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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for a solution for making some animation but still using Fibaro RGBW Controller. Do you have some experience with that?
  2. I would like one of my KeyFob actions to set the level of a RGBW controller 2 to 90 %. I use the "set level" option in the KeyFob menu, set the level at 90 % and store the result. When I reopen this menu, it looks like this: The level is set back to 49%, not 90 % as entered before I hit "Next". What is going on? Is the KeyFob "Set level" command not compatible with the RGBW controller? Furthermore, even the "set level at 49%" does not seem to work. There is no response from the LED light to this command. "Turn on" and "turn off" work as expected on the same RGBW controlled LED lights.
  3. Hi, I have an issue with RGBW2 ( 442 ) and Toggle switch installation with HC3 Home Center. I use just White LED strip this case I adjusted the parameter Nr. 150 from 0 to 1 ( HSB and White mode ). Also I modified the parameter Nr.23 from 2 to 4 ( Toggle switch just ON/OFF ). I use Input4 for the Toggle switch and OUT4 for the LED strip. The problem is when I switch with the Toggle switch the in the application the "Power Switch" ( icon ) dosn't change. 1, If in the application the "Power Switch" is on than the LED lighting. I can switch OFF with the Toggleswitch but in the application the "Power Switch" still reemain in the ON position. In this variant I can ON/OFF with the togglr switch without any problem. 2, If I switched off the LED strip in the application with the "Power Switch" ( push the icom ) and afte I want to switch ON by Toggle switch it is impossible. The LED strip and the application icon ( Power Switch ) dosn't react of any position for the toogle switch. If anybody use HC3/HC3 Lite with RGBW2 and Toggle switch can share to me what is the correct parameter adjustment ? I want to use Toggle switch just for ON/OFF the LED strip without adjust the Brightness. Brightness will be adjust just in the application. Thank you.
  4. We have a strange situation with several RGBW (2) controllers. Customer has around 10 of those modules. Most are RGBW controller, on the latest firmware, and parameter to disable associations is on. 3 of them are RGBW2 controllers. Now, client has several scenes to change the color of the RGBW modules. This works sometimes, but on other moments when the scene is started, the LED get a completely different colour. We had this behavior when client was on HC2, we migrated to HC3 and the same thing happens So, what options do we have?
  5. Configuration: - RGBW led strip connected to RGBW 2 controller + monostable (GIRA) wall switch - HC3 - Fibaro iOS mobile app System by default use "white" colour through mixing only RGB channel from RGBW led strip and white (W) chanell is not use (turned off) . If you want to use white colour from your RGBW led strip you have to define white colour ( #000000) by yourself in fibaro web application. All is fine if you are use such a configuration and use only wall switch. When you changed led colour (i.e. yellow, magenta, blue, green or whatever) through mobile application you will not be able turn on/off led light with your wall switch. It doesn't work any reaction from led strip To "fix" this issue you have to login to web application and choose once again earlier defined white colour ( #000000). Have you ever meet such a problem/bug ? Thank you
  6. Hello. I'm testing an RGBW Controller 2 with an RGB LED strip. There is a momentary switch on Input 1. On a fresh install the switch works (On/Off/Bright/Dimm) with one push (on/off) or holding it (bright/dimm). But, if a change anything from the app or the browser, the On/Off/Bright/Dimm functions stop working. Instead, every time I push the switch the color changes. If I switch the RGBW controller Off and On again the cycle repeats. It works until something is changed from the app or browser. I have also tried connecting the same switch on the 4 inputs simultaneously. Parameter 14 is no longer available. (not on template or manual) Parameter 150 is in RGBW Mode. HCL - 4.610 Thanks for your time.
  7. Hi, I really need some help. I have 2 soil moisture probes wiring in correctly (I believe) into the RGBW unit. Using a multi meter between the ground an IN1 & IN2 i get 3v and 8v readings. My problem is that no matter what setting I use in HC3 the preview window for each channel always reads zero. Have I got the wrong end of the stick? Please help me! Thanks, mike.
  8. Hi, Having recently purchased a HC3 to 'upgrade' from my Vera 3 controller I am now starting to get ready to transfer my devices (95% of them are Fibaro) across to the HC3 manually. I have successfully setup the HC3 and updated the software and it runs well. I have included a few spare devices, switches, and dimmers to familiarize myself with include exclude process. My Vera setup has 4 RGBW controllers on it running block scenes (I'm not a programmer yet!!) all working well. I have purchased several RGBW2 controllers for additional rooms in my house. So, after the latest software update to the HC3 I decided to connect one of the RGBW2 controllers. I assumed it would work like the RGBW on Vera controllers. In as much as I do not have any switches connected and control them through the app or a scene. I have added the RGBW2 and find that I cannot get any of the LED strip to turn on (unless I momentarily connect ground to one of the 4 inputs) in which case all the colours and white are correctly functioning (hardware eliminated). My understanding was that I could choose from the predefined or my own (I was able to add) colour palette or run one of the pre-defined scenes storm rainbow etc. I am confident the devices installed correctly is there a test I can run? I notice that even when I triggered the lights manually by bridging the inputs to ground no power in watts was showing? Unfortunately, I do not yet have another module included on the HC3 that reports power they are all older dimmers or switches. Is this because of configuration? I do have a few questions do I need to setup default parameters on the RGBW2 module? I did try changing some of the parameters as per the manual but my HC3 doesn't seem to accept this and I just getting a spinning wheel when it is trying to update. If anyone can put me in the right direction to get started even if this is by reading and understanding I am prepared to invest my time. I have just been investigating this further and I think that the issue is maybe because both the RGBW2 devices that I have included onto the network have all their parameters set to 0. looking at other modules I have included shows that they have what looks like their default set of parameters. However manually selecting the default value for each parameter just gives me a spinning wheel see above. Update: After doing another reconfigure, I left the module overnight this completed successfully. However, all parameters are zero! Although it appears in the android app as expected and responds and selects the scene / colour brightness etc. One unit I could maybe suspect as faulty but two brand new units behaving identically - No. Can anyone suggest a way of sending the parameters? Thanks,
  9. Hi at the very first moment I thought about a defect of my new RGBW-Module. But my scene wouldn't work with RGBW Version2 because of a different command set. So may i expect new firmware or has some in idea to combine the two Version in one scene? Oh Fibaro is this really necessary, I was so happy with the new product before installing it . Regards Gerhard
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