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Found 24 results

  1. I am thinking about how I can connect the underfloor heating on the Fibaro. The floor is from the Uponor brand (exactly Uponor Smatrix Base). They provide a module for home automation but only on KNX (also it costs € 1,800) so it is not a option. Then reading the manual I find the following: Uponor actuators Uponor actuators are mounted on top of manifold valves and are operated using either ON / OFF signals or Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PWM) signals. Self balancing The Uponor Smatrix Wave / Wave PLUS base unit can operate the actuator outputs either through on / off signals or via Auto Balance using pulse width modulation (PWM) signals. Balanced Auto is a function in which the system calculates the current energy needs of different rooms, and adapts the output power of each circuit to its length. This assumes that a short circuit could receive 20% while a longer circuit could receive around 60%. Automatic balancing continues throughout the seasons and depending on owners' changing lifestyles and usage patterns, eliminating the need for manual balancing. It allows the soil temperatures to be more homogeneous and reduce the reaction times of the system, with a lower energy consumption than with any conventional activation / deactivation system. From what I understand the actuators that are 24V, are of the PWM type, and is regulated according to the temperature. Looking at the catalog of products for underfloor heating in Z-wave, I only think that 2 modules can work to me the Danfoss HC or the Qubino Flush PWM Thermostat modules. The Danfoss HC: I see it very old but I don't know how work in Fibaro The Qubino Flush PWM Thermostat: I do not know if it works for specific cases and they are discontinuing it. Can someone give me some light on the subject? I attach a picture of the system.
  2. Hello everyone ! I have a Problem ! I am trying to Dim my HVGC-480-L-AB mean well Led drive where support 3 dimming ways : ※3 in 1 dimming function (for B/AB-Type)  Output constant current level can be adjusted by applying one of the three methodologies between DIM+ and DIM-: 0 ~ 10VDC, or 10V PWM signal or resistance.  Direct connecting to LEDs is suggested. It is not suitable to be used with additional drivers.  Dimming source current from power supply: 100μA (typ.) So when I plug everything is working fine in the first place but my problem starts when I try to dim until off or when I push the off button from the home center interface or from the push button directly connected on the flush dimmer 0-10v its starting to flashing the led strip and it dosn't stop ! In the video you can see what is happening after the off button. Plz any help I would be grateful !!! IMG_7685.MOV
  3. Hi all, I plan to purchase some Qubino Flush Shutter DC devices to control louvre windows, as well as a linear actuator. Both of these are 24V motorised units with limit switches. Control is performed by reversing polarity to the motor. Anyone have any experience with these devices and HC2? Also, has anyone mounted these devices on a DIN rail? For Fibaro devices, Haseman and EUFix both make 3rd party DIN enclosures. Interested to hear if someone has a solution for Qubino devices. Cheers! Tim
  4. The Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter can operate an external contactor if certains parameters are set - this is a very smart solution for controlling that you can cut power in case of to high current (power) consumption. BUT, The setup method described is based on settng certain parameters in the Smart Meter while included (no 7=3 and no 100=11), then exclude the unit and when included again it will be noticed that there is an output activiated. The problem is that HC2 over writes alla parameters to default while including the unit making the idea off Smart Meter useless Advicew please
  5. Hi, I'm working on a Home Center 2. With all Qubino modules sofar (flush dimmer, Shutter DC, relay 2 and relay 1) there is an error that there is no template available. For Fibaro sensor and dim modules, it works fine. How do I get the correct templates in the Home Center and where can I find them? Thanks! Willem-Jan
  6. I have installed a Qubino dimmer, and added it in fibaro web console. Fibaro detects the dimmer, but also another device which it thinks is a motion sensor. When I switch the dimmer "ON" in fibaro, the light goes on, however it blinks on and off every second, and after that I can't make it stop blinking no matter what I do in fibaro. Even when I switch off the current to the dimmer/light, and then turn it on again, the blinking instantly starts again. This happened with version 3.x of fibaro (think it was 3.5 or something, can't remember), and then same thing after upgrade to version 4.035. I deleted and readded the dimmer in fibaro. As far as I understand, the Qubino dimmer should work fine with fibaro, and specificly with latest fibaro version, for which one of the updates notes was "added Qubino dimmer template". So what can I do? /Gabriel
  7. Hi All of you, Does anybody have an idea how to connect a secure SRT321 and a Qubino flush on/off thermostat can be coupled? The goal is that the SRT should be the one to set the temperature and the Qubino should switch the electrical floorheating. Meanwhile the Qubino sensor should be able to measure the reached temperature. So f you set the temperature on the SRT to, for example, 25 degrees, it should switch the Qubino to on, if the measured temperature by the Qubino sensor is below the 25 degrees. as soon as the Qubino sensor measures 25 degrees it should switch of and ofcourse when the floor temperature comes below the 25 degrees it should switch on again.
  8. I have a HC2 on version 4.551 Been adding Qubino PWM thermostats and struggling to get them to configure properly The second one I added has added correctly and works perfectly (can set a temperature and the temp sensor works and is accurate) All others have been adding as below No temperature sensor (i have checked its been plugged in) and temperature resets itself to 4oC If anyone knows how I can change the configuration or copy the settings of the one that has worked i would be glad! Thanks Warwick
  9. I have some Qubino Flush On/Off Thermostats for controlling electric floor heating. I'm using the HC2 with 4.580 SW. My problem is the frequency of reading the actual temperature from Fibaro room sensors, the temperature is only updated once per hour. I have asked for support from Qubino and from Fibaro but no solution offered. From Fibaro it was promissed that the template for these thermostats would be included in the next update but when that (4.580) was rolled out a few weeks later the support for these thermostats were still missing. Anyone having a clue how to get the temperature reading updated more frequently?
  10. Hi, I have several Qubino Smart Meter devices installed and included in my HC2. I can see that the energy reporting is working in the web application (in the energy dropdown on top, in the energy panel, and in the device config page). However, the total consumption in the top bar in the mobile app does not include data from the Qubino Smart Meters. I can not see the power meters when I browse through the devices by room or by device type. I can see the ampere meters in the Android app, but nothing else. Why isn't the power consumption available in the mobile (Android) app?
  11. I bought 5 fibaro FGR222 early July 2018 on amazon. I motorized my 5 shutters. All goes well for 3 months. This morning, I wanted to open the shutters using the physical wall command. The fuses jumped and a small smoke came out of wall command. I opened the wall command and I could see that the fibro FGR222 was burnt. I can smelt the electrical burn. Why after 3 months without manual intervention? Will this situation be repeated on my other four shutters ? Do I need to fear a fire hazard? How to I contact the Warranty service ?
  12. Hi, Planning on setting up Qubino 0-10v dimmers with the Fibaro HC2. Does anyone know if these can be used in Lua scenes like the scene activation functionality in the Fibaro Dimmer 2? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I just bought some Qubino Flush1D relays to replace my Hunter Irrigation controller. The Controller/Valves are operated by a 24VAC Power supply that I would like to use for the Relays. Now, I am somehow stuck with the wireing logics... From what I understand: I need to connect 230V to the relay L/N , and the 24VAC supply to the Q (in/out) Ports, right? BUT: where and how do I connect the valve, can I connect 2 valves to one relay? I attached a qubino schema, maybe someone of you can help? Cheers joystick
  14. Hi, does anybody has good or bad experiences with the Qubino Din Rail dimmer in conjuction with the Fibaro DC2 ?
  15. can anyone see why this simple block scene doesn't seem to function on Qubino DC shutter? (see attached). It should lower or raise to 50% if temperature between 16 -18 degrees. I have separate scenes to raise above 18 and lower below 16 which appear to work ok (The module is actually connected to my greenhouse door!). The LUA converts to this: --[[ %% properties 149 value %% globals --]] local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(149, "value")) > 16 ) and ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(149, "value")) < 18 ) or startSource["type"] == "other" ) then setTimeout(function() end, 100000) end Thanks.
  16. My fibaro RGBW are giving me a world fo pain Does anybody have experience with this device Z-Wave Qubino RGBW Dimmer Plus http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-qubino-rgbw-dimmer-plus
  17. Hi, Anybody has experience with the Qubino Flush 1D relay(ZMNHND1) running from 24-30VDC? I tried to include it without sucess, but when I connect it to 230VAC it includes in the system and works, but when I try to run it from 26VDC it doesn't. From the same power source a Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor is running without any problems. Thanks, Marton
  18. regarding: working solution for qubino on/off thermostat in HC2 (including app integration) device: qubino on/off thermostat controller: HC2 version 4.1 issue: setting target temperature fails status: found workaround Hi all, This week I decided to replace my ugly physical wallmounted thermostats with an invisible (in wall) alternative. I decided to go for the Qubino on/off thermostat to control my electrical infloor heating based on some web-site that claimed it was compatible with the HC2. Unfortunately it does not work out of the box, but I do believe I found a work-around that hopefully can be of use for some of you. First the problems: 1. The current temperature is not visible in HC2 2. Not possible to set the desired temperature from within HC2. This seems to be caused by misinterpretation of numerical values between qubino and HC2 (more below) The Solutions: 1. read current environment temperature The qubino thermostat does not actively send updates when the temperature changes, but HC2 is able to read it when you poll the device. I simply changed the polling interval to 1 minute, and that solved the issue 2. Setting the desired temperature This is the tricky one that requires a triggered event script as workaround. The problem is that setting a value of eg "22°C" for some reason becomes set as "2.2°" (notice the decimal point). This problem does not occur when you try to set the temperature to a decimal value, eg "21.5°" does get set correctly. My workaround is based on the observation that decimal values work correctly: instead of setting a desired temp of "22" we will request a desired temp of "22.01". This will be sent to qubino who will set the temp to "22.0" because it only supports one decimal (not 2). The HC2 will notice the value change in the qubino to 22.0 (being different from 22.01 triggering a seccond change event) and update the HC2 status to 22.0 Magic Now the remaining challenge is that the iPad/iPhone app do not allow us to set a value of "22.01" in the interface. We can only pick integers such as 21, 22, ... The following event script takes care of this. It gets triggered when the value of the qubino thermostat changes (value is the setpoint for the desired heating temp). If the value is too low, I assume it's due to the misinterpretation of the desired set point, and I reformat it before setting it again. I simply convert "2.2" into "22.01" and then set that value. Here is the event script that gets triggered on a "value" change of the qubino thermostat (that's the device ID we trigger on): --[[ %% properties 352 value %% events %% globals --]] local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); local startSourceID = tonumber(startSource["deviceID"]); local setTemp=tonumber(fibaro:getValue(startSourceID, "value")); fibaro:debug("qubino value is "..setTemp); if (tonumber(setTemp) < 4) then fibaro:debug("need to adjust Temp"); setTemp=setTemp*10+0.01; fibaro:debug("qubino corrected value is "..setTemp); fibaro:call(startSourceID, "setThermostatSetpoint", "1", setTemp); end Feedback appreciated... Cheers, Koen
  19. Hi everyone I want to start a complaint about the Qubino flush relay's still not supported by Fibaro. Still templates are not available for these modules. I do not know why Fibaro still are not supporting these modules but to my opninion they should starting supporting these by now. Especially keeping in mind all other brands are supported much better. I did sent templates to Fibaro several times. A lot of customer have these units, probably because they support energy metering. So Fibaro, what's goinig on here? Please reply so we have as many as qustumers possible to put some pressure in Fibaro!
  20. Hi. I'm about to install 2 qubino dimmers in my kitchen. And with them I can use I2 with a pushbutton as a sensor to trigger other things. Will it be possible to use it with PLEG as followed? If sensor1 is triggered an lamp2 is off - turn lamp2 on If sensor1 is triggered an lamp2 is on - turn lamp2 off So if I can figure this out I can dim lamp1 with one button and toggle lamp2 with the other Is it possible with block scene or do I have to use LUA? (wich I'm total novice on) Hope I made myself clear so u guys can help me
  21. Witajcie, chcę do swojej centralki podłączyć dodatkowe switche 2x1,5k. Poza standardowymi Fibaro są dostępne również switche Qubino. Za qubino przemawia: - pomiar zużycia prądu - możliwość podłączenia czujnika temperatury Dallas - cena (jakieś 10% tańsze) Czy nie będzie problemu z integracją tego z Fibaro, wykrywalnością czujnika temperatury, ikonkami, dostępnością ustawień itp.? Czy lepiej darować sobie i kupić oryginalne switche Fibaro? Najbardziej obawiam się, że ew. brak wsparcia mógłby kiedyś dać mi się we znaki przy jakimś kolejnym update HC2. Doradźcie proszę
  22. Has anyone tried the new Qubino Flush Dimmer Plus yet? I have two, but they will not complete the configuration, they always say configuration failed. I have tried close to the HC2 and still the same. They can still be used and can be turned On and Off using the slider, and Off using the button but not On which is strange. Cheers Mike
  23. Hi I hav just added my second Qubino Dimmer, but it turns up as a thermostat. I have removed and added it back, but with the same result. Both my Qubino dimmer have FW 1.12. The only thing I can think of is that my HC2 had 4.035 when I added the first dimmer and 4.037 now. Any ideas on what to do?
  24. Dimmery Fibaro są beznadziejne - palą się, topią, buczą, nie pracują niemal z żadnymi LED'ami. Chciałbym więc powoli zacząć je wymieniać na coś co... działa, współpracuje z żarówkami rodem z XXI wieku i nie próbuje spalić mi domu Czy ktoś z Was może ma u siebie coś takiego? http://qubino.com/products-2/flushdimmer/ Wygląda to bardzo obiecująco i na pewno solidniej niż moduły z Fibaro. A może ktoś z Was tym handluje w Polsce? pozdrawiam Grzegorz
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