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  3. offcourse my mistake and local timeSleep = 90 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- function timerFunction() ----------------------------------------------------------------------- code ----------------------------------------------------------------------- setTimeout(timerFunction, timeSleep*60*1000) end ----------------------------------------------------------------------- timerFunction()
  4. clowg

    Is there a maximum fibaro:sleep time?

    But that’s only 5.4 seconds. I want 90 minutes sleep time.
  5. I use the following url: jpg url: Streaming/channels/1/picture
  6. First- I couldnt find Fibaro in Alexa skills (In India). Neither i could find Google also. Is there any regional restrictions? I configured ha-bridge and it was configured and the webpage is opened : https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge However i couldnt find any devices - neither z-wave or wifi equipments were not visible. Both Z-wave and Wifi network (+Alexa) is working . How can i trouble shoot. Is it because data/group.db is empty . Sorry for being dumb.
  7. giboyp@gmail.com

    KODI plugin

    Will i be able to connect the homecentre lite with Kodi ? The addon i recieved was Homecentre 2 (HC-2 addon 1.3.3) . The error message was 'cannot connect- Check your settings'.
  8. Tony270570

    Fibaro Smoke Sensor 3.3 - false alarms

    @kimbo thank you always good to have several returns on experience, hope that it will help!
  9. fkruis

    Sending UDP Commands Lua

    is this part ok? local ip, port = "", 12345 local message = "FF0100"local socket = require "socket" i get a error on require [ERROR] 16:06:08: line 4: attempt to call global 'require' (a nil value)
  10. Is there a maximum time that fibaro:sleep can be set to? I'm having a problem where 'fibaro:sleep(90*60*1000)' only lasts for 20 minutes, not 90 minutes as I expected it would. However fibaro:sleep(30*60*1000) works fine - 30 minutes. I'm using these within a VD, in case that makes a difference.
  11. jonrox

    Adding HEM Gen5 (ZW095) to HC2

    Thanks for reply, I have a ZW095 1PHASE 60A...I Have contact the support, I wait a reply
  12. kimbo

    Fibaro Smoke Sensor 3.3 - false alarms

    Hi, I will try to do it this weekend and keep you posted. thx
  13. morsink

    Sending UDP Commands Lua

    Hello, I'm a starter in programming for my HC2. I made a Virtual Device (KMTronice, UDP Relay) and wanne send this code: local ip, port = "", 12345 local message = "FF0100" local socket = require "socket" sock, msg = socket.udp() if sock then sock:setpeername(ip, port) end -- connect to destination sock:send(message) sock: close() end But I get this error: [ERROR] 13:32:10: line 2: unexpected symbol near '%' [ERROR] 13:40:35: line 9: '' expected near 'end' What I'm doing worng @ this script ?
  14. fat

    Hello from Australia,

    Welcome from the Gold Coast
  15. Ananta Creation

    LED Strip Light with Double channel relay

    Hi, Can I control LED strip with Fibaro double channel relay? 5 M strip : 12V 2Amp 10 M Strip : 12V 4 Amp
  16. insippo

    Camara Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IS

    DS-2CD2342WD-I https://www.hikvision.com/en/Products/Network-Camera/EasyIP-2.0/4MP/DS-2CD2342WD-I I bought yesterday this camera. Trying connect but without luck. With Safari not working.
  17. Igy

    Hello from Australia,

  18. https://www.hikvision.com/en/Products/Network-Camera/EasyIP-2.0/4MP/DS-2CD2342WD-I How to connect this camera to Fibaro ? I yesterday tryed but without luck.
  19. northyorks

    HomeKit via software authentication?

    +1 Is this coming soon??
  20. Highlands

    Hello from Australia,

    Hi there, Completing own build and now moving into the Home Automation phase with Zwave, starting with the Home Center 2. Opted for zwave over bus system due to flexibility, lower 'start up costs', & the ability to start small and expand once living in the house and getting a feel for the living space, and how HA can improve the experience.
  21. alezanott

    how to connect fibaro homekit switch

    Installed everything and it works fine! Thank you very much @jakub.jezek
  22. Denis_K

    Adding HEM Gen5 (ZW095) to HC2

    The actual version can be requested from the Aeotec support: support@aeotec.freshdesk.com They are response quite rapidly, the main question will be about used type of HEM. In my case I use 3 phase 60Amps version (ZW095-C) , the appropriate FW in attachment. But I've contacted the support more then have half year ago, maybe a newest version of FW is available already. ZW095_HEM_G5_3P_60A_EU_A_V1_04.rar
  23. https://www.hikvision.com/en/Products/Network-Camera/EasyIP-2.0/4MP/DS-2CD2342WD-I From cellular and laptop i see video. I cant add this camera to Fibaro. Mpeg stream, jpeg stream. I do not know how. Please help !
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  25. Smarterelec

    Allow Virtual Devices to show in main categories

    Any movement on this Fibaro?
  26. terence_chang

    Sonos VD not working

    The Sonos speaker is registered. And the Fibaro Sonos Plugin works fine. Just the VD is having issues. In that Chinese link, it uses LUA code, so it may work with HC2. But how about HCL? Thanks
  27. jonrox

    Adding HEM Gen5 (ZW095) to HC2

    Hi, where I can find the 1.4 version? In the support site I have found only 1.35 Can you help me? Thanks
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