarantee it works
  25. I'm looking for ways to return the device to the factory and get my money back
  26. mean we cannot use LUA in virtual device ?
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