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Found 16 results

  1. Hello. I wanted post it here: https://forum.fibaro.com/forum/129-other-solutions/ but i have no rights for it. First of all I want to say that it is totally not recommended to do it. If you have similar problems - ask for support first! DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK! Probably this will end your warranty (but my already ended). Two days ago a need to do some electric works and I shutdown my HC2 by pressing power button. Then, when I finished - I switch it on leds start to blinking... but nothing hapened. I tried to boot to recovery but it did not boot also.
  2. Implement Sonos VD using node-http-API running on raspberry PI The following should help if you want to implement an sonos VD that leverages the node sonos http api by jishi The post consists in two parts Setting up the API on a raspberry pi Creating the VD and summary of other uses of the API and some sample code I use **I'll structure this in a better format in the coming weeks but for now it should be sufficient** I have tested this with Play1, 3, 5 (older version) ZP100, ZP80, ZP90. I don’t have a sonos soundbar or sub but from reading ot
  3. Introduction to API and http requests Like the other 'Introduction to' posts I'm h0ping this may help some of the people begining their HC2 and lua journey Corrections and suggestions to improve always welcome. What is an API An API can be used to execute commands but the majority are used to request a response or status. Most API’s are interrogated through a http or https request. Some API’s require authentication in the form of a username or a password or an API key. There are public API’s and private API’s. There are a number of API types and the one of the most wide
  4. Hi, This tutorial is based on an idea that i believe originated to @cag014 some time back and has been adopted by many. So well deserved kudos to @cag014 and others that helped originate and develop the concept. I am merely a scribe that has benefited from this and wanted to share the process I used. Special thanks to @ReneNL who provided the part of the scene that searches through you HC and parses/formats the table before saving. I decided to write a quick tutorial for two reasons... I implemented this over christmas and and found it very useful and m
  5. Hi, I know that when I started working with the HC2 I struggled with some of the simpler stuff. In some case it was down to a lack of understanding of the concepts rather than the code. I decided to put together this Virtual Devices 101 for new people starting out. I put some of this together to answer a few posts but decided to bring it into one post here to make it easier for newer users to find, I am starting from the basics and if anybody has ideas on how to make it better please let me know Some Virtual device basics LABELS - enable the user to display a t
  6. Hi, After I put together the Virtual devices Introduction Tutorial I was asked would I do something similar for Scenes. I’ll preface this post (like the Virtual devices) that I am no expert but I am willing to document what I understand and it can be added to over time. It would be great if some of the experst could read through, fill in the coupelof gaps and let me know if I havesomething wrong or coudl do with better explanation I also start at a very basic level as some of the newer users people liked that with the virtual device tutorial I am also only going to Lua
  7. 1. Wchodzimy w sekcję forum, w której chcemy dokonać wyszukiwania i klikamy w pole obok ikony z lupą, w które wpisujemy interesującą nas frazę: 2. Teraz możemy przeglądać wszystkie wpisy zawierające wyszukiwaną frazę. 3. Jeśli chcemy sprecyzować nasze wyszukiwanie, należy kliknąć „Więcej opcji wyszukiwania” i dowolnie zmodyfikować opcje wyszukiwarki: 4. Można też zmienić sposób wyświetlania wyników klikając „Sortuj wg”: 5. Gotowe! Oto cały proces wyszukiwania w pigułce.
  8. Aby udostępnić post z forum należy: 1. Odnaleźć dany post w wątku 2. Kliknąć w odpowiednią ikonkę w prawym górnym rogu posta 3. Gotowe! Pojawi się okienko, w którym znajduje się link do posta, który można w dowolny sposób udostępnić dalej. 4. W przypadku udostępniania danego posta w innym wątku na forum, należy wkleić go w oknie odpowiedzi: 5. Jeżeli zamiast standardowej formy okienka chcemy, żeby post pojawiał się w formie prostego odnośnika, należy kliknąć „Wyświetlaj jako odnośnik”: 6.
  9. Wielu z Was pytało, jak oznaczać użytkowników w wypowiedzi. Oto krótka instrukcja krok po kroku: 1. Jeżeli dany użytkownik nie udzielał się jeszcze w danym wątku, wystarczy w wypowiedzi umieścić jego nick poprzedzony znakiem „@” bez spacji. 2. Jeśli użytkownik udzielał się już w danym wątku, wystarczy kliknąć na znak „@” towarzyszący jego nickowi przy jego wypowiedzi. W obu wypadkach efekt będzie ten sam. Nick użytkownika pojawi się w niebieskiej ramce, a on sam otrzyma powiadomienie:
  10. Mając na uwadze czytelność i przejrzystość forum, zalecamy dodawanie grafik i filmów przy użyciu funkcji „spoiler”. Oto krótki poradnik, który przeprowadzi Was przez ten proces: 1. Dodaj grafikę do tworzonego przez siebie posta: 2. Przeciągnij dodaną grafikę z pola dodane grafiki do pola z treścią posta: 3. Kliknij na przeniesioną grafikę, aby ją zaznaczyć, a następnie kliknij ikonę „Spoiler”: Uwaga! Wklejając link do YouTube należy najpierw kliknąć ikonę spoiler, aby stworzyć odpowiednie pole i to do
  11. 1. Enter the section of the forum that we would like to search, click the field next to the magnifying glass icon and type the phrase that you’re interested in: 2. Now you can browse through the entries containing your phrase: 3. If you want to perform a more specified search, click „More search options” and modify the search options to fit your needs: 4. You can also change the way the results are shown by clicking „Sort by”: 5. And there it is! That’s the search process in a nutshell.
  12. In order to share a post from the forum you need to: 1. Navigate to the post that you want to share: 2. Click the proper icon in the top right corner of the post: 3. Done! You should see a window with a link to the post pop up: 4. If you want to share this post in a different thread, just paste it in the reply window: 5. If you want to post it as a link, instead of it being show in the form of a window, just click „Display as a link instead”: 6. Click „Submit Reply” and
  13. A lot of you were asking how to mention other users in your posts. Here’s a step-by-step guide: 1. In case when a particular user is yet to be involved in a given thread, all you have to do is type their nick preceded by „@” (no space) 1. In case when said user had already contributed to a given thread, all you need to do is click on the „@” symbol next to their nick by their post. In both cases, the effect would be the same. The user’s nick would appear in a blue border and they’ll receive a notification:
  14. In order to ensure that the forum stays clear and easy to read, we strongly advise to use the „spoiler” feature when attaching an image or a video clip to your post. Here’s a short tutorial to guide you through the process: 1. Attach a file to your post: 2. Drag the attached image from the „Uploaded images” field and drop it in the one above. 3. Click on the image that you’ve just moved to select it and click on the “Spoiler” icon: Remember! If you want to attach a link from YouTube you should first click the „Spoiler” icon, in orde
  15. hi, This tutorial is based on an idea that i believe originated to @cag014 some time back and has been adopted by many. So well deserved kudos to @cag014 and others that helped originate and develop the concept. I am merely a scribe that has benefited from this. I decided to write a quick tutorial for two reasons... I implemented this over christmas and and found it very useful and much easier than I thought It would appear that we have some new forum members that got HC2 devices from Santa The core of this approach is to store all the reference ID's
  16. Hi there Forum-peoples… Here’s my post on Window Automation using chain- and spindle actuators with an Roller shutter 2 module from Fibaro… Sure this is already done, but I think I found an way for easy hardware install and payable solution. An other reason is that i dint find a sollution within the Zwave products range that can open a roof dome up to 30cm or higher. First off all, something about me… I am an newbie in the Zwave (or so with Fibaro) world. I am learning by Trial on Error… The little things I know I learned in this forum and I follow @S
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