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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering how can i control a 24 VAC valve using a Smart Module or another Fibaro Device. I used to install a Relay Switch to control this kind of valves, but now, when i read the techical description of Smart Module i can find this sentence : "Always use the same power source for L and IN terminals" How can i control 24 VAC Valves? Thanks.
  2. Hi, When a device suchs as a dimmer, switch or Fibaro eye needs to be replaced it gets a different device number. so i have to change all the scene's where its in. is'nt there a way to replace the device without change the device ID? its quite a lot of work to change al scenes where its used in. If this aint possible, it might be an idee of adding it to one of the next firmware updates? Like a button: Replace device >> delete old device>> then include the device >>> and it keeps the same Device ID, so no changes need to be made in all the scene's it is in. Greetings TSN
  3. Hello, We have few light switch installed with Fibaro and one of them was Double Relay Switch (old model of Double Switch 2 with In and L). We bought a Double Switch 2 to change this relay because we wanted to measure power consumption. Double Relay Switch was/is installed on one Double (mechanical) switch to control two separate lights. One light can be controlled only from this switch, the second one can be controlled from more places / switches. With Double Relay Switch there was no problem, we installed it at the first attempt and everything was working as it should. After we bought the Double Switch 2, we just replaced the Double Relay Switch, every single wire we connected to the same input/output and turn the power supply on - and here magic happens. The left mechanical switch (S2) works fine, the right does nothing (S1). Absolutely nothing, no click sound in Fibaro Double Switch 2, no lights. Then I tried to turn the light on with the app through Fibaro - at it works for both. OK, I tried to switch the S1 and S2 wire to check if one of the Fibaro Double Switch relays is false. But, another magic, the left mechanical switch still works (S1) but the right does nothing anyway (S2). From this it looks like there is some problem with the mechanical switch. So i took one of the wires for light and put it directly to the right mechanical switch to bypass Fibaro - vuala, the right mechanical switch does work and the light is switching on and off without any problems. At this moment I was feeling helpless and just uninstalled the new Double Switch 2, took the old Double Relay Switch and installed it back - it works as it should! What the heck is happening here. At the last, i just tried to install Double Switch 2 to a different double mechanical switch - different circuit. It took me five minutes to install everything the same way as with the previous and in this it is working! OMG I really don't know what I'm doing wrong so the Double Switch 2 is not working in place where Relay Switch is working without any problems! Any ideas please? Thank you!
  4. I have a Fibaro Double Switch Relay 2x1,5kw (v. 2.2) and recently i buy another with v.3.2. I observe new features and parameters in version 3.2 (like real power consumption, no estimated from user). How can i made firmware update, it is possible from v2.2 to 3.2?!? I try "check firmware update" but don't find any update, answer is up to date. I have HC2 /4.141.
  5. I received a new HC2 because my oldone died. Thanks for that Fibaro. Sadly without my recovery stick wich a send with my old HC2. Its a struggle to get everything connected again with my HC2. And it is all fibaro devices! First reset the device (don't know if this is necessary) because disconnecting from de connected old HC2 is not possible. This is different on every device. Motion sensors, smoke sensors, and wall plug went (after several try's) well. I have a problem with resetting and connecting my 2x1,5 switch. Besides that you have to build it out to reach the B button. I reset the device with pressing the B button for at least 3 seconds and wait a minute to process the reset. Afther that put my HC2 in adding mode and pus the B button 3 times very fast. No reaction on my HC2. I build out my HC2 and put it within one meter from the swich and tried the reset en add as above. Still no reaction. I repeated the steps maybe 20 times. Slower, as quick as I can, etc. I also tried a reset and pushing the S1 switch without any results. To be shore to have the S1 switch I also tried the reset en S2 switch several times. I tried the above steps with the different checkboxes in HC2 commander for adding devices (secure etc.). The B botton is working. When I push it one time, I see the attached light go on or out. Before I open all of my switches I want to know how to reconnect my fibaro switch to my HC2. Do I forget something or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Hi, thank you in advance for your patience and hopefully support. I'm a good programmer, I've limited electrician skills but I successfully installed 4 fibaro roller shutters following online tutorials and done some other small electric changes in my home Now I would like to modify my electrical system adding one Fibaro double relay switch, in order to remotely control two lamps. Actually each lamp is controlled by two push buttons and one Finder Relay like this one On each button there are 2 wires attached: 1 common neutral and 1 wire attached to the Finder relay. What I would like to achieve: replace the two Finder relays with one Fibaro Double Relay in the electric box, and have all 4 buttons still working. Do you think this is possible? I attach also a draw made by me with my actual system. If this is possible, do you have some hints for needed wiring? Sorry for my non-technical schema Thanks in advance for your time Best regards
  7. I reinstalled the Netatmo plugin and end up with all devices double but showing different results.
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