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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I have installed several roller shutters controller from TKB TZ75 and I am having problems with some of them. Most work properly but three of them are not working fine. When I open roller in the morning, they stop any place but not at the end and I need to switch several times to reach upper part. After that first operation, they work fine. Has anyone suffer a similar problem? Could it be that roller is hard to open first time every day and controller stop due to high load? I also reconfigured them several times, but following day it fails again. Thanks for your help. Regards, Roberto.
  2. I am desperate and need help I’ve been trying to pair a couple of Fibaro double switches FGS-223 and roller shutter 3 using Smartthings hub actually its a full set of smartthings wifi which has a built in ST hub I’ve followed all installation instructions however i am unable to find these devices on ST app, i will be listing down all the trials i did after installation with no hope to even connect: Using Double Switch 2: 1- pressed S1 3 times but couldn’t find it. 2- pressed B button 3 times but the same. 3- reset (yellow indicator) and did the same steps but didn’t work. 4- disconnect power and reconnect and do the steps again but not working. 5- I’ve tried another 3 switches with no hope. Note: during these process I haven’t seen any flashing lights that can be indicator that I’ve entered paring mode. Using Roller shutter 3: I’ve done exact the same except I have only one device to try, also i’ve been able to see a flashing green/yellow light indictor for pairing mode. Last, I couldn’t find the fibaro in brands so i’ve been trying Z-wave generic, I’ve tried another account with a UK region where i was able to find fibaro in the brands list but couldn’t pair as well. Looking for help as i am not sure if i should go and pay extra money to get Home center hub or its another issue Thank you
  3. Hello, I've 8 Somfy IO RS100 Hybrid in my new home (neutral, phase, up & down) and before I've some standard motors (with neutral, ground up and down). This motors can be control with IO homecontrol radio protocol, but mine are actually connected with wire. I add the roller shutter 3 and test the calibration, but the up during 2-3 sec and the down too. Anybody have the same problem or configuration (or both :)) and the right configuration ? Thanks
  4. I have 20 modules which function properly for 3 years. Lately one module does not function. It does get the command (i hear a click) but nothing happens neither when using the switch nor when sending command. The only way to return it to function is running calibration but then after a day or so it lose all functions again. Another issue which again developed lately, multiple shutter modules is that when running scripts the do not set the lamellas to the desired angle. These modules used to work fine. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, I am new here. Therefore sorry in case my issue was already discussed in the past. So if so, thanks for information where to navigate What is my issue? I am running OpenHab 2 with a bunch of Fibaro Rollershutter 2. I can calibrate all the devices without any issue. Now I developed an automation rule to open/close the blinds at a certain time. This is working fine so far. But regularly one or the other blind is loosing the its position information. It is not always the same device. After re-calibration every thing works fine again for a couple of days. How do I detect this? User inteface (slider element) shows the wrong information. Retrieving position of rollershutter device tells for example 30% open but blind is opened completely. Since my rule is depending on the position information (e.g. close only if not already closed for 75%) this is causing some trouble. I would be happy about any advice what might is wrong in the system.
  6. Hi all, Setup - FGR-223 controlling up/DN on a roller door with an IR beam sensor wired to S2 so i don't crush cars. Issue - All works fine but when i trip the IR beam (to simulate a car in the way) the drive signal stops (good) then when i reinstate the beam it is like the FGR-223 will not reset. the only way i can get it to work again it to change parameter 151, save and change it back to 151=4 save and all good until beam trip again. Failed attempted solutions - 1. Changed parameter 151 to 3 and 4 not change. 2. Set parameter 41 to 4 then made a scene on the hold of the button but there is no option to make a scene on the release of a button to restart or reset. 3. Randomly checked and unchecked boxes (surprisingly this did not resolve the issue). Is there any manual for this device that goes more in depth than the basic one found on the website support? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Posiadam rolete wewnętrzna sterowana przez rollershutter(chyba 2) roleta działa elegancko i z poziomu aplikacji i włączania fizycznym włącznikiem. Mam jednak taki problem. Zrobiłem scenę gdzie wszystkie rolety (inne to zewnętrzne) o określonej porze się zamykają i otwierają. Chciałbym jednak aby scena nie włączyła się wtedy gdy mam otwarte okno (roleta otwiera się okno ja blokuje i roleta uszkodzona) posiadam w tym oknie doorwindow sensor. Ma ktoś jakiś pomysł? Dodam że posiadam HCl.
  8. Witam, raczkuje jeszcze w środowisku Fibaro, powoli dodaje nowe urządzenia i zastanawiam się, czy nie posiadając "wyzwalacza" jakim mógłby być Key Fob lub Button można stworzyć scenę (lub jest inny sposób) żeby opuszczać jednym kliknięciem wszystkie rolety, podnosić, lub ustawiać je w pozycji np 50%? W aplikacji Home Center na Android jest co prawda zakładka Żaluzje, i są tam wszystkie, ale opuszczać lub podnosić wspólnie można wyłącznie te, znajdujące się w jednym pomieszczeniu.
  9. Hello, Im looking for some help in finding a suitable motor for my Venetian Blinds, I have 2 windows in each room which are around a meter wide, i'm going to need to invest in 10 motors. I am just wondering what other people in the UK are using. I have seen a few links for Chinese websites, most of which don't have prices on them and then don't respond to e-mails. I know a lot of people are using Somfy, but the cost is so high, ideally i don't want this project to start running into thousands. Has anyone got any suggestions? what motors are you using? what did you pay? are you happy with them? Thanks in advance guys.
  10. Hi All, I bought a beamer elevator and it comes with a 433 MHz module. I would like to keep this also installed in combination with a Fibaro roller shutter 2. Now i don't know on witch side i must put the roller shutter, on the side of the beamer or the side of the wallplug? The 433 MHz is only for backup when fibaro loses contact, and i don't want to complete remove the ceiling. Thank you very much in advance. David
  11. Hello, I've some of my automatic Somfy automatic curtains connected with a Rollershutter 2. Now i would like to create a Virtual Device with 3 buttons ('Open' , 'Half' and 'Close') and a slider to manage these curtains Is some having a kind of VD for this already of can somebody me give some examples how to create a VD like tis? Thank you in advance! John.
  12. Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and also in this "business" so please tell me if I make any mistakes and so on. At the moment I'm doing a renovation in my new house. We have decided to make all the electronic and cabling new. A bus system like KNX was discussed but in the end to expensive in my opinion. For the moment I "only" would like to control my rollers, my two jalousies, two LED stripes and maybe the spots at the ceiling via smartphone and if possible additionally via Amazon Alexa. The first idea was to use Warema web control because the jalousies are also from Warema but I don't wanna use different apps for all the things I like to control now and of course in the future. Warema doesn't need any switch on the wall for controlling (they use a "Pluggable radio receiver for an STAK/STAS connection" directly in the blind box) so we haven't placed switches at the wall for the rollers and Jalousies. In the meantime, I was nearly clear to use Homematic for all these things but while I was searching if everything runs as I imagined via Homematic I found Fibaro. Now I think this is the best for me!? What do you think? Summery: - is Fibaro the right Smarthome solution for me? - which Fibaro solution is the right one for me? - does Fibaro and Amazon Alexa work together? - does iOS and maybe also the Home App from the iPhone works with Fibaro? - is it possible to control the rollers, my two Jalousies and two LED stripes without and switch and how? I would be very grateful if you help me asap. Thank you very much in advance. BR Marco
  13. Hi there Forum-peoples… Here’s my post on Window Automation using chain- and spindle actuators with an Roller shutter 2 module from Fibaro… Sure this is already done, but I think I found an way for easy hardware install and payable solution. An other reason is that i dint find a sollution within the Zwave products range that can open a roof dome up to 30cm or higher. First off all, something about me… I am an newbie in the Zwave (or so with Fibaro) world. I am learning by Trial on Error… The little things I know I learned in this forum and I follow @Sankotronic’s post mainly. Please keep in mind I am new to this, so always pick your own brain for your own solution you need for your house… I can only give you guys a head start or a burned down house. I needed a solution for my roof domes and for my bedroom top windows. So here is how I did it: You need the following: - The right motor for your window - A regular Roller shutter wall switch (not automated) - Some electric cabling - A Roller shutter 2 module from Fibaro - A piece of wood to bite on when you get frustrated (so your wife won’t hear you scream) - The Power of @Sankotronic VD and Scenes Choosing the motor: There are a few things you might wane consider before buying the most expensive thing for this project. - How much space do you have to screw on and place the motor. For my solution I always want to have a mosquito-net available. I build an extra wooden frame around my bedroom window to get it fitted. - How far do you want to have the windows opened? I personally (by Trial on Error) think that 30 cm will do for the roof domes. If you want more cm, then the motor you will need might be bigger and wont fit. - How much Newton power will you need. On the website I will give you, there is a calculation table you can use, about the Newton power you will need. But I think about 250N to 450N will be enough. The more Newton the more you pay. Also lookout that the Power of the motor wont crush your window (my rooftop is from the material PVC) - Take a motor with an in build auto stop! I think you need this to get it to work with the Roller Shutter 2 Module of Fibaro. You need to adjust a parameter (will discuss this later). - Take a good look at the currents you need for your country. For easy installation I went for 230V motors (and not the 12V versions). They could be directly connected to the Roller shutter 2 module of Fibaro. - Which type of motor do you need (Chain- or Spindle Actuator) I tried the Chain actuator first for my roof dome. But as it needs to open up to 30 cm the chain starts to hang to the right. So when wind blows there may be some sounds coming from the movement of the chain. I didn’t want this. If you only want to open an window for 15 cm then the chain version will work fine. A spindle actuator needs more space for placing. But I think a spindle actuator is ideal for Roof domes. For a top windows you want to go for a chain actuator. Else you don’t have the space for a mosquito net. Take a look at this website: http://www.windowo.eu/window_automation The company is in Italy.. At first I didn’t trust this website, because they have a few mistakes on it (like the VAT: it says its included but its not) I tested the website by beginning to buy 1 motor first. The delivery took about 2 to 4 weeks to the Netherlands. Then again they are so cheap its unbelievable… For my Roof dome I bought the: Spindle Actuator Raywin R45 450N 230V 50 Hz Comunello Mowin Raywin R45 - stroke (mm): 235-300 mm 2 motors for 261 euro (incl Vat and shipment) For the bedroom Top Window I bought the: Liwin L35 Chain Actuator 230V 50 Hz L=<1250 Comunello Mowin Comunello color choice: White 2 motors for 169 euro (incl Vat and shipment) I can adjust the max stroke with a dipswitch setting on the motors (Chain and Spindle) Choosing a Wall switch (no automation): I bought a standard roller shutter wall switch. With this switch you can’t push accidentally up and down at the same time… Not sure if it is important, but I went for this solution. So if your HC2 isn’t working you still can close your windows. Choosing a Zwave module: I went for the Roller Shutter 2 module from Fibaro. Yes indeed, you need some space in your walling to connect all cables, the wall switch and the Fibaro module… So keep that in mind for where you want to place the switch’s. I have two rooftop windows and two bedroom top windows… Yes you can connect all four windows to one Roller shutter 2 module of Fibaro (as long you don’t exceed the power levels of the module). But I need a different scene for my rooftop window (must close quicker when rain or wind) then for my bedroom top windows… So I decided to buy 2 Roller shutters… General tip: Buy only one thing of each item you need and make a test environment. Also test first and then place it. Connecting it all: Ok here you need to pick your own brain, if you cant then don’t start this project yourself. Get a friend to help you with the electricity etc. In generally you can directly connect the cable’s from the motor for up and down to the Roller Shutter 2 Module of Fibaro Q1 and Q2. Use S1 and S2 for your wall switch. Installing the Roller Shutter 2 Module from Fibaro: For me this was the most difficult part. If you won’t succeed at first, don’t give up (I almost did) Connect/install the Roller Shutter to your Fibaro. I hope you have first made a test environment to setup your first motor. You need to calibrate it for Max open and close. This took me some time and I found it easier to test it all, so I wouldn’t have to run across the whole house. On the “Advance-tab” of your Device under topic “Advanced” you need to put the “Controlled Device:” to “Blinds with positioning active” Parameter 18: Here starts your Trial on Error and you need that piece of wood I mentioned in the beginning and place it between your teeth… I have set my Chain actuator to 3 Watt for parameter 18. If you don’t change this setting it will not work. You now have to press Calibration button (almost back on top off page). If the Chain doesn’t go all the way up or down, adjust the amount of Watt. I noticed that while going Up or Down, the Roller Shutter 2 module of Fibaro needs to detect an amount of power. So it knows if the motor is on its top or bottom. This is also why you need to buy an Motor that has its own Auto Stop. So when the motor has power, the roller shutter module senses it and gives it current until the motor stops and doesn’t consume power. For my Spindle actuator it didn’t work with only adjusting Parameter 18. They are different motors so I had set this Parameter 18 to 6Watt. But still it didn’t always worked. Then I found that I also needed to adjust parameter 17. I set this parameter to 5.2 seconds. I think this is the time it waits when last minimal current was measured… So playing with Parameter 17 and 18 was my biggest struggle. Scenes Now you have created your devices, you need a scene… Again as a newbie I just created something that works for me. It has no clean code (error checking etc). I hope that @Sankotronic or others will use my solution so I can get a proper Scene in the future. Because I have Netatmo weather station I can use the CO2 lvl for automatic opening. Handy if you have visitors. It might also first check if the windows shouldn’t be opened in case of wind and rain. One other thing I like about window automation is that with an simple code you can at it to your smoke alarm, opening windows when smoke is detected so you get the change to run out of your house without to many smoke in your way. Even now you got use for the Netatmo Noise sensor. It can help you close your bedroom window when noice is detected. Not hard to code but I have no need for this now. For now I only created a scene for automatic closing, when it rains or when the wind gusts are too high. I did this for the wind and rain separately. I use an Netatmo Wind- and rainsensor. You will need the power of @Sanktronic [VD] Weather State v2.0 and [SCENE+VD] Netatmo weather station v2.0 - to get the weather information. Main scene for time based events v1.2.5 - for the scene’s to start. WindRoofDomeClose - Scene: When Windgust are to high i need them to close automaticly. --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] -- setting up variables wT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("WeatherState")) local stationNo = 1 local guststrenght = wT.netatmo[stationNo].wind.gust; local idroofdomes = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IDRoofDomes")); -- IDRoofDomes is ID of my RolleshutterModule local idgsmibie = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IdGsmIbie")); -- ID of my mobile phone local roofdomesstate = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(idroofdomes,"value")); -- Open or Close state if roofdomesstate > tonumber "0" and guststrenght >= tonumber "75" -- here i can adjust the Wind gust strength for Closing then -- Sending message to my phone fibaro:call(idgsmibie, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "183") -- 183 is the ID for my message created in the Notification panel -- Close window fibaro:call(idroofdomes, "setValue", "0") end RainRoofDomeClose - Scene: This script is checking the weather on http://openweathermap.org/ As a test I also added a check for my Netatmo Rainsensor. If Internet would be down, it works as a sort of fail save… Floors will be wet because it will take at least 15 min. to close. But rather 15 mins then hours of rain in my home when I am asleep in summer. --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] -- setting up variables wT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("WeatherState")) local stationNo = 1 local weathercastid = wT.openmap[stationNo].w_id; -- Weathercast ID local netatmorainsensor = wT.netatmo[stationNo].rain.hour; -- Netatmo rain/hour local idroofdomes = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IDRoofDomes")); -- IDRoofDomes is ID of my RolleshutterModule local idgsmibie = tonumber(fibaro:getGlobalValue("IdGsmIbie")); -- ID of my mobile phone local roofdomesstate = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(idroofdomes,"value")); -- Open or Close state if roofdomesstate > tonumber "0" and -- rain detection from http://openweathermap.org/ ( (weathercastid == tonumber("200")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("201")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("202")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("210")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("211")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("212")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("221")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("230")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("231")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("232")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("300")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("301")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("302")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("310")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("311")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("312")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("313")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("314")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("321")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("500")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("501")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("531")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("502")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("503")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("504")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("511")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("520")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("521")) or (weathercastid == tonumber("522")) -- rain detection from Netatmo Rain Sensor or netatmorainsensor > tonumber "0" ) then -- Sending message to my phone fibaro:call(idgsmibie, "sendDefinedPushNotification", "186") -- 186 is the ID for my message created in the Notification panel -- Close Windows fibaro:call(idroofdomes, "setValue", "0") end Icons: Roof Dome device and scene: Bedroom Top Window Device: Note: Please keep in mind I am still a rookie… Not used to create this automation and not used to write about what I have created… Hope my post will help some of u to take a leap of faith and start automate your windows. I like to end this as @Sankotronic says: Enjoy coding and in this case assembling I am also working on a Walking Fridge solution… But as long my future wife’s name isn’t Fridge, it’s not going to happen
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