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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I want to buy a soundbar for one of the rooms. I have a Yamaha Musiccast system at home that works very well with the HC3. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a soundbar with musiccast on the market, I have to buy another device. I see that the HC3 has built-in QA for Sonos and Denon Heos. A question for people who use these devices in combination with HC3. Which feels better and is more functional. I care about basic functionality such as turning on/off, adjusting the volume and changing the source. So that I can use the device, for example, as an alarm clock. Can I ask for a hint? At this stage I am considering two devices: - Denon Home Sound Bar 550 - Sonos Beam Gen 2 Regards
  2. Hi. How to control DENON AVR via HTTP commands. Denon Plugin don't work, but I know some http commands to control DENON AVR via browser: Power ON: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutZone_OnOFF%2FON PowerOFF: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutZone_OnOFF%2FOFF VolumeUp: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutMasterVolumeBtn/> VolumeDown: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutMasterVolumeBtn/< Set Volume at 35: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutMasterVolumeSet/-45.0 Volume Mute: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutVolumeMute/on http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutVolumeMute/off SAT/CBL input: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FSAT BR input: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FBR Internet radio input: http://"DENON IP"/MainZone/index.put.asp?cmd0=PutZone_InputFunction%2FIRADIO ... how to use these command on Fibaro Home Center Lite? Please help!
  3. Hello friends, I would like to control my sonos devices via scenes. It seems not possible to do that with common ways. So maybe someone in this forum already did that via http methods, rest apis etc. Would be great help if someone has any idea about that. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a Denon AVRX-2300 amplifier. I was expecting the Denon plug in to work with it. Having installed the 1.0 version and clicking the search button to find the Denon amplifier, selecting the IP address from the pop up dialog. The amplifier does not respond to any commands sent to it using the UI provided in the plugin. Has anyone else experience similar difficulties?
  5. Hi Guys, I have Fibaro HC2 and Denon Heos speakers, I see there is a HC2 'Plug-in' for this. However what I'd like to do is automate the Denon Heos speaker, for example: to play a favourite station when a scene is triggered. I've read about some people creating Virtual Devices, any guidance would be really appreciated. Thanks Paul
  6. Witam Próbował może ktoś zintegrować HEOSa z Fibaro? Mam 12 stref odsłuchowych, w każdym z pomieszczeń mam głośniki sufitowe oraz wzmacniacze strefowe AMP Heos. Chciałbym uzyskać możliwość załączania muzyki, np rano na pobudkę albo po wykryciu przez czujnik ruchu, poruszającej się w danym pomieszczeniu osoby. Ma ktoś może doświadczenie w podobnej kwestii?
  7. Hi everybody, This is my first time on the fibaro forum so i dont know if my subject is in the right topic list. I want too buy a HC2 in the next 2 months but i got a question about the audio system i want to pair with the system. I already know that Sonos is the most user friendly system too pair with Fibaro but i prefer a Audio Receiver like Denon, Onkyo or something like that. I know no other system than Sonos has a good multi-room function but i live in a small appartment so the multi-room function wont be that necessary, but my girlfriend wants too have music in the bathroom. (like pairing the fibaro dimmer with audio, so if you pushed the light button the music starts also playing) Can you tell me what you're experiences are with this kind of systems (like denon, onkyo etc)? Do you have the same functions with the scenes like sonos or not?
  8. When I plugin the plug in the power socket from my denon receiver, internally the unit is initializing different settings, like network, etc... when i plugin the unit, the receiver is set to standby, ok. I want to make a lua code whereby it makes a loop with repeat / until...until i get a code back from the unit if it's in standby mode, or on mode, from there it should continue, see below. but it's skips the repeat/until... When the unit is plugged in, no code is been returned... So i was thinking: instead of this: "if not(trim(result) == "PWON" or "PWSTANDBY") then" use "if (trim(result) == """) then" Are there other ways to detect an empty string ? With other words: When no code is been returned, stay in this loop until PWON or PWSTANDBY is been returned. fibaro:log("Connecting..."); tcpSocket = Net.FTcpSocket("", 23); tcpSocket:setReadTimeout(1000); function trim(s) -- trim leading and trailing whitespaces -- return (s:gsub("^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1")) end -- Denon is Initializing it's Network -- repeat fibaro:sleep(2000); tcpSocket:write(string.char(0x50, 0x57, 0x3f, 0x0d)); -- requesting for the PWON or PWSTANDBY status ? fibaro:sleep(500); result, err = tcpSocket:read(); tcpSocket:disconnect(); fibaro:debug("Denon Receiver..."..result); if (err == 0) then if not(trim(result) == "PWON" or "PWSTANDBY") then fibaro:sleep(1000) fibaro:debug("...is Initializing"); end end until (trim(result) == "PWON" or "PWSTANDBY") fibaro:debug("Ready to Receive Data: "..result); -- Rest of the code -- Please some help would be appreciated. Thankss a lot
  9. Hello i have an itach ip to IR and trying to get codes for volume + and volume - for my denon 2310. The code works fine when i test it from the learner window but when i copy/paste into the HCL's interface it does not. ON/OFF function works perfectly from my HCL. Any idea what the problem might be? thanks
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