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Found 73 results

  1. Is it possible the read out the set of favorite colors for RGBW modules in LUA? How? I want to cycle the favorite colors in a scene. Thanks for hints.
  2. I have three RGBW controllers, all operating in input/output mode. Having successfully configured all three, I notice two puzzling facts: 1. All units are configured with one master and six slaves. For two of them, these are numbered from xxx.0 to xxx.5. For one, however, the first slave is numbered xxx.0.1, not xxx.0. 2. I want to "hide" all units except the four output channels (xxx.2 to xxx.5) The first slave unit (xxx.0 or xxx.0.1), however, refuses to save the check mark in the box "This device is hidden in the system". I can tick the box, but after Save the box remains un-ticked. There is no error message. If you have an RGBW controller, please share your observations on either of these issues. You don't have to provide an explanation or solution, just share what you see on your units. Note: The firmware version is 25.25 on two of my units. One was recently updated to 26.0 without affecting the two problems above.
  3. Has anyone ever connected a 0-10V controller to the RGBW module? Here's the problem that I am facing: I have connected a LED strip to the 0-10V controller which is connected to one of the channels of the RGBW module, say White. The dimming of the strips works great except one issue, it works in the opposite manner. It means that the LED strip goes to 100% brightness when I turn it OFF from the interface and when I turn it to maximum brightness the LED goes OFF. I have even checked the voltages from the RGBW module. It gives +10v when I turn it OFF from the interface and gives 0v when the slider is set to maximum brightness. I have got same results on other RGBW modules too. But, I was able to work around a solution on the HC2 using VD & LUA. But, I can't figure what I am doing wrong. Is there any way to fix this issue on HCL?
  4. knuth

    RGBW parameters

    I find the descriptions of the parameters for the RGBW Controller to be a little confusing. I need your help to clarify, please. I use the RGBW in input/output mode, to control 3 - 4 individual (monochrome) LED strips, each channel behaving like a dimmer. I need to set the parameters right for this application. Parameter 1, All On/All Off: Is this relevant for my i/o-mode application? I assume 0 (inactive) is appropriate, not the default value 255 (active)? Parameter 8, Output state change mode: Default is 0 = "mode 1", which seems appropriate in my case. Correct? Parameter 14, Input/output configuration: This is labelled "relevant for controllers other than HC2". I have the HC2, does that mean that the configuration of the input/output settings screen overrides this parameter? Otherwise, the default value of 4369 = "RGBW toggle switch" is clearly not my choice, as i have a momentary switch with dimmer output. Any other parameter I should pay attention to?
  5. knuth


    Task: To control one channel on the RGBW controller/dimmer remotely through a double momentary switch (using S2) on the Dimmer 2. Solution, and some questions: Install the RGBW unit and its load, add it to the HC2 and assign its outputs. In my case, all 4 are "input/output" to control separate monocolor LED strips. Install the Dimmer 2 and its load and add it to the HC2 Select the master module of the Dimmer 2. Go to Advanced - Associations Select the 5th Association group ("Dimmer on S2"), since the RGBW we want to control is a dimmer, not an on/off function Check the box in the M column for the appropriate RGBW channel and click Save. First question: Group 5 is specifically for a multilevel switch, e.g. a dimmer. Why is there even an S box available for this group? Should it ever be used? Second question: There is a box for the HC2 at the top of the Associations list. What is the effect of ticking this box? Should the HC2 normally be ticked in the M column as well? Third question: I have seen a screen dump somewhere for a similar case. Here, the Dimmer itself was ticked in the associations list. I have avoided this, as it does not seem logical to include an association from a unit to itself. Any views? Fourth question: I assume that using Group 5 transfers all the normal switch commands: Single click for on/off, click and hold to dim up or down, double click for full light. Correct? Fifth question: In step 3 above, would it be possible (or even preferable) to select the slave unit used to operate the dimmer function instead? The reason I ask these questions, is that I have successfully followed the 6 steps above, with slight variations, and get variable results. Some units seem to work seamlessly, others are a little erratic (no response on single click, hard to control dimming function etc.). The 'slight variations' are in the way I did the associations, and are related to some of my questions. If anybody can provide suggested answers, I can focus on any remaining issues.
  6. I have 2 RGBW modules which are in the kitchen and are on firmware 22.22. I get notified that new firmware is available. However, every time I try to update it, it comes back after a minute or so saying Update Interrupted - device connection lost. try again. Now as the relays are in a different room, how do I get this to update as I can't remove the relays and bring them closer to the HC2 nor can I move the HC2 to closer to the relays. Is there a way around this or do I have to just accept the fact that the distance betweent the 2 will always prevent the update from succeding??
  7. Hi all, like some other people here in the forum I also can’t get IN/OUT mode of my new FIBARO RGBW Controller (FGRGBWM-441, Firmware 25.25) working. What I try to achieve is to measure the value of IN1 to calculate soil irrigation and ground temperature on IN2 delivered from a truebner SMT50 for my garden irrigation out of that. Here the relevant parts of the manual of SMT50. I try all of this within my smart home system based on openHAB; NOT using the Home Center gateway. In openHAB I set Parameter 14 to 34833 (0x8811) because of „IN - ANALOG 0-10V (SENSOR)“ on IN1 and IN2 and IN3, IN4 not connected. And I would expect the returned corresponding voltage of soil moisture on R and of ground temperature on G now. But nothing! Both channels don't deliver any value. Both, the SMT50 and the RGBW Controller are feed by 24 V. When I measure the returned voltage of soil irrigation with a multimeter while the cable from the sensor is NOT placed in IN1, 0.8 Volts are returned. Placing the cable in IN1 and measuring again, 4.4 volts are returned! Is that because of the effects shown up here? If yes what must I do in my special case? But the most interesting question: Why is R (and G) returned as 0? I would expect at least 4.4 V there, even if this value is wrong, because it should be 0.8? What am I doing wrong? Could anyone please help me with that.
  8. Good morning, I have a heating floor system at home and I have installed sensors of temperature in every room. I regulate the opening and closing of the heating circuits with electrovalves that are controlled with a RGBW Fibaro device: each of the four channels opens one of these electric valves that open the heating circuit. In the advanced configuration settings, I have categorized the "controlled device" for this RGBW device as "other device". When trying to link the room temperature sensor with this RGBW device that controls 4 heating circuits, I can´t do it because the do not appear as available on the dropdown menu of the "controlled switch" field, because I am using a RGBW device instead of a relay... Is there a way to solve this issue so I can make the RGBW lines available as switches to be linked to the temerature sensors. Thanks. Jaime.
  9. Slavski

    RGBW add Program

    Hi everybody ! Connect rgb controller to rgb strip everything working fine till i add my own program like lpd or aurora.program dont want work,cant find reason why, even when I edit lpd for example and just save in different name still dont want to work.I can bet it is something silly but, think need help in this
  10. Hi, I have purchased a Fibaro HC2 with several devices, including Fibaro dimmers (FGD-212) and Fibaro RGBW controllers (FGRGBWM-441) for LED strips. I wish to use these in a home installation, where one of the goals is to try to achieve basic functionality via manual switches, using HC2 mainly for enabling scenes. For each of the dimmers connected to the main lighting, I intend to use two momentary switches, where one switch increases brightness and one decreases it. I understand that this can be achieved by setting parameter 20 (switch type) to 2 ("roller blind switch"). I intend to use RGBW controllers in two cases: 1) One controller driving an RGBW LED strip, with two momentary switch inputs 2) One controller driving two CCT (dual white) LED strips, with two momentary switch inputs For LED control I would like to achieve similar switch control behaviour to the dimmers: One momentary switch increases brightness of all output channels One momentary switch decreases brightness of all output channels HC2 can override current output settings to set RGBW values when a scene is activated. In this case I would like to be able to set each RGBW channel independently. For the CCT case, I would like the same behaviour, as the only difference is what the output channels represent. I am happy for the switches to control the brightness of both CCT strips together, but I would like to be able to use HC2 scenes to set the brightness of each channel independently, thus providing independent control of the white tones and strips in scenes. I have studied the manual for the RGBW controller and it's not clear to me whether it is possible to achieve what I want. The "brightness" setting seems to allow all channels to be controlled together from a momentary switch, but it doesn't look as if I can dedicate separate momentary switches to increase or decrease brightness. It is not obvious to me from the manual how the brightness setting works with a single momentary switch. Can anyone advise me whether this is possible, please? If not, can anyone suggest an similar alternative configuration that is possible? Many thanks, Jim
  11. Skating_vince

    No longer relevant

    No longer relevant...
  12. Ciorgovean Mircea

    RGBW Module in Irrigation panel

    It is possible to add Fibaro RGBW module to irrigation panel for controlling 4 12V valves ?
  13. RAID5

    Set Dimmer Level Memory

    Hi Is there a way to set dimmer level memory on FGRGBWM-414 v2.5 I'm refering to the function of parameter 19 at FGD-212.
  14. knuth

    Locating RGBW remotely

    I'm in the planning stages, and would like your comment on these plans: 1. I intend to use one RGBW controller to control two dual-white LED strips, each having two inputs (warm and cold white). One strip will be connected to R&G, the other to B&W. Control of color temperature will be through scripts/scenes. The RGBW controller will be located in the ceiling panel, near the transformer for the LED strip, on the low voltage side. 2. In some rooms I will have a regular LED lamp as well, controlled by a Fibaro dimmer. I plan to connect this lamp (220 V side) directly to the dimmer switch S1, while addressing the RGBW by S2 using an association to input channel I1 and I2 (or I3 and I4). On the RGBW controller there will be no physical connection to the input channels, as they will be controlled through Z-Wave. On/off and dimming will be achieved by switch S2, which activates both LED strip colors. 3. In other rooms, the LED strip will be the only light source. In this case, I would still like to hide the RGBW in the ceiling with no direct connection to the wall switch. Behind the wall switch, I would have liked to have a simple Z-wave controller, without a 220 V relay, which through association could address the RGBW remotely. As this does not seem to exist, do I need to install a regular Fibaro switch without a load on S1 instead?
  15. In a test setup, I supply a standalone RGBW dimmer with 18 V battery power. I have configured the dimmer in input/output mode, with all four channels specified as dimmers. The configuration looks good, the latest firmware was downloaded successfully. No signals/switches are attached to inputs I1-I4, 18 V test lamps are attached to the outputs (R,G,B,W). When I turn on one of the channels, using HC2, the icon changes to "on" and shows "Transfer OK". However, nothing happens with the test bulb. Checking the voltage, it shows 0 between GND and R (or any other output channel). Between GND and the 12-24 V DC connection there is 18 V, as expected. If I briefly connect I1 to GND (simulating a momentary switch) the HC2 display shows that the lamp turns on or off. But again, there is no voltage on the R output channel. In other words: power and function are OK, but no output. Any suggestions?
  16. rbhun

    RGBW watt reading way off?

    Hi I am wondering how precise the wattage reading is on the RGBW controller. In my bedroom I have about 8 meters of 24V RGBW led strips. According to the manufacturer, they draw about 20W/m, so we installed 160Ws of power supply. at around 85%, the leds cut out, and start to blink. Apparently either the PSUs dont deliver, or, more likely, some power is lost on the cabling etc. Not a big deal. Since these are ambiance lights, I never need them full power, so I decide to limit the maximum brightness in the advanced settings of the RGBW controller in HC2. I started gradually increasing brightness until I found the allowed maximum...and to my utter suprise, the wattage reader says 75 watts...that cannot be right. if it would be one single 100W PSU I'd accept it to choke at 75W, but thats unlikely, these modern units deliver nicely. I am thinking it might only measure one leg, as I have a 100W and a 60W PSU wired together to deliver the 160W, but I dont see how that can be done from an electrical standpoint. Anybody?
  17. rls46

    Problems RGBW mode 0 - 10v

    I have a RGBW module with an ultrasonic sensor to measure a diesel fuel tank. The fact is that the sensor is very sensitive, and although I have increased the value of the change of V to inform, the RGBW module sends constant changes of value. I have noticed that after a while, the response to the devices becomes slow and devices are turned on and off randomly (most times other mods RGBW). It seems to me that the RGBW mode floods the zwave network and HC2 is not able to process all the information with solvency, producing general delays and random on and off commands to modules. Or it could be that the RGBW module when processing so many changes of values, sends corrupted information to the zwave network producing these symptoms. Now I have only two possible solutions that make the whole system return to normal. 1.- turn off the power to the module and reconnect it (wait for it to happen again) 2.- Do not use it. I have tried with another RGBW module with the same result. Is there a solution to avoid this?
  18. Hi guys. Is it possible to control the brightness of all four RGBW channels with one momentary switch and have another momentary switch to cycle through the colours ?
  19. Hi all. does anyone know if the RGBW module can be setup so the brightness of all lights is controlled by one momentary switch and the colour is controlled by another momentary switch (holding the momentary switch cycles through the rainbow)?
  20. Hi i am starting to put together a system. It’s not a big flat but I decided to have every light and every other thing I can in the system. So a lot of lights, even more rgbw led strips, iPads in the walls, and sonos speakers. So so I want to create a ‘party’ mode as it’s a pretty young and fun place. I would love to take the rhythm of the music played in the Sonos and have the lights change brightness and/or color to it. Any ideas?
  21. Hello. I have 4 RGBW modules controlling Chinese cheap RGB LED stripes. They are all on firmware version 26.25 which is the latest update. Also I can write that they are all working OK. I noticed that sometimes I get this messages in notification window on top of the web GUI interface: This is definitely not initiated by me. My HC2 is on 4.140, but that was also happening on 4.130. I had to soft reconfigure all of them before making upgrade. One of the RGBW modules soft reconfiguration ended with non configured state and I had to do forced deletion and inclusion but that one is not causing above notifications. Is there anyone else with same case? Is there anything I can do to stop this?
  22. Hi guys, I need a Z-Wave analog sensor, that is more precise (and more stable) than a RGBW module. Since my technical skills are very limited, I'm offering a deal to anyone who is interested in building such device for me. Requirements: - have to work with HC2, EU frequency - 4 analog inputs 0-10V - resolution 12 bit (4096 individual levels) or better - reports value on POLL or Level Change - device reports itself to HC2 as a temperature sensor, 0V=0°C, 10V=100°C - have to work with industrial 0-10V sensors, Rmin=1MOhm (IE: industrial watter level pressure sensor) - powered by 24V power source - no batteries needed for operation - DIN rail casing I'm offering 250EUR for a working device. Anyone interested, please let me know. Background story: I need to continuously monitor watter level in 3 separate tanks with HC2. I've tried to use RGBW analog input, but watter level was chaning very slowly (cca 0.1V per 14 days) so that RGBW was not able to notice that change. Translation into temperature is needed because temperature is one of the two variables that HC2 is able to visualize using weekly chart (the other is power consumption). Thanks beforehand, Ondrej Bajer
  23. Hi everyone, I have a few Dimmer 2s (FGD212) and an RGBW (FGRGBWM-441). One Dimmer 2 is wired up (3-wire install) to a double switch. S1 controls the wired light. S2 is also connected. The dimmer works from my app for the single light just fine. If I set S2 to control another Dimmer 2 via association group 4, it works perfectly. If I try to set S2 to control the RGBW via association group 4 or 5, nothing happens. Has anybody achieved this? If so, what am I missing? I'm very grateful for any help the community can provide. I am using a Samsung SmartThings hub, not HCL. I will ask the question in their forum too. Thanks for your time. JDB
  24. I have an RGBW dimmer from fibaro, selected as four individual dimmer. (zwave version 3.52, fibaro version 25.25) 1. when i select the momentary switch to switch on the light or off, then the light goes on, but the status in the app or webui doesn't change. its displayed as off. What can i do about this? 2. Show energy consumption measurements are selected but still not power reading in the app or webui.. When i turn on the light the energy consumption will stay on 0W. What can i do about this? -Sam
  25. Hi All, I have a LED (single colour white) LED strip controlled by an RGBW module. It doesn't have a physical button, instead its controlled via association (s2 from a dimmer 2) Its been working perfectly for ages. I recently updated the firmware on the RGBW and now it always switches on at 1%. If I double press the s2 on dimmer 2 it switches the RGBW to 100% but I really need it to just remember its last state. Has anyone got an idea? Cheers tom