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Found 29 results

  1. krajesiu

    Bathroom presence/absence

    Hi all, I want to install Philips Hue lightstrip (led tape) under and over mirror and trigger this light basing on presence/absence in bathroom. I can't figure out how to determine: 1) if someone is still in the bathroom (maybe my wife is laying in the bath and relaxing ) 2) if someone came in / came out 3) if another person just opened and closed the door I was trying with variables whit determine if someone is in the bathroom base od motion detector and door sensor but all are mess. I have 2 move detectors and window/door sensor, can anyone help me how to do it in block scene? I don't have access to LUA because I am musing FIBARO LITE I saw some topics about it but no final anwer was given I would be very grateful for your help Kris
  2. Hi there! After latest update (or may be one before) my scene not triggered on motion state. I have Fibaro motion sensor and Fibaro wall plug. Only magic scene works. My own - no. Yes, it has Automatic flag and work when I press Run. I try to create new scene but the same. All the scenes and devices assigned to same room. What the problem?
  3. I have a fibaro motion sensor and it keeps detecting motion even though there is none about every 10 seconds. turned off all scenes that interact with the motion sensor - still does the same thing. I restarted my HC2 - does the same thing. Motion sensor on latest firmware. *the only time it stops for a while is when the lux in the room goes to 0. but then it will detect motion again. **I do have the sensitivity really low, when I raise it above 20 it seams to go back to "normal" I don't want this at 20 rather it be 8-10. I have two other fibaro motion sensors set to 8-10 with no problems. @T.Konopka do you know what this could be? a bug?
  4. I have a simple Lua script that after no motion (between 2 motion sensors) has been detected for 20 minutes then lights turn off. my script is not working properly the lights keep turning off after a few seconds of the last motion sensor becoming safe. Can someone see what I have done wrong in the script. Thanks! --[[ %% autostart %% properties 51 value 86 value %% weather %% events %% globals Day_night --]] local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( fibaro:getGlobalValue("Day_night") == "Day") and ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(51, "value")) == 0 and tonumber(fibaro:getValue(86, "value")) == 0 ) or startSource["type"] == "other" ) then setTimeout(function() fibaro:call(76, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(78, "turnOff"); end, 1200) end
  5. Hi Community, are there some experience with Motion Sensor and pets? Which value for Parameter 1 do you use to avoid motion detection caused of cats? The Sensor is installed like this. There are two cats and i want to use the Motion Sensor with the Alarm-system.
  6. Hello All Ok i have a bathroom fibaro motion sensor where i need to turn on the lights when it is triggered for 15 mins and then they have to be turned off automatically The problem is here, everytime the motion is triggered the timer will start again. And this seems causing a lot of delays in the Fibaro HC2 I have checked we have a parameter calls "blind time" but you can set it to 8 seconds MAX The solution i have in mind to run a scene that when the motion is armed and triggered > turn on light and change sensor to disarm > after 15 mins > change it to arm and turn off lights What do you think?
  7. I have a New HC Lite, and i have started to add Devices and setting scenes. I try first With a motion sensor, that i want to start a wall plug. I have created a scene, see photo. When i start the scene using the play button, the wall plug turn on light, and after 60 Seconds it turn off. But - when there is movement in front of the motion sensor - nothing happens, light will not turn on. Often the play button is also in pause, even if i have put X that it will not allow alarm to stop scene. Anyone who can give me hint or tips for what i am doing wrong here? I want the system to og on "loop" so every time the motion sensor is trigged the light will turn on.
  8. julesmartens

    DW sensor + PIR

    Hi all, I have a DW sensor that should switch on the light when it is evening and the door is open. Once triggered, the light should remain on until the door is closed and no motion is detected in that room. When door is closed and motion is no longer detected the light should slowly fade out. I wrote below code for this but cant get it working properly. I have the problem that the light will perfectly go when the door is opened but it will not go out! Anybody an idea what I do wrong? It seems not to reach the "repeat" part of my code which is within the IF statement. Here is the code: --[[ %% autostart %% properties 21 value 127 value %% weather %% events %% globals omtrekverlichting --]] --============ HOME TABLE ======================= fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable") local jT = json.decode(fibaro:getGlobalValue("HomeTable")) --=============================================== -- used devices and its id fibaro:debug("device: hal - voordeur DW = ID: " ..jT.hal.voordeursensor) --127 fibaro:debug("device: hal - hal PIR = ID: " ..jT.hal.HalMo21) --21 fibaro:debug("device: hal - duospot = ID: " ..jT.hal.duospot) --160 fibaro:debug("device: hal - halspot = ID: " ..jT.hal.halspot) --116 --=============================================== local debug = false Debug = function (debug,color, message ) if (debug) then fibaro:debug(os.date("%x")..string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s</%s>', "span", color, message, "span")); end end if (fibaro:countScenes() > 1) then Debug( true,"purple", " too many instances --> abort "); fibaro:abort() end local trigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger() if (trigger['type'] == 'property') then Debug(true, "Grey", ' scene triggered by - Source device = ' .. trigger['deviceID']) elseif (trigger['type'] == 'global') then Debug(true, "Grey", ' scene triggered by - Global variable source = ' .. trigger['name']) elseif (trigger['type'] == 'other') then Debug(true, "Grey", ' scene triggered by - Other source') end -- start up --------------------------------------- local deurstatus = fibaro:getValue(jT.hal.voordeursensor, "value") local Darkness = fibaro:getGlobalValue("Darkness") local motion = fibaro:getValue(jT.hal.HalMo21, "value") local lampstatus = fibaro:getValue(jT.hal.duospot, "value") local dimlevel = 60 if (tonumber(Darkness) == 1) and (tonumber(deurstatus) == 1) then Debug( true,"Orange",' hal verlichting ingeschakeld') fibaro:call(jT.hal.duospot , 'setValue' , dimlevel) fibaro:call(jT.hal.halspot , 'setValue' , dimlevel) repeat fibaro:sleep(3*1000) -- always wait at least x seconds before fade out. until (tonumber(motion) == 0) and (tonumber(deurstatus) == 0) while( dimlevel > 10 ) do -- start fade -out. fibaro:call(jT.hal.duospot , 'setValue' , dimlevel) fibaro:call(jT.hal.halspot , 'setValue' , dimlevel) fibaro:sleep(20) Debug( true,"Yellow",' dimlevel is '..dimlevel) dimlevel = (dimlevel -0.4) end fibaro:call(jT.hal.duospot , 'turnOff' ) -- make sure lights are really off fibaro:call(jT.hal.halspot , 'turnOff' ) Debug( true,"Green",' hal verlichting uitgeschakeld') end
  9. Hi I have been playing around with motion activated scenes which I now have working however I would like the ability to override the motion scenes by switching the light switch (connected to a Dimmer 2 module) I currently have this working but it only works if the lights are already off, is there a way I can set a scene which says if Bathroom lights are switched on via the switch change variable to X and the same if the light switch is switched off? Day time motion Night time motion Motion Off Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Helle Everyone, hope someone can help me out here. I have this simple scene below running to turn on and off the lights in a room (off after 15 minutes) It works perfect, however, problems start when turning the light off with the physical light switch (pulse) If I do that, the light goes out (of course) but this scene keeps running and won't turn on the light if I enter the room again in 5 minutes. Ideal situation (in my opinion) , to kill this scene when the light is switched of but I have no success yet.... hope someone can help me with that. Greeting, Vincent. --[[ %% autostart %% properties 505 value %% weather %% events %% globals --]] if (fibaro:countScenes()>1) then fibaro:abort() end -- Run only one scene local light_1 = 513 -- ID Lamp 1 --local light_2 = 78 -- ID lamp 2 local sensor_1 = 505 -- Mov. sensor 1 --local sensor_2 = 86 -- Mov. sensor 2 local timer = 15 -- Timer in minutes local counter = timer local counter = timer if (tonumber(fibaro:getValue(sensor_1, "value")) > 0 ) then fibaro:debug("Turn on lights") --fibaro:call(light_1, "turnOn"--) fibaro:call(light_1, "turnOn") --fibaro:call(light_2, "turnOn") while counter > 0 do counter = counter -1 fibaro:sleep(60*1000) fibaro:debug("Counter = ".. counter) if tonumber(fibaro:getValue(sensor_1, "value")) > 0 --or tonumber(fibaro:getValue(sensor_2, "value")) > 0 then counter = timer end end fibaro:debug("Turn off lights") fibaro:call(light_1, "turnOff") --fibaro:call(light_2, "turnOff")-- end
  11. Hi, After I change the battery, the Motion Sensor stuck in motion. In app, it always shows that there is motion (continously). From outside, it looks it works normal, it flashes when it sees a motion. However, in app, there is continuous motion (breached). I performed reset several times and restarted HC2, but it didn't work. Dou you have any advise about a solution? Thanks in advance...
  12. Cześć! Mam taką prostą scenę (jak w załączniku, HCLite) - jeśli jest noc i nie jest wystarczająco jasno, a ktoś naruszył MotionSensor to włącz oświetlenie przypodłogowe. Problem w tym, że zaraz po tym jak widzę, że MotionSensor mnie widzi (zaświeci się) to od tego momentu mijają ok. 3 sekundy zanim światło się zapali... Czy to normalne? Nie ma opcji, żeby zapalały się od razu? Uprzedzając pytania - światła bezpośrednio z urządzenia w Fibaro (ikona przłącznika) zapalają się od razu. Próbowałem też sceny "jeśli naruszony -> włącz światła" i jest to samo (ok. 3 sekundy). Z góry dzięki!
  13. Hello there. Apologies if a newbie question - I have just added my first device into the HC2 and the other half was wondering why this device appeared to be going crazy Is there a way I can turn off the blinking light when the motion sensor reacts to motion? Is there a specific parameter I should be looking to control/edit Many thanks litfoo
  14. Hi All Following on from posts elsewhere about my issue I am convinced the problem lies with the block/lua conversion. However as a newbie I do not know enough to decipher the flow of the code. Primarily I need to understand how this scene is triggered when %%autostart is not used. I get that a manual start will set things going by the first 4 lines but how does the scene trigger otherwise? If someone could add some comments to the offending code below for me it would be most useful! --[[ %% properties 172 value %% weather %% events %% globals --]] local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if(startSource["type"] == "other") then fibaro:call(64, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(66, "turnOff"); else if (( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(172, "value")) == 0 )) then setTimeout(function() local delayedCheck0 = false; local tempDeviceState0, deviceLastModification0 = fibaro:get(172, "value"); if (( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(172, "value")) == 0 ) and (os.time() - deviceLastModification0) >= 200) then delayedCheck0 = true; end local startSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); if ( ( delayedCheck0 == true ) or startSource["type"] == "other" ) then fibaro:call(64, "turnOff"); fibaro:call(66, "turnOff"); end end, 200000) end end
  15. amatt

    Camera on TV

    Does anyone know of a way that when someone rings your doorbell and you are watching tv that it will display a live view on your tv of your ip camera located at your doorstep?
  16. Hi guys, I seem to be missing something very basic... And wonder if anybody could give me a pointer. I want to do something as simple as this. 1) When movement is detected: Turn on the light 2) When there has been no movement for x seconds: Turn off the light (where x will be different for the different areas, e.g. from 15 seconds to 5 minutes) So I create two scenes (using the graphic blocks) 1) Turn on lights, (IF motion == Breached 0s) THEN (Turn on Lights) 2) Turn off lights. (IF Motion == Safe 60s) THEN (Turn off lights) But very frequently in my log, I see "Too many instances of the turn-off scenes". Which got me thinking. If I understand correctly, a new instance of 2) will be started every the sensor triggers that motion stops. So If I'm in the scene, and then move again within 60 seconds, scene 1) will be triggered again (but doing nothing, as the light is already on). When I stop moving again, yet another instance of 2) will be started. And then eventually, the max number of triggers are reached, which causes the error. The longer the timeout is, the more possible instances of 2) may be running. So I guess I could increase the number of instances, but is this really a good idea? Or am I going about this the wrong way? Should I instead create a LUA (which I haven't tried yet, but have a lot of programming experience), with the following two scenes: 1) Scene motion (motion == breached) Set global variable motion = yes if (number of instances > 1) exit Turn on lights while (variable motion == yes) wait 10 seconds while end turn off lights 2) No-motion (motion == safe 60s) set global variable motion = no Thanks for any advice on this. John Erik
  17. Bodyart

    Motion sensor parameters

    Hi ALL! I'm trying to change parameters of the Fibaro motion sensor in order to use it with @Sankotronic VSL scene. I'm trying to change folllowing parameters: Parameter 2 from 2 to 15 Parameter 6 from 5 to 30 and Parameter 40 from 200 to 40. Whatever I try, after saving the changed parameter it remains with the old value. Any help will be appreciated.
  18. k.opatrzyk


    Witam mam problem mianowicie chce zrobić scenę, jeśli motionsensor wykryje ruch to włącz światło na 15 min jeśli po 15 min mię będzie ruchu wyłącz i jeśli włączę światło z przycisku to żeby świeciło 30 min a później jeśli nie bd ruchu niech się zgasi. Czy jest coś takiego wygodę możliwe? Mam kod który włącza mi światło z włącznika i czujki ale tylko na określony czas i w obu przypadkach na ten sam czas, Co mam robić zmienić? Bardzo proszę o pomoc Kod:--[[ %% properties 59 value 119 value %% globals --]] fibaro:debug("SCENE START --------------------------") fibaro:debug("sceneInstance: "..fibaro:countScenes()) if fibaro:countScenes() > 1 then fibaro:debug("SCENE ABORT --------------------------") fibaro:abort() end local sensorID = 59 local lightID = 119 local delay = 10 local sensorMoved = (tonumber(fibaro:getValue(sensorID, "value")) > 0); local isLightOn = (tonumber(fibaro:getValue(lightID, "value")) > 0); fibaro:debug("isLightOn: "..tostring(isLightOn)); fibaro:debug("sensorMoved: "..tostring(sensorMoved)); if sensorMoved then fibaro:call(119, "turnOn") fibaro:debug("Action: turnOn") if isLightOn then local turnOffTime = os.time() + delay while turnOffTime > os.time() do if (tonumber(fibaro:getValue(sensorID, "value"))) > 0 then turnOffTime = os.time() + delay end fibaro:debug("zwłoka: "..tostring(turnOffTime - os.time())) fibaro:sleep(5000) end fibaro:call(119, "turnOff") fibaro:debug("Action: turnOff") end end fibaro:debug("SCENE STOP")
  19. Miałem okazję sprawdzić jak działa HomeKit Apple oraz nowe moduły Fibaro for HomeKit. Jeżeli ktoś jest ciekawy jak to wygląda w praktyce, to zapraszam do przeczytania http://applemobile.pl/testujemy-fibaro-homekit-pierwsze-urzadzenia-inteligentnego-domu-fibaro-wspolpracujace-z-platforma-homekit-od-apple/
  20. I have two motion sensors and two dimmers installed to control hall and landing lights. I have successfully configured an association for the hall sensor and dimmer so that the lights come on at night when the motion sensor is triggered. However, I cannot get the same to work for the other motion sensor and dimmer on the landing - the motion sensor is being activated but the dimmer isn't being activated. The settings on both (set using Vera control panel) are identical: Any ideas how I can get the second one working or is this a known limitation wth Fibaro devices?
  21. Not sure if this is 4.100 related but it looks like I have some problems with some 3rd party motions sensors (PIR's). Looks like HC2 registers when the PIR fires a ON command, but it never returns to OFF. Am I the only one seeing this? - Everspring SP103 - Z-Wave Philio 4-in-1 Sensor
  22. Hello everyone! I'm trying to figure out a good block scene to help elder people in their bedroom, during night (e.g.: Wake up to go to the bathroom at night). I'm using motion sensor + dimmer modules + door sensor. My concern: not trigger the scene with motion sensor while he/she is moving in bed during sleep time, but only when he/she stands up to go to the bathroom. Any tips?
  23. Hi all, I've done a quick search but can only find incredibly complex scripts to work with the motion sensor on here - I'm just trying to learn the basics first! I have a Fibaro Dimmer2 controlling wall lights and a Fibaro Motion Sensor. I want to turn the lights on when it detects movement and then turn them off after it has checked for 5 minutes of no activity. Using this page by FibaroUK: http://www.fibarouk.co.uk/support/getting-started/motion-activated-lights/ and this LUA script: --[[ %% properties 56 value (Set to my Motion ID) %% globals --]] local motionID = 56 (Set to my Motion ID) local wallLightID = 46 (Set to Wall Light ID) if (fibaro:getValue(motionID, 'value') == '0') then fibaro:sleep(300 * 1000) if (fibaro:getValue(motionID, 'value') == '0') then fibaro:call(wallLightID, 'turnOff') end else fibaro:call(wallLightID, 'turnOn') end It works if I run it manually, but then it won't work automatically. Also, is this the only scene I need to create? It says about using the Blocks Scene for On / Off but then mentions: So I'm assuming that I don't need the block scenes? Sorry, I appreciate this is probably really stupid questions - but gotta start somewhere! Thanks, Josh
  24. I have a Home center Lite. My motion sensor to turn on my lights if it is between a certain lux in the room and if motion it detected. I have it set to not turn on the lights if it detects 0 lux in the room. This can be good for sleeping but what if it gets dark at 6pm with 0 lux in the room but I'm not ready for bed and want the lights to trigger with motion. Does anyone know of a solution to only run my scene i created between a certain range of times during the day? thanks for the help
  25. amatt

    Lagging issues

    I just got some smart bulbs and created some scenes to trigger the lights to come on as soon as i enter the room (the motion sensor detects motion). But i notice by the time i walk in the room there is some lag (about 3-5 seconds) before the lights turn on. How can i get them to turn on faster? is it possible? I have a relatively small home and these devices are about 50 feet from the controller with multiple walls in between but i have an extender between the controller and these bulbs and motion sensors. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.