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  1. Note. The first ~2000 posts of this thread is mainly about EventRunner3 that is for the HC2. EventRunner3 is not developed further, but bugs are fixed as they are reported. For HC3, the version is EventRunner4, and is a QuickApp,. Here is a post introducing EventRunner4. Most of the 'Event Script" syntax and commands are still valid and old posts can be of use for new HC3 owners. Here is an example of how to code in a "single instance / event" style. A style I'm using today for all of my scenes. The idea is that instead of having to deal with a new instance being spa
  2. Hi - what is the most popular and reliable home automation bridge for connecting Amazon Echo and Google Home (at the same time) to Fibaro & Vera - in a residential setup... It should be easy and designed well for customer to integrate into their setup in a good way. regards , Sanjaya [email protected] (SBS Dimensions - India)
  3. Hi Forum, The native skill for sonos is now available from Sonos There are also updates for the system and for all the controller platforms (android, desktop, iOS) To enable the skill you will need a Sonos account which you should have created with the last Sonos update. Log into your Alexa account and find the and enable the Sonos Skill This will redirect you to you Sonos account to get your permission to link to your sonos system You will then be redirected back to the alexa account to discove
  4. Has anyone successfully sent commands to alexa? Basically i want fibaro to trigger a command to alexa to tell it to turn on/off my delta faucet. or has anyone directly integrated their delta faucet directly to fibaro?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Several icons to visualize the online status of devices alexa, pc, tablet, laptop, smartphone, tv
  6. Hi team, Amazon launched Alexa in India on Nov 2017 but still Fibaro skill is not yet available in Alexa India platform. If you buy Amazon Alexa from India and choose language as English(India) and then go to Skills section, you will not find Fibaro when you search for this skill. As a workaround, all Indian Fibaro users have to create and Amazon.com (not Amazon.in) account and then select English (US) as Language and after doing this, you can enable Fibaro skill but you will not be able to access other Indian skills. @Fibaro please enable English (IN) language in your skills
  7. Which Voice control should I go for? Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or something else? I have a home based on z-wave+ components (see profile) controlled by HC2. Currently I have no voice control setup. If home control is the primary purpose, which one should I go for? And Why?
  8. Hi, tired of Fibaro's poor skill at Amazon Alexa (never connect, it's slow) and the HABridge (we must pray for Alexa to find the devices, it is very random, it works when it wants, it duplicates devices). For all that I decided to try and do tests with Node-RED. And now I can say that it is fantastic, there are no limits to create. If you are interested I leave more info. Now I can control the lights, turn on and off, change the intensity, change the color, execute scenes of Fibaro and many things, all without depending on the official skill or any third party Bridge. I used
  9. I am hoping for some useful advice from people with at working Alexa / HC2 system. After endless hours of Fibaro Support emails, testing, deleting and restoring my LAN, HC2 and Alexa, my problem still remains the same: Alexa picks up my command (e.g. "Alexa, Turn off Kitchen Table") and one out of three things happen: (1) Light is turned off, Alexa responds "OK" (2) Light is turned off, Alexa responds "Sorry, Kitchen Table is not responding" (3) Light is NOT turned off, Alexa responds ""Sorry, Kitchen Table is not responding". Totally erratic, no pattern. Failure statistics: 1 out
  10. I am really happy with Alexa's Fibaro skills. Unfortunately, there seems to be limitations to take advantage of LUA scenes and virtual devices. What would be your recommendation to have workaround for this? Should I forget Alexa's Fibaro skills and use Raspberry PI and HA Bridge instead or what? Does it matter what PI version to use? What would be the best tutorial to make it work? Thanks in advance for your support!
  11. i have got an Alexa echo dot(2nd generation) and connected to my HC2.Alexa app discovered only light switch but don't recognize my blind sensors , heat controller and scenes.i have disabled and linked again both skills but it didn't work.my HC2 version is 4.150 and remote access works fine.
  12. I have about 40 active devices, all of which were working last night. This morning one of them has disappeared from the Alexa app. It still appears in the Fibaro interface where it works perfectly. Running discovery on Alexa doesn’t find it again, and I’ve done the custom skill “list homecenter devices” thing too. How can I force Alexa to find it again? Any idea why it would have disappeared? Things I have tried: * soft reconfigure missing device * rename missing device * restore working back up on Fibaro * list homecenter devices before discovery
  13. FIbaro really needs to get with the picture and play catch up with modern technology of 2017. To allow for a more fluid integration with other third party services, like; google home, alexa, IFTTT, homee, etc. the Ha bridge was the only true 'natural speech" technology that felt natural without having to "request or tell __ to increase the volume, etc. before it simply worked very well, once set up correctly. hey google/alexa turn on the living room light. now im stuck with an extra step of "asking" google home/alexa to tell fibaro to do something. pretty stupid if you ask me. this is not
  14. Hi, both me and my friend has a problem that Alexa don`t discover NEO plugs?
  15. First- I couldnt find Fibaro in Alexa skills (In India). Neither i could find Google also. Is there any regional restrictions? I configured ha-bridge and it was configured and the webpage is opened : https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge However i couldnt find any devices - neither z-wave or wifi equipments were not visible. Both Z-wave and Wifi network (+Alexa) is working . How can i trouble shoot. Is it because data/group.db is empty . Sorry for being dumb.
  16. Hi with the current alexa options most of us have been stuck with Turn on and Turn off This doesn't make sense for gates and garage doors and has other limits as well such as being able to say "Alexa I'm home" or "Alexa, Start my day" If you have the latest version of the ios or android app you'll see routines in the menu options IT IS NOT AN OPTION IN THE WEB SITE /BROWSER VERSION These are three of the routines I added Create A new routine gives the folowing The first part is what you say and the second
  17. Hi, Hopefully this will be replaced in a few months with direct control of Sonos from Alexa through a native skill supplied by Sonos themselves In the meantime if you are using the http-api and have the HA bridge running then this may provide a stop gap for you if you require one This compilation builds on work from a number of people including @morpheus75, @lennypenny, @matt1981 and others. This solution has two parts and both will be needed for each zone you have. 1 - A simple sonos VD to provide limited control over a player. (volume, mute, play
  18. Hi guys, I have used the Sonos VD before with the SONOS play:1 speakers and the Fibaro HC2, however I am planning to buy a Sonos One (with built-in Alexa), has anyone tried using the VD with this? Thanks, Prankit
  19. Hello, I want to know that which Amazon echo device is fully compatible with fibaro? Which Version has to be selected and which model ? It is stable or not ? Does it work well or not ? Thankyou
  20. Hello community, I’m trying to connect an echo dot to HC2. As the dot belongs to one of my kids I’d like to give him access to the devices in his room only. therefore i’ve setup a user with limited access to specific modules in HC2. How can I now add the limited user to the Alexa Skill? I have to use a Fibaro ID user in the skill. But there I only have the main admin connected to my hc2. It’s not possible to connect multiple Fibaro IDs with the same HC2. So is Alexa an all or nothing option only? br Kro
  21. I have an annoying problem with Fibaro HC2 / Alexa users. This chain of event is taking place all to frequently: «Alexa, turn off Kitchen Table (a group of Fibaro switches/dimmers)» «Kitchen Table is not responding» Then one out of two things may happen: (1) Nothing happens (Kitchen Table stays On) (2) Kitchen Table is switched of in spite of the negative Alexa message. I have reset Alexa, deactivated/reactivated Alexa’s Fibaro Skills, let Alexa rediscover devices. Even changed names of devices. No success so far. Problem also occurs with Scen
  22. Hello all, I have an Amazon Echo Dot and I've enabled the Fibaro Smart Home Skill and Fibaro Custom Skill. I have a Home Center 2 set up. I've installed my first Fibaro RGBW Controller today with existing RGBW LED Strip and I was looking forward to controlling it with Alexa from my Echo Dot.. The issue I have is that I can turn on/off and dim/brighten the LED strip (it starts by default on white color) but I can't seem to get the advanced commands to work. For example, when I say "Alexa, ask Fibaro to activate Rainbow on LED Strip" (I've named the
  23. jarheg

    Alexa and HC2

    Hi i have problems with discovering scenes and devices. I have found my Sonos but no other devices. is there something i miss here?
  24. Hi, I have amazon echo and Home Center Light ,when i add Fibaro skill to it and open my Fibaro ID, echo not discover any device from Fibaro. I tried to delete home center light and add it to Fibaro ID but still the same problem, I had open another account that has home center 2 , it works and devices discovered . What could be the problem ? and what should i do ? Thanks ...
  25. Witam. Czy w związku z aktualizacją w której FIBARO rezygnuje z LILI, można przyjąć że Alexa lub Asystent Google działają w języku polskim? I czy mógłby mi ktoś wytłumaczyć jak zintegrować Asystenta Google z Fibaro? Robiłem wg zaleceń...Zainstalowałem Google Home...Ale tam asystent nie reaguje... mam jeszcze aplikacje Google i tam asystent reaguje ale wyświetla mi linki do stron fibaro, ale nie "fibaro id".. Co robię źle?
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