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Found 11 results

  1. I’m a newby in the home center world, and i wonder if it’s possible to adjust the parameters with a quick app of a linked Z-wave alarm sound device, so it can make different sounds based on the event? Such as beeping softly at a entry delay, or alarm sound at a burglary. The sound device supports these capabilities, but i can't find a working solution in the HC3.
  2. I find the descriptions of the parameters for the RGBW Controller to be a little confusing. I need your help to clarify, please. I use the RGBW in input/output mode, to control 3 - 4 individual (monochrome) LED strips, each channel behaving like a dimmer. I need to set the parameters right for this application. Parameter 1, All On/All Off: Is this relevant for my i/o-mode application? I assume 0 (inactive) is appropriate, not the default value 255 (active)? Parameter 8, Output state change mode: Default is 0 = "mode 1", which seems appropriate in my case. Correct? Parameter 14,
  3. Hi, I want to know the ID's of all my window/door sensors. But my question is more basic. i.e. ids = fibaro:getDevicesId({interfaces ={"energy"}}) This will give me a list battery powered devices. So I presume something like that: ids = fibaro:getDevicesId({Type ={"door"}}) will give me the id's of my doorsensors. How could if find out the parameters of the getdevicesId() function? Thanks for any hints. Gerhard
  4. Hello I can’t activate additional functions in my KeyFob f.e. triangle button double click. This function changed its status to no active and it is showing action disabled, edit parameter 24. The problem is that I cannot change it because system doesn't save this value. The configuration menu behaves similar in other areas (it doesn't save new values of the parameters) Can someone help to resolve this issue?
  5. Hi guys I have bought a Dome Siren and it is capable of 10 sirens and 3 volumes. I can change these via parameters no problem. But ther is a section in the manual that suggests it can toggle between 2 sirens. This would be great to be able to use it as an alarm and door bell Can anyone help what is meant by 07 This Parameter toggles between the Primary and Secondary notification sound to be played when the Siren receives a BINARY_SWITCH_SET(FF) command. 01 Toggle Secondary Chime 01 (Primary Notification Will Play) 02 (Seco
  6. How do you update from an older Parameter Template to the latest? I have some Dimmer 2s with v773 and others with v796. v773 doesn't have Parameter 38 - 'Brightness level correction for flickering loads' which is proving useful for some of my LEDs.
  7. Hi ALL! I'm trying to change parameters of the Fibaro motion sensor in order to use it with @Sankotronic VSL scene. I'm trying to change folllowing parameters: Parameter 2 from 2 to 15 Parameter 6 from 5 to 30 and Parameter 40 from 200 to 40. Whatever I try, after saving the changed parameter it remains with the old value. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Have not seen it before, but would it not be nice to be able to use values as options in startScene? Now you have: "fibaro:startScene(sceneID)" Proposel would be "fibaro:startScene(sceneID,value1, value2, value3)" or whatever you would use to pass it along. (and while they are at it, allow passing a variable for the sceneID to work for example with those jT.Hometable solutions) Then in that scene you start value1, value2, value3 would be available in the scene itself. Makes re-using a scene more of an option. And yes, you can use globals to pass along inf
  9. Hi and Servus from Vienna! I included a AEON-Siren in my FibaroHC2-System (4.057) and it works very well. On the advanced-tab of the siren-device i can see and set the parameter number 37 "Siren sound and volume adjustment". This is for me a static Setting. My question is: Are there LUA-commands the can get and/or set this Device-Parameters in a Scene? Is it, i can varying sound and volume of the siren in a LUA-script. This would make me happy. You may see, i am a HC2-Beginner Thanks for your answers! Harald P.S.: This are the API-raw-data of the siren (from HC2-Too
  10. Hi i have a few of these - and i am sure i am failing to understand something. Can anyone clarify the parameters below - as i do not find the explanation clear. extract from Fibaro HC advanced settings Parameter 62This parameter determines how often the temperature measurements will be performed. The shorter time is, the more frequent temperature measurements are, however this has negative affect to the battery life. 0 means that the temperature measurements will not be performed. Parameter 64This parameter determines how often the temperature reports will be sent to the contr
  11. ------------- Hmm just figured I need to move the feathers to the opposite side of the switches... Sometimes it helps just to formulate the problem a bit. The template is erranous though, with two parameter 14's that affects each other when set.
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