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Found 17 results

  1. Wondering how to integrate 2 different worlds that are often connected, home automation and intercom/doorphone? Just in case someone is interested in combining YUBII or FIBARO hubs with IP video intercoms to control the home automation, I attach the following document as a how to guide with FERMAX MEET IP System. FIBARO_MEET_IN_rev1.pdf CASE STUDY-TEC-FIBARO_1.2_EN.pdf
  2. Hi, I am evaluating using Fibaro Intercom as a main Door Bell. Looking for your thoughts and experience in the pros and cons of Fibaro Intercom in comparison to other IP SIP Doorbells. Mainly, I am looking to understand the advantages of using Fibaro Intercom with Fibaro Home Center 3. Can I for example correlate scenes with the Door Bell? What are additional features that I would get if I use the Fibaro Intercom that I would not get if I use other brands? If anyone is currently using the device, what are your thoughts? How is your setup?
  3. Is it allowed to post an integration to Home Center with third party support tools? I hope so, because this is awesome! My goal: Show the latest ringer at my front door in the Fibaro Home Center App when using my Ring Doorbell. The Challenge: Ring.com has no official API and snapshots are not possible at the moment. Fibaro does not support Ring Doorbell and Home Center and LUA code is not able to download a video and extract a frame from it. How I fixed it? I run a Node-RED box on (Debian) Linux. I installed Python with the Python Ring Door Bell Library to download the latest ringer video and ffmpeg to create a snapshot image. I use Node-RED to serve this snapshot with HTTP to the Home Center. You can also use NGINX, Apache or whatever webserver you like! This post is for experienced users, I skip a lot Linux stuff. A more detailed approach is on my website (see my signature). 1. Install Python, pip and ffmpeg (of not already present) on your Linux (Raspberry/NUC/etc..) box: sudo apt-get install python python-pip ffmpeg 2. Install the Python Ring Door Bell Library: pip install ring_doorbell 3. Create a folder and download my FibaroRingCam.py script to it: mkdir FibaroRingCam cd FibaroRingCam wget https://github.com/joepv/fibaro/blob/master/FibaroRingCam.py 4. In the script you have to edit the following lines with your own (login) information: myring = Ring('[email protected]', 'password') mypath = '/home/joep/FibaroRingCam/' 5. Now run the file. You can run it as a service, but that is out of the scope of this topic. 6. Serve the snapshot with Node-RED to the Home Center. Add the following node to Node-RED and edit the path of the file node to the path of the last_ding.jpg snapshot. If you want to use another webserver configure it to serve the snapshot: [{"id":"d1f4395b.cd0778","type":"comment","z":"30de6047.723c","name":"Fibaro Ring Camera Snapshot","info":"","x":160,"y":180,"wires":[]},{"id":"e42e6aeb.e610e8","type":"http in","z":"30de6047.723c","name":"[get] /last_ding.jpg","url":"/last_ding.jpg","method":"get","upload":false,"swaggerDoc":"","x":130,"y":220,"wires":[["9329fca.9bf87"]]},{"id":"9329fca.9bf87","type":"file in","z":"30de6047.723c","name":"last_ding.jpg","filename":"/home/joep/FibaroRingCam/last_ding.jpg","format":"","chunk":false,"sendError":false,"x":350,"y":220,"wires":[["5dd8cb15.ea08b4"]]},{"id":"5dd8cb15.ea08b4","type":"http response","z":"30de6047.723c","name":"serve last_ding.jpg","statusCode":"","headers":{"content-type":"image/jpeg"},"x":590,"y":220,"wires":[]}] 7. Add a new camera in Fibaro Home Center 2: 8. Give the camera a useful name and change the advanced settings to the following settings: IP address: node-red ip address:port JPG path: last_ding.jpg MJPG stream: last_ding.jpg Note! The MJPG stream does not work, you have NO video! I’m still searching for a solution to play the last Ring video as camera stream. The result in Home Center 2: And in the Home Center App: What the Python script does? It logs in at the Ring.com servers and checks every 15 seconds if there is a new ring. It saves a local file to know if the last ring is a new one. If the ring is new, it downloads the lastest video and feeds it to ffmpeg to extract 1 frame to create a snapshot.
  4. Hi there, I was planning to buy a Aeotec Doorbell 6, but as i onderstood from a supplier: it is only possible to use 9 of the 6 tones and it is not possible to adjust the volume with a Fibaro controler (HCL or HC2). I asked Aeotec why this limitation Quote Aeotec Inc. "This is because Fibaro HC2 does not fully support the other mappings of this device, Fibaro will need to further integrate the Doorbell 6 or Siren 6 and support the "Sound Switch" command class to configure sounds and play the 30 separate tones. We had to remove control over Configuration parameter settings as this conflicts with Z-Wave specifications and requirements for this device to be certified using parameter settings. So all sounds must be controlled via Sound Switch including volume control." Anyone tips or advise? Another brand or ... wait for Fibaro support!?
  5. Hi, I've the classic doorbell and I should like to know the automatization of the doorbell when the doorbell is played I create action in my Fibaro HCL but I don't know if Fibaro single switch is recommended with the doorbell or need another device by Fibaro?
  6. Hello Fibaro Support, The Fibaro website indicates that the brand new doorbell has build-in recording facilities. But after installing the SD card, it looks like there is no option to enable voicemail or to record manually some actions. Do I have to format the SD card in a special format ? Or is there somewhere a setting I did mis ? Thanks !
  7. after long searching and looking a doorbell that works with Fibaro HC2. I found this : https://shop.yooseecamera.com/yoosee-1080p-smart-doorbell-camera-poe-wireless i order it on Aliexpress. after its arrived will test it and let guys know.
  8. I'm planning to buy a door lock but I need your support to know wish device should I buy also I need it to be compatible with keypad and video doorbell
  9. I am looking for help integrating a Fibaro Intercom doorbell with a zoned audio controller. I have a Russound zoned audio amplifier with a 12VDC input page trigger and would like the Fibaro Intercom to play my doorbell chime through the Russound amplifier and output to zoned speakers. If anyone has experience or input on a solution, It would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there is a forum post that explains this already, but I did not find one after searching the Intercom threads. Thank you for your time.
  10. I have a doorbell (pictured) which I'm trying to integrate a USB into, but having problems. I've tried following the instructions in the included manual, and also from https://en.robbshop.nl/smarthome/z-wave-projects/z-wave-doorbel, but without any luck, I think because the doorbells (there are two, hence the two sets of white wires) have a light and so one side of them is connected to 12v power. Can anyone tell me how I can get this working? Thanks, M
  11. Has anyone successfully used the August Doorbell or lock with their fibaro HC2?
  12. Hey guys, I have a a bit of an annoying problem. So I have the Universal Binary Sensor as a doorbell, connected as shown below, with an Athom Homey as the main controller. Setup -> https://en.robbshop.nl/about-z-wave/z-wave-projects/z-wave-doorbel Right, so everything was working perfectly, but then the controller got its firmware for its ZWave chip (Sigma ZM5304) upgraded (to v6.01 it looks like), and now my doorbell has gone a bit crazy. So now, if I push the doorbell button, the bell might work (1% chance) but most of the time nothing happens. However, if I push and hold the button for 5 seconds, the input does change to closed and the doorbell rings. I can reproduce this 100% of the time. When I just push the button “normally”, I can see in the logs that it generates ZWave traffic, but the input is never shown as closed, hence the doorbell never rings. I understand that maybe maybe not everyone is familiar with Homey or could provide input from that side, but maybe you’ve come across similar problems on other platforms which sound like this. The doorbell is something quite annoying to have stop working... so I’m trying all my options here. Of course, I can’t expect people to push and hold down the door button for 5 seconds. Firmware version of the UBS is 4104
  13. amatt

    Camera on TV

    Does anyone know of a way that when someone rings your doorbell and you are watching tv that it will display a live view on your tv of your ip camera located at your doorstep?
  14. Hi I've made a simple doorbell with a momentary switch and Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor. The idea is to get my Android to automatically launch my IP Camera App(Foscam) once the doorbell is pushed.(UBS will send a push notification) Tasker and Autonotification is installed. I've created a Profile Profile >> Event >> Plugin >> Autonotification >> Intercept >> Configuration >> (Not sure about settings here, only selected the App = Fibaro) Then created a Task App >> Launch App >> Foscam (The task works) Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Hello! I'm trying to install a video doorbell that allows bidirectional audio with the Fibaro Intercom interface. I've found a way to use an IP camera with a double relay that can do the trick as a video doorbell minus the audio. There's no problem it is a WiFi product like Skybell HD, I just want to use it within the Fibaro Intercom with video and audio. Thanks!!
  16. Afternoon all. I've seen many people asking how to make a smart DoorBell with the Fibaro System and thought i'd create a guide on one I have recently created using the Fibaro universal sensor, RGBW controller, Sonos LUA device and notification panel and an existing doorbell. In my house, there was an existing mains powered DoorBell made by Byron. After taking the case off, i turned off the power and started to gut out all of the components just so i had the bell button wires and the mains wires. I bought, off off Amazon a small LED driver to convert 240v to 12vDC with just enough amperage to run the FGBS-00-1. Link Below http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B016AH5ABA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 I then wired up the LED driver with the mains power, put my HC2 in inclusion mode and connected the power to the uni sensor. This included fine so then soldered one of the inputs to the positive of the bell wire and the negative to the other. I found out the the bell push button on the outside of the house had a bulb in it and did not work as a normal push button so changed it for a basic push-to-make button and this worked AOK so i organised the old doorbell and ended up looking like this before i put the cover on. I also have a CCTV system with some Hikvision IP cams so made the following script when the doorbell is pressed to start some scenes in the house, play a track on the Sonos, send notifications to iPhones and to take a photo of the front door. With the device groups, these are all RGBW controllers around the house that flash for about 3 seconds and then turn off with the next scene. Here is the the script for when the doorbell switch is safe. With the DS Hall LED turning off after 120 seconds, this is for a set of LED lights in the porch as per below. Works like a charm and has done for about 3 weeks with no problems. Previously, i was using a Fibaro door/window sensor with the bell wire but just wanted to step it up a notch:-) If anyone has any questions at all, please let me know and i will see if i can help. Thanks, Hallamnet
  17. I am using the universal binary sensor from fibaro for my doorbell. One of the outputs are connected to a relay for the doorbell to sound. Input is connected by the doorbell. How can i make a scene where i can block the output from the sensor in the evening, so that the doorbell will not sound... but for example a light will flash in the livingroom?
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