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Found 17 results

  1. Tengo un proyecto con una topología de 1 Home Center 2 (HC2) y 4 Home Cednter Lite (HCL) unificados como esclavos al HC2 y necesito implementar un llavero KeyFob q me maneje varios dispositivos en la red Z-ware q están agregados en los 4 HM por ese lado muy bien el KeyFob se agregó correctamente al HC2 q es el principal y de ahí puedo asignar sus teclas o funciones para activar un dispositivo q este en cualquiera HCL por ese lado muy bien siempre y cuando el KeyLob se esté operando dentro de la cobertura del HC2 y no me opera cuando se sale de esta cobertura; mi pregunta hay forma q el KeyLob me opere aprovechando la cobertura Z-Ware de los otros HCL al parecer este llavero NO funciona así.
  2. Witam, Próbuję dodać dwa urządzenia do HCL - Fibaro Walli Roller Shutter i Fibaro Walli Switch. Wszystkie kroki wykonuje według instrukcji, uruchamiam tryb dodawania urządzeń na HCL po czym przyciskam klawisz na urządzeniu 3-krotnie. HCL nie widzi nic. Dodam, że HCL jest zaktualizowane do najnowszej wersji. Urządzenia na wszelki wypadek przywróciłem do wersji fabrycznej. I nadal nic. Jak mogę rozwiązać ten problem?
  3. How to create a BUTTON ON/OFF in HLC to start a scene (turn on/off all lamps, turn on/off alarm) from vidget? Is there some example?
  4. Hi everybody, Can I have Master-Slave Gateway-Connection between two Home center with different frequencies? Like have a US and a EU versions at same home? Best Regards to all
  5. HI, First i'm new with the forum. So hello I looked for a easy way to set up my heating zones. There are a lot of posts about it but they all requerer LUA and i don't have that in my HCL. Is there someone who can help me. My situations is: 5x fibaro heat controllers al in different rooms and all with the temperature sensor. 1x Secure SSR 303 Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have a TKB ZRC100 Advanced Z-Wave Controller and an HC Lite. With the new beta update for HCL (4.063), I wish to use my z-wave remote as a scene controller. Is there any possibility that it can be done? This is the product link for reference: http://www.tkbhome.com/?cn-p-d-179.html TIA!
  7. I can not find my HCL on the network, perform the recovery mode but I can not see the HCL on my network. I configure my PC in the IP range 192.168.81.xx, but there is no way to see it.
  8. Hi there i have had my home center lite for a few years now without any problems. all my devices are fibaro single and double siwtches. i recently purchased a single switch 2 - FGS213. It is correctly wired but it cannot be discovered by the system. i don’t know what do. I tried everything. i brought the home center as close as possible, I tried using the reset button on the module and nothing. can some one tel me what I’m doing wrong? many thanks.
  9. Witam, mam problem z konfiguracją sceny włączania grzejnika, który jest podłączony do Wall Pluga. Kryteria są takie: 1) jeśli temperatura na Motion Sensor jest poniżej 20*C, to włącz Wall Plug'a - ale tylko w PN-PT o 11:00 i SOB-ND o 13:00 2) jeśli temperatura na Motion Sensor przekroczy 20*C to wyłącz Wall Plug'a - niezależnie od dnia tygodnia (zawsze, jeżeli powyżej 20*C). Zrobiłem dwie sceny: - druga, czyli WYŁĄCZANIE działa bez zarzutu, - pierwsza, czyli WŁĄCZ niestety nie działa - włącza Wall Plug'a zawsze, jeżeli temperatura jest poniżej 20*C - tak jakby nie widziała kryterium dnia tygodnia. Nie działa nawet, jeśli wyrzucę kryterium temperatury a zostawię same dni tygodnia... Z góry dziękuję za pomoc
  10. When my home center lite get over 1000 notifications it's getting extreamly slow. Not after a holiday and its over 2000 I am not able to logon to it or control it at all. Any tips ??
  11. Hello, forum. - My problem seems to be in my notification center, where my HCL displays '124'. The problem is, that it shows, but I can't interact with the HCL. Has anyone got the same problem as me, or have a solution for it, then feel free to comment or DM me. Best regards LN Home Center Lite.pdf
  12. I have a Fibaro FGS-233 installed behind an AC outlet. Paired with fibaro home center lite. But when I try to put the FGS-223 on in the control panel, nothing happens. When I press B on the FGS-223 I will hear a click and the power it on and in the the control panel, I can see that the power is on. If I press B again you will hear a clicking sound and I can see in the control panel that the power is off. So why it will not respond when I press on in the control panel?
  13. Obviously HCL is either getting into troubble due to memory or because of hardware in this topic i am assuming it is mostly hardware and set off to see if we can figure out way to convince Fibaro that we need to fix it. Very first problem is its ridiculous memory: 124MB RAM and ROM!!! thats insanely low and clearly impairs how device operates, especially in recent patches. I admire that it is capible of operating at all but clearly both need improvement. 1GB rom and 256RAM ought to be enough to run pretty much annything Lite needs to run.and have some sort of emergency backup system. Considering my bigest gripe with all of Fibaro is lack of diagnostic tools i request either USB and way to use 3rd party diagnostic tools for Z-wave or some sort of chip/set of chips for this pourpouse specifically: at very least we need diagnostic of Z-wave net (hey ever heard of explorer frames? that could be very usefull in diagnostics! and best of all it shouold work on all Z-wave devices!). On HDD dedicated space for event loging accesable only by Fibaro or (if they feel generous) authorised services - just list what activated what event/scene, when it happened and weather the state of anny device changed or not as result of this. GSM slot inside the HCL - for international S.M.S. notifications, just let people decide whom will provide this service by themselves its gonna be faster. Offcourse this requires HCL being at least data portion of mobile phone aswell. i know that all 3 of this are asking quite a bit but it ought to resolve bunch of long term problems we have.
  14. Witam, czy ktoś może mi powiedzieć jak wprowadzić centralkę Home Center w tryb recovery? Jedyna dostępna instrukcja obsługi, woła o pomstę do nieba - powinna być raczej ulotką reklamową.. http://www.fibaro.com/manuals/pl/HCLite/HCL-PL-web.pdf Proszę o wskazówki, bo mam taki komunikat: Backup file error Please Wait Backup file is corrupted. Please try again.
  15. I've set up the HCL (only graphic blocks) with 5 dimmer 2's each connected to 3 ceiling lights. Most is working, except for dimming in scenes. Can someone please comment on what I'm doing wrong (see attached picture): This used to work until 2 days ago, now the set value has no effect (e.g. turn 3 lights on at 25%) I'm using the Beta 4.061, in the previous 4.057 version the "set value" wouldn't show the value box at all (?!?) Turn on/off works fine in scenes Dimming works fine for individual devices using the slider The variable has no function, I just want to manually trigger different scenes from my IOS devices Please advice!
  16. A friend is looking into automating his radiators using the Danfoss LC-stuff. I've searched the forums but I can't seem to figure out if the Home Center Lite works properly with this unit. I don't hav the Lite and I don't have any LC-13's and I don't want to give crappy advice as I've sold this whole HA-thing to him and shoved how nice my own system works... Can someone spread some light on this issue?
  17. Hi, Currently i am using HCL as the controller for the z wave devices. I intend to buy a Home Center 2 (Hc2). Is it possible to make HC2 as the main controller and HCL (home center lite) as the secondary controller? Will I able to control the devices connected to HCL using HC2?
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