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Found 21 results

  1. Möchte gerne, wenn ich den KeyFob Taste 1 drücke das, eine Push Nachricht geschickt wird, wenn das Garagentor offen ist. Und wenn ich wieder drücke , das eine Push Nachricht geschickt wird, wenn das Garagentor geschlossen ist. Kann mir jemand dabei helfen ? LUA ist für mich sehr neu. Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe. Trigger: { conditions = { { id = 97, isTrigger = true, operator = „==“, property = „centralSceneEvent“, type = „device“, value = { keyAttribute = „Pressed“, keyId = 1 } }, { id = 100, isTrigger = true, operator = „==“, property = „value“, typ
  2. Hi I have a fibaro keyfob an a Fibaro Dimmer 2 250W FGD-212 I want to make a scene so that when I press the + button, at the keyfob the light will dim up depending on how long I hold the button and then oposite way. Is there anyone who has a for a solution for this issue? Thank you
  3. Hi all, I have a HC2 and I am trying to connect my KeyFob to my Sonos Playbar to set the volume. I already have it working but now I am finetuning and cannot get to the end. I have programmed my "+" and "-" button on the KeyFob so that they set the volume up and down. But I want to have it more sophisticated. My goal is when I push "+" the volume goes up by 1 on every click. And goes down by 1 when clicking the "-" button. But I need some help with this. Does someone here know how I can create the correct LUA code for this?? Here below the current situation in the scene f
  4. Hi all, Recently I got me a VeraSecure to replace our X10 security system and planning to replace our smart devices by Fibaro Z-wave Plus devices. I got a Fibaro KeyFob FGKF-601 to arm and disarm the system. I added it to the VeraSecure controller running the latest firmware 1.7.4971 (7.31) by selecting the Fibaro KeyFob FGKF-601 from the picklist of supported devices in the Vera Web UI. Pairing was confirmed by the green LED of the keyfob and the device showed up in the Vera Web UI with a message 'Waiting for wakeup to configure device...'. Since nothing happened after a while I w
  5. Good day all, I am new with Fibaro and domotic. Last week I setup a Jeedom controller and it work fine with a Heat Controller, a light and door sensor. I ordered a KeyFob devise and I success setup the round key to switch on/off the light. However, I have difficultly to understand how to program for a little bit more complex application. I pain to find help with the documentation, as well. I would appreciate of you could give some tips and hints, a tutorial to better understand or if you could help to reach my goal. (I have a jeedom Z-wave controller)
  6. Hi all, i have just started to configure my keyfob to arm / disarm and other functions. The problems: all New Reaction icons are inactive, I cannot click on them, nothing happens when I click when I try to use block scenes, I can add the keyfob only when selecting _more_devices_ when I add it this way, incorrect commands appear in the green menu box: off, on, breached, change state.... I tried rebooting HC2, no change. However setting keylock, adding sequence works, but nothing else. Does anyone have any idea, please? ==================
  7. According the fibaro keyfob spec's the battery is expected to last 2 yr's with max 5 pushes a day. My average usage is certainly not more than 5 pushes a day and yet my second battery is already empty and this in less than 6 month's operation. Very expensive device at that rate of battery consumption. Anybody else which have similar experience? Any parameter to pay special attention to? What coul be the problem?
  8. Hi, I can't change the buttons on the KeyFob now after the initial setup I tried to add a hidden scene manually (deleted the old button then added a new one) but it didn't work either. I want to have the same options that I had from the beginning, where I could on the KeyFob device change the buttons, can anyone help me please?
  9. Hello I can’t activate additional functions in my KeyFob f.e. triangle button double click. This function changed its status to no active and it is showing action disabled, edit parameter 24. The problem is that I cannot change it because system doesn't save this value. The configuration menu behaves similar in other areas (it doesn't save new values of the parameters) Can someone help to resolve this issue?
  10. The keyfob manual v1.1 describes the menu as follows: Menu allows to perform Z-Wave network actions. In order to use the menu: 1. Click CIRCLE and MINUS simultaneously. 2. Click TRIANGLE or CROSS until LED indicates desired menu position with colour: • White - wake up the device • Green - learning mode (adding/removing) • Cyan - check battery level • Yellow - reset the device* 3. Click PLUS to confirm selection, Click MINUS to exit the menu. 4. LED will pulse twice with same colour as selected menu position to confirm completing action. I have follo
  11. Hi There, I am trying to figure out a way to use the new fibaro keyfob to control my sonos system. The type of functions I am thinking are on/off and volume up/down only. From what I understand you cant use the keyfob to control plugins but you can control scenes. To control Sonos via a scene I understand a Virtual Device would need to setup for SOnos which I have now done successfully. My question now is how do I create a scene using LUA code to control the Sonos VD? Is there a better way to do this? Im sure there should be an easier way???
  12. Hi all. My name is Guido form Italy and i'm happy to join this forum. I own a Fibaro HC2 and i'm trying to configure a fibaro keyfob. Using the template the hold and 1 click commands work fine, but if I try to add a double click command, the keyfob executes the 1 click one. It seems that the sequence is ignored. Any suggestion? time interval between the clicks? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Everyone. I am facing problem with FIBARO KEYFOB FGKF-601 with homeseer. Problem with pair buttons associations and changing parameters. I want to make dimming control of lighting by using FIBARO KEYFOB FGKF-601. Snapshot has been added If anyone has same problem or solution then reply. Thanks.
  14. Witam, może ktoś z was podpowiedzieć, gdzie określana jest wartość wielokrotności kliku Keyfob'a w kodzie LUA, ponieważ wartości po utworzeniu schematu blokowego nie działają poprawnie. Mianowicie problem mój polega na: -Chcę włączyć część oświetlenia jednym wciśnięciem przycisku pierwszego (kwadratu) na Keyfob'ie -Natomiast listwy LED chcę włączyć podwójnym wciśnięciem przycisku pierwszego (kwadratu) na Keyfob'ie Mimo skorzystania z schematu blokowego do utworzenia takiej sceny, wszystko reaguje na pojedyncze wciśnięcie przycisku (czyli zapala się oświetlenie i listwy led), mimo, ż
  15. Hi, i have new Fibaro Keyfob but i am not able to assign actino to buttons. After i will choose device and action (relay switch, oposite state) and click next to finish settings. I see only waiting screen in browser (flying pins) forewer. Versions I have: Device kind: com.fibaro.FGKF601 Producer: Fibargroup Version: 3.2 HC2 4.112 Beta Does anybody know how to fix this? Jan
  16. Witam. Czy Centrala HC2 potrafi wykryć na bieżąco czy KeyFob jest w zasięgu HC2 ?
  17. Hi, I included a fibaro keyfob in my hc2 a couple of weeks ago and like it a lot. Tonight I upgraded my hc2 to beta, because it had some enhancements to the keyfob. After the upgrade I have no possibility to do anything with the keyfob. All my existing scenes assignments to keys are working, but it's not possible to change, add or delete. If I look under General I only see Name, Room, device kind, battery level and so on. Did anyone experience the same thing with this beta?
  18. Hi Guys, I have just been on the Vesternet (UK) website, and I noticed they have the Fibaro Keyfob coming in at the end of this month. I must admit I am very excited! When I messaged Fibaro Global at the beginning of the year they told me that they are going to be releasing some new products this year "that will make all my dreams come true" I find this hard to believe but none the less they are off to a good start! I Just can't wait for the intercom to come out! Is anyone else aware of any other new products which are available
  19. Aeon KeyFob is missing double click activation (where most of other controllers do have that option), so I'm posting scene below as an example to have double click activation: In order to make this code works for you please follow per below: 1. Set Aeon KeyFob at Scene Mode (Parameter 250 set to 1) 2. Change device ID to your real ID 3. Define global variable "keyFob" --[[ %% properties 433 sceneActivation %% globals --]] local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger() local ButtonPressed = fibaro:getValue(tonumber(startSource["deviceID"]), "sceneActivation") if (fibaro:countScenes()
  20. Hi there Altough some people are getting the zwave.me keyfob to work, I tried several methods, but it does not seem to activate my scenes. I have the ZME_KFOB2 (Version 1.4*) *With 1.3 you can add the device holding the four buttons for 5 sec. and push then button 3 *With 1.4 you can add the device holding the four buttons for 5 sec. and push then button 1 I just want to start a scene when I leave the house en start another scene when I come home. I included the device and also woke up the device. I also was able to configure the parameters so that I can start a s
  21. Hi Everyone, A few moments ago, I decided to upgraded my Fibaro to version 4. I have now hit a big problem. I have been using a Wave.me Key Fob to turn off my alarm and siren. I click a button on my key fob and it runs a scene switching all sensors to safe mode and turns off the siren. On version 4, my Key Fob and web portal get locked out when the sensors are breached with a 403 Access Forbidden. This is really infuriating since I had this working perfectly before. Does anyone know if it's possible to allow scenes to be run when the alarm system is activated in version
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