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  1. Hi - I would like to modify a device parameter configuration using a scene. In this example I have a set of security lights which have a timer to switch on for 60 seconds. sometimes we want to use them as normal lights and i'd like to be able to set the timer to 20 minutes so they dont keep turning on and off. Parameter number 1 desired value would change using lua code to 1200. thanks.
  2. Hi everbody, I have a Tado Thermostat and was wondering if it is possible to create a VD for this thermostat? I found this unofficially API on the internet: http://blog.scphillips.com/posts/2017/01/the-tado-api-v2/ If anybody knows someone who already got a VD for Tado please let me know!
  3. Hi, I have a blocks-script, which turns off two of my outdoor lights when a light sensor gets above a certain value (and similar script for turning them on). This works fine. However, I have one switch on an outdoor sockett, which also turns OFF (but not ON), at the same time as the two outdoor lights. I’m sure that this is NOT included in the script. Could there be some sort of «link» that I don’t see. How can I find out why this switch turns off? Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I already opened a support ticket for this problem about 20 days ago. But nobody at fibaro is responding. I wanted to do a soft reconfiguration and I can't cancel this on the "Cancel" button. Is there any other way to remove this as "root"? Thanks in advance. Cu, Speedoxx007
  5. Hello, At the moment, I have a basic scene that turns a light on when a sensor sees motion, then turns off when the sensor has seen no motion for 5 minutes. No problem. What I need is; if the lights turn on and I don't want them on, I hit the light switch on the wall, the lights turn off and they remain off for 5 minutes. Currently when I hit the switch, the lights turn off but the motion sensor picks me up and turns them straight back on again. So I'm wondering if I can have a scene that says something along the lines of, "If the lights are on, and Switch 1 Key is
  6. Hi I am trying to measure power consumed by a single device and then use this infromation to determine a further action. I cannot seem to get the invidiaul device consumption. my code is below. device is ID 320. help please. --[[ %% autostart %% properties %% weather %% events %% globals --]] local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); function tempFunc() local currentDate = os.date("*t"); local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( ((currentDate.wday == -1)) --and string.format("%02d", curre
  7. Version 2.0


    Several times I've got lost in my system to identify specific device. I believe many of us have old devices/scenes that have been hidden or disabled. After a while, finding them again is quite a headache and not an easy task. I have written a scene that shows all existing devices, scenes, users and mobile devices with some extra data of properties. The scene output has two formats: a list of devices by rooms a plain list of all components in acceding order of IDs In order to choose between two formats please change as following: local plainLis
  8. I am using version 4.511 beta Home Center 2 fibaro system. I use the REST API to develop a react native app. I want to filter the device by type (blind, door, light, etc). In the api doc, there is only /devices and /devices/{deviceID}, the response type com.fibaro.FGRM222 (blind), com.fibaro.FGD212(light), com.fibaro.binarySwitch(light,door) , can not determine the device type. On the other hand, i want to filter the devices by room id, however the api not included. I am waiting for any help, thank you very much.
  9. Hi I have recently reconfigured my system, now a big part of my devices got other functions. Everything works well, beside one switch. There is one device, which turning off on random time of the day. I'm considering that I have a scene running, where I forgot to change device id after changes on the system, but I cannot find it. Everything looks fine. Question is: Is there any option to find out, which scene or system process is triggering action on the specific device?
  10. Hi I want to build a conditional scene as follows: If daypart ="state" (Ex: Evening) and main light at a specific room are on for more than defined time (ex: >=30sec) then turn other lights\devices on appreciate your support Ran
  11. Hi everyone, It appears my hue lights are not responding to any scenes after the HC2 and hue hub had a power outage. is there an easy way to reset this? I dont want to create new bulbs with new device ID's because then i will ave to change all my scenes Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, Before I started this topic, I seached various forums and the internet with Google. The answer is not clear to me, hopefully someone knows. When I added a new Fibaro FGS222 Switch 2x1,5kW EU in HC2, I see a master/slave overview like this: ---------- Master: ID 100 (Icon is a box, not a switch like the others) Slave: ID 101 (Named "Lamp 1") ID 102 (Automatically called "100.1") ID 103 (Named "Lamp 2") ---------- Does anyone know what the purpose is of the slave device with swich icon and ID 102? Dennis
  13. Hi. I have a fibaro HC Lite and have recently bought a Sonos Play:1. I would like to use the double click of my kitchen light switch to 'play' the speaker and then again to pause it.I've installed the plugin and have it working but I cannot see the device when in the graphical blocks scene builder, nor is it showing as a virtual device.I also tried to get the hcl virtual device to import but it just kept on saying doesn't support LUA code. Even though it was the specific home centre lite virtual device control plugin from the fibaro website.What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be
  14. Hi All! I woul'd like to have a feature, when assigning a device to a room, to assign the master and then all the slaves woul'd be automatically assigned to the same room. This will ease up the configuration. After all in the most cases all the slaves will be in the same room Ofcourse a user shoul'd be able to assign individual slave(s) to a different room. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I'm new to HC2 and getting HC2 to know little by little. I have a VD to control my airco. I have three buttons, Power toggle, Power on and Power off. I have Power on and Power off working. I use LUA for all three buttons. Is it possible to control the Power on and Power off buttons from the Power toggle button? If Yes, could someone please provide me with some sample code? Thanks, FJW.
  16. Hi, Should I exclude a disabled device from polling ir is it automatic because I have disabled it ? Thanks _f
  17. Some VD's are square and some have double width. Is this controlable and how?
  18. Hi ALL, is it necessary to wake up device everytime you've changed a parameter in order to send this parameter to device? Sometime I change a parameter and after saving the config I get the old value back again... Any thought's? ADMIN NOTE: Wrong forum. Read descriptions.
  19. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to make a scene that sends push notification if a wall plug becomes unavailable? I am not wondering about the push notification part, but how to define that a wall plug is unavailable in a scene. Would be a easy method to get a notification if there was a power outage. Anyhow, thanks!
  20. Hello, I do not know if somebody posted it here. Fibaro, can you add label from virtual device to a condition into block scenes? It could save us many trouble with compare some desired values with label in VDs. I know, i can make it into Global variables, but they are unreliable (mine opinion only), because i think parameter "invokeScenes" is set to false by default. Many times happened to me that scene did not run, even if Global variable had desired value.
  21. Is it possible to check if the virtual device button was pressed in lua? Is there any function for that in lua? I want to code something like this: (If Button "3" of virtual device with an ID of 674 was pressed than a=a+1) for example
  22. Hi all, Does anyone has a solution to switch off their water mains using their Fibaro?
  23. Hello, I love the new widget slide in the iOS. As I have found out, it only is for scenes not devices. I have a garage door opener device I really like to control with the widget. This way I can quickly open the garage door without even unlocking my phone. Any Ideas how to build this scene? Should be easy, the garage control is only a on/off relay switch. But all scenes seems to need a trigger? How would the magic scene look like? Tried with only Garage door == ON THEN but didn't work.. I want to trigger the scene myself, but the magic scene needs a trigger How to sol
  24. i configured Danalock on HC2 but the notification panel inform that the device without template and it is not response could you please support
  25. Allowing pre-programming of devices may involve quite a change to the Fibaro gateway workflow. Ideally I'd like to be able to manually select a device template to add without having the device exist on the z-wave network. It would just be a placeholder. Then when adding a device to the z-wave network, an option is presented to select an existing device or create a new device. Even better would be if it was possible to enter the serial number of the device when manually adding and then if a new device with matching serial is included on the gateway, it is automatically configured from the pre-
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