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  2. robmac

    Goodbye Fibaro hello OpenHAB

    I thought I should clarify a bit more regarding going beyond 100. All of this is theory as HC2 does not have the level of logging to help understand. How did I get 140 nodes stable in the first place. I tuned the traffic down as I went I made sure the network had lots of time to learn as it grew. Increased the number of polls and reports in areas that had issues and reduced in other areas so the routes were learned. Only reconfigured a node on the mesh when nothing else was busy, only if it had issues and only one at a time leaving time between and lots of time not 10 minutes, I left hours. I believe this allowed good lists of neighbours in the nodes so the neighbours that form the backup route were all well set. So when the last working route failed, the one it tried next was likely to be OK. My theory is that it is the dynamic routing that causes issues as the number of nodes increases and the traffic saturates. A node starts to fail to manage to use the same route more than once but some of the failures are congestion not issues with the route. I am trying to get my head around if this is true but when you look at a zniffer file and what you get as info from Fibaro not a chance. Of course if it fails to use all the configured routes you eventually get explorer frames and these appear to be hoggers of bandwidth. This in turn makes more nodes fail on their normal route etc etc. As things got more extreme (155 nodes at one point) I asked how often I needed an update from some nodes. If it was one time a day then I removed the lifeline and polled one a day. For some Fibaro movement sensors on the edge of the network. I used direct association to the module they triggered as it was a direct link not routed. I then removed the lifeline from the sensor. The controller does not know the alarm was triggered but it knows the light is on. Why an advantage? Only one set of reports across a couple of hop route. Every little. and a few other tricks eventually tuning down the polling so very little and none to some nodes. tuning down the energy and temperature reports to the minimum I felt was useful I think I could even have have added more node back. The 15 removed were when a bit of the house was being renovated. and it worked really well for three years. So what went wrong? Well I think two big things but possibly more. Possibly something else and these reason are just coincidence but puppies and piles of goo comes to mind: 1) FLIRS not sure how but am investigating 2) Full mesh rebuild that my network was too busy to support at 2am every day that caused my HC2 to lock for the first time since I can remember. I think this made a mess of a lot of those neighbour lists and hells knows what it did to the routing and possibly other corruption . So why do I not do it again? TRUST: It is gone and the work to fix is huge. If I invest in this again and they release another firmware that does stupid? My wife would probably murder me. She loves this when it works but it is all my fault when it does not. I don't think I could put the effort in again. It was like making a beautiful painting but then somebody walks through the door and throws emulsion paint all over the canvas. You can clean up the mess but do you have the heart? It is just too difficult and not the adventure it was first time. Some things are fun once the second time they are a @$£%^^. Possibly this pull of the latest firmware is a good thing and they are finally taking quality of releases seriously . Will it be better on openHAB? In reality the same things limit zwave but yes it will work for me because it is an adventure again and I am in more control. Nobody restricting me and implying I am not big enough to mess with this or that. No limits on what I can do with my code and platform. Will it work? What about the bits Peter says are missing? I am in control I can add all the bits that Peter points out are missing in Zwave if I indeed need them. Don't be confused, there are lots of people with 120+ nodes on openHAB and if you look in the database it often has templates before HC2. All of the ones you have in your network are probably there and a few that HC2 does not. openHab Zwave does lacks complete handling of endpoints and is also locked so if there is no template then you can not add. Actually neither difficult to fix. The lack of a template is easily fixed with no coding as you can request to the team and they add fast but also you can edit the files in the JAR so that you can use immediately. Is it for everyone? No but if you want to do more than the basics or have a wide range of integrations you should look at it. You do not need to understand the code. I am sure most people that use it do not. What do I think about HC2? It was great and I enjoyed it. The high point was user plugins and the planned market for them so people could extend to all of those new things. The low was that release that smashed my setup to pieces and stopped me uploading my plugins. Yes I had plugins. I could root my HC2 but that puts me in a horrible place. Anything I do gets overwritten if I want a Fibaro update. What is the point if I have some but not enough control? HC2 for me was a missed opportunity. With all of the advanced features nobbled I feel it is trying to be a solution for the mass market that is plug and play but 100+ nodes plug and play on zwave? Sorry not going to happen any time soon. Doing all of the third party integrations inhouse? Just how big is the development budget would you need? I think how many of them do not work is testament to the folly of this. Most people have had to resort to virtual devices. UNbless they change direction my gut feel is that HCX will probably be like smartthings but without the mass market marketing budget or huge development budget. Possibly Fibaro should back out gracefully and stick to making great modules. Make the firmware for these OTA on all other controllers so they can sell lots of them and get out of the controller game altogether. As always a bit of a stir up. Expect to be here for a year or so more as I am in no hurry to move all things across and I still need my HC2 for firmware updates.
  3. i have tested by 2 hcl as slaves on one hc2
  4. Today
  5. It is apparently fixed with HC2 4.532 beta. After upgrade HC2 to this beta, "low battery" indication disappeard.
  6. ADalla

    Run scene from Virtual device

    It works with HCL? I tried but no success...
  7. rvelthoen

    Smart Implant and normal alarm

    Smart inplant is overkill, just use the UBS and a relais on the siren output.
  8. Dziękuję bardzo, wieczorem pokombinuję i jak będzie już wszystko działało jak należy umieszczę scenę tutaj aby było dla innych ułatwienie
  9. hi sarf777 did you solve this issue?? I have the same problem
  10. AndrewB82

    HC2 does not boot after power failure

    Stumbled upon that issue, as far as I know it's been quite common issue for few months, Fibaro ducking away from responding to it, isn't it @T.Konopka? To this and all the mess that recent updates made. Best, Andrzej
  11. Rikbast

    WUWeather scene - version = "{3.0.5}"

    That looks good. Many thanks, looking forward to use it.
  12. jompa68

    WUWeather scene - version = "{3.0.5}"

    Looks so, i have added that also now.
  13. @Janiol Tak dokładnie będzie, masz ok 16 min zeby uruchomić zmywanie od włączenia wallpluga To chyba lepiej jak po 16 min od nieużywania sie wyłączy w takiej sytuacji mozesz dodac zmienna o nazwie jaką sobie wybierzez i po uruchomieniu wallpluga przypisac jej wartość która by informowała ze zmywarka jest ready, Scena 1 Zmywarka == włączone to zmienna zmywarka = 1 to może mieć równie dobrze miejsce w scenie w której uruchamiasz zmywarke Scena 2 Zmywarka == wlaczona i Zmywarka W > 1500 to zmienna zmywarka = 2 i do wyłączania zmywarki Scena 3 zmienna zmywarka > 1 i zmywarka W < 5 to zmywarka Wył robi sie troche blokowisko, ale tak to juz jest z HCL, w HC2 mozna by to wszystko załatwić jedną scena w lua
  14. malitan

    DSC TL 260 with Fibaro

    hi, if you dont buy it yet, you should buy EVL4 card for the best connection.
  15. Rikbast

    WUWeather scene - version = "{3.0.5}"

    Hi, looks good UV-index is also available for free accounts (according to the website). By geographic coordinates API call: http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/uvi?appid={appid}&lat={lat}&lon={lon} Parameters: appid - personal API key lat, lon - coordinates of the location of your interest (latitude/longitude) Works for me with free account
  16. Wydaje mi się, że druga scena którą podałeś wyłączy mi zmywarkę, nawet przed zmywaniem jeśli upłynie tylko więcej niż 960 sekund jej bezczynności Jak już wspominałem, gdzieś wyczytałem, że takie sceny załatwia się zmiennymi (tylko jak??) Chcę całkowicie wyłączyć ją z prądu, bo wolę aby wszystko nie używane było odłączone, mam małego synka który lubi gdy jest z babcią uciekać jej i pstrykać sobie czym popadnie
  17. speedlimiter

    Wall plug unresponsive

    This is a plug that is still reachable. It has several WPA auth and DHCP timeout problems. Firmware is updated. Never had such a bad experience as with Fibaro products.
  18. @Janiol Dlaczego całkowicie wyłączasz zmywrkę, czy ona w stanie standby ciągnie dużo prądu ? - pytam z ciekawości ? ja bym zrobił sobie powiadomienie na telefon na podstawie W. Tak tylko komplikujesz sprawę. Ale jeśli tak musi być to : Scena 1: zmywarka włączona i zmywarka W > 1500 po 3 sek to push - zmywarka działa Scena 2 zmywarka wlaczona i zmywarka W < 5W po 960sek to zmywarka wylacz i push zmywarka wylaczona
  19. Hi, I was trying to read values using your code, but I was unsuccessful could you please help me with this? from page: <meas><I1><P>-0.57</P></I1><I2><P>-0.51</P></I2><I3><P>-0.40</P></I3><I4><P>0.59</P><E>1014.27</E></I4><I5><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E></I5><I6><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E></I6><I7><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E></I7><O1><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.03</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O1><O2><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O2><O3><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O3><O4><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O4><O5><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O5><O6><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O6><O7><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O7><O8><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O8><O9><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O9><O10><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O10><O11><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O11><O12><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O12><O13><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O13><O14><A>0</A><P>0.00</P><E>0.00</E><HN>0</HN><HC>0</HC><HE>0</HE><HR>0</HR><T>0</T></O14><DQ1>0.0</DQ1><DQ2>0.0</DQ2><DQ3>0.0</DQ3><DQ4>0.0</DQ4><PPS>-1.48</PPS><VAC>230</VAC><DaR>20.3.2019</DaR><TiR>8:21:04</TiR><CW>6422</CW><FW>1.4</FW><SN>46000174</SN><EL1>0</EL1><ETS>0</ETS><ILT>0</ILT><ICW>0</ICW><ITS>0</ITS><IDST>0</IDST><ISC>0</ISC><SRT>6:03</SRT><DW>2</DW></meas> I need values <I1><P>-0.57 <I2><P>-0.51 <I3><P>-0.40 Thank you
  20. is it possible to connect dsc system with fibaro hc2 using TL 260 DSC module
  21. Witam domin12 @ dziękuję za bardzo szybką odpowiedź, czyli jak dobrze zrozumiałem powinno być: - zmywarka W> 1500 3s i - zmywarka W==0 960s to - zmywarka == wyłączona 30s to Push iPhone zmywarka Off?? Zmywarka włącza mi się do prądu inną sceną, ale myślałem, że muszę podać ten warunek też do następnej sceny. Pozdrawiam
  22. @Janiol musisz rozdzielić sceny na włączenie i wyłączenie , tego nie da sie zrobić w jednej scenie bloczkowej
  23. Akronaut

    Lokalizacja telefonu

    interesuje mnie rozwiązanie na iphone, czy mogę prosić o jego udostępnienie
  24. domin12

    Lokalizacja telefonu

    w tej kwetii nie pomogę, mam gotowe rozwiązanie ale z iphonem
  25. Witam serdecznie, Posiadam centralkę HC Lite, i od niedawna zacząłem tworzyć różne sceny. Niestety z jedną mam kłopot, nie bardzo wiem jak popchnąć ją do przodu A więc chciałbym uzyskać to, aby urządzenie (tu zmywarka) które włącza się (Wall Plug) do prądu rano o 8:00, po zmywaniu naczyń ( o różnych porach, raz koło 8:30 a kiedy indziej 10:23 czy 16:17 itd), zostało wyłączone po swojej pracy. A więc według mnie ze stanu 0 Watt, musi wskoczyć na ponad 1500 Watt i dopiero jak znowu będzie 0 Watt to będzie znaczyło, że zmywara umyła już wszystko i może zostać pozbawiona prądu, chciałbym dostać też informację PUSH na telefon o tym. Tak , tylko, że niestety to mi nie działa myślę, że przesadziłem z warunkami wyłączenia, tylko jak to inaczej zrobić. Przeglądając różne fora, doszedłem do wniosku, że potrzebne są zmienne, tylko nie bardzo się orientuję co one miałyby zmieniać i kiedy Pozdrawiam i bardzo proszę o pomoc, i z góry bardzo za nią dziękuję Tak ta scena wygląda narazie:
  26. jompa68

    WUWeather scene - version = "{3.0.5}"

    Not for the free accounts. Available for Professional and Enterprise accounts. A sneak preview
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