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Found 20 results

  1. Version 3.0


    Netatmo Weather Station VD-scene standalone INTRODUCTION Netatmo Weather station VD-scene brings complete integration of Netatmo weather station to HC2 users including rain and wind gauges and support for more than one station. PREREQUISITES Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.160 or greater Netatmo Weather station FEATURES Complete integration of Netatmo weather station with HC2 including rain gauge and anemometer Support for multiple Netatmo weather stations Support for maximum 3 additional indoor modules Smart update system that follows Netatmo weather station cloud updates Completely independent installation does not require any more Weather State VD or Main scene FTBE Netatmo weather station measurements can be shown on Weather State VD and HC2 web GUI and mobile applications by means of Weather State VD and Weather provider plugin VD has built in multi-language support with 27 languages included (see APPENDIX 1 for the list). VD can use HC selected language or user can select any other available language. Easy setup for VD icons (on UHASTM compatible version is this even easier) Global variables are automatically added, monitored and repaired and does not require user intervention INSTALLATION Please check provided User Manual PACKAGE CONTENT Netatmo Indoor Base module VD (main) Netatmo Outdoor module VD Netatmo Additional indoor module VD Netatmo Wind sensor VD Netatmo Rain sensor VD Netatmo Weather station scene Set of icons for all VD's and scene User manual EN TERMS AND CONDITIONS Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and its documentation for educational, research, personal use and non-profit purposes, without fee and without a signed licensing agreement is hereby granted, provided that the copyright notice, with "Terms and conditions" and "Disclaimer" appear in all copies, modifications and distributions. It is strictly forbidden to sell, rent, lease and/or lend this software for profit without prior consent from the Author. DISCLAIMER This software is provided by copyright owner "as is" and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. In no event shall the author and distributor be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage. Fibar Group S.A. and their employees are not responsible for support of the ABC VD. Please contact the author Sankotronic, on the Fibaro Forum, for any questions or support required. VERSION HISTORY 3.0 – This new version is completely redesigned and made independent. Does not require Main scene FTBE and Weather State VD anymore. Updating is now synced with Netatmo cloud so readings are always up to date. 2.0.2 – Code optimized and resolved some bugs Here is look of the Netatmo Weather set: Enjoy coding and your new Netatmo weather station VD-scene! Sankotronic
  2. Hello, I would like to share review/guide of Netatmo Welcome camera. Main reason for this, is that yesterday (09.02.19) this camera became available for Apple Home Kit, and live preview delay (through standard app) has been decreased from 6-8 sec to 0,5 (most probably these issues are connected). I wanted to use this one as baby monitor, 6sek was too much, but 0,5 is good enough - so I have taken it back from trash bin. Also I got a couple of questions - most probably this article could be filled. 1. Turn On and Connect to Netatmo security app 1. No problems with this, Netatmo app will guide through all process (rotate camera, share network data, etc) 2. After connection - live preview will work quite well, but with often "buffernigs" 3. Live preview delay around 0,5sek (a few days before was around 6, and confirmed by netatmo that it is normal) 4. Also I have noticed, that connection through LAN or WiFi - makes no difference for quality. 2. Connect to Apple Home Kit 1. There is separate option to allow access to Apple Home Kit - 2. During this image with code will be shown and saved to photos libraby 3. Go to apple home kit and make connection fast and easy 3. Get Snapshot and Live preview link 3.1. Go to https://dev.netatmo.com 3.2. Use your credentials (provided in p1) to Login 3.3. How to Get VPN Link: 3.3.1. Follow 5 steps on picture 3.3.2. Additional textboxes will appear 3.3.3. Leave everything blank, and press TRY IT NOW 3.3.4. Follow path until your camera, by pressing arrows on the left Body => Homes => Cameras => you will see your camera (actually you could compare mac address just to be sure) 3.3.5. Copy link without ", but with commas in the end. You will get something like this https://v9.netatmo.net...your_long_vpn_link_active_3_hours,, 3.4. How to Get local links - we are getting closer 3.4.1. Add /command/ping in the end on this link, and paste to internet browser E.g.: https://v9.netatmo.net...your_long_vpn_link_active_3_hours,,/command/ping Result: 3.4.2. Local Url - is your local link to get access to camera http://192.168._your_local_link Example: 3.4.3. Snapshot: Just add /live/snapshot_720.jpg result: http://192.168._your_local_link/live/snapshot_720.jpg Example: Put it in browser and you should see snapshot 3.4.4. Live Preview Add /live/files/medium/index.m3u8 result: http://192.168._your_local_link_5f/live/files/medium/index.m3u8 You can replace medium to low, poor, high - and get different quality levels. Put it in browser and you should see live video. If not, replace "index" to "index_local" 4. Connect to Fibaro 4.1. Devices => Add New => Camera => Advanced Settings 4.1.1.Choose Other model 4.1.2. Choose http as protocol 4.1.3. Write camera local IP, which you got from p3.4.2. e.g. e.g. 4.1.4. JPG path and MJP path to be the same: E.g. E.g. df6ds7fds68f6ds8f6ds8768ff6d/live/snapshot_720.jpg Please note: data on figure is informative
  3. I'm having a problem linking my weather station to my HC2. Following the tutorials found I have performed the following procedures; 1- Creation of the app (netatmo), as seen in the image netatmo 01 and netatmo 02.01 2- Install the plugin in the HC2 3- Copy the client id and secret in the requested fields. 4- Complete the username and password of my netatmo account in the other requested fields. When recording the data does not connect from my weather station. What am I doing wrong? I need some more step? When creating the app and being activated, I receive emails every 10 minutes of netatmo indicating that the app is trying to access my account with incorrect data and that the account will be temporarily blocked for 10 minutes. This may have something to do? Only by deactivating the app in the option as seen in the image netatmo 02.01, I stop receiving the alert emails. Thanks in advance to those who can help me with this problem
  4. how to install netatmo agian after removed. Have tried the same procedure as I did to set it up the first time but cannot connect. Netatmo say there is no way to factory reset the netatmo.
  5. Sankotronic

    Netatmo Weather Station icons

    Version 2.0.0


    Complete new set of icons for Netatmo Weather station!
  6. Sankotronic

    Weather states and Netatmo icons

    Version 1.0.0


    Here are some icons for weather state with corresponding weather code and ID number for easier setup: An here is another set with more icons and corresponding weather code for easier setup: In name of the icon first number is weather condition code from openweathermap.org/weather-conditions to make it easier to setup VD. This icons you can use for modules added by Netatmo plugin: NEW: This icons are used for new Netatmo weather station modules and scene: Scene icon: Main base module icons changing color depending on measured CO2 level: Additional indoor module changing color depending on measured CO2 level: Outdoor module icons changing color depending on measured temperature: Rain sensor icon: and Wind sensor icon:
  7. kenneth.horn@gmail.com

    [SOLVED]Netatmo Weather station

    Hello I have sett up a Netatmo Weather station and have it working on the standard IOS app. Now i want to connect it to my hc2. I have sett up the plugin and inserted the username and password. Clicking "Get Device" does nothing and the the General tab still says invalid username or password. There is no other error messages. Anyone familiar with this problem?
  8. drboss

    Netatmo Plugin - Restart Scene

    Version 0.1 BETA


    Due to the netatmo plugin often stop work without any info the attached scene reboot it. Please add the scene to any another time based scene (ex for 2 time call by day) Explication of scene. After check mail.lua in plugin source: if (netatmo:updateProperty('polling_time', config.polling_time) or netatmo:updateProperty('username', config.username) or netatmo:updateProperty('password', config.password) or netatmo:updateProperty('client_id', config.client_id) or netatmo:updateProperty('client_secret', config.client_secret)) then plugin.restart() end to force plugin restart the scene change pooling_time variable. It add to pooling time of netatmo plugin 5s or subtract 5s, alternately and after this check any change in plugin. Result of this is restart of netatmo plugin.
  9. Cannon_82

    Netatmo Weather Station

    Version 1.0.0


    Some of the icons i use for my VDs for the netatmo weather station
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me whether it's possible to use the Netatmo plugin to supply the default weather info to the HC2? I currently use the Yahoo plugin and don't seem to be able to select the Netatmo plugin for this. I can use Netatmo ok in scenes, just not the main weather info. Thank you,
  11. Hi all, I tried to find similar topic, but without expected success. I'm wondering if it is possible to import the "OUTDOOR AIR QUALITY" indicator from NETATMO sensor to the LUA scene via API? Has anyone of you tried similar solution or maybe wrote a scene which can perform such action? Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Supremo83

    Netatmo thermostat in HCL

    Hi, I've bought a Netatmo thermostat and its relay, it's now working fine with the Netatmo APP, fully integrated in Apple HomeKit but something happens in Fibaro. I installed the plugin and did all necessary steps to bind the Netatmo account and Fibaro, I see the message Your account is connected in Fibaro but no new devices are coming up. I'm just wondering if Fibaro is not supporting Netatmo thermostat, or whether I shall code something in the Netatmo APP program site. Any clue or hint to solve the issue? Thanks!
  13. Julegeita

    Humidity spike as Trigger

    Hello! I am new to to Lua coding and coding generally, and i am struggeling to be satisfied with my bathroom fan control during shower. Devices: Netatmo Indoor and outside module and Fibaro Relay Per now, I control my bathroom fan, by monitoring the humidity in the room and set the fan to start at a given level like below. This is made by normal scene blocks. (If OUTSIDE humidity > 90 AND INDOOR humidity >= 60 = "Turn on") (If OUTSIDE humidity > 90 AND INDOOR humidity < 60 = "Turn off") (If OUTSIDE humidity < 90 AND INDOOR humidity >= 55 = "Turn on") (If OUTSIDE humidity < 90 AND INDOOR humidity <55 = "Turn off") The outside criteria "helps" on wet and rainy days, by not letting the fan start on its own due to rise in humidity. Due to the fact that outside humidity plays a HUGE role on the inside humidity, my setup must be modified all the time because of seasonal changes. What i would really want is a script that does the following using only the inside humidity and the relay: The plugin for Netatmo pulls information every minute, but the Netatmo itself only uploads to the API site every 10 min. Så when i get a rise in humidity, i allways get atleast 5% at a time. That means the Fibaro thinks it gets 5% rise in one minute (if i think at this correctly) I want a sudden rise in humidity, regardless of the outside OR the inside humidity, to trigger the fan. (Example: from 25-->30, 45-->50, 52--57) The thing i think is tricky, is that you actualy must "save" the previus value and compare it to the new?!? If i get the fan to trigg this way, i could easily set up another scene to stop the fan after an hour. BUT, it would be much more awsome if the fan stayed on until the humidity value BEFORE the spike was reached. Does anybody have a solution for this? I know the guy at the top of this topic, providing the link, has made this in Domoticz - https://www.domoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4421 Sorry for my horrible english writing! Best regards
  14. severin

    Netatmo windgauge plugin

    The Netatmo climate plugin version 1.0 for HC2 is old. Fibaro - please update the plugin so that it also includes the Netatmo anemometer. Best regards Jan Severin
  15. Witam jest stworzony przez kolegę z Germani " Boomx " prosty kod aby uzyskać ip i url do Kamerki Netatmo Welcom. A że dzisiaj zainstalowałem Netatmo Presence chciał bym wam ułatwić zadanie z dostępem do Presence. trzeba podmienić poniższy kod w wirtualce dla welkom cam. function oAuth(nextFunction) local request_body = 'grant_type=password&client_id=' .. client_id .. '&client_secret=' .. client_secret .. '&username=' .. username .. '&password=' .. password .. '&scope=read_presence access_presence' dla leniwych cały kod : --[[%% properties%% globals--]] -- DIESE DATEN ANPASSEN wprowadzić swoje dane local client_id = '55xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx69' local client_secret = 'quoLyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtuRlwnpNPbP5'local username = 'dkonecko@xxxxxxxxx'local password = 'xxxxxxxxxx' local language = 'german' -- german/english -- AB HIER NICHTS MEHR ANPASSEN local token = ''local request_body = '' Debug = function ( color, message ) if (debug == 1) then fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s', "span", color, message, "span")) elseif (debug == 0) then endend DebugChange = function ( color, message ) fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s', "span", color, message, "span"))end DebugError = function ( color, message ) fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s', "span", color, message, "span"))end fibaro:debug('netatmo welcome cam finder v1.0b') if (language == 'german' or language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "Debug: " ..language)else DebugError( "red", "Please choose a language for debug") fibaro:abort();end local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); function oAuth(nextFunction) local request_body = 'grant_type=password&client_id=' .. client_id .. '&client_secret=' .. client_secret .. '&username=' .. username .. '&password=' .. password .. '&scope=read_presence access_presence' getResponseData('https://api.netatmo.net/oauth2/token', request_body, function(data) if (data.access_token ~= nil) then token = data.access_token gethomedata() else if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "red", "oAuth-API-Call konnte nicht durchgeführt werden! oAuth 2.0 lieferte keinen Wert zurück") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "red", "oAuth-API-Call Error. oAuth 2.0 returns nothing.") end end end )end function getResponseData(url, body, func) local http = net.HTTPClient() http:request(url, { options = { method = 'POST', headers = { ['Content-Type'] = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8' }, data = body }, success = function(response) func(json.decode(response.data)) end }) end function gethomedata() request_body_cam = 'access_token=' ..token.. '' getResponseData('https://api.netatmo.net/api/gethomedata', request_body_cam, function(getData) --fibaro:debug(request_body_cam) if (getData.body ~= nil) then if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "green", "API-Call durchgeführt.") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "API-Call was done.") end for w, v in pairs(getData.body.homes) do for a, b in pairs(v.cameras) do if (b.is_local) then if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "green", "Lokale IP der Kamera gefunden.") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "Local IP of cam was found.") end findLocalPresence(b.vpn_url) else if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "green", "Lokale IP der Kamera NICHT gefunden.") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "Local cam NOT found.") end end end end else if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "red", "API-Call fehlgeschlagen") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "red", "API-Call Error") end end end )end function findLocalPresence(url)local selfhttp = net.HTTPClient({timeout=2000})url = url..'/command/ping'selfhttp:request(url, { options={ headers = selfhttp.controlHeaders, method = 'GET', timeout = 5000 }, success = function(status) if status.status == 200 then if status.data ~= nil then --print(json.decode(status.data)) for k,v in pairs(json.decode(status.data)) do if (k == 'local_url') then local cam_url = v local url_new = string.sub(cam_url, 8, #cam_url) one, two = url_new:match("([^,]+)/([^,]+)") fibaro:debug('Cam-IP: '..one) fibaro:debug('JPG-Stream: /'..two.. '/live/snapshot_720.jpg') DebugError( "green", "coded 4 siio.de/siio.com") end end end else print ("failed") print(status.data) end end, error = function(error) print "ERROR" print(error) end}) end oAuth() dane uzyskane w wirtualce jak IP I url do obrazu kopiujemy do zakładki kamera bez użytkownika i hasła. miłej zabawy.
  16. I'm currently stuck in a never ending 503 after I deleted some virtual devices and the netatmo plugin. Any tips on how to possibly fix this? (if already mailed support but I'm afraid that will take a while).
  17. I reinstalled the Netatmo plugin and end up with all devices double but showing different results.
  18. Hello forum, I'm a newbie to Fibaro but not home automation (have been using X10 for some years and recently tried Insteon which I thought was a complete disaster!) I am now building up my Z-WAVE network and started with a Fibaro Home Center 2 and some Motion sensors, Wall Plugs, etc. One of the things I would like to be able to organise if automatic watering of my lawns. I currently use a normal watering computer but I am toying with the idea of using the HC2 to control that and have seen several articles on that, looks ok. I also recently bought a full Netatmo set (Indoor and outdoor sensors, wind sensor and rain sensor). I would love to be able to grab the readings from these sensors to drive the sprinklers. How do I do that? Am I going to have to learn LUA and create Virtual Devices to achieve that? Appreciate all and any feedback and advice! Regards
  19. Hello forum, I'm a newbie to Fibaro but not home automation (have been using X10 for some years and recently tried Insteon which I thought was a complete disaster!) I am now building up my Z-WAVE network and started with a Fibaro Home Center 2 and some Motion sensors, Wall Plugs, etc. One of the things I would like to be able to organise if automatic watering of my lawns. I currently use a normal watering computer but I am toying with the idea of using the HC2 to control that and have seen several articles on that, looks ok. I also recently bought a full Netatmo set (Indoor and outdoor sensors, wind sensor and rain sensor). I would love to be able to grab the readings from these sensors to drive the sprinklers. How do I do that? Am I going to have to learn LUA and create Virtual Devices to achieve that? Appreciate all and any feedback and advice! Regards
  20. Will Netatmo plugin be updated to support the wind gauge?