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  2. Unfortunately for me still the same error EX145 on all browsers even with cleaned cache
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  4. The French forum should work again. They worked hard to get the database ok again. I don’t see any more issues on the French fibaro forum.
  5. The system probably cashed some data, don't worry about it.
  6. Yeah i know, i was just asking, if RAM 96% is something that can indicate some bugs or some misbehaviour in QAs or whatever. Seems illogical me that it is increasing. Thanks
  7. Used memory is only 58%
  8. Hello guys Probably there is no direct answer, but i give it a try What can be the reason of increasing RAM usage? Like no new devices added, no scenes, no QAs added. It was on 87% and now it is on 96% Is this something to be concerned about, ? If so, how to find the leak? What will happen if it reaches 100%? probably some memory will be freed up i suppose What is the logic behind these numbers and what is the healty system and what is the "something is wrong" system indicatior ib terms of RAM or other types of memory? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have a question, does it show the current consumption of the house/load, i.e. what is consumed by the house solar + grid? I only found the one where the solar production is read. Thank you
  10. Hello, as title say, Fibaro Forum response time is slow. It takes dozen of seconds to respond on my clicks. I cleaned my Firefox cache and cookies and updated to the last version, but still the same. Same is with Safari and Chrome. Anyone else noticed this?
  11. Yesterday
  12. ok, testing a bit the modbus QA and there's something that looks wrong to me....Phase A, B, C...are showing some values that i cant find on the shelly app, active power looks pretty correct...but the total active energy looks not the correct values... anyone could help? This seems to be the only way i can use to get datas from my solar power inverter...
  13. jwi

    Energy report

    @Jasper Waale , I hope you know that ZigBee is still in beta at fibaro, so there may be problems. At the time I coded this script, fibaro didn't have zigbee yet. But let's see, maybe there is a solution. As far as I know, a property of the device must be "power". But you can also try “light”. The "ROLE" is only for filtering and you can set it for each device in the "General" tab. I have 3 different ZigBee devices and all 3 are addressed with "power". But you can also combine a combination of manual and automatically found IDs. For that paste this code at this point: if manually then -- Manual entry of device IDs for evaluation. pwrIDs = {213,224,256,264,285,305,322,339,383,391} else -- Automatic determination of electricity consumers. pwrIDs = fibaro.getDevicesID({interfaces = {"power"}, visible = true, enabled = true}) end -------------insert ------------- mpwrIDs = {999,1201, } -- enter manualy your IDs for _,v in ipairs(mpwrIDs) do -- this code joins both tables table.insert(pwrIDs, v) -- end ----------------------------- Good luck
  14. Good Evening, HC2 since 4 years is placed in a drawer. No issue in Winter, In summer i keep opened the drawer. No problems so far. In order to improve the cooling i think to add a bottom fan like this and and maybe an heatsing like that on top... What do u think? The HC2 seems not stressed 2/3% cpu esage for each cpu ...
  15. Hello, HC2 has aluminum casing which is good for heat dissipation. If it is warm on touch that means that heat dissipation is working OK and there is no need to worry. My HC2 is placed on shelf in our living room and works without problems for years. During summer, since we keep doors to terrace always open and no AC is used, HC2 casing feels hot on touch, but since it is on open shelf with free air around, it never complained. On the other hand if HC2 is placed in closed space like rack near other sources of heat, e.g. network switches, router etc. then it is better to add fans on that rack on cabinet. My friend placed big 19" rack in small pantry full of electronic devices, network switches, two servers, router etc. and rack cooling fans were not enough so he had to add ventilation to this pantry to keep everything at some reasonable temperature. @Gianlu question is where did you place your HC2?
  16. Yes, it has been working w/o problems for years. Just place the heat sink underneath your HC and you‘re good to go. Cheers Alfons
  17. Hi, Any update ? I see exactly the same issue: "NAND read from offset c0000 failed -74". Is there any solution to fix it definitely ? @jack.daniels did you succeed ?
  18. Thanks for feedback. Do u have a photo of your solution? has worked?
  19. Registration can be a bit of a hassle, but once you're in, you'll have access to a wealth of information and community support.
  20. Hi I simply use a heat sink which I put underneath the HC. Like this: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B073VQ59DG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 cheers Alfons
  21. Good Morning, In order to better cool my HC2, I think to to add a fan on top of my HC2's case. Do you think the fan should blow on it or suck in the heat? Whats is better? Let me know Regards
  22. Hi @SmartHomeEddy , That is exactly what I needed to check. It is working, but I still missing some options. There is space for improvements.
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