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Found 23 results

  1. Configuration: - RGBW led strip connected to RGBW 2 controller + monostable (GIRA) wall switch - HC3 - Fibaro iOS mobile app System by default use "white" colour through mixing only RGB channel from RGBW led strip and white (W) chanell is not use (turned off) . If you want to use white colour from your RGBW led strip you have to define white colour ( #000000) by yourself in fibaro web application. All is fine if you are use such a configuration and use only wall switch. When you changed led colour (i.e. yellow, magenta, blue,
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for the best options for outdoor LED coloured spots / lights for use with HC2. Not looking at LED strips, specifically spots that can be directed at things such as buildings / plants. One option I found (at least available here in the Netherlands) are lights by a company called MiLight. However, they are controlled by their own controllers (wifi, wall mounted, app on phone, etc.) and to get them to work with HC2 seems a bit antiquated (opening of boxes, re-soldering, etc.) which I'm hoping to avoid. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi I've got a Dimmer 2 with bypass and I have problems with the LED bulbs not dimming low enough. I've tried several bulbs, including some Philips that the distributor has tested himself and reported should work. When doing the calibration is selects a trailing edge dimming, which is in accordance with the bulb manufacturers instructions, but still the lowest setting is quite bright. I then tried to use parameter 30 to force the dimmer to use leading edge - and that makes a big difference! The LED bulbs can now be dimmed much lower. B
  4. I will replace some TL light in my garage with 2 PROLIGHT LED batten - 14W - (coupled) (non-dimmable). The current light is connected to the Fibaro FGS223. In the manual there is the following warning: When connecting the Switch 2 act in accordance with the following rules: • Do not connect loads greater than those recommended! • Do not connect types of loads other than resistive and incandescent! If i understand this correctly i can not use the FGS223 and i should replace it by a dimmer althought i do not want to dim at all? Or can i still use
  5. Czy ktoś z Was ma bezproblemowo działającą instalację z Dimmer-em a za nim zasilacz triakowy do LED? Dostaję sporo informacji, że taki układ jest mało stabilny i zasilacze padają jeszcze na gwarancji. Niestety nie mam już możliwości dołożenia przewodów by do włącznika doprowadzić 12V z normalnego zasilacza i wówczas dać moduł RGBW. Potrzebuję taki zasilacz 12V 48W i 12V 18W. Ewentualnie pozostaje mi ustawić Dimmer ręcznie jako praca bez ściemniacza -> zwykły zasilacz LED -> manualny ściemniacz gdzieś ukryty bez współpracy z Fibaro. Z góry dzi
  6. The keyfob manual v1.1 describes the menu as follows: Menu allows to perform Z-Wave network actions. In order to use the menu: 1. Click CIRCLE and MINUS simultaneously. 2. Click TRIANGLE or CROSS until LED indicates desired menu position with colour: • White - wake up the device • Green - learning mode (adding/removing) • Cyan - check battery level • Yellow - reset the device* 3. Click PLUS to confirm selection, Click MINUS to exit the menu. 4. LED will pulse twice with same colour as selected menu position to confirm completing action. I have follo
  7. Drodzy instalatorzy, Mam zrobione (narazie testowo na kablach i oprawce) podłączenie 2 żyłowe (bez kabla N) z dimmerem i bypassem w/g schematu z pudełka. Zasilana jest żarówka LED z IKEI (https://www.ikea.com/pl/pl/catalog/products/10371203/). Wszystko działa z godnie z przewidywaniem, ale przy wyłączaniu żarówka robi takie śmieszne mrugnięcie: https://photos.app.goo.gl/YjoqVjcl0KHp80hS2 czy można jakoś na to zaradzić? Pozdrawiam Bartłomiej
  8. Hi! Recently we had an electrian over to install LEDs in the kitchen. However, I came a little late, and the push dimmer (in socket) from Eltako (EUD61NPN-UC, supports up to 400W) was already installed when I got back home. Of course I would like to replace it with a Dimmer 2 but I got worried about a line: ref: http://manuals.fibaro.com/dimmer-2/ The LED that was installed is from a Swedish company called UniLumLed. I guess it's some kind of branded light that probably exists under different names. It should consume ~8W with LED and transformer (spec). I
  9. Today I tried to install the fibaro double Switch 2, although I only use it to switch one load, I reckoned I could use the double switch anyway. the thing is, I use the switch to power 4 garden lamps. Three of those lamps are power saving halogens and one is a LED. When I switch the switch the lights go on very briefly and then switch off immediately. The led lamp stays on (although less bright than when the switch is on), the rest of the lamps are off. I don't understand why this is; when I just use a normal lightswitch all lamps burn normal. hope anybody c
  10. Hi, can the LEDs of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor be deactivated? Unfortunately I did not found an option for that in the Fibaro-HomeKit-App nor in an other HomeKit-App. Hope you can help me. Luke11
  11. Hi I am working on Double Relay switch2. I want to switch ON and OFF my LED lights using this switch. Some of my friend who works on Fibaro told me that only 0.5A or 1A LED devices can be controlled using the relay switch. For more than 1A load he told that we have to use the Contacter along with Relay. Is it right. Or could I use the relay directly with LEDs and how much Power LED can be connected directly to it?
  12. Hi, I renovated my house and installed LEDs on the whole floor. I remote these with several fibaro dimmers. All of them is working fine except for in one area. I get an surge error in HC2. The thing is that I have the same amount of LED spotlights in another area with no errors. I have tried replacing the fibaro dimmer and also disconnecting one LED at a time. The original amount of LED on one dimmer is 9 LED 10W. When I come down to 6 LED in my troubleshooting it starts working most of the time. Is there something I'm missing here? I can't seem to understand why it wo
  13. Hello everyone, please I´d need your help. I have purchased the RGBW modul and connected the RGBW Led strip to it. It works great. I wanted to also connect 1 temperature sensor (LM35). I believe I did connect it as it should be, yet I can not see the extra widget for the temperature (once inlcuded). The set up allows me to sellect (rgb, rgbw and in/out). Did anyone set up the RGBW modul with led strip as well as with temp sensor? Thank you, Tampiss
  14. Hello all, Brand new RGBW module plugged into a new 24V LED strip and power supply. Module seems to be stuck on the white channel. If I turn the device off in Fibaro, the white channel stays on. I can select other colours, but its leaving the W channel on all the time. I've tried a factory reset. The device isn't using any switches at the moment. Thank you,
  15. Hi everyone! I am new to Fibaro (and home automation in general) but so far I really like what I see! If I may use your collective expertise - I have couple RGBW controllers that I use to control LED strips (white only) around the house. Since I don't have any color LEDs, I use the controller in the input/output mode to control several strips from one unit. This works perfectly except that now the light does not show under lights in the mobile app. I have to go to "rooms" - "bedroom" in the mobile app to see the light and control it. Is there a way to clasi
  16. Jeśli szukacie produktów które na pewno działają z Dimmerem lub RGBW zapraszam do kontaktu. Zajmujemy się oświetleniem od 1996r. , prowadzimy salon Fibaro od 2011r. Produkujemy oświetlenie led. [email protected] www.ledbest.eu PRODUKTY TOP taśma led 18W 24V 2800lm=1m https://www.ledbest.eu/pl/p/Tasma-led-ciepla-De-Luxe-rolka-10m-18W-2730lmm/9606 taśma RGBW 16W 24V https://www.ledbest.eu/pl/p/Tasma-led-Regular-300-led-rolka-5m-24V-RGB-cieply/9825
  17. Hi all, I've been searching and reading in this forum and haven't found my exact problem and it's solution just yet. I have a dimmer 2 (fgd212) connected to 5 Pharox 4W led bulbs. I've bridged the leds with the Bypass 2. I've got a dual momentary switch connected to the dimmer, just like in the Fibaro manual, see the attachment. The dual momentary switch is connected with leads between 5 and 10 cm. When I connect the dimmer to power, it starts calibrating. The leds go in increments from off to full bright, so the dimmer is able to get the leds at different light levels. After calibrati
  18. has someone got this device working with hc2? >> Z-Wave LED RGB Bulb dimmbare E27 Leuchte (AEOEZW098) I have it connected to hc2, but its only visible as dimmer and not as rgb device.
  19. I have had most of our house's ceiling downlights controlled by FDG211 Dimmer modules and these have worked just fine with the 12v Halogen lights. However, yesterday, in the hope of being more energy conscious, I replaced all of these lamps with 7 Watt GU10 LED Spotlight - 70W Replacement bulbs from LEDHUT. I have also added a Fibaro Bypass to ensure there is sufficient load on the circuit. Everything works just fine except when I switch the lights on or off, there is a slight flicker. After this, the light is fine and stable. It also dims as expected too. Has anyone come across this?
  20. I'm having a rather difficult time planning a home automation system for my upcoming project, building a tiny house on wheels. It's only 192 square feet, so it shouldn't be too expensive to make the entire house extremely intelligent. It appears that most Z-Wave solutions are aimed at retrofit installations and not new construction, though. That's a problem. When you aim to do things the most efficient way and you're afforded the freedom of new construction to do it, it doesn't appear easy to do. Most of my concerns are based in lighting. I apologize for the number of issues raised in a
  21. Hello! I start working with a RGBW Modul and LED. I made custom program (number 6, 7, 8, etc...) I found no way to start them in a LUA scene or with a Virtual Device.. I can only start preprogrammed scene (1 to 5). The other don't work. I try to move mine in first place but it's not working too. I try fibaro:call(29, "startProgram", "6"); and got no respond. I tryed with http : send me : {"id":0,"jsonrpc":"2.0","result":{"result":1}} (working) send me : { } (not working)
  22. Hi Guys, I have a need to create a scene that will be controlling some LED rigid RGB bars under the bed, via and RGBW module and using a Fibaro Sensor. The LED bars x 3 will be fixed under the bed. The sensor will also be fixed under the bed. My idea is that during the hours of 20:00 and 6:00, the scene will work otherwise it will be ignored. When the sensor detects movement (ie I or my wife puts their feet on the floor) the LED will come on, thereby illuminating the floor around the bed sufficiently for I or my wide to see their way but not so bright that it wakes the other p
  23. Hello everyone, I could need some help with setting up some LEDs. Here is what I am planning to do: I want to group 3 or 4 of these LEDs: Trilux InperlaLP C05 BR22 1800-830 ETDD 01 Techspecs (EN) - Installation (EN) Techspecs (PL) - Installation (PL) I would like to control those groups together with one Dimmer Module from Fibaro but I am not exactly sure if this would work, or how I would need to wire them togehter. The LEDs are said to be "electronically dimmable". They are powered by a DALI compatible tranformer as shown in the pictures i've taken: Package Transformer 2 T
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