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  3. Smarterelec

    Tv control - how to do it?

    Thanks Sanko, Any windows users find a result for the icons import?
  4. Made a small ping-pong test. Scene 1 fibaro:startScene(11,{fibaro:args()[1]+1}) Scene 2 n = 500 local args = fibaro:args() if args == nil then fibaro:debug("Starting...") fibaro:setGlobal("Test",os.time()) fibaro:startScene(7,{1}) elseif args[1] < n then fibaro:startScene(7,{args[1]+1}) else local t = os.time()-fibaro:getGlobalValue("Test") fibaro:debug(string.format("Time %ss, time/scenes=%ss",t,t/n)) end ...and get ~0.13s consistently with all other scenes on the HC2 stopped. Running 4.510. If I make an EventRunner scene 1 Event.event({type='foo'}, function(env) Event.postRemote(env.event._from,env.event) end) and a corresponding Scene 2 local n = 100 local c,t = 2 Event.event({type='foo'}, function(env) if c < n then c=c+2 --(call + answer) Event.postRemote(11,env.event) else t = os.time()-t fibaro:debug(string.format("Time %ss, time/call %s",t,t/n)) end end) t = os.time() Event.postRemote(11,{type='foo'}) I get ~0.35 to ~0.37 (random GCs adds a lot) 0.37-0.13 = 0.24ms. And considering that I only poll the mailbox every 250ms that makes for acceptable
  5. Audrey

    Intention of this forum

    Maybe because the forum traffic is not comparable to other social software, they chose to put limited manpower there.
  6. Audrey

    [SOLVED]User names in forum topics

    You can use the "QUEOTE" button under the text of someone else's post
  7. Audrey

    Why forum is constantly dying?

    Perhaps it is because of the need to maintain, but some forums can not support the cost of maintenance?
  8. Audrey

    How to get a response?

    This problem stillhttp://allicdata.com needs to continue to improve
  9. Audrey


    HELLO! I'm a newcomer.
  10. gourav.webbnix

    Pool heating and circulation control

    There are plenty of devices to measure the water temperature. You can take a look at polygroup store x1000 rotor assembly
  11. Yesterday
  12. IEG


    Hi, I am IEG
  13. Reintjan

    Scene with double condition

    When you use time as the first condition in your scene and then check for variable your scene will work if you uncheck the variable as a trigger for your scene ( the trigger is above the blocks in your scene).
  14. Witam! 

    Od niedawna mam HCL i ostatnio dodałem Danalock V3 do systemu.

    Zbudowałem prostą scenę opuszczania domu ale za chiny nie działa. 

    Mogę prosić o jakieś podpowiedzi?

    Oto co do tej pory zrobiłem:

    - superużytkownik - GPS co 1min.

    - w ustawieniach centrali dodałem pozycję GPS dla HCL.

    - scena blokowa gdzie trigerem jest opuszczanie obszaru HCL - 50m

    tel: iPhone X (nawet ustawiłem pozycję GPS na stałe dla aplikacji do testów)

    No nie działa...




  15. Jamie mccrostie

    2 x Two/Multi-way switching with Dual Switch FGS-223

    You wont get those going with this set up.
  16. Yes, if there are many quick triggers the HC2 will startup parallel instances and the countInstances() is only a way to close down instances after they started. I do expect, but I didn't test, that the "set max instances" would limit the number of instances spun up by the HC2 in the first place. Yes, I seen that behaviour when countScenes report wrong (just do a couple of quick startScene from another scene... Doesn't seem that it should be that difficult to synchronize a correct scene count. Although, I haven't seen it reporting 1 when there really were 2 or more scenes... knock on wood...
  17. function turnOffLights(roomID) local filter = { -- only these which are enabled enabled = "true", visible = "true", -- only light class devices interfaces = {"light"}, -- only these where islight has been set as type properties = { isLight = "true" }, -- roomID = roomID } -- select devices based on filter1 above local deviceIds = fibaro:getDevicesId(filter) for i = 1,#deviceIds do fibaro:call(deviceIds[i],"turnOff") fibaro:sleep(100) end end turnOffLights() -- all house turnOffLights(5) -- only in room #5
  18. Chundo

    Read thé device status

    than you verry much en soory that I am a noob it work and i am verry happy :-))
  19. sjauquet

    Energy reset

    hello, I cannot get it to work: What do I do wrong please ? Thanks ! api.post('/devices/232.1/action/clearEnergyData', { ["data"]={"args":[]} } ); or: api.post('/devices/232.1/action/clearEnergyData', {data='{"args":[]}'}) nothing is deleted... Please help
  20. I´m new to Fibaro... How do I make at "Switch" to switch the lights ( 5 of them) on or off with one click?
  21. MichaelH

    FGS 223 in Homeassistant

    Hi, I have installed an fgs223 as a toggle switch with 2 other wall switches and electrically does everything work fine. In Homeassistant via ZWAVE I can also Control the switch. But in Homeassistant it Shows its 2 channels seperatly. If i toggle the fgs223 with the direct connected wall switch the 2 channels toggle both: one on, one off For toggleing by homeassistant I have to toggle each channel seperately, here they are not connected. Is there a Parameter Config set known, that the double switch Shows up in Homeassistant an 1 switch and not seperated in 2 channels?
  22. JorritVisser

    Dimmer 2 behind standars motion sensor

    Hi Axeman, Thanks for the swift reply. Attached you find the specifics of the motion sensor. Alinea 1 is indeed how it should work either with or without dimmer2. I searched how to change parameters. I changed 22,1,1. This didn't result, but I am asking myself if I understand how to program this right. Is there any guide or FAQ about this? How to proceed? Thanks! Jorrit
  23. About 0.1 second on a HC2 running 4.512 IMHO. It hurts CPU as well. That does not always work because 2 instances can run at the same time, and both will have scene count 2. Test case: momentary switch -> qubino relay module. Quickly press button (as you may have guessed, < 100 ms "on" time) and 2 instances start, one for "on" and one for "off". Both will have scene count 2. Not tested on 4.512 but 4.510 or 4.511...
  24. I know this is a really old post, but my electrician did get the two way switching working with momentary bell press mech, not latching switches. Sorry, don't have a diagram or anything, as the sparky did it all! The only thing he couldn't get working, was the little "LED indicator" in the switches - they only work at one end of the switches, not the other.
  25. eug2000

    Home Center 2 won't start! Bricked?!?

    Hi guys, Just a quick update. I was unable to get my HC2 to reboot. My supplier was generous enough to send me out a new HC2 to try and do a cloud recovery (as I had been using the 4.510 firmware and backing-up to the cloud). Unfortunately, on logging into the new HC2, with my Fibaro ID, there was no way to access the cloud back-ups. Contacted Fibaro support, and they advised that the cloud recovery ability had been removed from 4.510 to a 4.511 BETA, and that I just needed to wait until the beta was available before i could do anything! Well, that was not going to cut it, so I ended-up sending my HC2 back to Poland for recovery (I notice someone has posted using a later BETA firmware - was wondering if you could advise on how to get that - do you have to be invited for beta firmware?? Of note, I was not on a BETA firmware when the HC2 bricked, just the standard 4.510). A few weeks later, the HC2 has arrived back in the country. Unfortunately, they were unable to recover my latest back-ups (something about it being corrupted!), and the HC2 they shipped back was with the 4.180 firmware and recovery from a back-up in April of this year. It is better than nothing (I have a LOT of switches behind plaster), but still frustrating that I've had to go through the process of redoing a lot of my scenes and adding devices again. On one hand, I think it's fantastic that Fibaro have taken the HC2 back and recovered what they can, but on the other, clearly something is wrong! At this stage, I'm unwilling to upgrade the firmware back to 4.510 and beyond, as I do not trust their back-ups, and something must be going on to brick so many HC2. If you are on 4.510, then I'd strongly advise that you keep a local copy of your back-ups as well (unfortunately I had not, as I relied on the USB and the cloud), but I'm unsure if it would make any difference. My supplier has also noted that this problem has affected a few other customers, so surely something must be up. It would be nice to get a reply from someone from Fibaro (after all, what are these forums for???) to let us know what the issue is and when it will be fixed. Until then, I'm sticking to 4.180. Good luck guys! EDIT: Just noticed that Fibaro have said they have fixed in 4.511 BETA the cloud back-up ability to transfer to another device, and also the freezing of the HC2 on the starting of services. Personally, I'll wait until they release a stable firmware and there are no further reports of the HC2 becoming bricked, and hope that my 4.180 firmware remains stable till then (of note, Fibaro must have had my HC2 in Poland when they had released 4.511 BETA and were still unable to use my cloud back-up to restore my previous 4.510 back-ups).
  26. piotr_78

    Faac 452 mps + fibaro

    Oczywiście że można generalnie do każdego napędu można podpiąć Fibaro tylko czasami trzeba pomyśleć w tym przypadku należy zastosować relay switch czyli styki przekaźnika są bez napięcia podpiąć pod open a i - ustawić switcha na załączenie 1 sekundowe i po problemie
  27. gibcio

    Faac 452 mps + fibaro

    Witam zastanawiam się, czy można do tej centralki dołożyć fibaro? proszę o podpowiedź
  28. jakub.jezek

    Steinel XLED home 2 Z-Wave - association

    Sorry, it took me awhile to get to device. Param 9 has value 2 and param 8 has value 0. I have set parametr 8 according your blog.
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