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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I've 8 Somfy IO RS100 Hybrid in my new home (neutral, phase, up & down) and before I've some standard motors (with neutral, ground up and down). This motors can be control with IO homecontrol radio protocol, but mine are actually connected with wire. I add the roller shutter 3 and test the calibration, but the up during 2-3 sec and the down too. Anybody have the same problem or configuration (or both :)) and the right configuration ? Thanks
  2. I'm really a noob with QA, and I've spent already hours and hours looking for a solution of my problem. Because HC3 does not yet support Somfy RTS, I want to control my Somfy roller shutters using Domoticz. I can easily operate them from Domoticz, and I can operate them also by an URL like, Off or stop) How can I integrate this in the standard QuickApp for the roller shutters? This QA has the following code: -- Roller shutter type should handle actions: open,
  3. Witam, czy ktoś z szanownych forumowiczów zechce pomóc i opowiedzieć jak sterować za pomocą Fibaro roletami SOMFY Teraz sterowanie odbywa się tylko za pomocą pilota, który ma przyciski „ Up ”, „ Down ” i „ My ” (zapisana ulubiona pozycja) + przycisk do wyboru która roleta steruje w danej chwili - max można sterować tym pilotem 4 roletami Konkretnie: mam dostęp tylko do kabla zasilającego i pilota, którym teraz można sterować roletami (nie ma żadnych innych przycisków sterujących) chodzi o sterowanie 4 rolety a w przyszłości 7 pilot wyglada tak: http
  4. Hello guys, I ran into interesting problem. Honestly i do not know if problem is in Fibaro or Global Cache, so i need some help. Ticket in partners dedicated channel: #95470. I'm doing VD for a customer (Fibaro dealer) for control of Somfy RTS module (VD is below). But i'm able to receive only 8 comands, then it seems like connection get stucked. If i send commands from iTest (global cache app), that i am not a problem to receive more than 8 commands. If i send commands from Fibaro to PC directly (Hercules app can be set as TCP server), then i'm able receive more than 8
  5. Hello, I've some of my automatic Somfy automatic curtains connected with a Rollershutter 2. Now i would like to create a Virtual Device with 3 buttons ('Open' , 'Half' and 'Close') and a slider to manage these curtains Is some having a kind of VD for this already of can somebody me give some examples how to create a VD like tis? Thank you in advance! John.
  6. Szanowni koledzy, wciąż drążę temat. Możecie mi pomóc w temacie jak wpiąć pilota dopuszkowego PD230 do mojej bramy somfy sgs400 z modułem Fibaro FGS-213. Chyba, że macie może inne sprawdzone rozwiązania, bym miał bramę podłączoną fo Fibaro. Z góry dziękuje.
  7. Hello everybody, I have a new awning with motor from Somfy. Its a Somfy Orea RTS motor only with radio transmitter. No other switch. To connect the motor I only have three cabels. Live, Neutral and Earth. No other cabels for up and down. I now want to install the roller shutter 2 from fibaro to connect the awning with my HC2. But to connect the somfy orea rts motor with the roller shutter 2 I need 2 more cabels (for up and down) to put them into Q1 and Q2... but I dont have them. Does anyone have any idea how to connect such a awning-motor to the H
  8. Hi all, First post, thanks for the help in advance. I'm making preparations for installation of my home automation. It's going to be a monster. I have a HC2 and something like 19 Double switches and 34 dimmer modules! Anyway, my question was in regards to getting the Home Centre 2 to communicate with a Somfy Mylink to control my motorised blinds/curtains. Information on the somfy mylink here: https://www.somfysystems.com/products/controls/mylink It is essentially a WIFI device that converts commands from an IOS or android app to RTS signals. I was hoping the
  9. Hi I have a few wireless Somfy motors for my roller blinds installed in my house- will the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 work with it? If so, how? Thanks Yasser
  10. Hi. I'm about to install Somfy motors for my blinds, with wireless-controlled motors and few remote controls. I'm also interested in buying a ZWAVE system. Is it better to buy a RFXtrx433E module to connect to the wireless Somfy (using RTS), or is it preferred to try to replace the (already bought) wireless Somfy with regular wired motors, with switches, that can be controlled with 'Z-Wave Fibaro FGR-222 Roller Shutter 2' modules? What are the pro and cons of each method? How reliable is RFXtrx433E? Isn't it too cumbersome? I didn't understand how exactly does it work? Thank
  11. Hello, I'm installing some Fibaro Roller Shutter modules with Somfy Sonesse 40 motors and some of them stops before, some other stops after the end. I could fix by changing the motor position but I was wondering if there is a way to tell the blind where to start and where to stop... Any help? Dem
  12. Hello, I've got many roller shutter 2 modules mounted and they work fine (except the calibration problem I wrote about in another post). They are all mounted on the right side. One of them however in mounted on the left side (I've split the balcony blinds in 2 parts) and it seems that the Fibaro module interprets its open/close status so it tells it's closed when it's opened and viceversa. Didn't see any parameter in the manual, is there something I can do about it? Thanks, Dem
  13. I am considering the purchase of a full configuration of Fibaro for a very large house: Home Center 2, Motion Sensors, Wall Plugs and Flood Sensors. I need however to ensure further compatibility with: - Philips Hue lights - Sonos Audio System - Somfy RTS automated Blinds equipped with a Tahoma box and ideally: - honeywell Evohome connected to the Internet (Total connect Comfort Box) - Risco alarm system (connected through Riscocloud and mobile interface, apparently X10 compatible as well but not used so far) What level of compatibility could I expect from the Fibaro Home Center 2? I
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