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Found 18 results

  1. Current version: 1.5.1 Date: 17/12/2021 FUNCTIONS The functions of this Quick App are: Allowing to control Sonos Player from Home Center 3. It does support basic and advanced functions: Basic Transport Control Initiate playback Toogle, Pause or Stop playback Skip to the previous or Next track Basic Rendering Control Get player volume and mute state Set player volume to a specific level and unmute the player if muted Increase or decrease player volume Get or Set or Toggle player mute state (Mute or unmute the player) Get or Set or Toggle player loudness state Device Properties Get or Set group LED state Restart the QA Device Enable Debug Mode See Changelog / Manual for basic and advanced available actions Examples: Set player volume to a specific level and unmute the player if muted. fibaro.call(ID_QUICKAPP, "setVolume", 10, "Master") Increase or decrease player volume. fibaro.call(ID_QUICKAPP, "setRelativeVolume", -5, "Master") Initiate playback. fibaro.call(ID_QUICKAPP, "play") Play a file at volume 10 with snapshot/revert process to restore previous state fibaro.call(ID_QUICKAPP, "playFile", "35HTGV34R7S/CD/Album/song.flac", true, 10) Play a stream at volume 20 & 8s duration with snapshot/revert process to restore previous state fibaro.call(ID_QUICKAPP, "playStream", "https://s3.amazonaws.com/smartapp-media/sonos/bell1.mp3", true, 20, 8000) RELEASE NOTES Version 1.5.1 Tested with Sonos OS: S2 - Version 13.4.1 (number 66423300) Tested with HC3 & HC3Lite v5.091.00 Improved support for Sonos Amp & Sonos One Gen2/SL and communication performance improvement Add new volume limiter feature: an option to prevent damage with unwanted high volume Add support for "Device disabled" option available in quick app advanced panel Add possibility to emits custom event when initiating a playback (playing), paused and stop playback state (just declare event name used in quick app variable panel ex: "event.stopped" or "event.playing" and the events in "General => Events". You can now triggering scenes on events) (https://forum.fibaro.com/topic/55510-create-a-scene-when-sonos-play-it-activate-a-whall-socket/#comment-235990) Fix a problem occured in some cases when zone controller browse device directory and parse items Declaration (DIDL) resulting an out of service for the QuickApp Version 1.4.0 Tested with Sonos Sonos OS: S2 - Version 13 (number 62186220) Tested with HC3 & HC3Lite v5.050.13 -> v5.063.30 Fix for Sonos firmware version 13 Fix for Sonos ARC getPositionInfo and malformed xmlsoap (hope full supoport soon) Add playNextRadio command to navigate the radios Add play mode control from QA button (loop in NORMAL,REPEAT_ALL,REPEAT_ONE,SHUFFLE_NOREPEAT,SHUFFLE,SHUFFLE_REPEAT_ONE) Fix Radio metadata strange behaviors in some situations Version 1.3.8 Tested with Sonos Sonos OS: S2 - Version 12.2.2 (number 61183220) Improved support for albumArt, now work with Sonos Radio, Amazon Music, Spotify, TuneIn, Music library Add option 'protect' to playFile and playStream for disallow to restart a playing Add Crossfade mode support with getCrossfadeMode, setCrossfadeMode and toggleCrossfadeMode commands Add sleepTimer command Add setPlayMode command, support: NORMAL,REPEAT_ALL,REPEAT_ONE,SHUFFLE_NOREPEAT,SHUFFLE,SHUFFLE_REPEAT_ONE Add selectLineIn command Add in variables panel, "notification" variable to enable or disable the "Device notification error", if disabled QA trace the message in QA console only Various improvement Version 1.3.1 RC Tested with Sonos Software Version: 56.0-76060 / Sonos OS: S2 - Version 12.0.5 & 12.1 Add support to use in block scenes (Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Prev, Set Volume, Set mute) Support for album covers when available (cf. music library) Performance improvement when initiating a playback Improved radio playback and track information Increase the number of supported radio stations (with auto configuration up to 9) Support for Sonos playlists (with auto configuration up to 6 saved queues) Add playFile command Add playStream command Add playSavedQueue command Add startQueue command Add clearQueue command Add seek command Add snapshot command Add revert command Add getListSavedQueues command Add addURIToQueue command Add checkForUpdate command Add getTreble and setTreble commands Add getBass and setBass commands Various Bug fixes (Polling when not configured, parsing ...) Version 1.1.1 Support for TuneIn "My radio stations" (with auto configuration up to 6 radios) Deletion of the variable variable "isConfigured" used by internal FTI Configuration Minor bug fixes (No route to host cause wrong configuration status) Tested with Sonos Software Version:55.1-74250 and 56.0-76060 Performance improvement Version 1.0.3 Fix a problem with internal zoneGroups and ZoneGroupMembers parsing (Thanks to jgab, Alan Klepacz and robw) Version 1.0.2 Minor bug fixes (Thanks to Macschimmi, Bodyart, minsad79) Version 1.0.0 Based on my HC2 virtual Device and completely rewriten for HC3 v5.030.45 or highter Very low latency and more robust device (commands execution, processing) Easy installation with auto configuration assist Support standard capabilities (AVTransport, RenderingControl) Displaying information on the currently playing or media loaded Fully controllable from the LUA scenarios (see available command list) You can download it from the Fibaro market: https://marketplace.fibaro.com/items/sonos-zone-controller hope you will be pleased with it ROADMAP Support for multi-devices in group used for triggering in scene and prepare for group-ungroup Support for TV source (if supporteed by device) Support for Group Support for TTS
  2. Cześć wszystkim. Nie wiem, czy to forum rozwiąże mój problem, czy jest to właściwe miejsce. . Nie mogę używać pilota Roku TV. Nie rozumiem, czy jest problem z pilotem, czy też coś robię źle. Czy ktoś może mi w tym pomóc? Każda pomoc zostanie doceniona.
  3. My apologies if this is already described, I did search, honest! I've added an Aeotec WallMote Quad to my HC3 and configured the buttons, now I'm adding a second one to the far side of the same room, so want some of the buttons to perform the same functions. How do I link a button to an existing scene? When I try to add a function to a button (Under Devices, [The remote in question], Advanced) the only option seems to be to create a new scene. Many thanks in advance!
  4. Here is a challenge: I previously had a Davis weather station (now defunct) with a rather neat feature. About 200 m from the house, without a direct line-of-sight, I installed a temperature probe to measure sea water temperature. This was connected to a transmitter, which communicated with the central unit through a solar powered link in a tree half-way. This enabled me to read the sea water temperature on my weather station (to see if it was attractive to go swimming!) I am now in the process of installing a Fibaro system in the house. It would be nice to reinstall the same feature on the HC2. I see two possible paths forward: a) Similar to the old solution, by using a z-wave temperature sensor by the water, some sort of repeater half way, and pick up the signal on the HC2. or b) Connect the temperature sensor to some sort of mobile internet connection (narrow band, preferably, as I will not need broadband for this), transfer the data to a "cloud", and the somehow download these values to the HC2 over the internet connection. For a), any suggestions on equipment and vendors that could do the job will be welcome. As for b), my main question will be how Fibaro HC2 can include externally downloaded data in its display. Or maybe you can come up with a better solution? An option c) or d)...?
  5. Hi all, i have just started to configure my keyfob to arm / disarm and other functions. The problems: all New Reaction icons are inactive, I cannot click on them, nothing happens when I click when I try to use block scenes, I can add the keyfob only when selecting _more_devices_ when I add it this way, incorrect commands appear in the green menu box: off, on, breached, change state.... I tried rebooting HC2, no change. However setting keylock, adding sequence works, but nothing else. Does anyone have any idea, please? ================== FOUND THE SOLUTION: Keyfob was added in secure mode! I added another keyfob without secure mode, and the problems described dissapeared... Now my question is: why does not work if added in secure mode?
  6. Hi I have 8 x venetian blinders in my apartment controlled by Fibaro Remote Shutter 2 and HC2. No physical switches have been installed, so the only way I operate them is via app or scenes triggered elswhere from dimmer or relays on the walls - works ok but not very intuitive as I use double/triple clicks for predefined scenes. I would like to add some complex and comfortable solution to control them all them with a remote controller but in more intuitive way. I have found something like this below: 1. https://www.remotec.com.hk/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/ZRC-100-User-Manual_V1.57_20130430.pdf - looks like it support scenes, and multilevel devices but.. I see it too complicated to use it for example for just quick opening and closing a blinder etc. 2. http://www.z-wave.in/shop/smart-remotes/duwi-remote/ - looks much better in term of ergonomy. Will be much quicker to operate devices by my elder parents. 8 groups - with two buttons plus 3 extra scenes but I wonder if I will be able to operate lamellas with that one so that when I hold the button it will move the blinder and stops once released or just fully open/close when triggered no matter how long/short you pushed it. 3. https://www.fakro.pl/att/COMMON/offer/servis/user_manuals/ZWP10_FAKRO.pdf - has 4 groups and 2 channels each (A bit less intuitive than duwi) thus able to control 8 blinders in total - enough for me. Support multilevel (longer click, longer than 0.5s) and basic so I will be able to set lamellas angle as proffered. The only drawback I see, there is no possibility to run a scenes so no option to control let's say a group of blinders in whole room. Have anyone tried to test mentioned controllers, maybe can advise something else to try? I am interested in your experience and opinions. Thanks
  7. Hi, I recently took out my HC2, reset and updated it, and added two Fibaro Dimmer 2's. The dimmers are functioning normally, but the interface shows these additional devices, with a "remote control" being visible and others being hidden. Can anyone clarify what these are please? EDIT: It is also showing me a firmware update available for both dimmers but they are for the hidden (8.0 and 4.0) devices and not the visible ones. Thanks! PG
  8. I am looking for a robust remote control that is simple in handling with a manual lock like a slide cover and haptics like the Popp / Z-wave.me KFOB / Schwaiger ZHF01. Does anyone can share experiences with this device ? Does it work with the HC2 ?
  9. I've just got a Harmony remote and notice that Smart Things and other Home Automation solutions have an app available for controlling lights etc via the remote. Is there anything available for Fibaro or planned, it would be really useful. Also when searching in forums for Harmony and Alexa etc, Fibaro hardly every features, more integration solutions would be good.
  10. I have been wondering. Which remote to use as remote controller with Fibaro. And i do not mean Z-Wave stuff, like Swipe, Keyfobs, ... I know there is Harmony, but i do know it very little. But is there any other "smart" remote? Also i don't mean remote control if i integrate Fibaro under other systems, like Control4, Crestron or RTI. I found that interesting: https://sevenhugs.com/ @I.Srodka, do you have some info about sevenhugs remote?
  11. Hello, From this morning i can't connect my HC2 in remote from the phone or other device. My router is ok, HC works fine, everything is good, but i can't access my HC from outside. Only local, in the same wifi. I try restart with router and HC... It is a problem with cloud!? Only in my country? I asked a friend and has the same problem (Romania, too). Anyone else has the same problem?
  12. Hello, Is it possible to access HC docs on remote connection? I know that on local connection is simple with http://HC_IP/docs but what about remote connection?
  13. Hi, I have a strange issue with the Popp KFOB-C that I just got. (Here is the manual for the device, in case you are interested) I've set it up according to the information in this guide http://www.z-wave.info/include-popp-kfobwall-c-into-the-fibaro-homecenter/ and therefore I now have these parameters set (sorry for the Swedish language in the interface, but I am sure you can make out what is what :-)) Now, I really think that either one of these scenes should get me a printout in the interface: a) --[[ %% properties 522 sceneActivation %% events %% globals --]] fibaro:debug("Test"); b) --[[ %% properties 522 sceneActivation %% events 553 CentralSceneEvent %% globals --]] fibaro:debug("Test"); but I get nothing when I press the buttons. What am I missing???
  14. Hello, i'm wondering if it is possible to use my philips hue remote control also for the lights that I have connected to my fibaro dimmer2. I have integrated philips hue with my homeserver2 so I can control them by the homeserver. But it would be nice if i can change the lights also with the hue remote control. My idea is te create a scene that reacts on changes that are made to the HUE lamps using te remote from philips. Is there anyone who has some experience with that? Greetings Wouter (I'd like the fibaro Key Fob better, but i don't know when fibaro is releasing it).
  15. Hi, I have a wireless remote (for gate motor) that i what do integrate with z-wave. I have mounted cables on the push buttons. when one of the red touch the black the gate opens (two red= two gates). The cable need to be active together around 1-2sec so the gate motor get the command. So what fibaro module can i use for this function? i have a fgs222. if that would work how should i connect them? thanks
  16. Hi, What brands/models is their a VD for with full integration? Most new models now have wifi and cloud apps, wondering if anyone has built a VD to fully control their AC Thank you,
  17. Hi Community Can someone help me or tell me how to pair the ZRC100 Remote control? i try to connect it as second central but always i receive an error when i select "create sec." on the remote control. on fibaro i select Add "secondary" controller:
  18. Fibaro technical support asked us to open ports on our sky router to allow them connection in. I'm not sure how they plan on getting through / what exactly they require as it's hard to understand due to the language barrier sometimes? Can someone possibly talk throught the steps requred to allow remote connection via port forwarding and SSH?
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