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Found 32 results

  1. Witam Po 3 miesięcznym nie używaniu Wall plug-a zauważyłem pewien problem. Przy zdalny włączeniu podłączonego urządzenia Wall plug się wyłącza. Nie zdziwiło by mnie to, gdybym podłączał urządzenie pobierające powyżej 2500 wata ale dla testów podłączyłem ładowarkę do telefonu. Zanim się wyłączy Wall plug pomiga chwilę na fioletowo a w aplikacji pokazuje chwilowy pobór 3000 wat, gdzie to jest nie możliwe przy podłączeniu telefonu i ladowarki. Dodam, że zanim przestałem go używać kilka miesięcy miałem podłączony do niego bojler z ustawioną sceną gdzie pobór maksymalny był na poziomie 1300, 1400 wat. Czy może ktoś mi odpowiedzieć czy urządzenie nadaje się już tylko na złom?
  2. Hi there! After latest update (or may be one before) my scene not triggered on motion state. I have Fibaro motion sensor and Fibaro wall plug. Only magic scene works. My own - no. Yes, it has Automatic flag and work when I press Run. I try to create new scene but the same. All the scenes and devices assigned to same room. What the problem?
  3. Hello, Today I have a HC2 with a lots of z-wave devices (Fibaro walls plug, motion sensors...). That works perfectly in the main building. Now I need a wall plug in another building 100 meters away. To far for z-wave. That building is on the same wifi as the main building and all wifi gadgets (camera...) work there. Does anyone know how to get a HC2 controllable wall plug in that building? As I see it, my "options" are: 1. Find a HC2 compatible wifi wall plug 2. Find a wifi wall plug with an open api and do a little LUA programming in HC2 3. Find a way to extend the z-wave network over tcp/ip. This must be a common problem for all with several small buildings (garages etc.)
  4. I have a Fibaro Wall Plug (FGWPF-102) and a RaspberryPI (using openzwave) and USB Z-wave dongle. It works fine, but the Wall Plug generates 3 readings I hope someone can help explain. I have pasted the XML readings for this further down. Why do I have two "Power" readings (one under "Class_Sensor_Multilevel" and one under "Class_Meter") ? What is the "Exporting" reading. It is always False. <CommandClass id="49" name="COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL" version="5" innif="true"> <Instance index="1" /> <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="4" label="Power" units="W" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="47.6" /> </CommandClass> <CommandClass id="50" name="COMMAND_CLASS_METER" version="2" request_flags="2" innif="true"> <Instance index="1" /> <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="0" label="Energy" units="kWh" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="0.82" /> <Value type="decimal" genre="user" instance="1" index="8" label="Power" units="W" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="44.9" /> <Value type="bool" genre="user" instance="1" index="32" label="Exporting" units="" read_only="true" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" value="False" /> <Value type="button" genre="system" instance="1" index="33" label="Reset" units="" read_only="false" write_only="true" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="0" /> </CommandClass>
  5. Emma

    Wall plug unresponsive

    I have a wall plug that after a while (sometimes days, sometimes weeks) becomes unresponsive according to Homekit. An easy fix is to pull it from the socket and put it back in again, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a remote controlled socket. Any thoughts on this? Wall plug type F, firmware version 4.3.20
  6. amatt

    Restart Plug

    I am looking to have the wall plug restart (turn off then back on after 30 seconds) at an exact time (midnight). i have tried coding this in Lua but i am having no success on getting it to turn off and on at midnight can some help me?
  7. aidsoid

    Can't correctly connect Wall Plug

    Hello, I have many Fibaro Wall Plug (2500W) devices (they were connected to another z-wave network, connected to another z-wave controller. The old controller is dead now.) and when I’m trying to add (include) any of this devices to my new Home Center 2 controller, I have a problem with it. The log: [14:25:36] Home Center in learning mode [14:25:38] Device added [14:25:40] Add node status protocol done [14:25:40] Adding devices complete [14:25:40] Adding devices complete [14:25:54] ID 45: Set association for group 1 [14:25:54] ID 45: Received association report from group 1 [14:25:54] ID 45: Set association for group 2 [14:25:54] ID 45: Received association report from group 2 [14:25:54] ID 45: Set association for group 3 [14:25:54] ID 45: Received association report from group 3 [14:25:54] ID 45: Set association for group 1 [14:25:54] ID 45: Received association report from group 1 [14:25:54] ID 45: Set association for group 2 [14:25:54] ID 45: Received association report from group 2 [14:25:54] ID 45: Set association for group 3 [14:25:54] ID 45: Received association report from group 3 [14:26:17] ID 45: Device configuration finished And after that I see what 2 devices are included (why not one?) and with strange status: Not configured. See screenshot. If I try to switch off or switch on the device - it works. I have tried to reconfigure this device but no luck: Reconfiguration Failed. See screenshot. I have tried to reset the device like in this instruction https://manuals.fibaro.com/wall-plug/. Insert the device into a socket Press and hold the B-button Wait for the visual indicator to glow yellow Release the B-button Press the B-button again, briefly Successful reset will be confirmed with the visual indicator changing colour to red Visual indicator and Wall Plug’s relay will turn off It resets successfully but the problem repeats when I try to add (include) the device. After all I restore my controller from backup. I’m trying again and again but the problem is still persist. Only 1 form about 15 Fibaro Wall Plugs is connected correctly now. Please, help me with it. What should I do?
  8. passagne

    wall plug can not keep off

    Hi everybody, i'm french new member and i have a problem with wall plug. I 'm not be able to keep it off. even if light is offn after press button B, the wall plug is always on. An idea ?
  9. jodohl

    Master - slave

    When installing the Wall Plug, this device shows up in the HC2 with a "Master device" linked to a single "Slave device". Only the Slave has functionality (On/Off). Other devices also show up with a Master, which apparently serves to tie up multifunctionalities (e.g. the Fibaro "Eye". But still: What's the purpose since each function is operated independently? My question is very simple: What is the purpose of the Master - since it appears to be inoperable ? I have searched for wisdom in the user manual and on the Forum, but so far without luck.
  10. Hi, I recently bought a new wall plug to attach to my washing machine. However, I have had multiple times where this wall plug shuts down with an "overcurrent" message in the UI. When I replace the wall plug with another one the problem goes away. Is this a known issue? Version = 3.2. Thanks in advance! KR, Kristof
  11. Czy nie byłby przydatny moduł podobny do Wall Plug, ale wyposażony w ściemniacz?
  12. Kage

    Appliances for Wall Plug

    Version 1.0.0


    Some icons of mine for the Wall Plug.
  13. I feel dumb and newby again.... The child protection blocks when I use a plug like below. Any tips?
  14. dralli72

    Fibaro Wall Plug suddenly pulsing cyan

    Hello Community, I'm new to these forums but I think my question is best placed here I'm currently using some Fibaro Wall Plugs (Gen5) and Razberry to control my christmas lights at home (first-time experience with z-wave). Today, when I came home after sunset (which triggers all lights to power on), I realized that one wall plug didn't turn on. I tried to turn it on via the Razberry web interface, but nothing happend. So I checked the wall plug and saw that it was blinking cyan (or pale blue). According to the manual, "Ongoing software update is signalled with cyan blinking". I was wondering what could have triggered a software update and how long it is in this state. I waited a few minutes, but nothing changed, so I removed the wall plug from the outlet and plugged it back in and now everything is normal again. So, I'm still wondering what happened. According to the Razberry, the "Aplication Version" is still 3.2, SDK Version 6.51.06 (even after a forced interview). As far as I can see, nothing has changed, alle other Fibaro wall plugs show the same version information. Anyone else experienced this behaviour? Kind regards, - Thorsten
  15. Hi, I have a Samsung SmartThings Hub Sth-eth-200 and a pair of Fibaro wall plugs FGWPE/F-102 ZW5. I had not problems adding the plugs to the network. They are detected and I can see the power consumption and the state (on/off). However, if i try to change the state (on/off) remotely it doens't work. The only way to switch on/off is manually pressing the push button on the plug. So it´s kind of useless. Is this normal? Is there any way to fix this? Regards, Américo
  16. Witam, mam problem z konfiguracją sceny włączania grzejnika, który jest podłączony do Wall Pluga. Kryteria są takie: 1) jeśli temperatura na Motion Sensor jest poniżej 20*C, to włącz Wall Plug'a - ale tylko w PN-PT o 11:00 i SOB-ND o 13:00 2) jeśli temperatura na Motion Sensor przekroczy 20*C to wyłącz Wall Plug'a - niezależnie od dnia tygodnia (zawsze, jeżeli powyżej 20*C). Zrobiłem dwie sceny: - druga, czyli WYŁĄCZANIE działa bez zarzutu, - pierwsza, czyli WŁĄCZ niestety nie działa - włącza Wall Plug'a zawsze, jeżeli temperatura jest poniżej 20*C - tak jakby nie widziała kryterium dnia tygodnia. Nie działa nawet, jeśli wyrzucę kryterium temperatury a zostawię same dni tygodnia... Z góry dziękuję za pomoc
  17. gabaldos

    Fibaro Wall Plug burned up

    Hello community, I bought a fibaro wall plug last year and have used it to measure the power consumption of various devices (computer, reading lights, fridge, etc). Recently, I used it to measure the consumption of the AC unit (about 1000 W) and, while it was still functional, one of the sockets had completely fused with the AC plug, and I had to really pull to separate them. The plug was a type F Schuko, FIBEFGWPF-102, and supposed to be able to handle loads up to 2500W. I will be returning it since it's still covered by the warranty. Do you know if the new model (Gen 5) has this issue?
  18. Hello, I bought 2 wall plug FGWPE/F Wall Plug Gen5 used in a jeedom box. The previous fibaro wall plug could be reset softly but this one not. The previous command was : type=buttonaction&action=press with instance 1, classe 50 and index 33 with the FGWPE/F Wall plug, only refresh works : type=refreshData with instance 1, classe 50 and index 0 Is there any other index number to softly reset energy of this wall plug ? The only solution I found is hardware with B button but this solution is not usable with domotic solution. The main french discuss here : https://www.jeedom.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=25994&p=497439#p497439
  19. flipper1960

    Fibaro Wall Plug FGWP-102 lost connection

    Hello, This week I replaced my VeraPlus with a Fibaro HC Lite. Reason was I use Fibaro devices and sometimes the Veraplus works not as i aspected it should do. The Fibaro Wall Plug FGWP-102 however worked 100% with the Veraplus and it never lost connection, range over more than 10 meters, 100% sending and responding...-> no problem at all. And a Fibaro controller with Fibaro devices: well you can not get a better combination... I thought. But from day 1 Iinstalled the Wall plug to the HC lite I have problems: Installation gives no problem and all parameters are saved (I think). I can use the buttons "On" and "Off" and the wall plug responds. But after 5-10 minutes the wall plug gives a "Communication error" and stops working. Sometimes the button work with a delay. Then I try to "force communication" but then there is an other error "Sent error" (Zenden mislukt). It looks I have no range. The device is situated 1 meter from the controller now and no respons. De-installed and re-installed the device several simes. Everty time same issue: after some time stops working. Even restored the controller back to the factory settings. The Fibaro smokesensors are working OK (I think and hope..) Sorry for my language but I hope you can help me. Greetings Henri
  20. Hello everybody My zwave remote + - is correctly "associated" wall plug fibaro Wall Plug Parameter 70 is set to 2400W (switch off in case off overload) When the load is low (led light) it works well (On off), when the power load is high ( 500w max) the wall plug always go back immediatly to off. Has everyone an advice ? Thanks a lots (see all parameters in attached file) Fibaro Wall plug switched off.docx
  21. whisper

    [SOLVED]Disconnected wall plug

    I have a wall plug on a freezer and need to know I have a power loss in the garage where the freezer is. Tried to find something that could notify me when the power goes down but havent find anything in the Home Center Lite thx Mike
  22. nickboy

    Creating an Association

    I am trying to create an ASSOCIATION between Fibaro Motion Sensor and Fibaro Wall Plug. Motion Sensor sees motion -> Wall plug switches on. Both sensors work fine on their own. I’ve read the PDF manual from Fibaro web (http://materialy.fibaro.com/technical%20presentations/HC2_A4_MotionSens_RelaySwitch_Association.pdf) but this does not help. The latest UI works a bit differently. I have been able to get this to work using SCENES but it was way too slow. It took around 8 seconds from motion to turn on the lights. Instead, pressing light -button from Fibaro UI works instantly. No idea why there is such a massive processing delay?? Any and all help will be appreciated. I am a total newbie and need some assistance to get everything working. I am selecting Motion Sensor -> Advanced -> Associations GROUP 1 Single channel associations To be set: 20 Current (on device): 20 Multi channel associations To be set: Current (on device): I have Fibaro Wall Plug selected. Save -> Nothing happens. Notification screen remains empty. Light switch does not work. Are there some additional settings that need to be adjusted in Motion Sensor Advance mode??
  23. Hi Fibar Team and member! Just wanted to share with you a high copy of Fibaro Wall Plug - see below snapshot. Would be nice if Fibaro could patent their design so that to protect from copies/fake products and to make fibaro modules unic. Be careful, only buy genuine products! On another hand, I just cant wait to see a UK version of the wall plug.. What about you? Cheers!
  24. petrho

    New wall plug on the way?

    In Sweden a lot of resellers have the wall plug out of stock. Is it a new version (zwave+) ongoing? I plan to buy a larger amount and want to get the latest
  25. thotil

    If device becomes unavailable

    Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to make a scene that sends push notification if a wall plug becomes unavailable? I am not wondering about the push notification part, but how to define that a wall plug is unavailable in a scene. Would be a easy method to get a notification if there was a power outage. Anyhow, thanks!