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Found 9 results

  1. Witam, mam pytanie dlaczego na tablecie nie ma wyświetlanej regulacji temperatury w moim przypadku to hol oraz sklep, temperaturę pobieram z motion sensor, czy były różne wersje? Te które wyświetlają maja wersję 3,2 a te co nie wyświetlaja to nie wiem niestety, pobrac aktualizacji nie można- wyświetla ze najnowsza wersja. Jest jakaś moźliwość by prawidłowo wyświetlało regulację temperatury? ?
  2. adyboss

    Tablet UI (Android and iOS)

    Hi, I have some questions regarding some parts of the Tablet UI (Android and iOS) application. I hope someone of you guys to help me understanding better this apps. For which I thank you in advance 1a. If I set in a room an external Thermostat (Danfoss Link RS) - as you can see in the first picture (web UI screenshot), I have a Climate Panel Control (second screenshot - tablet) 1b. If I don't have an external Thermostat but the thermostat is "declared" to be any of the one of the Fibaro TRV's slave component (first and second web UI screenshot), I have NO Climate Panel Control (third screenshot - tablet) 2. In which case I have the red or blue color values (see in red circles) 3. Why sometimes when the heating is OFF I still have "flames" on "heating" section? Or why I don't have "flames" when HEATING is active (pls ignore red circles in picture)? Otherwise, the "flames" are doing their presentation OK - small to big flames - (even for OFF as you can see in the first tablet screenshot from this post) Cheers, Adi
  3. FSE

    url link on android tablet

    Hello, I try to build a VD and I have added a url on a label. It works very nice on web UI but on the android tablet I see the html code. I like to ask if there is a compatible way to work on web as also on android tablet app. To be more specific I like to open the coordinates of a user to google maps. Also I like to ask if there is a way fibaro to "understand" from client what type of device is. I like to build a scenario that if client is a tablet/mobile app or web browser. Thanks!
  4. Hello, This is my first post. So first, I present myself, I'm French, I'm living in France, and I started home automation since 4 years now. I use the "jeedom" server and zwave devices + rfxcom. I have multiple fibaro modules that work very fine. My objective was to control my home automation through the voice with a tablet that can display my home + interact with it. I found some applications but I was not really satisfyied. My objective was to give a name to my tablet and to discuss with it. To start the discussion I wanted to call it but not with the "ok google" but with "jarvis" like in "Iron Man" or with "nestor", the butler in "Tintin et milou" (it's famous in france, I don't know if you know "Tintin et milou" ). As I'm a developer, I decided to start my own application on android 1 year ago, it's still in development but it starts to work now, you can have a look here: Jarvis@Home in the playstore or http://jarvishome.fr The main features are: It react to the butler name you choose It is fully private, nothing is sent to another server. It is purely on your local network Autonomous: Nothing to install on your home automation server Define scenarios Tasker integration HTTP API ok, but why I'm here in this forum? - Obviously, it is to promote a little my application but also for 2 others reasons: I don't have a fibaro home center, and I'm wondering if my system could works with it. I think yes, but can someone help me to validate it works, and tell me if something is missing and needs to be developped to make it works? I created some predefined configurations in english (to enable an alarm, open a portal, do an intercom). But my english level is not high enough to be sure, it is really useable in english. For example, with my french accent, I'm not able to test my application because my english is not well recognized. I never succeed to say "Nestor" correctly and it never understood me To finish, I'll really appreciate that someone gives me a feedback, and tell me if something is missing for your usages with the home center + if my english configurations are corrects and useable with a "native" english person. Thank you very much, Pascal
  5. so im quite astonished that in the widget options on the android app, there is NO widgets to quickly access virtual devices. The only option is to open the app and hunt down for which virtual device i want to control., be it VSL for example... it really limits the "quick access" you'd expect from a smart phone/tablet app. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for quickly accessing them?
  6. Greetings, I am trying to get a Dahua IPC HDBW4431EP-AS to show image on my tablet and smartphone, it works fine via a webbrowser but on the tablet and smartphone I get the black "no videoscreen". To compare I am using an Acti E12 camera aswell and while the quality/fps is low, there is image in the tablet and mobile app. The only considerable difference between these cameras I can see is that resolution of the Acti can go down to 640x320 pixels while the lowest setting for the dahua is 720p. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? Does anyone know if there are certain restrictions for which image streams the fibaro can show?(Settings/configurations that have to be made?)
  7. Orgli

    Fibaro ID with tablet app

    How can I use the new Fibaro-ID with my Android tablet Fibaro app ? App tries to connect only to home.fibaro.com ?!
  8. pooya.zamani1@yahoo.com

    Sign in problem

    Hi guys! I have problem with Login to android tablet application. It says that hc2 cannot be find ! But, in adding, all the IP and others are okey. I thas been checked with fibaro finder. After trying new user, It connects but after 3 times closing the app, It wont work again. Where is the problem ? thanks in advance
  9. I've purchased a 9 Inch dedicated home automation tablet. As a flush mount tablets the display has a low pixel intensity (800x480 - 16:9). This is not mean the tablet has a low quality graphics but only the pixel density. Like the Zipato in wall Tablet (800 x 480), I've received this message when the Fibaro for Tablet Start. I and all people that wants a serious and integrated home automation system need the app work on these tablets. I don't hink is a problem run the same interface for 7" and 10" on this resolution because the screen ratio is the same. Why not remove the block at the beginning of your app and let the user decide whether to continue run or not? I know there's the ImperiHome application but The Fibaro app is better and is near to my vision of home automation app... Fibaro Mobile Team: Why don't remove the constraint at startup and on alert popup leave the user to decide if continue or not? P.S. the Android version of tablet is 4.1.1 0 Quote MultiQuote Edit