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  1. Current version: 1.4.0 Date: 15/03/2021 FUNCTIONS The functions of this Quick App are: Allowing to control Sonos Player from Home Center 3. It does support basic and advanced functions: Basic Transport Control Initiate playback Toogle, Pause or Stop playback Skip to the previous or Next track Basic Rendering Control Get player volume and mute state Set player volume to a specific level and unmute the pl
  2. Implement Sonos VD using node-http-API running on raspberry PI The following should help if you want to implement an sonos VD that leverages the node sonos http api by jishi The post consists in two parts Setting up the API on a raspberry pi Creating the VD and summary of other uses of the API and some sample code I use **I'll structure this in a better format in the coming weeks but for now it should be sufficient** I have tested this with Play1, 3, 5 (older version) ZP100, ZP80, ZP90. I don’t have a sonos soundbar or sub but from reading ot
  3. Hi there! I'm just returning to Fibaro now, with the HC3 up and running for a few days. I used HC2 from 2012 to 2018 when it died. Using Homey since that. Now, I'm curious about HC3 and the new possibilities with QuickApps. No doubt, Fibaro HC is the best for controlling my 60+ mostly Fibaro z-wave devices. But in the past, integration with SONOS, HUE, Alarm systems, Door locks, Video door bells etc was poor. That integration is better elsewhere. Now, with QuickApps, can we expect to see better "plugins" for these kind of IP/API devices? I.e. better than
  4. Hi Forum, The native skill for sonos is now available from Sonos There are also updates for the system and for all the controller platforms (android, desktop, iOS) To enable the skill you will need a Sonos account which you should have created with the last Sonos update. Log into your Alexa account and find the and enable the Sonos Skill This will redirect you to you Sonos account to get your permission to link to your sonos system You will then be redirected back to the alexa account to discove
  5. Version 3.6.2


    Advanced Alarm Clock First release on the French board in March 2019. INTRODUCTION This VD+Scene Bundle will help you to wake up in better shape by simulating a smooth dawn with any device in your HC2 : Roller Shutters, lights devices and VD. After the ignition at the value that you have set up in the VD, the scene can fade one or more speakers. The curves for light and audio fade in can be choosen separately. The scene manages itself if it's day or not. So, for each light you will set up in the scene, you can decide if it has to be active everytime, or only whe
  6. Hei, Quick App - Sonos Zone Controller works great inside the controller bur how can i use it with scenes ? In scenes is is not possible to choose the quick app Thanks for your answer.
  7. Guest

    Sonos and TTS Icons

    Version 1.0.0


    Here are some icons for Sonos multi-room speakers and TTS
  8. Hi, I would like to have my Sonos-player start playing music when I open my garage door. As far as I can see, I only have one option as I have a HCL, and that is to use IFTTT. How can i set this up? Ive tried making variables that change bases on the doors state (controlled by Aeotec garage door controller) and scenes that activate based upon the state of the variable, but i cant make it work.. The main problem seems to be that both the scene for "Play music" and the scene for "Pause music" starts at the same time every time the state of the door c
  9. Hello Team I have a sonos player 5 and I just want to use the TTS functionnality. What should I do ? Thanks in advance for your feedback
  10. Hello friends, I would like to control my sonos devices via scenes. It seems not possible to do that with common ways. So maybe someone in this forum already did that via http methods, rest apis etc. Would be great help if someone has any idea about that. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have VD sonos remote installed but is not working Version 1.0.0 does notting Version 1.0.1 gifs the playing number and gives volume level. Butons are not working. Is there a new version? Is there a other solution. I want to use de VD to control the sonos in scenes (not the interface like the sonos plugin) - select number or playlist to play (example : Alarm sounds) - play number -stop playing Anny sugestions?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm new to Fibaro and I have a problem. I created the VD Sonos Romote v.1.0.1 and I want him to play an mp3 sound and stop it. I succeeded to play audio mp3 thanks to the spatpeker but I can not stop it. --PLAY --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] -- 72 is the Virtual Device ID (sonos) -- 73 is the Process button ID (this vd button) local sid, bid = 72, 28 -- Create STREAM params object local params = { -- stream: the file / uri stream = "//", -- source: "local" or "http", "local" is setted by default source = "local",
  13. hello all. i have just bought some Sonos speakers and wanted to integrate with home center 2. first part is to control then second part text-to-speech workaround whilst i was going through the forums i found the info i needed scattered around different threads and the original thread was very long, so i have thought i might make it easier by creating a small quick guide: First thing is all credit to the virtual device goes to krikroff for the VD, original thread here - http://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?showtopic=12344 I have created a video demo
  14. Hi, Here is a project to create a dedicated sonos room remote using a minimote remote control. One of my kids asked if they could have a simple remote for the sonos player in their bedroom and this is what I created I use the sonos-http-api but I'm sure it could be adapted for the other methods to control sonos with the HC2 This is what we are creating ... 4 single press functions pre-programed Vol-, Vol+ are self explanatory PlayPause - this cycles between play and pause. If no music is selected (like just after a player powers
  15. Hi, If you are using the sonos-api then you may find this very easy to use VD helpful It will display the status and volume of each player as well as a house summary of how many are active The VD below is setup for two zones and is very easy to expand. Three Step setup 1) Import the VD, amend the IP address for your sonos-api device (port should be fine) and save 2) Add extra players to the table at line 10 (keep name the same as your sonos player/zone name) players = {"Kitchen", "LivingRoom"} 3) Add extra labels for each extra player/zone an
  16. Hi Re-coded my Sonos status VD into a more generic table based VD This VD monitorsd and displays status of Sonos devices (OFFLINE, STATE (PLAYING, STOPPED, ETC & VOLUME) Notification options for when a player goes offline and back online and is configurable (Smart Message Hub or HC2 email) One Alert will be received when player goes offline and another when it comes back online Online/Offline status is captured in global table (SonosTable) that can be used by other scenes and VD's ** YOU NEED TO BE USING THE SONOS-HTTP-API FOR THIS VD ** ** YOU NEED TO BE USIN
  17. Hi guys, I have used the Sonos VD before with the SONOS play:1 speakers and the Fibaro HC2, however I am planning to buy a Sonos One (with built-in Alexa), has anyone tried using the VD with this? Thanks, Prankit
  18. Witam. mam plugin Sonos wykrywa głosnik ale nie mogę uruchomić muzyki zarówno przez www jaki gsm... chodzi o uruchomienie odtwarzania radia z tunein...
  19. Cannon_82

    Sonos Play:1

    Version 1.0.0


    Some of the icons i use for my Sonos Play:1 VDs if somebody need other colors or some more states (e.g., skip or special radio stations) you can contact me and i try to realized that.
  20. Hi, I have the feeling that this is going to be a stupid question but I honestly have no clue how to do it... I have a virtual device controlled by a scene that plays songs. The URLs of those songs are stored in a predefined variable. Everything works perfectly but just because I have the songs saved in my PC. I'd like to store the songs in my Google Play Music account so the songs are always available (not only when my PC is on). On my Sonos app I already added the Google Play Music service and uploaded my songs. However, I don't see how to retrieve the URL of the songs from
  21. Hi, I need to create scene to work same as pushing physical Play/Stop button on Sonos speaker. According to a hint, the sonos eevice has 4 actions: turnOn, turnOff, setMute and setVolume. Trying this scene, but no reaction: --[[ %% killotherinstances --]] local devid = 153 local state = fibaro:getValue(devid,"state") fibaro:debug(string.format("state %s", state)) if(state=="PLAYING") then fibaro:call(devid,"turnOff") else fibaro:call(devid,"turnOn") end
  22. Hi Brains Trust... My new HC2 will not discover LAN devices, Sonos, Samsung TV or Global Cache devices... Noting on the network. When loading the Sonos plug in and searching for devices, nothing comes up. When I plug the IP number in manually, nothing happens either. Networks have been restarted. All devices been IP cycled. I have set the HC2 from dynamic to static IP a few times... nothing seems to have worked. Anyone else have this issue? any work around?
  23. Hi, My name is Raul. I'm volunteering in a residence for people with disabilities where we're trying to setup a domotic system for a therapy SPA. I'm configuring a scene where Sonos needs to play a couple of songs that are hosted in PC (for the moment). I set up the Music library without any problems. However, when referencing the path to the song, the Sonos app prompts the following message: "Unable to play track1.mp3 - cannot connect to /// because the server cannot be found" To give you more context, here you can find the tutorial I'm using: https://doonic.wordpre
  24. --- Yamonos 1.0 beta --- -- Automatically turns on a Yamaha Receiver (and switches it to the appropriate input) when a Sonos Connect starts playing. -- It requires a Yamaha Virtual Device that stores the correct power state and input in 2 separate Global Variables -- Known issue: If there are multiple grouped devices, Sonos will keep setting the status to "Playing", even if the devices are paused. -- Feel free to improve it and share it -- adjust the variables section below --[[ %% 526 properties %% 525 properties %% 359 properties %% autostart %% events %% globals --]] local YamahaAVR = 3
  25. Dear people, I have a little puzzle... We have Sonos, Hue and fibaro devices and a very irregular live. Our routine for waking up is setting seperate timers for Sonos (actual wake up time), Hue (starts 10 minutes before actual waking time) and our thermostate (danfoss via Fibaro, starts 45 minutes before actual waking time) via the native apps. We have multiple routines / scenes (per device) which we can activate to do so. For Fibaro I have multiple scenes to set a global variabele for the thermostate time and multiple scenes to actually set the temperature (depending
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