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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I have this function function getHueLight(id) local hueIP = 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' local huePort = '80' local hueKey = '--------------------------------' local requestUrl = "http://"..hueIP..":"..huePort.."/api/"..hueKey.."/lights/"..id; local httpClient = net.HTTPClient(); httpClient:request(requestUrl, { options = { headers={}, method='GET' }, success = function (response) fibaro: debug (response. data) end, error = function (err) fibaro: debug ("Error:" .. err) end }); end and i want to assign output of this to varia
  2. Hi, I want to know the ID's of all my window/door sensors. But my question is more basic. i.e. ids = fibaro:getDevicesId({interfaces ={"energy"}}) This will give me a list battery powered devices. So I presume something like that: ids = fibaro:getDevicesId({Type ={"door"}}) will give me the id's of my doorsensors. How could if find out the parameters of the getdevicesId() function? Thanks for any hints. Gerhard
  3. I am trying to learn more about functions in lua How to enable a function? This is what i tried already, see below --[[ %% properties 194 value %% events %% globals --]] -- Trigger Management local currentDate = os.date("*t") local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger() --Start of Scene Execution if (startSource["type"] == 'property') then fibaro:debug("Started through property") tempFunc1() -- this is calling the the function if something happens. elseif (startSource["type"] == 'global') then fibaro:debug("Started through variable") tempFunc2() -- this is ca
  4. Created a LUA function you can use in a scene to upload data to emoncms.org. toEmonCMS = function(id,value,InputKey) local http = net.HTTPClient() -- CHANGE WRITE API KEY FOR EMONCMS local apikey = '1966dcf7b44xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' -- SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY TO EDIT BELOW THIS LINE -- local url = 'https://emoncms.org/input/post.json?json={' http:request(url .. InputKey .. ':' .. fibaro:getValue(id, value).. '}' ..'&apikey='..apikey, { options = { method = "POST", }, success = function(response) fibaro:debug (response.data) end, error = function(err) fibaro: debug
  5. Is it possible to check if the virtual device button was pressed in lua? Is there any function for that in lua? I want to code something like this: (If Button "3" of virtual device with an ID of 674 was pressed than a=a+1) for example
  6. Hi I have a problem to understand why my lua-code not working as i expected. See first this (properly working) test-lua-scene and the debug-result: --[[ %% properties %% globals --]] globalmessage = " " -- function funcSections() local typename = "Sections" fibaro:debug(globalmessage .. typename) end; function funcRooms() local typename = "Rooms" fibaro:debug(globalmessage .. typename) end; function funcDevices() local typename = "Devices" fibaro:debug(globalmessage .. typename) end; -- fibaro:debug("before call function funcDevices--------------------") globalmessage = "Now ca
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