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Found 11 results

  1. Version: 4.510 HC2 REST API Hi guys, since update to version 4.510 i get sometimes this email: "Suspicious Login Attempts Prevented: We noticted 5 failed login attempts to your HC2 that seemed suspicious. For your security, the following IP address xxx has been locked for 30 min" Why? The REST Auth are right. At start status code 200 with successful result and a little bit later 401 bad user and pass. All request, in the previous version, ran flawlessly...
  2. I made the mistake of buying the wrong model of the Nice Gate controller - it doesnt interface with Fibaro. It only has one input, the rest are coded. To make everything work I have cannibalized one remote and attached it to a raspberry pi with relays. This is working fine. But the QA on Yubii seems to crash when being used, and I have to go back and open the QA again. I suspect that I should be creating the HTTPClient class when required instead of creating it at startup. If so, I don't know how to free it when done. --[[Gate Controller Written by Rohit Gupta No copyright, use freely Versions 3.00 20230505 Created for HC3 --]] __TAG = 'GATE' local Lock = 0955 local Bool = {[false]='LOCKED', [true]='UNLOCKED'} GOpen = '/gate/open' GClose = '/gate/close' GPed = '/gate/pedestrian' -- These show messages conditional on flags and in colour in the Log function Error (Msg) end function Debug (Msg) end function Warning (Msg) end function Trace (Msg) end function Status (Msg) end function Device_State (Device) return fibaro.get (Device, 'value') end function Turn_Device_On (Device) fibaro.call (Device, "turnOn") end function Turn_Device_Off (Device) fibaro.call (Device, "turnOff") end function QuickApp.Show_Gate_Status (Msg) self:updateView ('lblStatus', 'text', Msg) end function QuickApp:Show_Lock_Status () local State = Device_State (Lock) self:updateView ('lbl_Lock', 'text', 'External Access = '..Bool[State]) end function QuickApp:Post (Param, Action) Status (Action) self.Http:request(self.Address..Param, { options = {data = 'text', method = 'POST'}, success = function(response) Update (Action) self.Posted = true Debug ('response:'..response.status) end, error = function(message) Show_Gate_Status (Action..' '..message) self:updateProperty ('value', Action == 'Open') Debug ('error:', message) end}) end function QuickApp:onOpen () Update_Gate_Status ('Opening') self:Post (GOpen, 'Open') end function QuickApp:onClose () Update_Gate_Status ('Closing') self:Post (GClose, 'Close') end function QuickApp:onPed () Update_Gate_Status ('Pedestrian') self:Post (GPed, 'Pedestrian') end function QuickApp:onLock () Turn_Device_On (Lock) self:Show_Lock_Status () end function QuickApp:onUnlock () Turn_Device_Off (Lock) self:Show_Lock_Status () end function QuickApp:onInit() Status ('Started') self.Address = self:getVariable("Address") Status (self.Address) self.Http = net.HTTPClient () self:Show_Lock_Status () end Lock/Unlock address a separate Fibaro relay that kills power to the Gate Controller. The interface has 5 buttons - Open, Close, Pedestrian, Lock and Unlock. And there is only one variable Address which is the ipaddress of the Pi. What have I stuffed up ?
  3. I am trying to start a boiler and a heater from an URL that has a lot of prices and timestamps. I am using Home Center 2. I have no idea where to start from, I understand I need VD (Virtual Devices) and Scenes, but anything I have tried hasn't worked sadly. How can I start a boiler and a heater during the lowest prices with JSON timestamp values from an URL? If required, I can post the URL here. Can anyone help me?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to modify a already define global variable using the REST API for the HC2. This is done from a ESP2866 (nodeMCU-isch) board. I can do a http.get towards the HC" and I get the correct JSON information. When I do http.put I seem not to be able to set the variable. My message headers contains a basic auth, and I have payload that looks like this {"value":"On"} The address looks like this According to the httpclient i'm using i seem to get return code 200 but no result and the variable is not changed. Using the hc2ip/docs link I can test this out with the correct payload and it works fine. However I'm logged in as an Admin then. Trying to change the user from my ESP2866 I just got that the HC" banned me for 30 min. So is there a problem using normal users when trying to modify a global variable ? Do I need to be admin ? Or is there something else I need to check ? Regards P
  5. hi, I'm having problems with creating rest api request url's. I just can't figure out how to request a specific value. I want to request the rgb color value or the current color from my rgbw2 controller but all via rest api. I need to request the current rgb values in python and then process it. How do i construct the url to only get the rgb values back. ~Jort
  6. Hi Everyone. So, firstly a bit of background. I am playing with improving the current SONY TV control. Currently there is only one working control and that is the current VD, but there is a PLUGIN that doesn't work for the newer Android tv's So after a lot of head scratching and googling i have figured that the Sony TV has a REST API that can be connected to with a HTTP request. The Sony actually has three ways to control it IRCC (IR codes over IP), Serial and REST API. the current VD uses IRCC and cant go directly to say HDMI3 or an app you have installed. This is where the REST API is far better. I have figured out the syntax for the HTTP call to get it work with the help of a program called POSTMAN and i can do all sorts of control. End background..... But here is where i am falling short, the trick with the HTTP string is in the header (it must be in the header AFAIK) it needs to have, at least: Header KEY = x-auth-psk Value = 0000 KEY = host Value = (IP of the originating unit) in the body you send (no quotes) "{"method":"setPowerStatus","version":"1.0","id":1,"params":[{"status":true}]}" That will turn the TV on. So playing with a few other Virtual Drivers for other integration I somewhat understand the GET command. (this is from the "control by web" web relay driver) GET /state.xml?relay1State=1&noReply=1 HTTP/1.1 0x0D0x0A0x0D0x0A So i understand the GET part of the statement, but then i run into the HTTP/1.1 part. I cant find anything that explains the HTTP/1.1 and what it needs what options it has and how I need to use it. For instance, why does it need a HEX string that says (no quotes) 'Carriage return 'newline' 'carriage return 'new line' So can anyone point me at the correct learning section or help me out with a command that can integrate x-auth-psk as the key and 000 as the value into the header of a HTTP request? That command will just turn the TV on, but you can string them together. Why? Imagine this: while sitting on you couch watching TV, your CCTV/IPC NVR closes one of its alarm contacts on say motion detection. I would like to know that there is motion on my security cameras while i am at home...... So a scene could be run in combination with the Virtual Driver to: Test if the TV power is on. Test if the PLEX or NETFLICK app is running Record current state Pause current state ( ie pause video or movie) Change the input to HDMI3 (to view the cameras directly from the NVR output.) wait till alarm is cleared (lets say motion) return to Plex or netflicks All of that would very VERY hard to do with IR codes. Fodder.
  7. Hi to all, Sorry if I started a new discussion but I don't find information about my doubt. My main need is to send some information from an external server to HC2 ... to a scena ... or a virtual device... I try to call HC2 through API from another server using REST API but i cannot find the correct syntax to ... for examples "press a button " in a virtual devices... There is someone that can help me? Thanks a lot in advance Paolino
  8. Hi, Fibaro has implemented swagger for REST API documentation and testing, which is great. However, the documentation part is almost completely absent. I tried using the developer.fibaro.com portal but also there I can't really find proper documentation. Does anybody know where to find it? Thanks! KR, Kristof
  9. Hi, I am looking at integrating IFTTT with Fibaro but do not want to expose my local Fibaro HC2 to the internet by using port forwarding in my router (I already have other things exposed and my ISP only allows limited ports, additionally without using a reverse proxy you are stuck to plain HTTP it seems). Is there a way to access my HC2's REST API through home.fibaro.com? That would be fantastic and open a world of possibilities :-). Thanks in advance. KR, Kristof
  10. When you have multiple HCLs as a slave and HC2 as a master for covering whole project, it's needed to import some devices. Sometimes imported devices in HC2 has a different value, from those in HCL. Please Fibaro, can you make additional command to REST API that represent button "Synchonize" located in "Gateway connections". It's realy pain, to make virtual device for such synchonization.
  11. All, after i've upgrade my hc2 to the 4.035 firmware version i not more able to invoke start scene from rest api: tipically i'm using this /api/scenes/50/action/start http://admin:[email protected]/action/start but i receive an error code of 403 Forbidden before the upgrade it worked well. Any help??
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