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  2. In you "main file" where you have onInit defined, start by redefining the print function (the do ... end wrapper is just to keep the local p from not clashing with any of you other variables.) function QuickApp:onInit() do local p = print function print(a,...) if a~='onAction: ' then p(a,...) end end end : end Fibaro may redefine print themselves before onInit so we can't do it outside of onInit...
  3. Hi @Sankotronic Update to new version: all works ok!! Thanks.
  4. Hello there, I’m just an electronic hobbyist. So I read the LM2940 datasheet 1 and know that I need two capacitors, and they must also be rated higher than my voltages as well.Now I’m confused about ESR and capacitor type, how to choose them?Because ESR isn’t listed on data sheets, at least not on the ones I’m looking at.Btw do you guys have any more specific introduction to LM2940, all I can found on the internet which introduces it more in details is this article:https://www.apogeeweb.net/circuitry/lm2940-pinout-datasheet.html, but it doesn’t have the answer to my question.Thank you in advan
  5. Today
  6. A bit shorter and simpler version: function read_par_value(device_id,par_nr) local device = api.get("/devices/" .. tostring(device_id)) -- read parameter section for i,par in ipairs(device.properties.parameters) do if par.id == par_nr then return par.value end -- found requested parameter end -- for return nil -- requested parameter not found end
  7. Sasa

    RGBW2 & HC3

    so i need to change 150 to 1 and disable all scenes ? just that ?
  8. OK, then you should be able to get it turned ON/OFF without scene. If RGBW2 module is set as RGB or RGBW role and inputs are in RGBW mode (param 150), then set parameter 150 to HSB and White and IN 3 should turn ON and OFF your RGBW module and scene is not needed.
  9. Sasa

    RGBW2 & HC3

    yes, as raccomended by fibaro manual scheme
  10. Is it physically wired to RGBW2 module?
  11. @Alex de Bruin It works!! Many thanks, I am able to read parameters now. Thank you again and appreciated.
  12. Something like this into my QAs ? do local p = print function print(a,...) if a~='onAction: ' then p(a,...) end end end function QuickApp:lectureIPX10() self.http = net.HTTPClient() local address = "http://"..self:getVariable("IPipx").."/api/xdevices.json?cmd=10" ...... .....
  13. I have to create a function for that or put this code anywhere???
  14. If you try? fibaro.call(829, "changeActivityState",true) -- play fibaro.call(829, "changeActivityState",false) -- stop
  15. Sasa

    RGBW2 & HC3

    Hello, i'm having some issues for basic configuration: SWITCH BUTTON -> RGBW2 -> RGBW Led Strip clicking the button nothing appens ... so i configured a scene where 1xclick power on the controller, set white color and 70% brightness and a second scene where 2xclick power off the controller now it works, 1xclick on and 2xclick off .... but there is a way to obtain a simpler conf avoiding the scene ? what i'm looking for is: 1st click button -> power on ; 2nd click button -> power off thanks
  16. Well, it's just to include the code above - have you tried that?
  17. Hello, interesting by this workaround, i'd like to implement it into my QAs Can you give me more details about the way to do it ? Thanks
  18. i'm using emulator under guide,i can't see any triggers in web,how i can do?
  19. Is it really that bad news? I am planning to start a fresh new automation later this year and to be honest, Fibaro still seems to be the best option for me.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Which button? Depends on how you've set up parameters 40 and 41. I haven't actually done scene activation for a roller shutter, so you'll have to read through the docs and play around a bit.
  22. But when you have connected to the Logitech, is it created some Childs? If so please post theirs APIs
  23. Jan there are two buttons start stop
  24. Thanks, in HC3 I cant open it. In HC3 I download it as QA plugin. The device has no option to save as fqa //Sjakie
  25. You can still sell it on the secondhand market
  26. @Tim__Thanks, I just came back home and will give it a try on the weekend. So just to make sure, I should start the script with: --[[%% autostart%% properties99 CentralSceneEvent 2 Pressed%% weather%% events%% globals--]] and this will start at double click but which button? Close or open?
  27. Email from the HC3 or email from Telegram? The former is a bit on and off... Anyway, to debug the logic you should add the log statement to the rule as described in the previous post. If the ER rule logs that the value changes, and then it doesn't notify you after 12 hours there is a problem with the ER rule and lets discuss it. If not, the HC3 doesn't react on the changed value in the correct way. Another thought,. 12 hours is a long time. If you restart the QA in-between the 12 hour period will be reset. The QA needs to run continuously for the 12 hour period to t
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