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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to use a value from sensor (energy consumption) and use it in calculation of new value, which will be then shown in dashboard or elsewhere. Has anyone any clue how to program this? Thank you in advance. FBoh
  2. It should be possible to draw graphs of lux values. In fact, there should be a tool (much like the consumption/temperature graph) to graph any value you want in comparison mode with every other values. This way, the user can compare anything they want to optimize for new scenes: Lux value's with dimmer values to see when the lights are being switched on Motion sensors with light switches to see if people always turn on the light Temperature with open/closed doors/windows to see what impact this has on the temperature in the room Lux values with temperature to see how much the sun heats up the house and if you can adjust the heating to compensate ( If lux.value > 300 then turn heating off end )
  3. I have an VD to gather real time values for monitoring battery bank. I can see these values in HC2 but not in Fibaro App (android). Is there an Fibaro App bug? Could be fixed somehow? Thank a lot for any feedback, Tomas
  4. I am trying to start the exhaust fan in a bathroom (4 of them) when the humidity changes by a percentage. I have a simple scene that is using a greater than a fixed value trigger. This works for now. However this value will be different in summer / winter and requires permanent tweaking. What I really want is to turn it on when it increases by more than 1% in say 5 mins. Similarly I want to stop it when the humidity has not decreased by more than 1% in 30 mins. I can use Lua, but is there any other way that others have done this, or is there a better algorithm ?
  5. Hello! I am new to to Lua coding and coding generally, and i am struggeling to be satisfied with my bathroom fan control during shower. Devices: Netatmo Indoor and outside module and Fibaro Relay Per now, I control my bathroom fan, by monitoring the humidity in the room and set the fan to start at a given level like below. This is made by normal scene blocks. (If OUTSIDE humidity > 90 AND INDOOR humidity >= 60 = "Turn on") (If OUTSIDE humidity > 90 AND INDOOR humidity < 60 = "Turn off") (If OUTSIDE humidity < 90 AND INDOOR humidity >= 55 = "Turn on") (If OUTSIDE humidity < 90 AND INDOOR humidity <55 = "Turn off") The outside criteria "helps" on wet and rainy days, by not letting the fan start on its own due to rise in humidity. Due to the fact that outside humidity plays a HUGE role on the inside humidity, my setup must be modified all the time because of seasonal changes. What i would really want is a script that does the following using only the inside humidity and the relay: The plugin for Netatmo pulls information every minute, but the Netatmo itself only uploads to the API site every 10 min. Så when i get a rise in humidity, i allways get atleast 5% at a time. That means the Fibaro thinks it gets 5% rise in one minute (if i think at this correctly) I want a sudden rise in humidity, regardless of the outside OR the inside humidity, to trigger the fan. (Example: from 25-->30, 45-->50, 52--57) The thing i think is tricky, is that you actualy must "save" the previus value and compare it to the new?!? If i get the fan to trigg this way, i could easily set up another scene to stop the fan after an hour. BUT, it would be much more awsome if the fan stayed on until the humidity value BEFORE the spike was reached. Does anybody have a solution for this? I know the guy at the top of this topic, providing the link, has made this in Domoticz - https://www.domoticz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4421 Sorry for my horrible english writing! Best regards
  6. Hello, I like to start a scene at every keypress on my Zipato Mini Keypad with RFiD Example: Zipato Away + PIN >>> Start scene Arm Zipato Home + TAG >>> Start scene DisArm Zipato Away + TAG >>> Start scene Arm Zipato Home + PIN >>> Start scene DisArm This works fine, no problem so far but if i'm also using my smartphone it doesn't work 1) Yesterday Alarm Disarmed by Zipato-Home-key + PIN 2) Today Alarm Armed by Smartphone 3) Today i try to disarm by Zipato-Home-key + TAG >>> NO TRIGGER Fibaro HC2 doesn't start a scene at step-3 because 'value' was not changed, for the system i pushed the home-key again (step 1 and 3) How do i trigger a scene with FIBARO LUA every time a key was pushed? ----------------------- Every key-press is send to Fibaro HC2 as it shows in the status screen [23:11:56] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:24:50] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:24:58] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:25:25] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:25:43] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:25:54] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:27:46] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:27:52] ID 299: locked by user 3 [23:27:57] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:31:03] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:31:13] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:47:04] ID 299: locked by user 1 [23:47:11] ID 299: unlocked by user 1 ----------------------- SCENE HEADER: --[[ %% properties 299 value %% events %% globals --]] Can somebody help?
  7. Hi! I need some help with my code. I am reading temperatures vi REST API. The code works and the bebug windows displays the correct values but not the labels. It is adding a lot of decimals. selfId = fibaro:getSelfId() sleeptimer = 5 -- Antal minuter mellan pollning local WEB = Net.FHttp("",8080); local Temp_Garage ,status, err = WEB:GET("/rest/items/GT31/state"); local Temp_Vardagsrum ,status, err = WEB:GET("/rest/items/GT11/state"); local Temp_Kok ,status, err = WEB:GET("/rest/items/GT21/state"); local Temp_Sovrum ,status, err = WEB:GET("/rest/items/GT41/state"); fibaro:debug(Temp_Garage) fibaro:debug(Temp_Vardagsrum) fibaro:debug(Temp_Kok) fibaro:debug(Temp_Sovrum) fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.lblTG.value", Temp_Garage); fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.lblTV.value", Temp_Vardagsrum); fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.lblTK.value", Temp_Kok); fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.lblTS.value", Temp_Sovrum); --fibaro:sleep(sleeptimer*1000*60)
  8. Hello, I'm working on a tiny lua code showing status on different variables and devices. This is what I got: local ID = fibaro:getSelfId() local lys = fibaro:getGlobal('LYS') local lysstue = fibaro:getValue(36, 'value') local TV = fibaro:getValue(85, 'value') local dor = fibaro:getValue(66, 'value') fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label1.value',lys) fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label2.value',lysstue) fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label3.value',TV) fibaro:call(ID,'setProperty','ui.Label4.value',dor) Only thing I want to change are values displayed as 0 and values displayed as 1 changes to "OFF" and "ON". Help is much appreciated!
  9. How hard can it be to set a value to 30 from 60 ? delay = fibaro:getValue(28, "alarmDelay"); -- Get time fibaro:debug ("exit delay =" ..delay); fibaro:call(28, "alarmDelay", "30"); --set new time delay = fibaro:getValue(28, "alarmDelay"); -- Get new time fibaro:debug ("new exit delay =" ..delay); But i cant change it, It is still 60
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