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  1. Version 2.8


    Weather State & Forecast suite standalone UPGRADE PROBLEM? Only for users that upgraded from previous versions. After upgrade if you have following errors: Weather State VD Update button: [ERROR] 18:29:16: line 366: attempt to index field 'acc' (a nil value) Weather Forecast VD Update button: [ERROR] 18:22:34: line 30: attempt to index field 'unl' (a nil value) Weather State & Forecast scene: [DEBUG] 18:35:57: 2021-04-15 18:35:57.190869 [ fatal] LUA error: /opt/fibaro/scenes/47.lua:141: attempt to index field 'acc' (a nil value) SOLUT
  2. Do you have any idea how to control Hisense Air Conditioner - Apple Pie by wifi module AEH-W4A1. I need to control it by commands throught wifi - Virtual Device
  3. Version 3.2


    Netatmo Weather Station VD-scene standalone INTRODUCTION Netatmo Weather station VD-scene brings complete integration of Netatmo weather station to HC2 users including rain and wind gauges and support for more than one station. PREREQUISITES Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.160 or greater Netatmo Weather station FEATURES Complete integration of Netatmo weather station with HC2 including rain gauge and anemometer Support for multiple Netatmo weather station
  4. Hello, I have created multiple virtual devices but never found out how to change the main icon. I have used: fibaro:call({id of VD}, "setProperty", "currentIcon", {id of icon}) but it doesn't work. I need a solution to setup an icon that stys unchanged, even if buttons are pressed. Thank you!
  5. Implement Sonos VD using node-http-API running on raspberry PI The following should help if you want to implement an sonos VD that leverages the node sonos http api by jishi The post consists in two parts Setting up the API on a raspberry pi Creating the VD and summary of other uses of the API and some sample code I use **I'll structure this in a better format in the coming weeks but for now it should be sufficient** I have tested this with Play1, 3, 5 (older version) ZP100, ZP80, ZP90. I don’t have a sonos soundbar or sub but from reading ot
  6. Version 1.3.4


    Main scene FTBE v1.3.4 UPDATE (30 December 2019) Changed only Main scene FTBE code. Changed function for time of day calculation and added use of SleepState global to set time of day to morning when Awake and current time is between midnight and sunrise time. KNOWN ISSUES v1.3.4 Sunrise and Sunset VD will not show correctly default sunrise and sunset time set by user in Main scene in case that that times are used due to problem with HC settings. If sunset time is before sunrise time then user must check that night time is not set to start after sunrise.
  7. I got a VD that collects lux for me and put it as global variable, yesterday i received something wrong in the readout as you could see below. The VD collects data thru json , all code is in mainloop. When this unexpected answer from the device shows up, the VD stop working, the only way to get it up and running again is to reboot the HC:2, is there any other way to get the VD to start again? [DEBUG] 18:03:49: 0.83 [DEBUG] 18:04:49: 0.83 [DEBUG] 18:05:52: 0.83 [ERROR] 18:07:56: line 7: Expected value but found T_END at character 1 Code in mainloop se
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Poniżej pierwsza wersja kodu dla Fibaro VD odczytująca dane z falownika ZeverSolar -instalacji fotowoltaicznej dostępne po sieci lokalnej: adresIP/home.cgi. VD ZeverSolar wymaga tylko wpisania swojego adresu IP VD ZeverSolar umożliwia: 1. Prezentacje danych: czas odczytu, wartość chwilowa pacW, wielkość produkcji dziennej. 2. Przycisk wymuszający odczyt on demand "Update?". 3. Zapis zmiennych globalnych pacW, etodayKWh.
  9. Hi A small solution to making tunable white lighting in Fibaro. Might help someone who is new to Lua and Fibaro https://youtu.be/atihFhlgTAc The video description has the link to virtual device.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm working on solution that should bring easier sharing and installation of scenes and virtual devices for users. What I'm missing is a way how to change button and label 'Name' or 'caption' using LUA code and/or REST API. See picture bellow: @T.Konopka, Please if you know answer to this question can you share it, or of it is not possible with latest version 4.120 can this be added to the todo list for some future release? Really appreciate your help! Sincerely Sankotronic EDIT This is s
  11. Hello! i Wonder how can i change width of virtual device to get perfect square? now it's very large and take much space for only energy consumption report
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple VD+Scene to control ZXT-120 AC controllers. I use it because of 2 factors: 1) You can control everything on one screen instead of 3 devices in HC2 interface 2) it is visible in Home Center app (ZXT-120 is not visible natively yet) It supports heating and cooling modes and fan speed. You can see current status as well. Setup is very simple: VD - just put ID of the child device of ZXT-120 which controls temperature into the "Port" field of VD Scene - You have to put IDs of three child deviced of ZXT in the triggers field annd the same ID into "Optio
  13. How to make a button in a VD what will restart your HC2 ? Thanks for your help -sbo
  14. As has been re-iterated many many times on this forum, there are two methods of updating a slider in a virtual device from a scene or another VD: Using fibaro:call(device, "setProperty", "ui.sliderX,value", value) causes the numerical value of the slider to be updated, but not the length of the slider bar. Neither does it execute the code behind the slider. Using fibaro:call(device, "setSlider", X, value) causes the numerical value and the length of the slider to be updated,, and executes the code behind the slider. In both cases, "device" is the ID number of the VD, "X" is t
  15. How to get the vlaue from a label in a VD ? I want to read the status from a label in a VD, how to do so? if fibaro:getValue(189, "ui.verandaspots.value") == 'ON' then fibaro:debug("TEST") end
  16. I am not the Author, but this is such a great guide that I think it should be here. https://snillevilla.se/styr-philips-hue-lampor-med-fibaro-home-center-2/ You also need to check Developers.meethue.com and follow the tutorial there to get a user made for API https://developers.meethue.com/documentation/getting-started Files for icons and VD files here: https://github.com/snillevilla/Philips-Hue-VD-for-Fibaro-HC2
  17. Buongiorno, c'è modo di far tracciare i cambiamenti dei VD come eventi e poterli consultare nel pannello eventi? Grazie. Lorenzo
  18. Hi Everyone. So, firstly a bit of background. I am playing with improving the current SONY TV control. Currently there is only one working control and that is the current VD, but there is a PLUGIN that doesn't work for the newer Android tv's So after a lot of head scratching and googling i have figured that the Sony TV has a REST API that can be connected to with a HTTP request. The Sony actually has three ways to control it IRCC (IR codes over IP), Serial and REST API. the current VD uses IRCC and cant go directly to say HDMI3 or an app you have i
  19. Guys, i simple need to send this command using a VD: Button1: PUT http://admin:[email protected]/ISAPI/ContentMgmt/record/control/manual/start/tracks/101 Button2:PUT http://admin:[email protected]/ISAPI/ContentMgmt/record/control/manual/stop/tracks/101 How can i do? Do u have some example? There ia also a way to check the status of the command? Regards Gianluca
  20. Version 1.0.0


  21. I use the Imperihome as front end for my HC2 and the other devices I have. Imperihome is mostly fine but the amount of custom text able to display is limited to one line. But, Imperhome can show a web page. Therefore, can I make a global variable where I concatenate HC2-values/information and embed HTML-codes. I then call the variable from my Imperihome and a tiny webpage with e.g. four lines of text is generated. Does this sound possible?
  22. Witam Mam prośbę, czy mógłby mi ktoś rzucić okiem na kod pętli głównej urządzenia wirtualnego? Mianowicie chodzi o to, że urządzenie działa poprawnie, służy do sterowania klimakonwektorem, jednak nie wyświetla mi stanu poszczególnych elementów na etykietach. Co zrobiłem źle w kodzie pętli głównej? klima_salon_2(1).vfib
  23. Hi guys. Apologies if this has already been answered but was wondering if there was a way to switch the individual sprinklers between Auto/Off using a VD or similar so I can do it from the phone App? I'd like to be able to effectively disable my sprinklers during winter and only water automatically during summer. I know there is a good VD for the "Sprinkler Panel" (here: https://forum.fibaro.com/topic/21066-sprinkler-panel/?page=3#comment-146054) but I really want access to the Auto/Off mode selection. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi All! Is there a way to automatic create labels in VD with LUA? I want to add, or delete labels in VD depending on results of my code. For example if i have a VD displaying humidity sensor values and i add a new sensor the code should add a new label to display its value. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  25. Has anyone found a simple solution to play internet radio stations from like Tunein? if so can you share your VD. thanks
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