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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I've the classic doorbell and I should like to know the automatization of the doorbell when the doorbell is played I create action in my Fibaro HCL but I don't know if Fibaro single switch is recommended with the doorbell or need another device by Fibaro?
  2. At last the Fibaro smart implant is realesed in Sweden, I had a need of controlling a battery powered LED candle so I integrated it in this using the implant powered by a 9v battery and used one of the two outputs to act as a replacement for the switch on the candle, It worked great!...for about 48 hours then the 9v battery was on 3,5v. The problem i think is that smart implant act as a repeater in the z-wave network and it is not open to deactivate the repeating function or am i wrong?
  3. The Smart Implant can have up to 6 temperature sensors added to it, which makes it handy for climate control applications. Here is a guide based on my experience, hopefully it helps you avoid the frustrations I had. 1. Buy the sensors from a reputable source. The DS18B20 is manufactured by Maxim Integrated (ex-Dallas Semiconductor). There are many counterfeit sensors out there (eg Chinese company CXGAS) that either will simply not work, report incorrect readings, or stop working after a short period. If the sensor is built into a probe it can be difficult to determine a cou
  4. Witam. Mam pytanie. Czy jest możliwość podpięcia smart implantu do sygnalizatora alarmu SPLZ-1011 R w taki sposób aby zasilanie sygnalizatora posiadającego wewnętrzny akumulator było zasilaniem smart implantu, a dokładnie aby smart implant był w razie wyłączenia prądu zasilany awaryjnie również z akumulatora sygnalizatora. Niestety nie znalazłem schematu tego sygnalizatora i nie wiem czy to możliwe. Czy miejscem, gdzie należy się wpiąć z implantem w sensie jego zasilania to miejsce równoległe do zasilania akumulatora tego sygnalizatora?
  5. Witam potrzebuję pomocy jak zrobić aby oprogramować długie przytrzymanie ze smartimplant na wejściu INT1 tak aby wymusić zadziałanie Realy switch 2x1,5 tylko pierwszy kanał mam zaznaczone w parametrach Smart-a opcję Parametr 40: Wejście IN1 - aktywacja scen kanał i jest ustawione wciśnięte i przytrzymane po prawej wyświetla się cyfra "8" Deklaracje { conditions = { { id = 147, isTrigger = true, operator = "==", property = "centralSceneEvent", type = "device",
  6. I am trying to connect the smart implant to an alarm with 12v outputs to signal "alarm armed" and "alarm active" (i.e. breach identified). I connected the SI using the inputs as analog. I can see the correct voltage on the analog inputs (i.e. +12v = armed / 0v = unarmed). But I can't make the smart implant to generate events (i.e. open/closed/switched) when the voltage changes. I can only poll the voltage periodically to check if it has changed. I have already fiddled wit parameters 63 (input threshold) and 64 (periodical report) with no success. What i
  7. Hello, my garage door motor is a marantec comfort 220.2. I’m considering adding on it a smart implant. Did anyone do it before? Do you have wiring diagrams and photos? Any help, hint or guidance is welcome. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I have a Fibaro Smart Implant and was wondering if you can explain some strange behavior I'm seeing. I have binary sensors connected to IN1 and IN2, with this configuration: parameters 20 and 21 set to 0 (normally closed) parameters 150 and 151 set to 10 (100ms) parameters 152 and 153 set to 0 (no delay) The problem is, if I leave the contacts open for a period of time, the implant will report they are closed after exactly 1 hour (3600 seconds). I have tested multiple times with multiple implants. Thanks for your help, Ovid
  9. Greeting everyone, I 've got stuck with the strange behavior of smart implant which I couldn't explain other as a bug. I have Z-Stick from Aeotec and wanted to configure my smart implant to send periodic reports from smart implant by schedule (every 60 seconds). So, I've changed the configuration parameter 66 to 60 as it stated in documentation and started to wait.... After a while nothing happens. The same time when I ask multisensor to send me a temperature report, I can get it without any problem. So, I tried to experiment with another automated reports. I have configured automa
  10. Hi all... I have purchased a Smart Implant to add to my HC2 so that I can capture the Alarm Output from my Hikvision DVR. The aim of this exercise is to capture the alarm breach from my DVR when someone crosses my drive which is monitored by a CCTV camera. The camera is setup to generate a alarm output signal which I believe can be captured by Smart Implant and trigger an action on HC2. I have successfully included the Smart Implant into HC2. I have connected the cable marked IN1 to Alarm 1 Output and GND cable to G 1 Output on the DVR. However, it is not picking up anything. Have I connected
  11. Hi there, I just purchased a Smart Implant to connect my smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarms to my SmartThings system. Before I try to write a Device Handler to make it work, does anyone already have a Smart Implant Device Handler they would be willing to share? Thanks, Ben
  12. Dear Fibaro Community. I`m trying to use the new Fibaro “Smart Implant” to close the NO-contact of my gate opener . For this case the Fibaro manual suggests this wiring diagramm: My gate has a NO (normall open) contact that needs to be closed (connected/bridged) to open the door. hence I configured Parameter 154 to “0” - contacts normally open / closed when active The time these contacts are closed is the time where the gate is open. E.g. (10 seconds for example) Therefore I changed parameter 156 to 10s To my understanding these sett
  13. Dear gentleman, I have a problem with making a scene for ARM/DISSAR the system using the smart implant. I want to mention that my alarm system it is not a smart one. I will describe what I have done till now. I installed 2 relay on the alarm PGM exits to know the status of the system and to have a feedback if the alarm is activated. I use the smart implant as follow: 1. The OUT1 is connected to the ON/OFF impulse in order to ON and OFF the system. Each impulse will ON or OFF the system 2. The IN1 is connected as switch on the ARM/DISARM status. Basically
  14. Greetings, I have a situation with Smart Implant. I would like to connect my Paradox alarm system and I am it next point: - I succeed to connect the smart implant (SI) to the system and arm and disarm the system through the Home Center panel. Basically I powered the SI and use OUT 1 for on/off alarm system. My questions are : 1. what should I do (wiring) in order to see in the Home Center panel if the system is armed or not? 2. what should I do (wiring) in order to get a notification if the alarm is triggered? Thank you very much for yo
  15. Hi , I look to use a "smart implant " to connect an alarm system intelligently to my Zwave network ( Use light flashing for a smoke alarm) I don't plan to use scenes but rather the "association " method I built a test set up where the smartimplant is fed with 9v DC , input 1 (IN1) goes to momentary switch. Goal is to light a yellow bulb when there is an contact closure on IN1 ( IN1 is configured as NO , binary input) It is associated to a Fibaro dual relay module , output 1 ( with yellow Bulb) Association is done in Multichannel mode: The associa
  16. Hi, I have a FGBS-222 smart implant, Paradox NV5 motion sensor and a SP4000 paradox alarm control board attached to paradox K636 key pad. The problem is how do connect the wiring from the motion sensor to the smart implant and from the smart implant back to the alarm control board?? above it the NV5 motion sensor terminals. Above is the terminal for the SP4000 alarm control board. Last but not least the smart implant terminal. Below is my wiring connection. I am able to control the output of the fibar
  17. Hello, as there is no forum dedicated to Fibaro Smart Implant, i don't know where to post this question - so i'm trying it here. I have a Fibaro Smart Implant connected to Garage door. It is connected from Out 1 to impulse output of Garage doors. If this two wires from garage output are connected, garage door will open, close or stop. As I power source, I'm using external power adapter with 12v output. Implant works okay, without any problems it can be added to z-wave network. Im not using external button with it to open/close the garage. So I only want it to be control
  18. I have a question I would like icons from IN1 to appear; IN2; out1; out2; regardless, I would like to see in turn what state I have at the individual entrance exits. I need this for another company's alarm, I would like to control the zone and be able to connect to disconnect the zone. Is it possible? Ok, I have already found my oversight, I need to switch to ON in access protection.
  19. Mam pytanie chciałbym by pojawiły sie ikony od IN1; IN2; Out1; Out2; niezależnie, chciałbym widzieć kolejno, jaki mam stan na poszczególnych wejściach wyjściach. Jest mi to potrzebne do alarmu innej firmy, chciałbym kontrolować strefę oraz móc załączac rozłączać strefę. Czy jest to możliwe? Rozwiązałem, moje przeoczenie. Ok, już znalazłem moje przeoczenie, muszę przełączyć się na ON w ochronie dostępu
  20. I want to connect my normal alarm with my Fibaro Homecenter 2. I think the Smart Implant can do the trick and I have bought some 12 volt relais to support the Smart Implant because the Smart Implant can’t switch high outputs and is restricted tot 0 - 10 volt. The relais can switch a sabotage loop (normally closed), so the normal alarm will be breached. The functions I first want to achieve are: If my Fibaro Homecenter detects alarm, my normal alarm will be breached and the normal sirene and light signals turn on (etcetera) If my normal alarm is breached, my Fibaro Homecen
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