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Found 8 results

  1. Hi have one Heatit thermostat in version 1.5 and two of them in version 1.8. I need to update the 1.5 to 1.8 but a cable and a software is requested. I got the software and the update procedure. The cable is very expensive, about 70€, is there someone that know the wires schema in order to self-made the cable?
  2. My motion sensor will not update. i am due for a version 2.7 upgrade. every time i start the update and starts the download i wake up my motion sensor then after about 6-10 seconds it says failed. What am i doing wrong? *i have a new battery in it *no scenes are running *have limited CPU usage *motion right next to home center anyone have any ideas?
  3. I have a Fibaro Double Switch Relay 2x1,5kw (v. 2.2) and recently i buy another with v.3.2. I observe new features and parameters in version 3.2 (like real power consumption, no estimated from user). How can i made firmware update, it is possible from v2.2 to 3.2?!? I try "check firmware update" but don't find any update, answer is up to date. I have HC2 /4.141.
  4. geritz81

    Broken Recovery drive

    Hi, I have an issue on my HC2 box, I cannot create backups anymore. My drive shows disconnected and a checksum is not completing. Also after a reboot all lights go on and after approximately one hour it runs like normal. So rebooting the box is taking multiple hours to complete I am running on 4.100 and would like to upgrade due to a message on a few websites stating that there is a security breach in previous versions. Creating a backup triggers a new screen, flickers a brief moment and finishes without generating a backup image. I have contacted fibaro and they did check the HC2 remotely but they are not able to fix the issues. I need to ship the box to Poland! I read a few topics about the RMA because of faulty/corrupted recovery modules. Is there a local alternative ? Anybody who can share some experiences on the shipping to Poland ? To be honest, I cannot unplug the box since all my home lighting/cams/heating are managed via the HC2. This really makes me doubt about whether I should continue on a Fibaro setup..
  5. Jacek Stark

    Samoistny Reboot HC2 w ver 4.136b

    Po wgraniu wersji 4.136b HC2 samoistnie reboot`uje po wymuszonej aktualizacji czasu HC2.
  6. fayelund

    Upgrade takes forever

    During the last two updates the update process has been taking forever. The problematic step seems to be creating backup. I'm now going from 4.110 to 4.120 and the backup has been running for close to one hour. Same happened when I went to 4.110. Have anybody else experienced this?
  7. hi guys, yesterday I wanted to upgrad from 4.080 to 4.082. After the upgrade finished, I had only 5 devices left of my previous 43 devices. I tried to load the backup, that was automatically created. Same result 5 devices only. I then went back to 4.080 with recovery mode. Loaded the backup and again 5 devices only. If I go back further, where I had 31 devices only, everything is restored as expected. But ofcourse not all devices are there then. When the restore of the 43 devices Backup finishes, i can see breefly a message telling somithing like: finished removing dead devices ... Now my question, how can I get my devices back without having to: exclude them from the z-wave pull them out from wall-covers all over the house move them close to the main controller to include them again move them back to their places across the house correct all the IDs in my szenes find a solution to prevent this happening again I'm happy for any help/hints to get things up and running again. Thank you, kro
  8. All, after i've upgrade my hc2 to the 4.035 firmware version i not more able to invoke start scene from rest api: tipically i'm using this /api/scenes/50/action/start http://admin:admin@1...50/action/start but i receive an error code of 403 Forbidden before the upgrade it worked well. Any help??