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Found 20 results

  1. Hi. Can anyone help me with setting up Tedee lock? I downloaded the plugin but I don't know where to set it up.
  2. Hi, I've had a few questions on how to use Fibaro HC2 to talk to ESP8266 devices. If you're interested, the simple example over at https://github.com/ianbren/Fibaro_Esp8266_101 can help. there are two assumptions - that you can create a Virtual Device in Fibaro and have used LUA before - that you've got the Arduino environment to build and ESP8266 (of whatever flavour you want). Basically, the solution has a Virtual Device with one button - press the button in Debug mode and the ESP8266 is called and returns with some JSON. If there's interest, I'll expand the examples to include one for ESPEASY and a DHT11 - where you can build wifi-enabled temperture devices. Cheers Ian
  3. Has anyone tried to send notifications from the HC3 controller via Signal communicator? Is there any solution for integration with this communicator?
  4. is it possible to integrate Proscenic devices with the Fibaro system? I currently have a Proscenic 808C humidifier that can be controlled by a remote control and an application. https://www.proscenic.com/pl/808c-humidifier-p0134.html This humidifier has a built-in wi-fi radio module. It would be nice to control it directly from Fibaro via Quick Apps.
  5. As for now, I need to choose which HC to sync to Google. I would really appreciate the possibility to syncronize all (or possibly select which) HC's to Google. Would lift the Fibaro solution to a new level for me. User story: As a user I want to select one or several HC's from the Remote Access Dashboard as active for integrations (to sync to Google Home) So that I can manage which units will be available in external systems
  6. Hey, ARE YOU a FIBARO or SMARTHINGS user ? Join our Alpha tests for SIM-ON solution and get free license of our software. We invite all of you to test our software before final release. SIMLAB develop this solution together with Matterport and Fibaro cooperation. In our opinion this will be a standard for Smart Home interface in near future. (cross platform solution not dependent from hardware provider) Your feedback will be appreciated and will allow us to polish our future product to your needs. This solution is for every property owner. Check out our movies to see SIM-ON prototype. DIGITAL PROPERTY EXPERIENCE for everyone. - IoT control - asset management - Facility timeline and events calendar ENJOY and visit www.sim-on.com
  7. Hi all! My Google home integration stopped working after II think) the last update of HC2. In the Google Home app the Fibaro Devices in the rooms are listed but unavailable. Relinking the Fibaro account in the Google home app results in a failure. Anyone got the same problem? Regards, Stefan.
  8. Has anyone integration their dishwasher with Fibaro HC2? I would like to be able to schedule the dishwaser to run...
  9. Hello everybody, I was wondering is it possible to develop a plugin for HC2, I'd like to connect my Sonoff devices to my HC. But i have to use ewelink-API but i can't import it into the Lua code. I've successfully that API into Homey app on Homey pro. I was hoping to do the same with Fibaro Home center. anyone has an idea how this could be done. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I have a Fibaro HC2 and I would like to be able to use the Fibaro to control my two Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifiers to switch on to maintain a preset temparature using the builtin temparature sensor and remote capability already provided with these units. These are very popular household devices along with the robot vacuum. Has anyone produced a plugin? Fibaro and Dyson are missing an opportunity here, perhaps someone should contact Dyson to see if they will work with Fibaro to produce a plugin? I look forward to the deluge of comments on my first posting to this forum.... Cheers.
  11. Hello. I would need some help with connecting a Fakro VMZ Solar window sunshade to my Home Center 2. I possess with a Fakro ZRH12 remote, which should serve as a bridge to connect the VMZ Solar to the HC2, but I do not know how to integrate it. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you
  12. Fibaro is great company with great products that are also compatible with Samsung SmartThings Hub / system. Are there any plans for Fibaro Intercom and SmartThings integration? (simple things like, accepting push for call, button for opening gate for start)
  13. Hi, Are you planning on integrating with Bluesound? Their multiroom audio system is known for being on par, if not better, with that of Sonos. I personally prefer it over Sonos as Bluesound has products that are much more open and compatible with TV setups. Thus, it would be greatly appreciated that I could apply some home automation with the Bluesound system as well. Thanks!
  14. I understand that the plugin in HC2 is only to enable manual control of lights from the HC2 and from the Fibaro App. Are there any other ways I could include one or more hue lights into scenes? Any coding? Anything else before I have to throw a large investment I made in hue lights or instead the Fibaro one? Many thanks for your support.
  15. Guest

    Luxaflex powerview support

    Integration with Luxaflex powerview would be great. API should be documentet here: https://github.com/sander76/powerview-api
  16. Right so once again i was messing around with Fibaro and installed phone app on android Pad .P i was greeted by this (admitidley as message but still): Can i PLEASE get a stright answer out of annyone in the know - is Alexa coming or not to Fibaro? i know for a fact that it was one of things listed as "comming soon" in what used to be 5 items under ID.Fibaro.Cloud, but it is now gone (just like intercom). Now i am sure that once Fibaro gets the stolen prototype back we can expect release of Intercom so maybe developement of it hit another hurdle and had to be removed (my guess would be that its overheating, because just look at it!) but why is Alexa gone from the list? Hell there are users in this forum whom are pulling marvelous feat of including Alexa into same household as Fibaro in manner that (according to their word) works. Now i know that apple might not like to see its direct competition mentioned in the ID but its their bloody problem for not having Z-Wave not yours .P I have been very keen on voicecontroll and i am very much interested in having Alexa (which is to my knowlidge best of the best in this field today) joining with Fibaro and replace quite sad voice asistent Lili. I've tried her (Lili) yesterday and aside for making me laugh by phonetically trying my language she was unable to run scenes based upon english or even polish names (or my butchery of them ... still i think "voda" ought to be amongst most universal slavic words). infact only thing she was able to do is tell me that she did not get my command and variations on that (even tho she did at least write it out correctly). Oh and the grating voice of Lili.... *sigh* Lets just agree that it is beter idea to use Alexa rather than Lili, inspite of her wierdly lacking sense of hummor, and some quirks like playing me electric six's radio GaGa upon requesting the song.... (Lili would just claim she did not get it).
  17. I'm wondering if anyone has integrated to RTI XP6 with the home centre 2 to give a more customised visual appeal?
  18. Hi, i've created a virtual device showing instantaneous power and other info about overall consumption of my house (measures are made right after the main meter from energy company) Is there any way to have this virtual device seen as a power metering device (like the fibaro power plug) so it will be considered in the energy panel? Any glue to obtain it? Maybe through some plug in or specifically defined virtual device code providing data as a physical device will do? In general, maybe it would be nice to have virtual devices classified by functions, as physical devices are (ligthing, control switches etc) Many thanks Simone
  19. I wonder if there is any plans on expanding the functionality of the virtual device in Fibaro HC2. As it works now it´s most suitable to use for controlling some other device with buttons, slider etc, and if you want to display data from another device all you can use is the label. My wish is that you should be able to choose the type of the virtual device. For example, if you want it to appear as a thermometer or humidity device, and be able to set the value of this device via http api and lua. This would open up the possibility to add virtual devices that gets updated via for example node-red or http from other sources. And in the user interface they will show up as a "common" sensor. That would be really nice. I think this functionality would make the platform more attractive for many people, and open up the integration between different protocols and vendors. Is it just me or is anybody else missing this functionality?
  20. Hi All, from your point of view which is the best pre-integrate IP Cameras on the market that could be used from HC2 and have also most of useful functionalities (eg motion, recognition, definition, emergency battery, wifi...)? Thanks a lot in advance. ng--
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