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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, The last couple of months i’m using TheHomeRemote as an alternative dashboard tablet (ipad in my case) app to monitor and use my smart devices. My requirements where as follow: - make my own design, without limitations - total fibaro support (scenes, VD etc.) - Low costs (THR designer tool is free, for the app you only pay 4 dollars (once)) - large compatiblity (fibaro, sonos, hue, domoticz, itach etc etc etc) - active development and forum Cause i wanne improve the dashboard, i’m curious if there are more members which are using an alternative app and how they designed their dashboard.
  2. Dear all, I have camera Arlo pro 2. For which I created a lula scene (across IFTTT) to arm and disarm camera. Both scene are linked to my Button. So when I leave or come in I cant arm / disarm easlily my camera. I would like to add something te be sure that it is armed or disarmed. First I put light . but not cool in summer. SO I put my ring but very noisy... So I wanted to display someting or jsut a song on my IPAD which is beside my button. So my question is from a scane is that possible to launch something on an Ipad ? Is yes how to do this? thanks for your support. thanks
  3. Hi Fibaro Team, I kindly ask to support me to solve some problems. 1. The ipad where I´m running your app on doesnt ring when it is locked. I have to leave it always on when I want to be notified about a visitor. Thats not really acceptable from several points. 2. The sound is scratchy and there are cuts in transmission, so several words may be missed. Not acceptable for an Intercom at all. 3. I also experienced that the ring function stops working sometimes on the device itself. I press the ring button an nothing happens. Normally it makes a sound with blinking blue lights. Sometimes it does not and in this case no notifications are sent to the iOS devices. The Intercom needs to be restarted to get it work again. 4. The ring tone cannot be changed. The app ring tone it horrible. The problems exist on both WiFi and LAN connection. I really love the disign of this cute device but all the points above make it unusable at all. Thanks Alex
  4. Hi, I have an issue to control some devices by iPhone or iPad. Most of the time I can't switch a VD by iPhone or iPad. It either responds very late 20min to 1h or never, but sometimes it goes directly. The VD's are AC's and TV's controlled by IR converter iTach. The icon on the phone/pad changes directly but no response at the device. I checked the iTach and it works correct if I operate it directly by other software. Currently I'm running 4.153, but the problem was there before. Any suggestion are welcome
  5. Hi, I'd like to pass a message to the Fibaro team behind the iOS app: Could you please make the home screen a little more configurable? My initial idea was to mount an Ipad in the kitchen and use it as control panel for my system. But it turns out that with only 6 positons where I can add my own devices, scenes etc it is too limited and not very useful. The screen usage looks as follows (approximately): Application header : 13% Weather information : 29% Energy graph : 6% 6 configurable blocks : 28% Footer : 13% Empty space : 13% Why do I only get to control 28% of the screen? I know what the weather is like, I can just look out the window and see. Why does the weather info have to take up 29% of the surface? And what If I want to use my own sensors for outside data? Then I need to use the configrable blocks for that, which consumes valuable space. I can understand that there has to be a navigation header and possibly footer as well, but the rest of the space, 75%, should be mine to configure as I like. One device/block takes up approx 5% of the screen space so if I could control 75%, it would mean I could put as many as 15 devices or information sources on the screen. Now, that would make the app relevant as a control panel. A development I would welcome as well is if you could make the app look a little more like an modern iOS app, or an Android app for that matter, by removing some of the graphic filler and make it simpler. Even if I think the current user interface is quite good looking, a clean and not so graphically heavy interface is still easier to use and hence preferable in my view. Kind regards P
  6. Like several other users, I struggle to customize the Fibaro (iPad) mobile app to suit my needs. The graphical looks is superb, but we are in great need of better configuration and shortcut functionalities. Too many clicks are needed to access the most frequently used devices, scenes or rooms. Too much fancy graphics that will impress my friends, but confuse and annoy my wife. The widgets are however a start and bring scenes to the immediately accessible surface, but it's only a start. Here are a few improvement proposals (or questions, if I have missed some already available obvious solutions). (1) Why limit the number of available widget slots to 6 ? My iPad has a huge fancy empty dark blue screen. I would gladly sacrifice the energy graph or some other elements of graphically pleasing looks but dubious information value. (2) I need to get some of my VDs to the surface. Widgets are limited to Scenes. Any chance I have missed something? (3) I need the icons of the widgets to reflect status. I have found no way to dynamically change this. LUA fibaro: getSelfId() can only pick up VD IDs as far as I been able to confirm. Any solutions out there? Just one simple example: I have a great VD which changes the heating scheme from "Scheduled" to "Holiday" to "Home" status. VDs change icons dynamically. No way to bring this to the dashboard. A bit irritating.
  7. Dear all, is there any solution to use the app on an iPad in vertical mode? I hope so, because the is the only space left in my configuration. cheers Erik
  8. Anyone help! after adding some virtual devices the logging from iOS devices was normal... i geed accesss to those new VD to other users, saved it... and then made a backup... suddenly all iOS devices can't connect to HC2... i get the message "trying to reconnect"... i have change the password for my poweruser, erased the app and reinstalled it and i keep getting that message... all in local network and with APP... on browser it logs normally... and in iphone if i turn off wifi and thought browser i go to home.fibaro.com i can login in... its just the apps and in all of the users (different devices) in local netwrok
  9. Hi @T.Konopka Could you ask the development team if they could reduce the size of the buttons and labels when they are displayed on the ipad app They currently seem very big and not the best use of the screen real estate By comparison this is how it looks on a android phone but table is a very similar Thanks -f
  10. Hi, I've been looking for a cost effective way to wall mount the tablet we have in our kitchen I've seen a lot but the really nice ones are out of my budget I found this one and decided to give it a shot and it turned out very nice an dthe client (aka my wife) is happy with the result (aka how it looks in her kitchen) The product is from vidabox and I went for the slim wall mount - Vidabox Slim Wall Mount Some pics (before, middle and results) to muse over... the before the mess the result -f
  11. I'm looking for a solution to get more grip in my house to see what's going on after being triggered. I have an Aritech alarm system, attached to a binary sensor which is notifying Fibaro when one of our doors is being opened. This works fine... I have now two possibilities: 1. attach an alarm sirene like the Neo Coolcam, but this only produces a sound (like a doorbell) and some light flashing 2. mount an iPad to the wall and run the Fibaro app For finding a solution for option 2 my question is: would it be possible to pop-up the camera screen in the Fibaro iPad app to notify people in the house somebody is approaching via one of my doors in the house? Possibly along with a signal/sound? What do you think of the best app for an iPad which is mounted to the wall? Is Fibaro app the only option? I don't really like the app as my iPad home-screen as for end-users it's probably a bit too technical and I would prefer per room a picture with sensors/actors in the room to make things logical and easy for non-technical users. Any advice is welcome.
  12. Using iPad for remote control I can see temperatures I set via LAN connection, e.g. 23 degrees, but I can't change them. Anyone have same problem?
  13. My HC2 recently crashed and ended up on 503 error so I had to undertake a recovery mode, update to the latest version (4.09) and then do a backup of my configuration. Every since then all of remote access, and local & remote access via (home.fibaro.com) & iphone/iPad apps do no longer work. Access via Chrome browser works fine and everything is functioning as expected. I have another Fibaro HC2 hub at another location and remote access, iphone and ipad apps all work for that location so i know its not the apps or home.fibaro.com. Has anybody experienced this before and what is the remedy? Fibaro, please help i need my ipad screens and iphones screens to function ASAP Many thanks Bret
  14. Hi all, I installed a dimmer 2. Working properly. Situation I have for dimmer devices (1 master, 3 slaves). 1 master is not visible at devices, 2 of 3 are working. one is not. all four are in the room 'living room' 3 slaves are marked as 'controlled device' 'lighting'. Homecenter Lite Version 4.058 When trying to manage this dimmer the following happens: CORRECT: on my ipad / fibaro app dimmer is visible under the room 'living room' as lights. when I switch of the light in this room all lights (including the dimmer switches of) NOT CORRECT: for scenes I programmed for the lights in the 'living room' the dimmer is not associated. When switching the lights on in the room. The dimmer is not switch on. NOT CORRECT: on my android phone the dimmer is not visible (like on the ipad). When I switch on the lights in the living room, the dimmer won't turn on. The dimmer is not even visible in my app. I did the following: I restarted my homecenter lite I refreshed my connection / data on my devices (ipad / android phone) I waited a day (maybe cached data?) I deleted the dimmer and added it again. What did I miss / what can I do to solve this issue? Best regards, Roel Nicolai
  15. When doorbell is triggered my iPad Fibaro application (1.60) does not switch to Videogate mode. If I then press "Refresh network data" it does open the video right away. On Android everything works perfectly. Can anyone check it on iPad to be sure that the problem is Fibaro (or me)? Thanks.
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