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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm sure many of you use your HC2 as an alarm system. I'm looking for a physical keypad and/or FRID device which is compatible and works with HC2 without any problems for access control. Please be so kind and let me know if you know about anything like this. Or else, please let me know how do you control your alarm, apart from smartphone apps and keyfob. I'm desperately looking for a working , tested solution on hardware and scenes. Any suggestions, ideas much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. When i am trying to arm (fibaro HC2) the door sensor V2 i get a message that it failed because certain devices not fullfill certain conditions. There seems to be a problem but totally unclear to me what the issue is. Has somebody any idea what could cause this issue? How to find out what the issue is? I can force the arming but is this then ok, no issue anymore?
  3. Hello, I like to start a scene at every keypress on my Zipato Mini Keypad with RFiD Example: Zipato Away + PIN >>> Start scene Arm Zipato Home + TAG >>> Start scene DisArm Zipato Away + TAG >>> Start scene Arm Zipato Home + PIN >>> Start scene DisArm This works fine, no problem so far but if i'm also using my smartphone it doesn't work 1) Yesterday Alarm Disarmed by Zipato-Home-key + PIN 2) Today Alarm Armed by Smartphone 3) Today i try to disarm by Zipato-Home-key + TAG >>> NO TRIGGER Fibaro HC2 doesn't start a scene at step-3 because 'value' was not changed, for the system i pushed the home-key again (step 1 and 3) How do i trigger a scene with FIBARO LUA every time a key was pushed? ----------------------- Every key-press is send to Fibaro HC2 as it shows in the status screen [23:11:56] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:24:50] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:24:58] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:25:25] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:25:43] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:25:54] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:27:46] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:27:52] ID 299: locked by user 3 [23:27:57] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:31:03] ID 299: locked by user 2 [23:31:13] ID 299: unlocked by user 2 [23:47:04] ID 299: locked by user 1 [23:47:11] ID 299: unlocked by user 1 ----------------------- SCENE HEADER: --[[ %% properties 299 value %% events %% globals --]] Can somebody help?
  4. KeyCode LUA program for a Digital Key with Fibaro UBS. KeyCode is a LUA script to create a digital key operated by a secret code. Requirements: Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor (UBS). one or two momentary switches (push buttons). Fibaro HC2. It permits to define: - two secret codes (one for each UBS input) - maximum number of failures - captive interval during which also the valid code will be recognized as invalid Two momentary keys can be used as keyboard to input the secret codes to open/close a door, arm/disarm alarms, turn on/off lights, etc... How it works. Input1 and/or Input2 of the UBS are configured to activate scenes. By pressing one, two or three times a momentary switch (key1, key2) connected to such inputs a digit (1, 2 or 3) is entered. A sequence of such digits is a code (secret code) that can be used to control devices, arm/disarm sensors/house alarm, activate scenes. The script permits to define secret codes of any length (any number of digits), composed only by the numbers 1, 2 or 3. Each digit of the code can be assigned to one of the keys (UBS inputs). It is possible to use only one UBS input or both the UBS inputs. For example, the code 2, 1, 3, 3, 1 corresponds to the following sequence: double click, one click, triple click, triple click, one click, of the key (momentary switch) to which the digit is assigned (digit to key assignment is described below). To confirm the code it needs to hold down one of the keys. The maximum interval between each digit or code confirmation sent to the script is configurable. Optionally it is possible to define the maximum number of consecutive code failures before to start a captive status interval during which also the right code will be refused as invalid. A code failure happens when the code confirmation is received (switch holding down) and the entered code doesn’t match the secret code. By one UBS and this script it is possible to manage a maximum of two secret codes, typically one code could be for activate a function (for example, arm a sensor) the other one to deactivate the function. You can download the script (ZIP file) and the documentation (PDF) here: http://domotica.gposta.it
  5. Hi. Can anyone here please tell me how to arm/disarm the alarm system by a scene? Another question: How do I only arm a part of the house? What I would like is a "gone to bed button" (arm some parts of the house) and a "left the house" button (arm the hole house). I use HCL Thanks. Jan
  6. As Fibaro has no external keypad system to arm or disarm the alarm, the only way to work is with the tablet. Is there a way to let your tablet (android) make a sound notification when arming the alarm or when entering the building when the alarm is armed? Maybe it's a nice feature in the future?
  7. How hard can it be to set a value to 30 from 60 ? delay = fibaro:getValue(28, "alarmDelay"); -- Get time fibaro:debug ("exit delay =" ..delay); fibaro:call(28, "alarmDelay", "30"); --set new time delay = fibaro:getValue(28, "alarmDelay"); -- Get new time fibaro:debug ("new exit delay =" ..delay); But i cant change it, It is still 60
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