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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I´ve got a z-wave clamp energy meter installed on the house mains so it measures the whole house consumption. I also have several dimmers and switches that capable of measuring consumption of devices connected to them. 1. How do I make sure that the total energy displayed in the app (see image attached) is the actual total household consumption and not the clamp meter´s consumption + each device´s consumption? Ideally, I´d like to display the clamp meter´s consumption as the total household consumption and each device as part of it, a slice of the pie chart. Not all devices
  2. It should be possible to draw graphs of lux values. In fact, there should be a tool (much like the consumption/temperature graph) to graph any value you want in comparison mode with every other values. This way, the user can compare anything they want to optimize for new scenes: Lux value's with dimmer values to see when the lights are being switched on Motion sensors with light switches to see if people always turn on the light Temperature with open/closed doors/windows to see what impact this has on the temperature in the room Lux values with temperat
  3. Hi, I have several Qubino Smart Meter devices installed and included in my HC2. I can see that the energy reporting is working in the web application (in the energy dropdown on top, in the energy panel, and in the device config page). However, the total consumption in the top bar in the mobile app does not include data from the Qubino Smart Meters. I can not see the power meters when I browse through the devices by room or by device type. I can see the ampere meters in the Android app, but nothing else. Why isn't the power consumption available in the mobile (Android) app?
  4. Hello, I bought a Neo Colcam power plug which is working pretty well with Fibaro, except I cant look at the consumpiton history from mobile APP. If i tap on Fibaro plug, there is screen that shows daily, weekly... consumption etc., but when im trying to tap on Neo Coolcam plug which showing actual consumption the same way as Fibaro plug, it does nothing - it wont open that consumption history as it doeas with plug from Fibaro. From web i can see consumption fine in device settings and also in panel with all graphs etc.
  5. Hi I am wondering how precise the wattage reading is on the RGBW controller. In my bedroom I have about 8 meters of 24V RGBW led strips. According to the manufacturer, they draw about 20W/m, so we installed 160Ws of power supply. at around 85%, the leds cut out, and start to blink. Apparently either the PSUs dont deliver, or, more likely, some power is lost on the cabling etc. Not a big deal. Since these are ambiance lights, I never need them full power, so I decide to limit the maximum brightness in the advanced settings of the RGBW controller in HC2. I st
  6. Version 3.0.4


    Consumption monitoring™ v3.0.4 CHANGES 2018-02-18 Added support for send push every hour. Added more emoijs to VD 2017-04-04 Corrected day, line 115 2017-04-13 Corrected selfRun function. Added 2 more labels with info. Added emoijs. Monitor your energy consumption and if wanted it will send a daily push and month report with consumed energy Supports AEON Labs energy meter (and more...?) Supports Autofrank's Smart Message Hub Create an empty vd(virtual device) with 7 labels. ID of the label should be Label1 to Label5. Name y
  7. Hi all, is there a way to receive the power status of the hue bulb? E.g. If I turn my lights off via a fibaro relay, I would like to see if the hue light is actually supplied with power or not... cheers
  8. After I installed Aeon power meter, I disabled all metering’s from other devices. I also disabled metering from phase 1-3 clamps and I use only total one. Nevertheless, I get different information across whole fibaro ecosystem. Web status bar shows consumption (3 differnet measurings 597W, 696W, 2,83kw) that is 1,x-4 times higher than real one, while all fibaro devices are off, so the only reading is from aeon meter. Iphone app shows in status bar different number and the only correct one (real data from aeon). (217W, 317W, 2,45kw) Android tablet app displays 0W (reports only when some modul
  9. I have some device connected to z-wave plugs that can measure the energy consumption (devolo (Metering Plug MT:2646) and aeon labs (aeotec ZW075 v2) plugs are used). Now I would like every month a report how many kWh each of the plugs counted so far. Best would be to get that report by email. Is something like this possible in the HC2 eg with LUA? Can anybody help me to get started: - how to get the combined kWh from the devices - how to send an email - how to run the script only once per month thanks
  10. Hi, Since I got my Smappee Energy Monitor's data into the electricity consumption panel, I was thinking about buying the Smappee gas and water monitoring devices. So a gas and water consumption panel would be a usefull extra I guess .
  11. Log the outside temperature (from the weather) so you can compare it on the consumption graphs with the inside temperatures. This way, you can analyse why the inside temperature suddenly droped or why on particular days your electrical heating consumption went up.
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