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  2. Hi everyone, I'm sure many of you use your HC2 as an alarm system. I'm looking for a physical keypad and/or FRID device which is compatible and works with HC2 without any problems for access control. Please be so kind and let me know if you know about anything like this. Or else, please let me know how do you control your alarm, apart from smartphone apps and keyfob. I'm desperately looking for a working , tested solution on hardware and scenes. Any suggestions, ideas much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. This table is stored in a global.variable and sometimes it can get corrupted but reserving the VD normally fixes that issue
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  5. Hi, i would like to replace my old thermostat with Fibaro single switch but i'm not sure how to connect it properly. Current thermostat is a battery powered EMOS Thermo 091 and boiler is Protherm Raja. There are two cables connected to the thermostat, as show on the photo. Can anyone advise me? Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys for the answers. I am trying to use email push. I even set a basic scene just to send a push email when I run it. For a test. But nothing. I have been using this in my scene since day one and they have always worked. I’m not sure when the stopped. What is odd a few hours later I got 2 or so of the ones I was testing. But not all. To be clear I I’m getting an app notifications. But no one else is. I’m have both apps installed but on really use the old one. Just can’t get into the new one. Running 4.570. Firmware. Thanks.
  7. In my case when I replaced battery, the HC2 kept on reporting low battery (after wakeup several times) but on the keyfob the battery level indication was "green" = full. After a few days HC2 also reported battery OK. Fine. A few days later the keyfob itself reported "violet" warning after each command. HC2 reported low battery again... I removed the new battery, then inserted again several times, but nothing changed. Then I put back in the old battery, because I forgot to throw it away, and HC2 immediately reported normal battery level - also the "violet" warning dissapeared on the keyfob. Strange... Now I'm using it with the old battery... 😄
  8. Dear @AutoFrank & @dacianova, I have narrowed the error now to the "wwwapiTable". When I set the 'ipMonitor' variabel to "manual", it worked again! I reconfigured the WWWAPI monitor and the thing worked again, also with 'ipMonitor; set to "wwwapiTable". Apparently it was corrupted. I do however not know what was wrong originally. J
  9. Hi @3JL can you post the message hub scene call that is causing this error ? I'll try and take a look during the week
  10. How long it took for them to repair and send it back? Do you paid for the service? Nicola
  11. Actually I sent to company and they repaired one segment of motherboard and it works well
  12. Kiepski zasieg chyba ze masz appletv lub homepoda jako bridge ktory Ci pokryje caly dom zasiegiem. BluetoothLE w glowicach termostatycznych ma bardzo slaby zasieg. Czasami przez sciane juz nie zagada do bridge’a. Glowice niestabilne, wieszaja sie. Produkt niedopracowany.
  13. Hi @Tomas Doubek , I do use Fibaro FGS-222 relay switches to control my sliding gate and garage door openers. I just checked and they are still produced and can be purchased in every better domotica store. Both of them have potential free relay contacts. Check here: Robbshop
  14. Hey, have you managed to resolve the problem? I "resolved" it by buying an UPS... so even when there's an elecricity fault my HC2 does not reboots.... I know it's a workaround... but it kind of works
  15. Hi @timothydalton , I never used this option from device settings because except turning on or off sending notification I have no other control. For that I have made one VD to turn on/off sending push notification if status of the sensor changes and scene that is triggered by that change and send push notification. If check of door/window sensors status change is turned off then it is still possible to get popup notification with the list of opened doors/windows when scene is manually started You can find that solution here:
  16. Ja bym ten moduły zwave zainstalował i dokupił raspberry a na nim postawił openhab albo homeassistant. Oba da się skonfigurować aby integrowały się z homekit. Koszt to maks 600 PLN . Wada to wiedza techniczna ciut większa niż przy fibaro hc. Ciut albo dwa ciuty.
  17. @Sankotronic I'm on firmware 4.570. I have both iphone Fibaro apps installed in two different iphones (my wife and mine). So I was supposed to receive push notification (from within device - eg. door open, window open..) in 4 different apps, but I only receive in 1 app - the first one I've logged with the superadmin account. If I remove this iOs device (the one receiving push notifications) from fibaro, the notification will be sent to the second in line (I did this test - I changed my phone and my wife started to receive the notifications and I didn't, so I removed all iOS device and start receiving again, even after she use the apps again and her device was "re-added" to HC2 but now with a different (and higher) iOS device id. Do you have more than one person receiving this notifications using different phones? Just to be clear, notification within scenes, popup notification, .. all work fine. The problem is only with device notification you configure within device (see attached picture).
  18. I am trying to follow these instructions: https://manuals.fibaro.com/knowledge-base-browse/recovery-mode-on-home-center-lite/ to reset my Home Center Lite. However, I cannot get the HCL to display the recovery screen through my browser. Are there any additional steps to pay attention to? Is there any other way to get a factory reset done?
  19. Hi @timothydalton , No problems here. I'm on firmware 4.570 and still using old iPhone Fibaro app just to be clear. On what firmware is your HC2 and what mobile app you are using?
  20. Hi @MattyO and @Sankotronic I still have problem with built in device notification (e.g. send mobile push notification to user when door is opened) - in this case, only the superadmin gets the notification message in only one device or app (if you have both iOS apps installed, only 1 will receive - the 1st you've configured). Push notifications within scenes, work perfectly (but in this case I input the device ID). I already tried everything to fix but no success. Ended up giving up and relying on other notification service (aka homebridge - much fast and reliable - downside is that I have another "middleman" that can fail eventually).
  21. Hi @MattyO , I have no problems here with notifications, e-mail, push or popup. Maybe you should check functionality of the button? Which button do you use?
  22. Arm and disarm to do with a scene. On that way you can easy arm your house.
  23. Hi all automation fans i have time to jump back after quite long time (family, work, other priorities). I dropped question to one of the smart automation companies and consulted very basics with them on the topic of using fibaro brand roller shuters or similiar to integrate. For garage door motors and similiar devices you must use potential free output contact (dry contact). As i am informed now, Fibaro itself does not sell this type. I am not 100% sure if FIbaro roller shutter can or cannot handle this use case. Have never seen step-by-step guide. I got tip for the Qubino flush 1D relay (GOAEZMNHND1). You can use 24V or 230V (consider your country local parameters) as input to Qubino. Route Qubino output to garage door control unit input of remote control. Refer to you garage door opener user manual. PS: will try to jump back on this as soon as temperatures will go higher and my calnder will clean a bit
  24. I always installs fibaro relays in ceiling behind light, all needed cables are always there!
  25. Dear @dacianova & @AutoFrank, have you been able to resolve this issue? The MessageHub worked great in the past. I haven't used it for a while, but now I get the same error. J
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