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  3. Hi man The plugin count limited due to lack of resources (ram) Once i had long playlist in a sonos and this plugin made the scenes were not triggered
  4. Ok! Firmware 5.2 solved that issue. After updating there was no problem to get into configuration menu. So if their is any fibaro moderator still on duty: Thanks for your support. Just one note like "Known issue in 5.1" would have save me hours of stupid clicking. 😓
  5. Since 16.10.2019 Version 5.2 is available. This solved my switchmade single -issue. Thanks for support fibaro. 🤐
  6. Turned out to be an easy fix (I think). I pushed B69. Somewhere in the beginning of main() do fibaro._checkOp=true ... to enable the checks. Let me know if there are any issues.
  7. Well, u need another PC to host it (first of all) Also, its a huge application and it needs resourdes (HCL not have one) I have expirience with homebridge on remote PC and was not happy about it. I have small system, but even now there are 64 devices (logical), homebridge supports upto 100 devices and not covers most of requests Homebridge using polling once in X seconds, and here we have instant event feedback
  8. So uhm whats the difference with using Homebridge / Fibaro: https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-fibaro-hc2 (which also supports HC2)
  9. The saddest part of this message is that given Zigbee have bought Z-Wave and the HC@ is one of the best on the market and yet is quite unreliable, I can't help wondering what the future holds.... The main cause of failure appears to be an impatience in the update process. Some time back, I copied and edited the following: Recommended Update Procedure 1. Perform a configuration backup, 2. Reboot HC2/HCL (logic: flush out non-visible stuffs such as abnormalities, cache, hung processor threads, etc.), 3. Sanity Check for 5-15 minutes (logic: reboot usually boots up fine but just in case of unforeseeable abnormal behaviour), 4. Proceed to firmware update, 5. Clear web browser cache, 6. Terminate web browser, 7. Relaunch web browser, 8. Repeat step 5-7 if firmware update still in progress, 9. Change Freeze for 1 hour (logic: allows non-visible backend scripts/processes to complete any conversions, system changes, etc. that the new firmware has to perform). I believe Sankotronic has advised on this on this forum. What is irresponsible is Fibaro pushing people to update from mobile phones etc without going through a more robust process, a recipe for disaster and an indication of the lack of customer/consumer attention Fibaro observes.
  10. Wowww Jan that is very convenience. To change with --55:isOff&55:on is a long time job. btw I thought & was only to use on the trigger side? Thanksssssssssssss //Sjakie
  11. Wait a minute. I can easily add that check to ER as I already patch fibaro:call anyway. When I come home this evening I will release a version of ER where you can set a flag if you want fibaro:call to check the value before. It will apply to turnOn/turnOff/setValue.
  12. sorry Tony did not see it was English only. hope you find something soon
  13. Hi, apologies for the slow reply, I have been searching for the notes I made to achieve the access to the synology. Have changed computer since I did it and remember that the information was all found on google as to how to access an mp3 file on the drive. I recall using a VD found here to achieve same. My current VD is a mess and there are many entries, half of which have not been correctly formatted. I have included one that does work and maybe you can pick some clues out of it. It took about 4 full days of focused "headspace" to get this done and sadly, I am far away from that at the moment. Hope it helps, though I myself cannot figure out everything on re-read and was fiddling, never intended to release this. " selfId = fibaro:getSelfId() ip = fibaro:get(selfId, "IPAddress") port = fibaro:get(selfId, "TCPPort") or 1400 -- local file = "http://dir.xiph.org/listen/3441508/listen.m3u" -- local file = "//" -- fibaro:setGlobal("SonosFile", file); -- fibaro:call(1071, "pressButton", "2"); local play_url = "//192.168.1.XXX/Tones/XXX.mp3" --fibaro:getGlobal("SonosFile") --if string.sub(play_url,1,string.len("http"))=="http" then -- play_url = "x-rincon-mp3radio://" .. play_url --else play_url = "x-file-cifs:" .. play_url --end fibaro:debug(play_url) urlencode = function(str) if (str) then str = string.gsub(str, "\n", "\r\n") str = string.gsub( str, "([^%w ])", function(c) return string.format("%%%02X", string.byte(c)) end ) str = string.gsub(str, " ", "+") end return str end createRequestBody = function(action, schema, data) return string.format('<u:%s xmlns:u="%s">%s</u:%s>', action, schema, data, action) end reponseCallback = function(fnc, args) if (fnc == nil) then return nil end return fnc(args) end createSocket = function() -- Check IP and PORT before if (ip == nil or port == nil) then fibaro:debug("You must configure IPAddress and TCPPort first") return end local socket local status, err = pcall( function() socket = Net.FTcpSocket(ip, port) socket:setReadTimeout(1000) end ) if (status ~= nil and status ~= true) then fibaro:debug("socket status: " .. tostring(status or "")) end if (err ~= nil) then fibaro:debug("socket err: " .. tostring(err or "")) return end return socket end disposeSocket = function(socket) if (socket ~= nil) then socket:disconnect() socket = nil return true end return false end sendSoapMessage = function(url, service, action, args, callback, retry) local socket = createSocket() if (socket == nil) then return end retry = retry or 0 -- prepare data local url = "POST " .. url .. " HTTP/1.1" fibaro:debug(ip) local so1 = "HOST: " .. ip .. ":1400" local soapaction = 'SOAPACTION: "' .. service .. "#" .. action.name .. '"' local body = createRequestBody(action.name, action.service, tostring(args or "")) local envelope = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" s:encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"><s:Body>' .. body .. "</s:Body></s:Envelope>" local ctl = "Content-Length: " .. string.len(envelope) local payload = url .. "\r\n" .. so1 .. "\r\n" .. ctl .. "\r\n" .. soapaction .. "\r\n" .. "\r\n" .. envelope -- write data local bytes, errorcode = socket:write(payload) if (errorcode == 0) then local state, errorcode = socket:read() if (errorcode == 0) then if (string.len(state or "") > 0) then -- callback if (callback ~= nil) then reponseCallback(callback, state) end -- dispose ... disposeSocket(socket) return true else fibaro:debug("Error: Invalid response. response length: " .. string.len(state or "")) end else if (retry < 5) then fibaro:debug("retry #" .. retry .. " action: " .. action.name) return sendSoapMessage(url, service, action, args, callback, (retry + 1)) else fibaro:debug("Error: Code returned " .. tostring(errorcode or "")) end end elseif (errorcode == 2) then fibaro:debug("Error: You must check your IP and PORT settings.") else if (retry < 5) then fibaro:debug("retry #" .. retry .. " action: " .. action.name) return sendSoapMessage(url, service, action, args, callback, (retry + 1)) else fibaro:debug("Error: Code returned " .. tostring(errorcode or "")) end end -- dispose ... disposeSocket(socket) -- default response return false end sendSoapMessage( -- control url "/MediaRenderer/AVTransport/Control", -- service type "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1", -- action {name = "SetAVTransportURI", service = "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1"}, -- soap body data (options) "<InstanceID>0</InstanceID><CurrentURI>" .. play_url .. "</CurrentURI><CurrentURIMetaData /></u:SetAVTransportURI>", -- callback (options) function(response) fibaro:debug("url sent") return sendSoapMessage( -- control url "/MediaRenderer/AVTransport/Control", -- service type "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1", -- action {name = "Play", service = "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1"}, -- soap body data (options) "<InstanceID>0</InstanceID><Speed>1</Speed>", -- callback (options) function(response) fibaro:debug("play sent") end ) end )
  14. Hi @magicman, Thank you for your feedback, It's clear for me that the script is not enought and the doorbell skill is necessary. I had a closer look, unfortunatly the skill is not available in France, I know that I can workaround and install it, but by the end only English TTS will be available, it's fine but i'm looking a french tts Anyway thank you very much again for your answer and help !
  15. Jan, Thanks its clear! Yeah in some cases the state of the device is clearly of for example in the mornig if I switch light on. Indeed if I turn off all lights they will be turned off all independent off they are on or not. Specially for the HUE it can help. Will review all my scenes //Sjakie
  16. The tampering detected message appears on my intercom when the case is removed has nothing to do with temperature. check the casing has not been dislodged and fitted properly.
  17. In theory this should be a method to limit zwave traffic. In practice I see limited use for this kind of precautions in turning on/off things at specific moments where in 99% of the case you do want to set the opposite state. Put another way, in ER you tend to write rules that follow the state off the device and seldom apply rules to devices with unknown state. For a routine that turns off all lights in a house it could make sense to check before as you will probably turn off many devices that are already off. However if you try to turn off a device and it doesn’t turn off it’s another matter... anyway, to check before turning on to make sure you don’t turn if already on would look like (id:isOff&id:on) Rule.eval("@sunrise => 55:isOff&55:on”)
  18. hi Tony, Its not just the lua script you need you must also have the doorbell skill from IJPUK then the lua script would work. hope that helps. P.S. the Lua script is on there download page. I just added a global variable to use when using the relevant token. Read there readme and you will soon have it working. If you still need help let me know. As i said you need there premium yearly subscription which is £20 at the moment.
  19. This is a common issue with 223. You won’t be able to solve it anyhow unfortunately.
  20. Some details: -instant events polling. once your device changes state it will report to the home app immediately (not once in X seconds) -low battery warning for battery powered sensors (under 20% hardcoded) -weather providers support (home app will see temperature and humidity) -real voice control is now covers your fibaro hcl controller -lightweight service binary ~300kb still leave enough ram to run HCL in usual way including LUA environment -zero configuration time, it just works after power on -after adding new devices you need to re-add the bridge accessory in home app, so best practice will be to connect homekit in the last turn
  21. Hello Jan, Is this in ER scenes also a good practice? If yes how to write this rule? Rule.eval([[#eveninglightOn => zijkant.spotfietsenstalling:on; serre.spotenkel:on; log('TRIGGER:%s',tjson(env.event)); log('spot fietsenstalling en serre spotenkel - aan'); log('TRIGGER:%s',tjson(env.event)); log('Evening light on Post flaglightOn - aan') ]])
  22. hi @magicman, very interesting, thank you for the info! If you can share your lua script it will be great, i'm looking for something less expensive then my sonos and looking around for alexia/Ghome, but i'de never reach to make it talk! thank you in advance.
  23. @bbesse - Have you been using the water resistant version or the regular version ?
  24. Hi folks! I have 2 of these rfid keypads. When I open or close any of them by PIN or rfid tag, I cannot set the other to the same state (opened or closed) in a scene. It can only be set to the respective state by PIN or tag. I would like to set both keypads to the same state respectively. I cannot change status from the app or desktop interfere either... Has anyone had the same issue ? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi, Thanks for the feedback and I must say I have stopped trying but with the information mentioned I will make a new setup during the weekend and let's hope it will work. @Tomi @ bbese, can you share me your screen after you have installed the smart implant and the 4 DS18B20 sensor for my reference. Thanks!!!!
  26. Yep, I was about to suggest something like @cag014 z-wave monitor. Haven't used it myself but there should be a thread on it in the forum.
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