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  1. Generic Fibaro HC3 Alarm system Hi Luabuilder Sharing is Caring I have see a lot of talk using Fibaro HC3 for Alarm system. I love the idea - i want that, so i tried to describe what a Generic Alarm system should be build of. Several people already tipped in with things they made og thoughts they have, issues they identified. Why invent the wheel when great tuff already has been made. @jgab has created the EventRunner4 and ChildrenOfHUE - All-in-one QA framework for HC3 - this can be used for arming and disarming the alarm - An example is provid
  2. I have a smoke alarm (FireAngel ST-630 with Sprue Z-wave-module) which I would like to trigger switching off a relay when an alarm is given. Basically, there are two ways to make one device trigger another, associations or scenes. Using association has the advantage of being independent of the HC2 gateway, so that is what I was looking for at first. The supplier of the alarm tells me, however, that association will not work in this case, since the appropriate association group uses a "sensor notification reports and not a set command". I am a little out of my depth here, and would appreci
  3. Why doesn’t the Fibaro app warm me when the Alarm Goes off. No vibration or alarmtone?
  4. I'm hoping someone can assist me in working out why the API is incorrect when using the Fibaro Alarm. When Disarmed, the API call returns the correct status (note this is just the last section of the result) ...."armed": false, "fibaroAlarm": false, "alarmEnabled": true When Armed, the API call also returns the same "armed":false value I also have a HCL, which is working as expected with the API. See the attached screen shots.
  5. Version 3.6.2


    Advanced Alarm Clock First release on the French board in March 2019. INTRODUCTION This VD+Scene Bundle will help you to wake up in better shape by simulating a smooth dawn with any device in your HC2 : Roller Shutters, lights devices and VD. After the ignition at the value that you have set up in the VD, the scene can fade one or more speakers. The curves for light and audio fade in can be choosen separately. The scene manages itself if it's day or not. So, for each light you will set up in the scene, you can decide if it has to be active everytime, or only whe
  6. Hi Team, can anyone please share the knowledge or experience using Smart Implant with Arrowhead Alarm system? Thank you regards Mykee
  7. Witam. Mam pytanie. Czy jest możliwość podpięcia smart implantu do sygnalizatora alarmu SPLZ-1011 R w taki sposób aby zasilanie sygnalizatora posiadającego wewnętrzny akumulator było zasilaniem smart implantu, a dokładnie aby smart implant był w razie wyłączenia prądu zasilany awaryjnie również z akumulatora sygnalizatora. Niestety nie znalazłem schematu tego sygnalizatora i nie wiem czy to możliwe. Czy miejscem, gdzie należy się wpiąć z implantem w sensie jego zasilania to miejsce równoległe do zasilania akumulatora tego sygnalizatora?
  8. Cześć! Szukałem, nie znalazłem - więc pytam. Czujnik ruchu ma możliwość załączenia PIR w dzień, w nocy lub może być załączony cały czas. Moim zdaniem ciekawa opcja, szczególnie gdy jestesmy w domu i niemalże co pare sekund wysyła on zgłoszenie o naruszeniu do centralki. Gdy wybierzemy że PIR działa jedynie w nocy to możemy ograniczyć wysyłanie impulsów co zaoszczędzi nam baterię (chyba). Niestety gdy uzbrajamy alarm to czujnik ruchu również w takim wypadku będzie działał jedynie w nocy - czy znacie jakieś rozwiązanie, może ustawienia które mogą rozwiąć ten
  9. Hi all. Does anyone know if the new Texecom Connect API is being worked on to integrate with Fibaro? see here for more details: http://www.texe.com/uk/technology/connect/ Thanks
  10. I am trying to connect the smart implant to an alarm with 12v outputs to signal "alarm armed" and "alarm active" (i.e. breach identified). I connected the SI using the inputs as analog. I can see the correct voltage on the analog inputs (i.e. +12v = armed / 0v = unarmed). But I can't make the smart implant to generate events (i.e. open/closed/switched) when the voltage changes. I can only poll the voltage periodically to check if it has changed. I have already fiddled wit parameters 63 (input threshold) and 64 (periodical report) with no success. What i
  11. Hello, I have a Fibaro Smart Implant and was wondering if you can explain some strange behavior I'm seeing. I have binary sensors connected to IN1 and IN2, with this configuration: parameters 20 and 21 set to 0 (normally closed) parameters 150 and 151 set to 10 (100ms) parameters 152 and 153 set to 0 (no delay) The problem is, if I leave the contacts open for a period of time, the implant will report they are closed after exactly 1 hour (3600 seconds). I have tested multiple times with multiple implants. Thanks for your help, Ovid
  12. Being completely new to Fibaro (just bought a HC3) but not to domotica and programming I am not able to find the info I need to do the following: Receive a http request from my Synology Surveillance Station telling HC3 that camera movement has occurred and then set a zone to breached and trigger an alarm. I was thinking of creating a QuickApp device of type binary sensor and turn that on with an http GET request from the surveillance station. This part works fine: when I send the request I can catch it in Quickapp:turnOn() Can see that by checking a debug message. But no
  13. Dear All, We are writing a software to communication with FIBARO HC2, all function is ok but I don't know how to get HC2 notification and alarm. Thank you. This is to HC2 Information we want to get from our software.
  14. Dear All, We are writing a software to communication with FIBARO HC2, all function is ok but I don't know how to get HC2 notification and alarm. Thank you. This is to HC2 Information we want to get from our software.
  15. Witam Zakupiłem syrene alarmowa neo coolcam. Potrzebuję pomocy. Podobno ma ona kilka mocy głośności i różne dźwięki. Tylko nie mam pojęcia jak się je ustawia - aktywuje. Chciałbym ją użyć do alarmów (pożar. Zalanie. Włamanie) jak i do sceny - gdy motion sensor przy drzwiach wejściowych wykryje ruch (powiadomienie że ktoś wchodzi do domu - krótki nie za głośny sygnał)
  16. Hello Im looking for at faster way to arm/disarm my system from a widget. I know it´s possible with a scene-widget but then there is no requirement of a PIN (or fingerprint) which seems bad if a phone is dropped outside the house for some reason. Because of that I also don´t want to use GPS, which by the way doesn´t seem to work that great and what happens if the phone goes to batterysave-mode and turns off GPS? Also a battery drainer... I have lockcode on my phone but my wife is not keen on that (you need to have instant access to Instagram and Pinterest! 😂) Lockcod
  17. I would like to use Fibaro as an alarm system. I have a house with a garden. in the garden I have motion sensors and Netatmo Prescence cameras that detect if it is a person and send an event. Then my house has 6 accesses where I have an opening sensor in each one and in some motion detectors. My idea is to make two zones. One that activates the internal zone only (the doors with opening and / or movement sensors) and the outer part, I understand that integrating the presence cameras to avoid false alarms. To activate or deactivate it, I would like to do it with a scene or a virtual devi
  18. I Cannot get the alarm system to send notifications when there is a breach in the sensors. i create a scene if for example the motion sensor is armed and breached then ..... (see photo) The phone show in the users page but do not show up here. Can someone help me please.
  19. I have a question regarding setting up my alarm with help of the scenes in the HCL. I have a scene where the alarm siren is triggered 60 seconds after the motion sensors are armed and breached. During this time (60sec) I have the time to disarm the motion sensors. But this does not stop the alarm siren to turn on as the disarming the motion sensors does not interfere with the scene. Once the motion sensors are breached it depends only on the time to trigger the alarm siren. So I would like to stop the alarm siren after the motion sensors are breached. I think I could achieve this i
  20. Hello Everybody, I'm trying to implement an alarm for my house with the fibaro alarm panel. I can arm the sensors and disarm them. This works fine. If the alarm is breached, I've set a few seconds before the siren actually start to cry to give time for deactivating the alarm using the keypad... works perfectly. BUT... if I wait too long and the alarm breach is actually confirmed, then there is no way to stop it using controls like keypad, switcher or whatever. It seems that the system ignore z-wave control and refuse to launch scene or so... The
  21. Hi all, I'm using several scenes that act as my house alarm. One scene checks our presence based on mobile phones and sets a variable accordingly (home/away). When everybody is "away" another scene will arm all door/window sensors. Advantage of this setup is that the alarm is automatically armed / disarmed when we leave home/arrive. No need for a keypad or whatsoever to arm/disarm the alarm. Sometimes people (such as parents or housekeeper) visits our house while we are not at home. The house is "armed" and they cannot disarm the a
  22. This comment could also have been placed in the "Third party devices" forum, as it relates to alarms from a HeatIt Z-TRM2 thermostat for floor heating. But the supplier insists that the problem is with the Fibaro HC2, making this the right forum. I have 13 of these thermostats. Occasionally and randomly, I receive a message by e-mail from the HC2: "<Device id> Important! <Device ID> detected high temperature. It may mean potential fire". There is no actual high temperature. What happens, the supplier tells me, is that a single bit (from where?) makes the HC2 think t
  23. The zipato mini keypad is included in my HC2. I manged to register the RFID keys. (thanks for the tips). Now i want to make my hc2 an alarm system. First i made a scene as reaction on an away event of the zipato keypad, to arm my motion sensors. Works. Then i made a scene as reaction on the home event of the zipato keypad to disarm my motion sensors. Works partly. If the status of the hc2 is normal, the scene disarms the motion sensors. In alarm status the scene is not disarming the motion sensors. Why? It also does not stop the alarm status. I have to
  24. Hi, I have a FGBS-222 smart implant, Paradox NV5 motion sensor and a SP4000 paradox alarm control board attached to paradox K636 key pad. The problem is how do connect the wiring from the motion sensor to the smart implant and from the smart implant back to the alarm control board?? above it the NV5 motion sensor terminals. Above is the terminal for the SP4000 alarm control board. Last but not least the smart implant terminal. Below is my wiring connection. I am able to control the output of the fibar
  25. When using a standard "wired" alarm, you don't arm/disarm each sensor so why do we do this within HC2? What I would like to see within the Alarm Panel is a Zone 1 to 4 Within each zone, you could add sensors to act within that zone. When arming you could Arm Zones if they work in ascending order if you Armed zone 2 it would arm 1 & 2 so at night you could arm Zone 1[ the ground floor] and by day Zone 2 and if on holiday maybe zone 1,2,&3 If you had a function fibaro:alarm(state, zone) this could be called to set state [Arm/Disarm] and Zone [1,2,3,or4] within scenes
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