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Found 5 results

  1. I bought 5 fibaro FGR222 early July 2018 on amazon. I motorized my 5 shutters. All goes well for 3 months. This morning, I wanted to open the shutters using the physical wall command. The fuses jumped and a small smoke came out of wall command. I opened the wall command and I could see that the fibro FGR222 was burnt. I can smelt the electrical burn. Why after 3 months without manual intervention? Will this situation be repeated on my other four shutters ? Do I need to fear a fire hazard? How to I contact the Warranty service ?
  2. SoDa

    Fibaro Roller Shutter v2

    Hi, My name is Dave and I'm new here. I have five Windows with electic roller shutters. I want to use the Roller Shutter v2 from Fibaro to automate these things. But I'm not sure if I will be able to connect the exesting switch to the system. The regular swithes uses three wires but mine has six wires. Please find attached some pictures. I there someone who can help in this matter ? Thx, Dave
  3. Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and also in this "business" so please tell me if I make any mistakes and so on. At the moment I'm doing a renovation in my new house. We have decided to make all the electronic and cabling new. A bus system like KNX was discussed but in the end to expensive in my opinion. For the moment I "only" would like to control my rollers, my two jalousies, two LED stripes and maybe the spots at the ceiling via smartphone and if possible additionally via Amazon Alexa. The first idea was to use Warema web control because the jalousies are also from Warema but I don't wanna use different apps for all the things I like to control now and of course in the future. Warema doesn't need any switch on the wall for controlling (they use a "Pluggable radio receiver for an STAK/STAS connection" directly in the blind box) so we haven't placed switches at the wall for the rollers and Jalousies. In the meantime, I was nearly clear to use Homematic for all these things but while I was searching if everything runs as I imagined via Homematic I found Fibaro. Now I think this is the best for me!? What do you think? Summery: - is Fibaro the right Smarthome solution for me? - which Fibaro solution is the right one for me? - does Fibaro and Amazon Alexa work together? - does iOS and maybe also the Home App from the iPhone works with Fibaro? - is it possible to control the rollers, my two Jalousies and two LED stripes without and switch and how? I would be very grateful if you help me asap. Thank you very much in advance. BR Marco
  4. ydabbagh

    Somfy wireless motor

    Hi I have a few wireless Somfy motors for my roller blinds installed in my house- will the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 work with it? If so, how? Thanks Yasser
  5. Witam, jestem nowy na tym forum i chciałbym uzyskać pomoc w zakresie doboru rozwiązania do sterowania zasłonami. Nie znalazłem w archiwum podobnego tematu więc otwieram nowy wątek. Posiadam 6 napędów zasłon takich jak te: http://www.aokmotors.co.uk/1-2-motorised-curtain-tracks-ac-motorised-curtain-track-up-to-500mm.html Sterowane są aktualnie wyłącznie z pilota (wbudowany moduł komunikacyjny 433,92 Mhz) bez dodatkowych łączników ściennych. Napęd posiada wewnętrzną elektronikę, która umożliwia ustawienie pozycji krańcowych zasłony, blokuje napęd przy zbyt dużym przeciążeniu itp. To nie jest zwykły silniczek góra/dół co chyba utrudnia trochę sprawę z integracją z Z-Wave. Poza tym można tymi napędami sterować również poprzez niskonapięciowe łączniki (porty niskonapięciowe Commo, Up, Down, Stop) lub przez RS232 (A port)/RS485(B port). Napęd ma dodatkowe gniazdo z wyprowadzeniami jak na schemacie: http://www.aokmotors.co.uk/data/ckeditor/wiring_diagram.jpg. Chciałbym sterować tymi zasłonami przy pomocy HC2. Z tego widzę to Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 się do tego nie nada, bo on steruje silnikami wysokonapięciowo. Relay Switch chyba również się nie nadaje, bo na schematach podaje zasilanie bezpośrednio na silnik rolety (http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes/apnt-30#.VicjtCuPsUs). Czy macie pomysł jak zrealizować takie połączenie z HC2? Jakie sterowniki/moduły dokupić?