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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everybody, I was wondering is it possible to develop a plugin for HC2, I'd like to connect my Sonoff devices to my HC. But i have to use ewelink-API but i can't import it into the Lua code. I've successfully that API into Homey app on Homey pro. I was hoping to do the same with Fibaro Home center. anyone has an idea how this could be done. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys! recently I bought a fibaro hc2. there was said to me that I can develop my own plugins. But I can't find any documentation for it... (the http://developer.fibaro.com) isn't existing anymore only it redirects me to the Rest API section and Lua documentation I really wanted to build a plugin so that the devices of Plugwise "http://plugwise.com" are compatible with the fibaro. (i know that it is possible) Hope that some of you can help me. and have documentation or something else where I can work with Kind regards, pepijn dik
  3. Hello friends, I would like to control my sonos devices via scenes. It seems not possible to do that with common ways. So maybe someone in this forum already did that via http methods, rest apis etc. Would be great help if someone has any idea about that. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi. I can't get YR to find my destination automaticly, and i suppose that is the reason why i have no weatherdata from yr plugin. My Home Center top menu looks like this: Anyone?
  5. Hi, This might be really simple, but I can't seem to be able to access my plugins (e.g. Philips hue) when setting up scenes or associations. Am I missing something? or is this not actually possible? I have a swipe that I would like to use to control the Philips Hue lights
  6. Since we are quiet some months further... I was wondering when the dev.Departement of Fibaro is coming with some news on the promissed NEST plugins and when it will be available? Or am I just the only one who would like to see this being implemented in our Hc2? (I am aware that there seems to be a IFTTT solution... But I prefer to use a direct plug for this...)
  7. Hi ALL! Wouldn't it be nice to have the possibility to make som plugin device hidden like the others in order to get the things better organized?
  8. Hi, We had another version of the HC2, and I would like to know when plug-in will be made available again? I keep installing my plugin but keep losing them after an update. I would like to make it permanent. Any Timelines will be appreciated. Many Thanks Chris
  9. Once upon a time in a country far away ( somewhere east of Germany and west of Belarus) in the kingdom of Fibaro lived a software programmer, Now this software programmer was very clever but liked to use integer IDs for everything. Interfaces, devices, types ohh and did I say interfaces. One day he thought it would be nice to share the fun of programming with his friends all over the world. So the very next day the nice programmer ( from somewhere east of Germany and west of Belarus) in the kingdom of Fibaro sent out a nice new version of his system. In this system was a nice new way to make things even nicer so everyone could play. It was a lovely thing that shone brighter than anything else in the kingdom of Fibaro. All his friends got down to work building beautiful devices and integrations that made the system the best in the world. But oh dear, if everyone creates their own types and interfaces all those nasty integers get confused and the dragons of disrepair make all of the systems fail. What a nasty mess. But not to worry, in a country many miles away from the country ( somewhere east of Germany and west of Belarus) there was a clever wizard called Richard Hipp. Now Richard understood the magic spell that could give everlasting happiness and solve this problem of messed up integers. He knew the spell for the GUID and he had cleverly included it in his lovely lite product. So the very clever software programmer used the very clever wizard Richard's GUID spell and changed some of those integers to GUIDS. The next day he shared his lovely system with all his friends again and guess what everyone lived happily ever after. "Like that is ever going to happen!" SHREK 2001 I don’t believe in self-assertion Plugins was a slight diversion Now it seems I've got my head on straight I'm a freak, an abberation Seems I've made the right decision Try to turn back now, it might be too late And it's up to the morning then back again Same old day, same situation The happiness rears back as if to say I want to stay home center 2 day (don't want to go out) If any one comes to play (gonna get thrown out) I want to stay home center 2 day (don't want no company, no way) Yeah yeah yeah A simple life's my cup of tea I don't need nobody but me What I wouldn't give just to be left alone I want to build a million plugins someday And know what it feels like to give it away Watch me march to the beat of my own drum And it's over and over and over again Same old day, same situation The happiness rears back as if to say I want to stay home center 2 day (don't want to go out) If any one comes my way (gonna get thrown out) I want to stay home today (don't want no company no way) Yeah yeah yeah Frayin' rain every day now Everyone just stay away now Come another day I want to stay home center 2 day No plugins no way. I want to stay home (don't want to go out) If any one comes to play (gonna get thrown out) I want to stay home center 2 day (don't want no company no way) Yeah yeah yeah I want to stay home (don't want to go out) If any one comes my way (gonna get thrown out) I want to stay home center 2 day (don't want no company no way) Yeah yeah yeah
  10. Privacy 'dead lock' for all HC owners ! @Fibaro, you really p!ssed me off now. We MUST agree with Fibaro's privacy policy or ELSE "the services are IMPOSSIBLE TO USE" as stated in https://id.cloud.fibaro.com/privacy-policy I do not agree the way Fibaro wants to use MY personal information by forcing all customers into this 'dead lock' situation. (With this construction, you are able to change the content stated on https://id.cloud.fibaro.com/privacy-policy at any time you like, without informing us, your paying customers.) Well dear Fibaro, after to many, many, many 1.bugs, 2.firmware upgrade problems and 3.failing plug-ins I'm am now completely done with Fibaro Home Center.
  11. No way to control onkyo 626 anymore; it worked in the past but now the plugin is not working anymore, anyone else has the same problem? any solution? does it work for you?
  12. Hi, I just recently upgraded to HC2 v4, and am quite pleased so far with what I'm experiencing, especially with the plugins. Quick question: How do I use the buttons on a plugin device in an existing Virtual Device or scene? Prior to 4.0xx, I mapped all my Home Theater components' (TV, Blu Ray, AVR etc) remote IRs to different Virtual Devices, and created one 'universal' VD to control them all. For example, I created a power button to press button 1 of my AVR remote, button 2 of my TV remote etc etc. Question is how do I use the buttons on the new plugins in my 'universal' VD? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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