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  1. Dear community. I'm switching my dumb roller shutter with a walli. The guide doesn't seem to cover my existing wire layout. How do I connect these? I'm in Norway, by the way.
  2. I have strange situation with fibaro roller shutter (old version FGRM 222). When I connect it to my blinds it is not able to operate it. I hear clicks but only Down button works for millisecond and then it stops. On same wiring and same binds newer roller shutter (FGR 222) works fine. I tried several different FGRM 222 modules but all work the same. What can be problem here?
  3. Hi. Please help me configure the Fibaro System. I would like to control 2 roller shutters and 2 automatic curtains with one double mono-stable switch. Currently, I have 2 roller shutters set on this switch one on the one key and second on the second key.. I setting in advanced options in parameter 20 (one roller shutter button |--> opening > stop > closing > stop > opening ..etc.) Of course, two Fibaro roller shutter control modules are connected directly to this switch. Now my question is, how best to configure the system to, add control of two curtains by doub
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Some of the icons I use for different scenes (e.g., TimeBasedEvent by Sankotronic or a scene for the sun protection in summer time) - - - - - 21.08.2018 - adding some new icons for a "battery check" and a "ambient light" scene - - - - - - - - - - 29.08.2018 - adding some new icons for a "check door/window" scene - - - - - - - - - - 14.09.2018 - adding one new icon for the roller shutter control and some different colored icon to create a variable - - - - - - - - - - 10.12.2019 - adding two new icon for the sleep state and the sleep child state - - - - - R
  5. Witam, mam problem z kalibracją rolety zewnętrznej z elektronicznymi krańcówkami sterowanej przez Roller Shutter 2. Roleta pomiędzy zmianą kierunku góra-dół i dół-góra potrzebuje ok. 1-sekundowej przerwy. Jeśli podczas jazdy np. w dół bezpośrednio naciśnie się przycisk naścienny "góra", to roleta się zatrzymuje i nie chce jechać w górę. Jeśli chcę zmienić kierunek jazdy rolety, to muszę dać "stop" i po ok 1-sekundzie przełączyć włącznik na przeciwny kierunek. Efekt z Roller Shuterem podczas kalibracji jest taki, że uruchamia się ona poprawnie - roleta jedzie w
  6. Hi! I would like to use "Roller Shutter 3" to control a number venetian blinds. However, before I buy I have questions. Background: Today each blind is controlled by two dump momentary switches (up/down). To move up or down the button is held for a looong time (up to e.g. 60 seconds). To adjust the angle of the slats the button is held for somewhere between 0.1 and 2 seconds, depending on how much rotation is wanted. Questions: The "Roller Shutter 3"´manual says: "hold switch – initiate slats rotation up/down". How is the slats rotation stoppe
  7. Gregory


    Version 1.0.0


    Brama 10% Jeśli ktoś korzysta z roller shuttera wpiętego "dosłownie" w automatykę bramy suwanej to może komuś się przyda. Działa sprawdzone, w razie zapytań prosze o priv. If someone uses the roller shutter attached "literally" to the automation of the sliding gate, it can be useful to someone. Works checked, if you ask, please priv. Gregory
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to Fibaro. Does anybody know how can I use the temperature from the motion sensor to control the blinds? I need to set temperature set point to trigger roller shutters. Thanks for your help, Shahmir
  9. Hello community! I have a task: Every evening user want to set time for the curtains to open in the morning with the alarm clock. Ideal - the user simply sets the alarm in the phone and the home center gives the command to open the curtains when triggered. But I did not find such option in IFTTT. Another one - set time to open the curtains in mobile app (iOS and Android), without having to enter the web configuration. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Or maybe any suggestions what I need to use? Thank you!
  10. I do not know if it is possible to have any solution to this situation: - I have an automatic scene that closes the shutters if the outside temperature is above 25º C. (It does not matter if I'm at home or outside) In some situations, when I get home, I want to open one of the blinds, even if the outside temperature is above 25º C. The blind opens, but after a few moments it closes again because of the rule scene. If I do not want to close the blinds automatically when I'm at home, I need to add a GPS position, right? Or is there another
  11. Hi I have 8 x venetian blinders in my apartment controlled by Fibaro Remote Shutter 2 and HC2. No physical switches have been installed, so the only way I operate them is via app or scenes triggered elswhere from dimmer or relays on the walls - works ok but not very intuitive as I use double/triple clicks for predefined scenes. I would like to add some complex and comfortable solution to control them all them with a remote controller but in more intuitive way. I have found something like this below: 1. https://www.remotec.com.hk/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/ZRC-100-User-Manual_V1.
  12. I seem unable to trigger a calibration sequence for my Fibaro Roller Shutter 1 (FGR221 v2.1). The manual states the only possible way to trigger a calibration is to reset the unit by excluding then including it into the Z-wave network. I tried this several times. For the last try, I also cut the power for 30 seconds before including it again. In the manual I read that, after a succesful include, there should be a calibration sequence. This does not happen. Do you have any suggestions for triggering a calibration?
  13. Hello, I'm struggling with the roller shutter 2 to get it working correctly with my Liwin L25 window-drive. I tried to calibrate the shutter using all 3 methods explained in the handbook (manual, using the z-wave, push button). The calibration immediately starts. Depending on the current state of the window (e.g., closed) the shutter correctly opens the window and than close it completely and then stops (it is not opened again as described in the handbook - in neither of the calibration techniques). After the calibration it is possible to open and close the window completely (using
  14. Hi, I can’t calibrate my roller shutter (FGR-222, I guess due to missing feedback from the motor; when I started the calibration process it moved for 1 sec. up , 1 sec. down and then ist stopped). After reading a lot of posts in different forums, I'm still not sure if I'm understanding it correctly. Maybe you can help my by answering some questions: Can I operate it (only open and close) without calibration? If yes, is it correct to set all parameters to 0 except #22 (motor operation time) to 25 (for 25 sec. that the rollers need to open/close)?
  15. Hi I read in the Roller Shutter 2 manual that it can be used to automate gates 'allows for controlling motors ... gates and others, which are single phase AC powered' My questions are: Which automated gate devices is the FGRM-222 designed to work with? Has anyboby used the FGRM-222 for gate automation? How is the installation arranged to be compliant with the UK safety regulations for gates (e.g. trapped person sensing)? Is it simpler to install a gate automation kit and then automate the user switches with a Double Relay FGS-222 or a Double Switch FGS-223 rat
  16. Dear All, An idea of having my rollers controlled came up to my mind quite late, so I decided these will be controlled only remotely (there is neither wires, nor switches on the walls, but under wall junction boxes for shutters). Has anyone tried to start it up and successfully controlled without switches? My plan is that they will be controlled by fibaro app, alexa and by some dummy switch relays with programmed scenes. Thanks Maciej
  17. Witam forumowiczów. Otóż zmagam się od dwóch tygodni z pewnym problemem. A mianowicie rolety podłączone do Fibaro roller shutter 2 żyją własnym życiem kilka razy dziennie . Czasami jak roleta jest otwarta to się sama zamyka, albo jak jest zamknięta to sama się otwiera. Przez 1,5 tygodnia działo się tak na rolecie zamontowanej w salonie i kuchni. Natomiast ostatnio po usunięciu sterownika rolet w salonie z centrali HC2 i dodaniu jej na nowo objaw ten ustąpił w salonie i kuchni, ale zaczął się w niektórych pomieszczeniach. Dziś natomiast w nocy otworzyły się rolety w salonie oraz w d
  18. Witam, Roller Shutter zaraportował mi dzisiaj w nocy absurdalne zużycie prądu: przeszło 3kW przez 40 minut. To całkowicie niemożliwe - podpiętą mam do niego roletę, która podczas pracy pobiera 160W. Przy odbiorze 3300W mocy z pewnością by silnik spłonął. Roleta została opuszczona ok. g. 20:00 i nikt jej pomiędzy g. 0:00, a 1:00 z całą pewnością nie sterował. Czy to normalne, że sterowniki wysyłają czasami takie bzdurne, losowe dane? Te piękne wykresy zużycia energii stają się całkowicie nieużyteczne. Jeden taki losowy "pik" i wszystkie statystyki stają się
  19. Can anyone tell me why all the Fibaro actors also shows as a remote controller on the new 4.120 FM version?
  20. Hello everybody, I have a new awning with motor from Somfy. Its a Somfy Orea RTS motor only with radio transmitter. No other switch. To connect the motor I only have three cabels. Live, Neutral and Earth. No other cabels for up and down. I now want to install the roller shutter 2 from fibaro to connect the awning with my HC2. But to connect the somfy orea rts motor with the roller shutter 2 I need 2 more cabels (for up and down) to put them into Q1 and Q2... but I dont have them. Does anyone have any idea how to connect such a awning-motor to the H
  21. Dear community, I'm facing an issue with my roller shutters since the very beginning of the installation. I have >9 roller shutters in my house + HC2+ 1 range extender + 12 thermovalves + dimmers + motion sensors I have 2 roller shutters that for some strange reasons do the following: - in my badroom from time to time close the blind completely (during the night, and usually in the same hours) - in my kichen (near the HC2 location) close the blind completely during the afternoon (before the scene I made) Indeed I have two scenes that are impacting blinds
  22. For roller shutters there is a setting "Local protection state": If it is set to "No operation possible" in the web interface, then it is not possible at all to control a device directly via buttons. Same is available to block operation via scenes: By setting "Remote protection state" to "No remote control". The state of this parameter can be read by this command: print (fibaro:getValue(ID, "protectionState")); Now I want to set this protection state via LUA (to protect the blinds from operated at strong winds). The Fibaro support page states a parameter "setProtectionLocalAndRF
  23. Can it manage this kind of motor (please, see image; Motor:Cherubini blue wave rx) ? In this case, no diagram is showed in the roller shutter guide and I'm going to buy some electric awnings,with this motor. Am I able to manage this motor with Fibaro Roller Shutter 2? I would manage the electric awnings, with switch keys and with zwaves commands. Regards. Roberto
  24. Hi All. I'm from the UK and looking to add in some roller blinds to my Fibaro HC2. Can anyone recommend any good and compatible Roller blind systems. i have been on the hunt but not too sure what to go for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hal
  25. Hi I was wondering if someone can help me. I have garage door which is actually a roller shutter and the remotes are not working properly. I would like to wire up roller shutter module to it so I can control with phone. I have attached image of controller board and was wondering if any can help me on how I would wire up.
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