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  3. For example a Fibaro Wall Plug can switch 2500 Watt up to temporarily 3000 Watt. But a separate external switch like cag014 suggested has more switching capability to handle peak powers.
  4. To get some inspiration on enable/disable a scene, look here:
  5. So Fibaro don't have its solution, but I have to use third party switch. I ask this as I allready have Sonoff zigbee switch but I would like to replace it with something produced in Europe and not Chinese. Also I don't have space to put two devices in a wall.
  6. Don't understand exactly what you are trying to do, but if you want to change your device icon with an other on your HC3 existing icon, you can use: self:updateProperty("deviceIcon", icon) where icon is the number of the corresponding icon. If you just want to present a value, you need to use an other device type.
  7. Situation: I have a ITHO fanbox which is able to communicate by using a MQTT broker/server. I have installed the MQTT server on my network and as far as I can see this is working as expected. Based on code written by @ChristianSogaard I have created the following QA (type: generic): function QuickApp:onInit() self:debug("onInit") local function handleConnect(event) self:debug("connected: "..json.encode(event)) self.client:subscribe("itho/state") end options = {clientId = 'MQTT-HC3', username = '', password = ''} self.client = mqtt.Client.connect('x.x.x.x:1883',options) self.client:addEventListener('published', function(event) self:onPublished(event) end) self.client:addEventListener('subscribed', function(event) self:onSubscribed(event) end) self.client:addEventListener('connected', handleConnect) self.client:addEventListener('message', function(event) self:onMessage(event) end) self.client:addEventListener('error', function(event) self:onError(event) end) end function QuickApp:onMessage(event) print( "onMessage: ", json.encode(event)) self:updateProperty("value", tonumber(event.payload)) end function QuickApp:onPublished(event) print("onPublished:", json.encode(event)) end function QuickApp:onSubscribed(event) print("onSubscribed:", json.encode(event)) end function QuickApp:onConnected(event) print("onConnected:", json.encode(event)) end function QuickApp:onError(event) print("onError:", json.encode(event)) end When I change the fan speed, a message is sent to the MQTT server and my HC3L debug shows that it has been received: But now, to be honest, I am lost. I have no idea how to display the value in the device icon by example. Did I create the wrong device type? Any help will be appreciated, thanks!
  8. Best option is to use an external powerful switch which controlled by single switch 2. Works for years for me (same application: water boiler) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000983056458.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.7a016db2nnbuwC&algo_pvid=41c4ad45-a6da-46e2-91b7-8af419693bd4&algo_exp_id=41c4ad45-a6da-46e2-91b7-8af419693bd4-3&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"10000013191592164"}
  9. In Z-Wave 3.0 you can upload a template in json format (from file). Download a template from existing device,modify it and use it with the device you want. Defining parameters in web interface is not available yet.
  10. Hello! I’m new here, but I’m trying to achieve the same as you guys - that is connecting a smart module to the bathroom fan. My electrician struggled for a while, but after reading all of your instructions we managed to connect the module behind the switch that starts the fan. My initial plan was to use this module with a flow that would turn the fan off 30 min after the switch (and the module) was turned on. So I wanted the original switch to work like before but with a timer that turns the fan off. However when I tried to create flows with the module, it seems the module doesn’t notice that the switch is being switched on/off (that s1 or s2 is triggered). So right now only manual actions are possible (flicking the physical switch on/off, turning the module on/off in app). What is wrong? What is missing? We could not make sense of the one advice above saying “Switch across S1 and Live”. So we’ve done without that but: Neutral to N Live to both L and IN Load to Q Switch across S1 Could that be the explanation? If so- could someone please elaborate?
  11. >readHc3EventAndScheduleFetcher local loop, lastRefresh = nil, 0 local lang = "en" local http = net.HTTPClient() rand = math.random() / 100 local function loop() local url = "" http:request( string.format(url, lastRefresh, lang, rand), { success = function(res) local states = json.decode(res.data) processEvents(states) if states then lastRefresh = states.last end loop() end } ) end loop() 1st do not user auth for hc3 2nd please do not use logging etc if possible
  12. Hi, I need to control my hot water boiler which is declared as 2000W wich should be around 9,1A on 220V networ. So can I use single switch 2? I see that double switch 2 is "total 10A" but single channel is less than 9A that I would need. So please help me what device to use.
  13. Video link is not working for me.
  14. I join the question. Someone integrated air conditioners Gree with fibaro?
  15. What is your device configuration? Are you using HSB mode to control devices from the buttons?
  16. Iam not sure, is my question so silly? Or is it answered somewhere already? I was looking for the information but could not find it.
  17. Wystawiłem wersję 1.1 - dodano pokazywanie zmian wartości od poprzedniego odczytu - dodano parametr w kodzie (0 lub 1, domyślnie: 0) aby pokazywać animacje odczytu danych z Buderusa - dodano parametr w kodzie (domyślnie: 60) aby program sam wyłączał odczyt parametrów po x minutach od ostatniej aktualności użytkownika (włączenie, zmiana opóźnienia) (gdyby ktoś zapomniał)
  18. Hi dear Fibaro people. Anyone know how I can create a button in the app (for HC3) that I can use to enable or disable a scene? (A recipe would have been brilliant )
  19. This topic in an umbrella for discussing the existing Fibaro HC3 and Home Assistant integration - https://github.com/alexander-vitishchenko/hc3-to-mqtt Key features: bi-directional integration high performance by using Fibaro HC3 async pull requests support for most switches and light devices, thermostats, binary and multi-level sensors, shutters, energy and power meters
  20. Does anybody know if there will be a integration to dormakaba dKey. Seems like a neat solution. This new lock seems to be accessible in Sweden only.
  21. 1. Nie ma TC100, więc nie wiem. Jeżeli protokół i szyfrowanie jest takie samo, to ma szansę... Komunikacja jest po http, ale przeglądarką nie zajrzysz - inny UserAgent w nagłówku wymagany. 2. W moim GB192 (w sterowniku RC300) jest zliczanie energii, ale po przeliczeniu na m3 gazu rozbieżności są o ok. 20%. PS. Zainstaluj wersje na Windows i zobacz, co dostajesz w katalogu: c:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Gbb Software\GbbBuderusWin\LastJson . Czy masz np plik _heatSources_energyMonitoring_consumption.txt ?
  22. I just bought 3 packs (heat controller + external temperature sensor) and installed them in three rooms. The same situation occurs in my case: the schedule is not followed by any of the heat controllers although the external temp sensors read the correct room temperature. I thought that, given I use a Fibaro solution for 3 years (HC Lite), it's a good idea to use the heat controllers from Fibaro too. Bu I think I've made a mistake purchasing these devices. They have some unsolved problems for quite some time now and FIbaro doesn't seems to care a lot about this.
  23. How can i create parametre on z-wave device third party sellers? On z-wave 2.0 is easy create parameters on hc3. In hc3 3.0 this creation missing. Any help?
  24. I see that the homecenter is trying to ping google when booting. And that gives an error. This often has to do with a faulty or non-working DNS. Your home center probably gets the IP addresses of the DNS servers from a DHCP server from your router. Are you able to check those settings? Widzę, że homecenter próbuje pingować google podczas uruchamiania. A to daje błąd. Często ma to związek z wadliwym lub niedziałającym DNS. Twoje centrum domowe prawdopodobnie otrzymuje adresy IP serwerów DNS z serwera DHCP z routera. Czy jesteś w stanie sprawdzić te ustawienia?
  25. problem information continuation: attached, information on starting the HC 2 unit, as seen on the monitor connected to it. "tombrzus"
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