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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Those QuickApps intend to use as a slave devices on HC3 to emulate original devices on HC2/HCL or secondary HC3. The main purpose is to emulate devices of HC2 controller to create same environment on HC3 before migrating the devices. You can use these devices as standard HC3 devices in Lua, block scenes and QuickApp (triggers and control). After migration you just need to delete slaves and change device IDs in code. To make it easy, recommended to use json Home Table. In addition if you intend to keep HC2 or HCL as part of your Home Automation, these slaves provide an option to run your system on HC3 only. You can expand your HCL usage by using Lua, block scenes and QA on HC3 to control and monitor devices on HCL. Please use slaves according to device functionality. For sensors use SlaveSensor, for dimmers use SlaveDimmer, for RGBW dimmers use SlaveColor or SlaveColorW (option to change white level). It's very important to use correct KeyFob slave (sceneActivation or central Scene) After downloading the QA, open user_data file and enter credentials, IP and device ID. slaveRate value is in milliseconds and determines the time rate to fetch the data from original device. For example if device on HC2 turned ON, within 700 milliseconds the slave device on HC3 will be turned ON also Every slave device has an option to stop/start emulation by pressing toggle button .
  2. Version 1.2.4


    [SCENE] Battery Check scene v1.2.4 Hello all, Here it is, scene that will check battery level on all your battery operated devices and inform you on time when replacement is needed. I wish to thank very much to @petergebruers and @szmyk for code that searches and sorts all battery devices included to HC! THANK YOU! VERSION HISTORY: 28/09/2017 - v1.1 - first release 29/09/2017 - v1.1.1 - added translations for Dutch and Slovak 29/09/2017 - v1.2 - added possibility to define excluded and rechargeable devices. Added 3 new messages and added translations for German, Czech, Swedish, Danish and French, but need translation for new 3 messages. Also added emoji symbols to e-mail notification. 30/09/2017 - v1.2.1 - Corrected level for devices that report level 255 since Sensative strips can report battery level higher than 100%. Corrected translations for Polish, German, Dutch, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Chinese, Italian languages. Removed testing code that was accidentally left for checking devices with rechargeable batteries in v1.2 01/10/2017 - v1.2.1 - added Romanian translation 01/10/2017 - v1.2.2 - If HC reported battery level is 255 then it is shown as 0 % just to avoid any misunderstandings. 02/10/2017 - v1.2.2 - added missing Danish translation 10/10/2017 - v1.2.3 - added translations for Norwegian, French, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian languages. 17/03/2018 - v1.2.4 - Corrected translation for Czech language. SCENE DESCRIPTION: This scene is searching for all battery powered devices included in your HC2 and then checks their battery levels. It will send one e-mail to users with list of all devices which battery level is as follows: battery level 15% or lower will send WARNING to replace battery immediately battery level between 15% and 25% will send REMINDER that battery should be replaced soon battery level between 25% and 35% will send INFO to prepare or buy new battery for replacement rechargeable devices if battery level is 20% or less then will remind you to RECHARGE if all device batteries found with level above 35% then no e-mail will be sent Above levels are set according to those used in most devices. Usually, battery is shown in red when device battery level drops to 35%, but there is still no e-mails sent by HC. Reminder 25% level is set according to my experience when it is last moment to order batteries if there are none in the drawer left. Replacement level of 15% is set because some devices can just stop working if level drops bellow. Since all battery operated devices most of the time sleep, it can happen that they might not be able to report back to the gateway due to rapid depletion of the battery at its end of life. Also, thanks to @I.Srodka to confirm that this levels are used by HC. This scene supports multiple languages as in the list bellow: HC included languages and for this you do not need to do setup English = "en" OK Polski = "pl" OK Deutsch = "de" OK Svenska = "sv" Portugues = "pt" Italiano = "it" OK Francais = "fr" OK Nederlands = "nl" OK Roman = "ro" OK Brazilian Portuguese = "br" Estonian = "et" Latvian = "lv" Chinese = "cn" OK Russian = "ru" OK Denmark = "dk" OK Finland = "fi" Czech Republic = "cz" US English = "us" OK Spanish = "es" Additional languages supported by this version: Set it up for local lng two letterrs between quotes Slovak = "sk" OK Croatian = "hr" OK Bosnian = "ba" OK Serbian = "rs" OK Slovenian = "si" OK Norwegian = "no" OK Ukrainian (NEW) = "ua" OK It is difficult for me to properly translate to all above languages so for now languages with OK are translated and the rest are still to be translated. I will really appreciate your help with translation for the rest of the languages. Please if you do translation of bellow messages you can post it here so that other know that it is already translated. I will also add OK for every language I receive translation and of course update scene code! THANK YOU! Thanks to @gucio1234 for Polish translation! Thanks to @Bodyart for Slovak German and Dutch translations! Thanks to @MaTi for Dutch translation! Thanks to @jakub.jezek for Czech translation! Thanks to @sonnyboy for Swedish translation! Thanks to @TurboWannaBe for Danish translation! Thanks to @speedoxx007 for French translation! Thanks to @Momos for Romanian translation! Thanks to @olekenneth for Norwegian translation! Thanks to @Momos for Romanian translation! Thanks to @jack.daniels for Russian and Ukrainian translations! NEW v1.2 (added 3 new messages marked with arrows) This are messages for translation in English. %s are insertion points for device names and battery levels: ["en"] = { title = "Battery check", subTitle = "Following devices need your attention:", info = "INFO! id: %s - %s %s battery is on %s %%", remind = "REMINDER! id: %s - %s %s battery is on %s %%", warning = "WARNING! id: %s - %s %s battery is on %s %%", ---> excluded = "EXCLUDED! id: %s - %s %s battery is on %s %%", ---> recharge = "RECHARGE! id: %s - %s %s battery is on %s %%", found = "Found %s battery operated devices", tobuy = "INFO! Please order replacement battery", soon = "REMINDER! Need to be replaced soon!", replace = "WARNING! Please replace battery as soon as possible", ---> charge = "RECHARGE! Please recharge battery!", lang = "English" }, SCENE SETUP: This scene is very simple to setup. First select Scenes on main menu in HC web GUI and then add new scene. Select LUA scene. Download BC scene and open with PLAIN TEXT EDITOR (please do not use MS Word or similar programs because they will add formatting that will make scene inoperable). After you paste it to upper code window then you can check and set it up as follows: LANGUAGE: If your language is on the bellow list: Slovak "sk" Croatian "hr" Bosnian "ba" Serbian "rs" Slovenian "si" Norwegian "no" Ukrainian "ua" You need to setup local lng with two letter abbreviation for your language: local lng = "hr" but leave it empty of your language is set on HC. USERS TO RECEIVE E-MAIL: Scene by default is set to send e-mail to superuser ID=2, but you can add or replace it with other users. Users ID you can find with this link to your HC docs: http://YOUR_HC_IP/docs/#!/users Just add users ID inside curled brackets separated by comma as in bellow example: local userID = {2, 55, 128} EXCLUDED DEVICES NEW v1.2 Now you can define devices to be ignored or excluded from report. Just add their ID numbers between curled brackets separated by coma: local ignoreDevicesId = {100, 345} or leave brackets empty to check all devices. DEVICES WITH RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES NEW v1.2 You can also define devices with rechargeable batteries by their type, like for example new Fibaro Thermostat which is by default already added in the scene: local rechargeDevicesType = {"com.fibaro.FGT001"} You don't need to remove it even if you still don't have that thermostat. Scene is Fibaro thermostat ready! RUNNING SCENE: Scene is not set to automatically run so you need to setup whatever scheduling scene you use to start this scene once per day. If you use then you can make following settings in Main scene FTBE: -- SCHEDULED SCENES SETUP ------------------------------------------------ local runSceneSchedName = {"Battery check"} local runSceneSchedID = {Batt_check_sceneID}; local runSceneSchedHour = {{"10:00"}}; local runSceneSchedWeek = {{1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1}}; local runSceneSchedPushFlag = {0}; local runSceneSchedPushMessage = {""}; Of course, replace Batt_check_sceneID with ID number of this scene that will show up on General tab once scene is saved. And that's it! Enjoy! HOW TO UPGRADE From 1.1.1 or previous to 1.2 or higher: Just paste new code over previous one and setup as needed. From 1.2.2 to 1.2.3: Upgrade only if you need one of the added translations. You can copy only part of the language you need or from line 120 to the end of code to preserve your settings. From 1.2.2 to 1.2.Battery Check scene v1.2.4.lua4: Upgrade only if you need corrected Czech translation. NOTE LUA format of scene code is saved by ZeroBrane Studio v1.50. You can download it at this link: https://studio.zerobrane.com TXT version please open with TextEdit on Mac or Notepad on Windows. ICONS DOWNLOAD: For battery icons please go here to download: NOTE: After installing this scene and make it running once per day you can remove battery low e-mail notification from all battery operated devices. Just remove tick for "Notify when battery low via e-mail" on Advanced tab and press save: Battery Check scene v1.2.3.lua Battery Check scene v1.2.3.txt
  3. Hi, is there a possibility to read the routing table. What I know is that I.e. HC2 tries 3 routes to send a command to a remote node through the mesh net, then stops communication with the desired node. The maximum count of possible hops are 5 (4 routing devices). This is what I found in the advanced User Guide: The user can access the routing table. There are several software solutions, typically called installer tools, which visualise the routing table to optimize the network setup. But I don't find any Scripts, installer tools, LUA-Code, etc. concerning about that topic. Any hints to start for me? Thanks Gerhard
  4. Hello, I do not know if somebody posted it here. Fibaro, can you add label from virtual device to a condition into block scenes? It could save us many trouble with compare some desired values with label in VDs. I know, i can make it into Global variables, but they are unreliable (mine opinion only), because i think parameter "invokeScenes" is set to false by default. Many times happened to me that scene did not run, even if Global variable had desired value.
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