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Found 18 results

  1. I am building a small app (in Flutter) that needs to get data from the API of my HC3. I am not quite sure how to log in programmatically from within this app. Does the API provide a token to use with all requests, or do I need to provide username and password with each request? An how do the header have to look? Many thanks!
  2. FIBARO remote access suddenly stopped working for me today (was working fine yesterday). I did not change the configuration or perform any updates on HC2 nor my router. When using the FIBARO application locally, it works perfectly well. It also works when I sign into the local IP via a machine on the same LAN network. However, the FIBARO mobile app says invalid username / password when logging in remotely. Google Home integration is also broken. When I try accessing home.fibaro.com, the site only works intermittently (what happens is after signing in, it sh
  3. I"m new to fibaro i have installed and created the main Fibaro user account and succefully registred my fibaro HCL . I can acces it from my computer with no problem but from the phone via mobile app .. i cannot acces and i get the image attached refusing the acces even if i have enables remote access... and tryin to connect from the main account remotely the app is not accepoting me it say" ask for permission from the home administrator why he's asking for home administrator as i'm trying to connect user the home main credentials Thanks
  4. My Home Center 2 do not reconnect internet after internet stoppe and Come back. What to do when no remote access?
  5. First of all I have to say, that I’m using Fibaro for more than 3 years intensively for myself and some of my customers. So far didn’t find better solution for all use cases I have, but I think its time to start to look more intensively for alternatives. Why? Here are the most critical reasons: Remote system access – each time I do connect to HC from outside, I’m getting little bit nervous whether I do succeed. Its cause mostly by Fibaros issues in past with remote access. Unfortunately its back these days. This unreliability will most probably persist because of past experience. No i
  6. Hi, I have HC-2 and have around 50 scene for different actions. Everything is working fine till last few days. Now when ever I trigger scene for 1st time it got executed but after that, if trigger new scene (Like, I have trigger ALL ON scene first and then Mood Light Scene. In this case execution of Mood light scene takes 15-20 second. Which was working perfectly before ) then it takes 15-20 second to execute it. This same situation occur when I trigger scene via Android Phone, iPad or Keyfob. So I think it's problem with fibaro Hc-2. Note : I have incl
  7. Hello please could someone help me. I have just bought a home center lite and created a fibaro id. I have selected remote access in my LAN settings but when I try to add HC it says " HC already added by other user. Please contact tech support " I have email a couple of days ago but I have had no response ?
  8. Hi i can see my cameras via the fibaro app on the Local network but unavailable to see them through the remote access. What could be the issue ? Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I have a video door phone (Ava Designs) that I've configured to work with my HC2. I'm using the HC2 as my SIP server. I'm using an app called VoIP by antisip on Android to receive calls from the bell next to the door. Everything works great on the local network. I want to know how I can forward the call to my phone when my phone is not on the local network i.e., receive call remotely. I've also noticed that the fibaro SIP app for iOS can receive calls only when the devices are all on the same network. Is there a workaround for this? Am I missing something really simple here..?
  10. Hi guys, After i had to reset my account's passwords in order to get access to my HC2 and HCL (that was after the server procedure this month), now i am not able to see my foscam IP cameras remotely? Why is that? I tried to remove them and add them again and nothing. Did another registration in home.fibaro.com, moved the HC2 to it and still nothing. Then i restarted the controllers and the cameras but still nothing... Just to mention, i CAN see them only through local access! Any idea what is wrong? Before the drama with the server, and one unsatisfied client, everything worked gre
  11. Hi all, I would like to limit the remote access to my HC2. Is that possible? I would like to allow basic functionality like available in the app from outside the LAN. But I am uncomfortable allowing access to the scripting etc available from the webinterface. Is this possible? e.g. are these different ports? Thanks. J
  12. Hi all, I would like to limit the remote access to my HC2. Is that possible? I would like to allow basic functionality like available in the app from outside the LAN. But I am uncomfortable allowing access to the scripting etc available from the webinterface. Is this possible? e.g. are these different ports? Thanks. J
  13. When you have access to more than one gateway and they are added to your remote account, after login the portal, you get to see all the gateways you have access to, by serial number. for eg : HC2-03**** Is it possible to give the gateways, their own name, so that within your account, they can be identified more easily ? With several gateways to controll, I cant always remember their serial number...
  14. Hi Forum users, I just did the upgrade of my HC2 and also did create a Fibaro ID account (migrate the old one) But i have a guestion... Is it now possible to create a Fibaro ID account for each individual local user that what to use the system remotely... or is that still a "shared" ID for the remote portal? (and so all the new sevices in the future?) @Fibaro: you may comment also... thanx. Regards, Marcel
  15. My HC2 recently crashed and ended up on 503 error so I had to undertake a recovery mode, update to the latest version (4.09) and then do a backup of my configuration. Every since then all of remote access, and local & remote access via (home.fibaro.com) & iphone/iPad apps do no longer work. Access via Chrome browser works fine and everything is functioning as expected. I have another Fibaro HC2 hub at another location and remote access, iphone and ipad apps all work for that location so i know its not the apps or home.fibaro.com. Has anybody experienced this bef
  16. Hi! When I disable the remote connection option in LAN configuration options, I'm still able to connect my HC2 from home.fibaro.com. Can anyone confirm/explain this?
  17. I just bought and setup a Fibaro HC2 system and it worked well - finding it through fibaro finder, adding removing devices and accessing system from iPhone app. Then I upgraded to beta 4.062 and the following happened: * iPhone app crashes on startup, just after "loading data.." appears. Tried fresh installs multiple times from two different iPhones, both on iOS version 9.2 with same result. This happens when connecting to the local ip, when trying with remote access I get error message that home center is not found. App becomes visible in HC2 access control so it does have contact at leas
  18. Seems I cannot do remote access to my fibaro (network connectios is OK since I can connet to a web server I have inside ) but Mobile & home.fibaro.com doesn't work at all home.fibaro.com leave my HC2 disabled. I cannot remember the version number I am running, but I was running the latest version and havent apply the latest 2 updates (seems its been very few days since them and some people were reporting lots of troubles, as usual) so I migth be the latest stable one before HC2 4.053
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