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  1. Hi everybody, I have 4 Danfoss radiator valves but sometimes there is a very annoying sound when the valve is opened very small. Is there a way to fix it? Thank you very much!
  2. Hi, I have Alexa connected to HC2 (4.630). Everything was fine for a long time. But now I have problem with Danfoss thermostat. Alexa is funding thermostat as: "Connected Via: Danfoss Description: Thermostat connected by FIBARO Type: thermostat Enabled When I try to change temperature, I have information: "server unresponsive" Do you have similar problem? Some time ago everything was fine.
  3. I am thinking about how I can connect the underfloor heating on the Fibaro. The floor is from the Uponor brand (exactly Uponor Smatrix Base). They provide a module for home automation but only on KNX (also it costs € 1,800) so it is not a option. Then reading the manual I find the following: Uponor actuators Uponor actuators are mounted on top of manifold valves and are operated using either ON / OFF signals or Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PWM) signals. Self balancing The Uponor Smatrix Wave / Wave PLUS base unit can operate the actuator outputs either through on / off signals or via Auto Balance using pulse width modulation (PWM) signals. Balanced Auto is a function in which the system calculates the current energy needs of different rooms, and adapts the output power of each circuit to its length. This assumes that a short circuit could receive 20% while a longer circuit could receive around 60%. Automatic balancing continues throughout the seasons and depending on owners' changing lifestyles and usage patterns, eliminating the need for manual balancing. It allows the soil temperatures to be more homogeneous and reduce the reaction times of the system, with a lower energy consumption than with any conventional activation / deactivation system. From what I understand the actuators that are 24V, are of the PWM type, and is regulated according to the temperature. Looking at the catalog of products for underfloor heating in Z-wave, I only think that 2 modules can work to me the Danfoss HC or the Qubino Flush PWM Thermostat modules. The Danfoss HC: I see it very old but I don't know how work in Fibaro The Qubino Flush PWM Thermostat: I do not know if it works for specific cases and they are discontinuing it. Can someone give me some light on the subject? I attach a picture of the system.
  4. Hello everyone, I just got in my new flat and decided to set-up my domotic apparatus starting from a Yubii Home hub. No issues with dimmers, door/window and smoke sensors. The problem is that my flat was pre-equipped with Somfy RTS shutters and a Danfoss Ally radiator hub (Zigbee protocol), which unfortuantely are not comatible with the Z-Wave protocol. I have been looking around to understand what could be the easiest course of action to controll all devices from my Yubii Home box. From my understanding, either a Jeedom or an Eedomus hub, along with a RFXCom module, should do the trick for both the shutters (hence the RFXCom module) and the radiator hub. As I'm not an expert however, I was hoping that someone here could either confirm the above makes sense or propose an alternative course of action. Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. When I temporarily want to change the temperature of the Thermostat for a specific amount of time in the Fibaro app, it doesn't set the temperature in the HC3 UI nor on the thermostat (Danfoss / Popp). When I look in the app, nothing changed. When I change the temperature for an amount of time in the HC3 UI, it changes almost immediately on the thermostat. Is the app not working, or am I doing something wrong? I did set up zones for controlling temperature. (If I change the temperature of a zone, it works!) It seems that the HC3 UI is not getting any information from the heater control in the Fibaro app.
  6. Do you use the Danfoss Z-Wave RS Room Sensor (014G0160) with your HCL-Gateway? If so please reply how it works. Can you adjust the room temperature with it?
  7. Hi. New to z wave and atill findinb my feet. Have an issue with danfoss living connect Radiator Valves. There is no template comming up on the HC2 so how do i control the set point and how to I manually enter variables? I also appear to be getting two way comms with these as i am receiving temperatures from the valve despite danfoss saying this is not possible? Any help would be great? Malcolm pics.pdf
  8. Problem description: Cannot control or adjust the room temperature with the Danfoss Z-Wave RS Room Sensor. The settings in the radiator thermostat are not updated (no change). System setup: Danfoss Living connect Z radiator thermostat (014G0013) is installed in the living room. Temperature is controlled by the Home Center Light (4.061 Beta) via Heating panel and schedule heating programs. Works alright. Manual adjustment directly on the radiator thermostat and via HCL (Devices) is also working fine. All is good. I have bought new Danfoss Z-Wave RS Room Sensor (014G0160) and would like to adjust the living room temperature with it. Device is installed and shown in the living room. Manual adjustment via buttons (up / down) of the room sensor is shown in the HCL interface. However the settings from the Room Sensor are not taken over by the radiator thermostat. No update. The room sensor is not linked to the radiator thermostat. The radiator thermostat does not care about the room sensor settings. Configuration Room Sensor: Parameter 6 Set-point control function: Enabled Parameter 7 Temporarily override scheduler: Enabled Parameter 8 Set-point type in Thermostat_Setpoint_Reports: Heating What is wrong? How can I use the Room Sensor to temporarily manually adjust the room temperature?
  9. Hello Fibaro Team, Can you please let the community know the status of the integration of the Danfoss Room Sensor with the heating panel ? There are quite a few topics on the subject already , there was even a promise that it will be solved soon, but that was about a year ago. Now it is summer but it's not long until winter will be upon us again. Currently the Danfoss Room Sensor doesn't do anything, as in its set point temp is not transmitted to the radiators valve in the same room. @T.Konopka please look at this as i'm sure you are quite familiar with the subject. Regards
  10. Mam głowice termostatyczne Danfoss Living Connect. Dotychczas wszystko było w porządku, ale od jakiegoś czasu, nie jestem w stanie podać numeru aktualizacji, gdy ustawiam temperaturę na konkretnym urządzeniu, czy to wpinając się poprzez aplikacje mobilną, czy bezpośrednio w HC2 poprzez sieć, to nieważne jaki czas zadam, zawsze po obudzeniu urządzenia czas wskakuje na dwie godziny. Czy ma ktoś jakieś sugestie? Jeżeli nie, to chciałem zgłosić taki błąd do Wsparcia Technicznego.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to program a Danfoss wall thermostat within the HC2. purpose is that the thermostat switches a single switch when the temperature requested is higher then the actual temperature and do the opposit when the the desired temperatur is below the actual temperature. within the HC2 I can see both thermostat values, the actual and the setpoint, also the single switch is visible. can anyone help me on how to make this work?
  12. Hello, I have been using the FIBARO HC2 in combination with 4 Danfoss LC-13 thermostats for more than 3 years now. Overall, I am very satisfied. However, it happens again and again that the thermostats do not react or only react after hours, regardless of whether the heating plan is active or whether I make a manual temperature change (via iOS App). It can't be a problem with the range of the radio signal, because the thermostats are max. 5 m away from the HC2 with almost no obstructed crow flies. It is definitely not due to the batteries (Duracell) either. As it looks like, that 2 of the 4 thermostats have most the problem, the others rarely, but it also happens. The wake-up interval of the thermostats is set to 900 s (default is 1,800 s) and the time interval of the HC2 for reading the modules is set to 125 s. Otherwise "query dead modules" is checked. Everything else should be set as in the factory setting. Does any of you have any of these problems and can you give me some suggestions? I am grateful for any help and suggestions, even from non Danfoss users! greetings Dirk
  13. Hello, Maybe I am wrong or maybe I don't know how to use the Climate automation on Fibaro HC2 together with Fibaro TRV (Radiator Termostat Head + sensor) but I consider the heating algorithm very strange... Here is my problem and what is happening with my automation scheme. I am using the following: - Fibaro HC2 - 4.160 - Gas central heating - Fibaro TRV (radiator head thermostat with external temperature sensor) - Danfoss Link RS Z-Wave (Room thermostat and temperature sensor) - VD - Heating Override v1.3 - @Dave Harrison - Scene 1 - Multi-room Call for Heat - @Dave Harrison - local threshold = 0.3 - Scene 2 - Room Thermostat Override - @Dave Harrison - Scene 3 - Main scene for time based events control {v 1.2.5} - @Sankotronic - Three rooms: 1. Bedroom: Fibaro TRV + external temp sensor + Danfoss Link RS Z-Wave (set as main temperature sensor and main thermostat) 2. Kids room: Danfoss Link RS Z-Wave (set as main temperature sensor and main thermostat). I have NO radiator thermostat! 3. Living room: nothing I have set the heating panel to 23 degrees all day/night (24 hours) in all rooms. Because of this, Fibaro TRV is automatically set at 23 as permanent. If in Bedroom I have 23 C, the Fibaro TRV valve is OFF, Heating system OFF. Until now all normal. But, if in Bedroom I have 22.4, the valve is still OFF (!) or almost - gas central heating is started. I know this because the Bedroom's radiator (Fibarot TRV) is cold and the Kids room radiator (without valve) is hot.To make it warmer, I have to set the Fibaro TRV at 24 C. Only then, after I hear the noise from TRV's motor, the radiator become warmer. But... is not enough. Small flames meaning radiator valve opened too little Big flames meaning radiator valve wide opened. Think only about heating the Room 1: Bedroom. So, the first problem is that the valves are closing "progressive" in a wrong way explained below. It is wrong because if I have the heating panel set at 23 C and the temp sensor measure 22.4 C, the valve is opened too little in order to rise the room temperature to 23 C. Same if I want to make 24 C when temp sensor measure 23 C. The radiator is barely lukewarm and unable to rise the room temperature. In this time, the central gas is running (consuming gas and electricity). To become HOT I have to set the thermostat (or even the valve radiator) at 26 C (or more). I can hear again noise for opening valve and radiator become hot. As high I set the Thermostat temperature, as more the Fibaro TRV is opening. The correct way is to open the radiator valve (Fibaro TRV) as much it can and when the measured temperature (by temp sensor) will become closer to the set temperature (by thermostat), the valve will close (progressive to full close). In this way will be avoided to run the gas central without heating the radiator because of closed valve... Or as I've started... maybe I am wrong
  14. Hello i have 2 danfoss cf thermostats but when i try to add them to fibaro it says device added and i see it in the hc toolkit as device 241 and 242 but in the fibaro interface there is no new device? Does anyone use these thermostats?
  15. Hi Running 4.140 Trying to lock my Danfoss/Popp thermostat by clicking in the HC2 GUI. It immediately goes back to OFF state. Looking at the json object I can se no change... Is this by design or a bug?
  16. I have Danfoss 014G0013 and RS 014G0160 in my room. Do you know how to set them up in Home Center 2, so the Heating Panel would work with them? Right now it seems, whatever is set, they just block the valve. Thanks!
  17. Hi, everybody! How do I use Heating Panel linked with a relay connected with normally opened (NO) head (Danfoss TWA-K NO 088H3143, for example)? I have to link some temperature sensor with some relay that will turn ON the heater. But in case of NO heads, it will mean valve overlapping so radiator will be cooled but not heated. How can I change the working logic? Is it possible maybe to add some option (like as "device must be OFF while until the desired temperature will be reached") in near future firmware update? Thanks in advance.
  18. I´m trying to control a waterbased underfloor heating system with 4 24v DC actuators connected to a LHC5020 (general i/o from www.logichome.dk) using Danfoss RSZ. I´m useing HC2 (4.140) . Do I really have to use the App on my phone/tablet to to turn up, or down, the heating in my livingroom? If there it is recomended to substitute either the LHC or danfoss RSZ with something else I would appriciate if somebody could recomend anbetter solution Thomas
  19. Hi Im confused on how to setup multi zone heating and whether I can actually achieve what I want with the kit I have! Ultimately I want each room to have its own set temperature during different points of the day, if all rooms are at target temperature then the boiler switches off, if any rooms fall below target temperature the boiler turns on. I have the following in each room: Danfoss Rad valve Fibaro motion sensor On the boiler I have a relay fitted. Im not really too sure where to even start with setting this up, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Also do the Danfoss devices control the temperature of the radiator on their own, without set up? I.e. if my living room valve is set to 20c and the room is 21 then the Danfoss closes the valve, once it drops to 19 it opens again. Also can you set the danfoss' to have a different temperature at different points of the day through the heating panel? I.e. kids playroom 08:00 - 19:00 @ 22c outside of these time 16c An idiots guide to setting up heating would be appreciated!
  20. I have a few radiators set to 20.5 °C, this is also what i see on the thermostat itself. In the android app, I see 20.5 and right to it a red field showing 21 with a down arrow. What does this mean? I do not have this behavior for thermostats set to 20 or 18. I was searching for a manual for the android app, but could not find it. It might give me the answer. Screenshot shows what I see, but wrong temperature. What does the red field mean?
  21. Hi... let me describe the situation: I have three bathrooms with three heaters connected to one hot water circulation pump (one heating area). The three bathrooms are in three different floors while the thermostat is only in one bathroom. I would like to control the temperature of the three bathrooms individually... for this reason I bought the following: - 3 Danfoss LC13 - 3 Fibaro motion sensors - 1 Fibaro switch I have installed the 3 LC13 to the heaters and the 3 Fibaro motion sensors in the bathrooms. As regards the switch.. I have installed it instead the of the thermostat thus to start and stop the hot water circulation pump and boiler. I have created 3 heating schedules for the 3 bathrooms in HC2 heating planel. Here the problem: I have created 3 separated linked devices in order to control the switch, in particular: - First linked device between temperature sensor in first floor bathroom and pump switch - Second linked device between temperature sensor in ground floor bathroom and pump switch - Third linked device between temperature sensor in underground floor bathroom and pump switch This configuration doesn't works at all.. because when one sensor order to switch on the heating pump.. immediatelly after the switch is turned off by the other one. Actually.. in order to avoid this problem.. I'm controlling the pump with three different switches (connected in parallel) which is absolutely expensive and crazy solution. Could you suggest me another solution? Should I have to use scenes instead of heating panel schedules? Thank you Very Much in advance
  22. I do have scenes for day and night as well as weekends, adjusting the temperature as needed. How would you set the temperature during summer, when the central heating is switched off to: minimize battery consumption? avoid unnecessary activation of the motor? all the way down to 'freezing protection' or all the way up as it will never get that warm and the valves are kept fully open (free flow) how have you solved the 'summer'? I am really wondering how you do this, removing the batteries can not really be the solution kuno
  23. One of my Danfoss LC 13 valves says at regulary base "Device is not awake", "Transmit failed". It works fine in the heating panel and also manually no problems. Any ideas ? I changed the batteries already without success.....
  24. I want to add more times into my heating panel. eg on in the morning 7.00 to 8.30am, off for the day, on at 16.00- to18.00 then off again until. 22.00 to 23.30. Is there a way to do that in the heating panel? I'm short of one time period as it is. thx.
  25. Hi, I installed another danfoss LC13 that works fine. The only thing i noticed is that when i press the wakeup button the temperature is not set to the desired value. Somebody familiar with that problem ? Double post ? Please delete...
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