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  2. petergebruers

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    I see. I am glad that we are back to understanding eachother!
  3. akatar

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    well. you missed the smiley i placed right after my comment. that means i did not mean it. hereby i apologize for my incorrect behavoir. i can insure you it will not happen again.
  4. petergebruers

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    If you think it is sarcasm, I apologize, because it is not intentional. Please tell me how I can avoid this misunderstanding in the future. Should I omit the smiley? Use another smiley? Should I not have thanked the OP for reading the manual? I think I have tried, but I have failed, since you still do not seem to believe me. You seem to think I am sarcastic, and also a dishonest person, because you do not accept my explanation. I respect the OP. You see, in that long post I said: I really mean that... I would not say that if I did not respect the OP. I am an end-user, trying to help. I do not put myself above another user. I am only sharing my knowledge. Again, if it shows lack of respect, I apologize. Really, @chelomrc, I am glad you read the manual. I wanted to try to help. I was not trying to be sarcastic at all. If it sounds like I do not respect you, by being sarcastic, like @akatar suggests... This is not my intention. I am really not that kind of guy, you can read my 3000 other posts!
  5. akatar

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    and i am proud i witnessed it
  6. petergebruers

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    Not sarcasm, I very, very rarely use sarcasm, it is not my style and I do not think it works well on forums.
  7. akatar

    How long last fibaro hc2 on power supply ups ?

    it will last as long the batterys have power..... it depends on the ups type, the amount off power the internet modem/router uses etc. (and ofcouse the age of the used baterys) and: fibaro is not a good security system, for good security buy a native system. (caddx/networx/dsc etc)
  8. akatar

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    +1 for sarcasm
  9. Lambik

    Frustration with Fibaro - some thoughts

    That is only applied to Fibaro ID accounts. So, where can I download and delete my data, including data send to third-parties, which is generated by the HC2 without an option to OPT-out? The GDPR main objective is to give back all control to users their data again. All services should be opt-out by default. Only by explicit user approval, services can be added (opt-in). The manufacturer is always responsible for all data used, even used by or send to third parties. To be on topic again, in short: Fibaro forum members are the best, Fibaro employees doing the best they can. Fibaro hardware is rock solid. Fibaro Finance and Marketing departments are pulling the strings and really don't give a $*** about their customers. I've been around since 2013, ending to use the HC2 just as Zwave controller solely. Blocked all internet access to the HC2, disabled all Fibaro 'services'. All my needed services is being done by Raspberry Pi and Node-red/MQTT (all encrypted) and several other controllers, communicating with each other without the 'only supported by Fibaro' barriers. I finally redeemed my freedom to choose, add, delete and interact with every device and service I choose for. Fibaro is often asked to give users the freedom to choose and open up their systems. From experience we know their F&M departments will never do, only when forced by lawyers or penalties.
  10. petergebruers

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    That is awesome! I am glad you did. If you are new to Lua programming, I would say... yes, but you'll have to learn the language and understand what events are and how to send mail. Or hope someone has a read-to-use script to share. I did a quick search and I do not think so... I do not have ready made code for you, I do not run such a scene... Basically, you can start a scene when "power consumption *changes*" so you'll probably have to store the previous value, possible record the time, then when it changes apply your definition of "when it decreases significantly". Maybe you also want to record the last time you sent a message, to avoid sending too many mails (in case anything goes wrong). Some loads have a pulsed character, like "2 seconds off - 4 seconds on" and this might complicate matters... Also, 60 devices is "a fairly large network" and you might have to be careful with reporting, polling en sending commands. Also understanding how "Z-Wave mesh networking" works might be needed. I am being a bit cautious: it is possible with too much reporting you get delays and it might not work at all. You can do a test with 10 devices, but here is the bad news: it is hard to predict what happens if you increase the number of devices. It is not lineair. I would say: less than 20 devices never problems (unless you write really bad code). Between 20 - 50 devices: reporting can be an issue and you might notice delays (of several seconds). Between 50 - 100 devices thinks get tricky, it is possible to overload the network and get 10-30 second delays or packet loss. above 100 devices, things sometimes get weird, and you really have to monitor what is going on... I have > 100 devices, been using Z-Wave for about 5 years. I monitor this forum, that is where those numbers come from. I am sorry if I underestimate you, maybe you already know all this, I do not want to insult you... I see you are new here and so I do not know you at all. Here is a script that contains many of the concepts I mention, though it is not a complete solution. But it might get you started writing some code.
  11. chelomrc

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    I understand what you told me, I already reviewed the manual, thank you very much. But I have another question, Is it possible to generate an alert by email when the load decreases considerably? Sorry, my english is not too good.
  12. I just wondering if fibaro will be good solution for security. In case when thieves shut down main power button in house (and we are on vacation) how long can it approximately last on ups (i know that it depends on capacity but try to write some examples , for example fibaro will be connecter to ups with internet modem.) thank you guys
  13. petergebruers

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    What is your definition of real time? To save bandwith, the plug does not report every change. It kind of "filters" power events and a few parameters influence that filtering. I cannot explain it better than the comments in the manual, under "parameters". It is kind of tricky. You can find the manual(s) at: http://manuals.fibaro.com.
  14. akatar

    supports the HC2 to more than 70 Wall plug?

    hc2 can connect about 250 devices
  15. Hi, I need to connect 50 wall plugs and 10 other devices to the HC2 to control consumption in real time, do you know if HC2 support this quantity of devices?
  16. jgab


    Your intuition looks right. The data file is only used if _REMOTE is false to initialise the (simulated) global home table variable. If you have _REMOTE true and have setup the IP address and username/pwd in eventRunnerDebug, fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable") or fibaro:getGlobalValue(_deviceTable) should fetch the variable value from the HC2. Try and set a break point in ZeroBrane and see what you get back... However, you can't run the example_rules with you own table as they depend on the devices declared in the davicemap.data file. See line 23-27 in example_rules.lua. I may try to fix that dependency a bit better. I encourage you to put your rules directly in the main() function in the beginning of EventRunner.lua - that's what you need to do anyway when moving the code to the HC2. Pay attention also how you home table is structured, because that will decide how you access them in the rules. Look at the example below. Ex. ---------------- Callbacks to user code -------------------- function main() --- This depends on how your HomeTable is structured, if 'dev' is the root of you devices do like this... -- Ex. _deviceTable = "{kitchen:{light:20,lamp:21,sensor:22},room:{light:23,sensor:24,tableLamp:25},hall:{switch:26,door:27},phone:{jan:100,dani:101}}" local conf = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue(_deviceTable)) Util.reverseMapDef(conf) -- Make device names availble for debugging Util.defvars(conf) -- make devices available as variables in rules Rule.eval("kitchen.lamp:isOn => log('Kitchen lamp turned on')") Rule.eval("kitchen.lamp:on") -- turn on lamp triggers previous rule Rule.eval("lights={kitchen.light,room.light}") Rule.eval("hall.switch:value => lights:value=hall.switch:value") -- link switch to lights Rule.eval("hall.switch:on") -- turn on switch to trigger previous rule Rule.eval("for(00:10,hall.door:breached) => phone.jan:msg=log('Door open for %s min',repeat(5)*10)") Rule.eval("hall.door:on") -- Simulate breach end -- main()
  17. Captain007

    Projector Screen

    I have a projector screen and i want to connect a fibaro device to the 3 buttons or the 4 wires that go to the motor will the roller shutter 2, or would the relay switch be better? I want connect straight to the wires going to the blind motor? Would it need 12v output? I would rather use the roller shutter 2 for up down and limits, has anyone got experiance and advice on how to do this.
  18. tinman

    GPDR - Fibaro's and Forums position and response

    I generally recommend to our customers to read both links, and if there are any open questions to ask Fibaro administrator directly. Fibaro ID usage and services using Fibaro ID (e.g. Remote Access, Helpdesk, Intercom, Marketplace …): https://id.cloud.fibaro.com/privacy-policy Website and Fibaro Products usage: https://www.fibaro.com/en/privacy-policy/
  19. Thanks for the reply, and as you have already noticed I don't have programming skills. I started over again and ended up with the following code: Day and month is now working, but still need to get sunrise and sunset. Sunset/sunrise edited to: if (Tid >= Soloppgang and Tid < Solnedgang) then; -- Hvis tid er lik tiden for soloppgang, da fibaro:setGlobal("Soltid","Soloppgang"); -- settes variabelen Soltid til Soloppgang -- fibaro:debug( "VariableName = " .. VariableName .. ", VariableType = " .. type( VariableName ) ) else; fibaro:setGlobal("Soltid","Solnedgang"); -- settes variabelen Soltid til Solnedgang end; Also, "local Dag" and "local Mnd" should use the timetable instead of the "os.clock" --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% globals --]] -- Opprett Variabelen: Soltid -- med verdiene: Soloppgang, Solnedgang -- Opprett variabelen: Ukedag -- med verdiene: Mandag, Tirsdag, Onsdag, Torsdag, Fredag, Lørdag, Søndag -- Opprett variabelen: Maaned -- med verdiene: Januar, Februar, Mars, April, Mai, Juni... ...Desember -- Opprett variabelen: Leggetid -- med verdiene: Sover, Våken local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if (sourceTrigger["type"] == "autostart") then; while true do; local TidsTabell = os.date("*t"); -- TidsTabell vil genereres og se ut som følger: -- year 2018 -- month 01-12 -- day 01-31 -- hour 00-23 -- min 00-59 -- sec 00-59 -- isdst et boolean, "true" hvis sommertid, ellers "false" local Tid = (string.format("%02d", TidsTabell.hour) .. ":" .. string.format("%02d", TidsTabell.min)); local Dag = tonumber(os.date("%w")); local Mnd = tonumber(os.date("%m")); local Soloppgang = fibaro:getValue(1, "sunriseHour"); local Solnedgang = fibaro:getValue(1, "sunsetHour"); local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); -- Setter variabel Soltid: if (Tid == Soloppgang) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Soltid","Soloppgang"); end; if (Tid == Solnedgang) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Soltid","Solnedgang"); end; -- Setter variabel Ukedag: if(Dag == 0) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Ukedag", "Søndag"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "15"); elseif(Dag == 1) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Ukedag", "Mandag"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "15"); elseif(Dag == 2) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Ukedag", "Tirsdag"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "15"); elseif(Dag == 3) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Ukedag", "Onsdag"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "15"); elseif(Dag == 4) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Ukedag", "Torsdag"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "15"); elseif(Dag == 5) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Ukedag", "Fredag"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "15"); elseif(Dag == 6) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Ukedag", "Lørdag"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "15"); end; -- Setter variabel Maaned if(Mnd == 01) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Januar"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 02) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Februar"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 03) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Mars"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 04) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "April"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 05) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Mai"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 06) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Juni"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 07) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Juli"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 08) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "August"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 09) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "September"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 10) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Oktober"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 11) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "November"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); elseif(Mnd == 12) then; fibaro:setGlobal("Maaned", "Desember"); fibaro:call(2, "sendDefinedEmailNotification", "123"); end; -- Setter variabel Leggetid: -- Debugging -- fibaro:debug( "Tid = " .. Tid .. ", VariableType = " .. type( Tid ) ) -- fibaro:debug( "Dag = " .. Dag .. ", VariableType = " .. type( Dag ) ) -- fibaro:debug( "Mnd = " .. Mnd .. ", VariableType = " .. type( Mnd ) ) -- fibaro:debug( "Soloppgang = " .. Soloppgang .. ", VariableType = " .. type( Soloppgang ) ) -- fibaro:debug( "Solnedgang = " .. Solnedgang .. ", VariableType = " .. type( Solnedgang ) ) fibaro:sleep(60*1000); end; else; end;
  20. Hi I've been looking to read and understand Fibaro's response and forum users thoughts and comments to the GPDR legislation that came in to force yesterday. We all have privacy concerns and through our engagement with fibaro on this forum and our use of their products (most notable the HC2/HCL) and services we share a lot of information and data with some of it unknown to us. (like when the HC2 pings google, etc) We also place a huge amount of trust that this data is being used correctly from a ethical and legal perspective. I invite Fibaro to share, in a clear and easy to understand manner their governance, policys' and procedures that relate to this important matter. I also invite the forum users to share their thoughts and concerns on this matter in a manner that complies with the respectful way this forum is moderated. I am hoping that this dialog will help us all gain a shared understanding that benefits both Fibaro and the users of their products and services Thanks Frank
  21. ipsofacto


    Jan aha the data file - thanks. That has got me up and running on the demo. I was hoping to point to my Hometable and simply replicate the tRules IF block pulling definition remotely from HC2 i.e. local conf = fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable") and _Remote TRUE in EventRunnerDebug i.e. In eventrunner.lua _sceneName = "Demo" -- Set to scene/script name _debugLevel = 3 _deviceTable = "HomeTable" -- Name of json struct with configuration data (i.e. "HomeTable") _HC2 = false Event = {} -- If running offline we need our own setTimeout and net.HTTPClient() and other fibaro funs... if dofile then dofile("EventRunnerDebug.lua") end _REMOTE = true -- If true use FibaroSceneAPI to call functions on HC2, else emulate them locally... in eventrunnerdebug.lua I guess I am missing something in how this hangs together as this leads to dev null error on execution. Have to run - will be back trying to think it through. Cheers
  22. Ishan Bhalla

    Motion sensor

    Hello The motion sensor senses motion even when it is not alarmed. How do I switch off the motion sensor when not alarmed ? Am assuming this will increase the battery life. My battery lasts about 3months. Are there any other tips to increase it? Thanks and regards Ishan
  23. Geoff Shumack

    Master - slave

    Hi Jodohl, I have the same question as your last post, I submitted a similar question to the forum earlier but just found your post. I am just setting up my HC2 and very new to this and wondering which slave to use and which to hide, did you find an answer? I have hidden the master, slave 2 which is the remote control and slave 4 which is a switch but appears to do nothing. Slave 1 seems to be the one to use as the main switch as it turns all slaves on and off but it doesn't show the power consumption, this only works in slave 3. Any assistance appreciated.
  24. Geoff Shumack

    Which devices should I hide

    Hi, a very newbie here. I'm very new to HC2 and went about setting up my devices into rooms once the electrician had installed them and noticed many were hidden so I unhid them all, maybe a mistake! Now I find many are not needed and I'm getting alerts from some I have rehidden, not sure which ones I need, should use and leave unhidden. Is there a listing somewhere of their specific role/tasks and what should be hidden as their not required for normal tasks? For example a Fibaro single switch has a master then 4 slaves: Guessing the master is for global settings for the switch slaves? The first slave is a switch but the energy consumption doesn't read so I haven't been using this. The second is a remote controller and I'm not sure what this does. The third is another switch and does show energy consumption and this is the one the one I have been using to turn the light on and off and in scenes. The fourth is another switch but does nothing. Also is there a template example of a common basic room/device setup? Any assistance appreciated or if I have missed this topic in another post if you could point me in the right direction please.
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  26. SpaceCompany

    Satisfied with fibaro ?

    Communication could be much better, same as development.. Funny to see last period there Re less beta versions coming out... Would the CEO maybe have taken my open letter in the back of his mind?
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