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Found 40 results

  1. The new version of the Multireg/HeatIt z-wave thermostat for electrical heating has now been released, it seems, see http://www.heatit.com/heating-control/floor-heating-thermostats/heatit-z-trm2/ Here it says "available Q2/2018" but the Z-TRM2 product has recently been included in the supplier's catalog. The new catalog from the supplier Thermofloor (in Norwegian), indicates that integration with Fibaro Home Center 2 has been tested, including templates etc. Looks promising! If anyone installs this device and includes it in a Fibaro system, please share your experience here!
  2. Ive installed it to with external sensor, and its really great! (replacing z-wave danfoss) Looking at room temperature (bedroom) up and down over several days its really accurate and its improved sleeping with constant temperature. Comparing it with outdoor temperature its really fun seeing how it affects room temp and how the Heat controller responds. Have now ordered more to equip every room [Feature request] I miss a feature though, is it possible (after calibration) too see how much the valve is open? I did look trough /docs/ but could find a value of this. 0 to 100% or a simple value from 0-100 would be fantastic to se how much the valve/actuator (or radiator) is open. For short: Actuator currently open xx% Other than that, great piece of hardware so far!
  3. Hi, I have 6 x MCO MH8-FC thermostat fan controller on a multizone setup with and one FGS-222 relay for starting central gas boiler. I am new to Fibaro world and I want to learn but the winter already started and I need my heating system to work . I have tried to associate the thermostat with the relay but not working. I someone can help me how to set up the system or at least some guide, please! Thank you in advance.
  4. pnutp0wer

    Request Tado VD

    Hi everbody, I have a Tado Thermostat and was wondering if it is possible to create a VD for this thermostat? I found this unofficially API on the internet: http://blog.scphillips.com/posts/2017/01/the-tado-api-v2/ If anybody knows someone who already got a VD for Tado please let me know!
  5. amatt


    Has anyone successfully integrated ecobee into HC2? I believe that there is a API for ecobee and could be used in Lua.
  6. Hi have one Heatit thermostat in version 1.5 and two of them in version 1.8. I need to update the 1.5 to 1.8 but a cable and a software is requested. I got the software and the update procedure. The cable is very expensive, about 70€, is there someone that know the wires schema in order to self-made the cable?
  7. Slim! domotica

    Danfoss wall thermostat

    Hi, I'm trying to program a Danfoss wall thermostat within the HC2. purpose is that the thermostat switches a single switch when the temperature requested is higher then the actual temperature and do the opposit when the the desired temperatur is below the actual temperature. within the HC2 I can see both thermostat values, the actual and the setpoint, also the single switch is visible. can anyone help me on how to make this work?
  8. Slim! domotica

    SRT 321 programming fails

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to create a program with a SRT321. Quite simple program, when the desired temperature is higher then the actual temperature, then a relay module should switch to "on" however, when loading the SRT 321 into the HC2 it shows all three values, actual, setpoint and base. When programming, there is only the actual value available! I need to make a comparisment between the set value and the actual value and with only one value this is very hard to do. Does anybody have any experience or suggestions how to handle this problem? Thanx in advance.
  9. Hello, Is it possible to read the relay state from the Heatit thermostat with LUA? i can read the setpoint, roomtemp, but not if the heating/cooling is on or off fibaro:getValue(50, "value")) >> setpoint fibaro:getValue(51, "value")) >> roomtemp I also tried a lot of the other getValue commands, like 'mode' and 'thermostatState' but nothing happens And of course i can create a scene that calculates the difference between roomtemp and setpoint, so that the relay is on if roomtemp - setpoint > diff but i like to check the real state
  10. I'm interested in using the fibaro z-wave thermostat on our floor heating system. I got two questions: -The manual says that the termostat must be mounted horisontally. Why is that? -The termostat will be mounted in the floor heating central and not in the room it will be controling. I will place a temperature sensor in that room and connect to the thermostat. Will that work? Our floor heating has 8 circuit for 8 different areas/rooms each one controled with one thermostat. Its an wirsbo/uponor RWG system from 1991. To be able to fit the fibaro thermostat to the valve i will use an M28 to M30 adapter.
  11. Hello, I want to connect the thermostat (Heatit or MCO HOME MH7H) to FIBARO HC2, I want to control it using the heating panel. On the thermostat I set the manual mode to be controlled via FIBARO. Adding (MH7H or Heatit) to HC2 was ok, 4 objects were added. I put them in the room, created a heating zone for the room on the heating panels, I assigned the appropriate thermometer to the zone. Association Group 1 is set to the default setting. The control of the heating via the set FIBARO heating panel initially works OK. If the temperature varies with time in heating panel, the setting also changes to the thermostat. However, there is a problem - when I manually change the temperature on the thermostat during the heating schedule time, the thermostat will stop responding to the heating plan! This situation may occur when I come home from work sooner, the heating plan is set to 18 degrees and I want to turn on the heating for several hours. I have to always enter manual temperature via APP ??? I would like to be able to set the temperature manually on the thermostat too, sometimes it's easier than a smartphone. Well, I would expect that when the next heating period comes, the thermostat will adapt to the defined heating plan ... But it does not work.
  12. Hi, I am complete newbie trying to get up to speed with Fibaro/Lua. I have a HC2 running 4.160, several Fibaro Dimmers, a Netatmo weatherstation with two extra indoor modules, all imported into HC2, many Philips Hue lamps (not yet imported into HC2, working on it) and a HeatIT/Multireg Z-wave thermostat for my electrical floor heating in my living room. I find the thermostat is very inaccurate and the room temperature drifts many degrees. Also it only displays setpoint temperature, not actual temperature so I am not sure which tempeature the thermostat "sees". I have a Netatmo weatherstation indoor module in my livingroom that I would like to be used as thermostat room sensor instead of the built-in sensor, alternatively use the average between the two sensors. What is the simplest way of achieving this? I have recently chosen the Netatmo as the main room temperature sensor, but I assume this does not achieve what I want. Also I have considered creating an association between the Netatmo and the thermostat, but have not been able to find out how to do this. I tried searching forum and internet in general. Would appreciate any help the community can provide.
  13. Dave Harrison

    Room Thermostat Override

    Version 1.0


    Overview: I have a Secure SRT321 room thermostat in my living room, and up until now the only function that it has performed is as a temperature sensor. Changing the temperature on the thermostat has had no effect. I haven't associated it with my boiler switch, as I've implemented a multi-room system. In theory, I should be able to associate the thermostat with the Danfoss LC-13 radiator valves in that room, but that doesn't seem to work. However, what I really wanted to do is to override the Heating Panel for that room. That way, any overrides will also be visible in my Heating Override Virtual Device. This scene should work with any thermostat device (including the radiator valves), but is primarily designed to work with room thermostats. When the set point temperature on the thermostat is changed, then the corresponding Heating Panel for the room that the thermostat is located in will also be updated. If the temperature that is selected is not the same as the current scheduled temperature for that room, then it will put the Heating Panel in manual mode. If it's the same as the scheduled temperature, then the Heating Panel will revert to scheduled mode. By having it update the Heating Panel, then the radiator valves in the room will also be updated. Setup required: You will need to change the list of devices ids in the Scene Header, for each of the room thermostats: --[[ %% properties 123 targetLevel 234 targetLevel --]] Ensure that you enter the device id for the thermostat and not the associated temperature sensor on the device, if there is one. You can specify a fixed override duration (the number of minutes that the Heating Panel will be overridden) by changing this variable: local overrideDurationMins = 0 -- Set to zero to override until next scheduled change However, if you leave this variable as zero, then it will override the Heating Panel until the time that the panel is next due to change, or for the Minimum Duration. The Minimum Duration can be specified here: local minimumOverrideMins = 60 -- If the duration until the next scheduled change is less than this, then use this value Set the Minimum Duration to zero if you don't want use this feature. You might need to increase the number of scenes that can run concurrently by changing the Max Running Instances in the scene properties. Changing the thermostat could trigger several occurrences of this scene. If there is a limit on the number of scenes that can run, then it's possible that the final setting of the thermostat will be ignored. Code: Download it from here: Room Thermostat Override 1.0.lua
  14. Hi Guys, So i am looking at the FGT-001 Radiator Thermostat to expand my home automation system and it has left me with some questions: 1) Is it suitable for floorheating? 2) Can the charger for the internal battery always be connected as the FGT-001 would be mounted in an impossible place 3) On each level i have the Fibaro smoke sensor which i plan to use as Temperature sensor. But there is also an optional bluetooth sensor available. As I am also looking for a solution to measure outdoor temperature, my question would be if these could also be used outdoor? Thanks for the help!
  15. Supremo83

    Netatmo thermostat in HCL

    Hi, I've bought a Netatmo thermostat and its relay, it's now working fine with the Netatmo APP, fully integrated in Apple HomeKit but something happens in Fibaro. I installed the plugin and did all necessary steps to bind the Netatmo account and Fibaro, I see the message Your account is connected in Fibaro but no new devices are coming up. I'm just wondering if Fibaro is not supporting Netatmo thermostat, or whether I shall code something in the Netatmo APP program site. Any clue or hint to solve the issue? Thanks!
  16. Hi Running 4.140 Trying to lock my Danfoss/Popp thermostat by clicking in the HC2 GUI. It immediately goes back to OFF state. Looking at the json object I can se no change... Is this by design or a bug?
  17. Derek1948

    Heating overide

    I have my heating panel set up to control the timing of 4 zones. Each zone has a SRT321 themostat connected to Fibaro relays which switch electric heaters. The timing from the heating panel works perfectly. Also, if I need to deviate from that pattern I can successfully do that through the heating panel manual setup (e.g. change the setting to 180 for 3 hours. I can also physically change the thermostat to alter the set temperature for a chosen number of hours. All fine. However, if I change the temperature up on the HCL interface, although the message is successfully sent to the thermostats, the relay switches on for only a brief period (seconds) then reverts to off. This is becomes a real problem if I want to change the temperature 'at a distance', e.g. through the android app. What do you think is happening?
  18. Hi, I am looking at buying a couple of Fibaro Heat Controllers to remotely control my radiators and create schedules. I wanted to know how this would work in conjunction with an external thermostat such as a Nest. I use the Nest to control my boiler, regardless of the availability of the official Fibaro plugin for Nest (while we are on the subject: what is happening with that). So my question: If I use the Nest to control my boiler and it has switched itself off, does it matter if the Fibaro Heat Controllers are still "On"? With a regular valve this does not matter but I was wondering if there is something particular here. Thanks in advance for your feedback! KR, Kristof And PS: Nest plugin!!!
  19. Hi, everybody! How do I use Heating Panel linked with a relay connected with normally opened (NO) head (Danfoss TWA-K NO 088H3143, for example)? I have to link some temperature sensor with some relay that will turn ON the heater. But in case of NO heads, it will mean valve overlapping so radiator will be cooled but not heated. How can I change the working logic? Is it possible maybe to add some option (like as "device must be OFF while until the desired temperature will be reached") in near future firmware update? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello, friends, have anybody an experience with software update for Heatit thermostat? Recently faced with a problem that one thermostat shows wrong value from the floor sensor. Tried to use different settings from the local panel and from controller side but with no success. Found out on the forum that this problem was detected on the first versions of SW, but in futher revisions it looks like this problem was solved. I'm just thinking to try the latest SW release 1.92 (I have 1.4), maybe some other new features will be available also. The only one problem is that the SW update might be done only by using a special configuration cable (54 304 97 - Cable for thermostat software updates) and the price for this cable is unacceptable for me. If someone has such a cable will it be possible to provide cable pin-out, I don't see a problem to make this cable by myself.
  21. thomas.hvindenhaug

    Wallplug VD thermostat

    Hi, Iḿ fairly new to programming Fibaro HC so I would very much appreciate some assistance from the Fibaro community. Iǘe set up a HC2 4.131 in a summer-cabin built up from four small wooden houses. two of which have their own bathroom with underfloor heating controlled by Thermofloor Multireg. In the living rooms I have used Fibaro wallplugs with aeonlabs multisensor together for controlling electric wall-mounted heaters. When adding the wallplug to the system the setting for "Controlled Device" default to lighting. Does this parameter affect the ability to make the wallplug a suitable component to be a part of a heating panel? Will AeonLabs Smart Switch have an option to set the "Controlled Device" to some sort of heating appliance? Is there a VD thermostat, made up from wall plugs and multisensors, available for download? Thank You
  22. Hi! I am a newbie and sorry for asking questions that may be answered elsewhere. I want to control the temperature level of an old boiler by changing the Resistance of an input to it. Ideally, I could use a Fibaro dimmer(?) to do this by controling a pontentiometer (not sure if this will work). Two questions: - how can I change the scale from "%" to "degrees Celsius" as viewed in my Vera Plus controller. Reprogramming of Fibaro or Vera? Luup programming? - what is the output of the dimmer? Less Tension or Current(?) in Rx dimming mode? Any ideas? Any other component that you would suggest. Can the Fibaro Relay be made into a dimmer? Thanks, Bengt ADMIN NOTE: No need to apologize for asking a question. The Forum is for asking questions As there is no solution offered by you I moved the topic to a correct forum. Please, read descriptions of forums before posting.
  23. Good morning everyone! I have set up several rooms in the house with a thermostat and a wall plug directly associated, the thermostat controlling the wall plug. The thermostat is also controlled by a heating panel, but that's a different topic and works fine. Yesterday one wall plug stopped communicating with the HC2, and the thermostat would not control it either, it was just always on and the room got rather warm! I tried to remove the wall plug and add it again, and do the association again, everything seems fine, but the thermostat WILL NOT control the wall plug... I am totally lost, I worked with this for several hours yesterday, tried factory reset on the thermostat and the wall plug, to no avail... The only difference I can actually see is that one wall plug displays the serial no. and the other doesn't, see picture. Can this possibly affect my setup??? I am grateful for any help! Kind regards, Jonas
  24. So, I went and bought a Carrier Cor wifi thermostat for $350 because the HC2 has a plug-in for Carrier Furnace thermostats. I have the new thermostat up and running and I am now trying to get my HC2 to connect to it. In my HC2, 1. I have the Carrier Furnace plug-in installed 2. In the Carrier plug-in, under "advanced", then "network configuration", then "IP address", I hit search. 3. The plug-in can't find the ip address for the thermostat and says nothing is found 3. I have tried to input the IP address myself into the "IP Address" box and it still says it can't find the thermostat The thermostat is working normally, has an IP address and a MAC address, no problems with it. Any one have any idea how to get this to work or did I just waste $350 dollars??? Thanks!
  25. From time to time my SRT323 loses the network connection and the display looks s follows: How can I reconnect the thermostat to my network? I have not found a way how to wake it up manually..... So far, I always have to exclude the SRT323 and include it again which is quite cumbersome. Does anybody have a solution?