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Found 12 results

  1. Witam. Wiem że silniki Somfy IO są zgodne tylko z ich systemem Smart Home który obsługuje centralka Tahoma i nie ma możliwością jej podpięcia do Fibaro bezpośrednio. Natomiast zarówno Fibaro jak i Tahoma od Somfy wspiera IFTTT. Fibaro również może być trigerem, Tahoma tylko urządzeniem wykonawczym (po spełnieniu warunku w Fibaro odpala się ustalone zdarzenie w Tahomie). Tym samym można zastosować IFTTT jako protezę połączenia obu systemów. Moje pytania: 1. Czy ktoś korzysta z takiego połączenia? 2. Działa to sprawnie i bez awaryjnie? 3. Czy telefon który ma zainstalowany IFTTT musi być w zasięgu obu centralek aby połączenie zostało wykonane? Czy wystarczy połączenie całości przez internet?
  2. Hi, With many wifi enabled devices about. Anyone able to help out? Trying to use the HCL to POST or GET in a virtual device. Obviously a scene we cant do. https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{event}/with/key/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am too lazy to read the manual. Thanks
  3. Hi, I would like to have my Sonos-player start playing music when I open my garage door. As far as I can see, I only have one option as I have a HCL, and that is to use IFTTT. How can i set this up? Ive tried making variables that change bases on the doors state (controlled by Aeotec garage door controller) and scenes that activate based upon the state of the variable, but i cant make it work.. The main problem seems to be that both the scene for "Play music" and the scene for "Pause music" starts at the same time every time the state of the door changes.. Also tried "interlocking" the inpud by adding an opposite state, but still triggers them both at the same time. Examples Play music scene: Pause music scene: Scene triggering is the only option I can see for making this work, as the Aeotec controller dont show up in the other triggers.. I have no problem making the IFTTT applets work, that seems to go OK, but its the input im struggelig with..
  4. Hi all, after a lot of time, finally I was able to complete a guide to send push notifications from HC2 when Power Outage occurs without using expensive tools or complicated configuration. You need only an android device that need to be always plugged in to the electricity. Hope this is useful, I'm available if you need more information regards, Leo Step-by-Step Guide for HC2 notification on Power Outage.pdf
  5. FIbaro really needs to get with the picture and play catch up with modern technology of 2017. To allow for a more fluid integration with other third party services, like; google home, alexa, IFTTT, homee, etc. the Ha bridge was the only true 'natural speech" technology that felt natural without having to "request or tell __ to increase the volume, etc. before it simply worked very well, once set up correctly. hey google/alexa turn on the living room light. now im stuck with an extra step of "asking" google home/alexa to tell fibaro to do something. pretty stupid if you ask me. this is not home automation. this "half assed integration. IFTTT first solved this by being able to link alexa/google home to make it feel more natural by saying "hey google/alexa, turn on the hall light." stop twiddling your thumbs and get with the picture and start getting serious. your facebook page is nice, but it does nothing for your existing customers that already own your system. with each day of in-action, you risk losing them to other controllers that "actually" do listen to their users and add their requests.
  6. DonZap


    Hi I am new here, so sorry if I post this at the wrong forum I'm using fibaro HC2 together with google home by ifttt. I have created a user who only has access to a virtual device that I send the http command to. It works fine when I using device ID directly: http://User:[email protected]/api/callAction?deviceID=93&name=turnOn but when i usen the button indside the virtual device, it dose not work at all: http://User:[email protected]/api/callAction?deviceID=201&name=pressButton&arg1=button0 and I am getting the virtual device ID from the http link: /fibaro/en/devices/virtual_edit.html?id=201 I have no idea why it dose not work, its pretty Straight froward? thanks in advance for your inputs
  7. hi all i have a Nest stat connected to my HC2 via the IFTTT service. I updated my HC2 on Sunday to latest 4.140. Since Tuesday morning i can no longer send any data to IFTTT. the error i received is: [DEBUG] 11:10:37: https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/temp/with/key/CENSOREDKEY?value1=15 [DEBUG] 11:10:50: error = Transport endpoint is already connected i put the URL in the browser and that worked perfectly fine which leads me to conclude that the fault is with HC2. Has anyone else experienced this and importantly any solutions?? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, there is a chance to have a plugin for ifttt integration with fibaro ?
  9. Hi, I am looking at integrating IFTTT with Fibaro but do not want to expose my local Fibaro HC2 to the internet by using port forwarding in my router (I already have other things exposed and my ISP only allows limited ports, additionally without using a reverse proxy you are stuck to plain HTTP it seems). Is there a way to access my HC2's REST API through home.fibaro.com? That would be fantastic and open a world of possibilities :-). Thanks in advance. KR, Kristof
  10. Dear Fibaro Experts, I would like to control my WeMo switches using the Home Center 2 (e.g. via virtual devices). Belkin released a SDK (http://developers.belkin.com/wemo/sdk) but it does not look like that there is a simple HTTP API that I could control with a LUA script. My slow and not very reliable workaround is that I created a virtual device @ HC2. Once I turn the virtual device on / off it sends an email to my IFTTT account. As WeMo has a own IFTTT channel the email triggers IFTTT to send a turn on / off command to the WeMo cloud. This in turn sends the turn on / off command to the switch itself. In other words, twice around the world with 5-10 seconds delay to control a device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as my HC2 Does any of you have a solution? I would appreciate your help and guidance. Best regards, Alex
  11. Hello the info is quite limited to control Nest from Fibaro HC2. The plugin is pretty useless. I have the Gen 3 stat and there was no 'actions' available so basically couldnt do anything with the plugin. So after doing some reading i came across this thread by mrtn: http://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/20367-nest-thermostat-setting-temperature-in-lua/?hl=%2Bnest+%2Bthermostat i modified this to my needs and came up with the following code below. Here is a short youtube demo of it: https://youtu.be/zMqbZRgXUhY I have decided to use just the aesthetics of the thermostat instead of the learning part of it, but all would work just fine regardless. enjoy! --[[ %% properties %% globals temp --]] local param1 = fibaro:getGlobal("temp") -- the variable that has been created local key = "XXXXXXXXXXXX" -- your key from the Maker channel on IFTTT local event = 'temp' -- name of the trigger you created in the Maker channel function PushData(key, event, param1) local httpClient = net.HTTPClient({ timeout = 2000 }); local url = 'https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/'..event..'/with/key/'..key..'?value1='..param1; --debug url print(url); httpClient:request(url, { success = function(response) if tonumber(response.status) == 200 then print("Updated at " .. os.date()); else print("Error " .. response.status) end end, error = function(err) print('error = ' .. err) end, options = { method = 'GET' } }); end PushData(key, event, param1);
  12. I am considering the purchase of a full configuration of Fibaro for a very large house: Home Center 2, Motion Sensors, Wall Plugs and Flood Sensors. I need however to ensure further compatibility with: - Philips Hue lights - Sonos Audio System - Somfy RTS automated Blinds equipped with a Tahoma box and ideally: - honeywell Evohome connected to the Internet (Total connect Comfort Box) - Risco alarm system (connected through Riscocloud and mobile interface, apparently X10 compatible as well but not used so far) What level of compatibility could I expect from the Fibaro Home Center 2? I have read about some plugins (Sonos, Hue) but did not see anything about Somfy/RTS/Tahoma. Also apparently the plugins cannot be easily integrated in scenes... Additionally, is there an interface with IFTTT? Thanks
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